July 25th, 2011 | 523 Entries

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523 Entries for “lightning”

  1. lightning is followed by thunder, so loud. the best is when it comes right next to you, so close theyre simultanious, the thunder a mind-splitting CRACK that shakes your bones as your eyes sort through the flash of light. instant fear and a short rush of adrenaline. and then silence. because it seems that that roaring pounding rain ends as soon as that final powerful strike stuns you. thats the best moment, the silence right after the stormwhile your blood is still buzzing from that strike that jumed you out of your cozy chair and blanket

    By Julia on 07.25.2011

  2. Something you see in the sky during thunder, lightning is what is on Harry Pottter’s forehead.
    Or is that a lightning rod?

    By Connor on 07.25.2011

  3. crying

    By Raquel lewis URL on 07.25.2011

  4. strikes through the night sky separating worlds apart between the trees, cracking delightfully down to the roots of the earth

    By Gabby on 07.25.2011

  5. Thundering loud, frightening. Beautiful. Rare. Dark and bright. In an instant. Rain. Clouds. Then, sunshine. Rainbow… Lightening.

    By Jade on 07.25.2011

  6. lightning is scary. i get nervous during thunderstorms. lightning looks cool.

    By hfgh on 07.25.2011

  7. We got really stoned this morning and I was happy but it was awkward. Until you started laughing and my sleeping pill kicked in so I was really fucked up and we talked about cats and feminazis. You talked really loudly and wouldn’t stop laughing so I shh’d away at you and sent you home because the sun was up and so were we.

    By Ellie URL on 07.25.2011

  8. Lighting. Thunder? Last entry. I know. I got tired, you know. How’s about I get the ball to do something for a change and ask all the question just sitting in my head.

    By Grisel URL on 07.25.2011

  9. The spark lanced forward, splitting from the mass of the bolt as it slammed from heaven to earth. The cow screamed as the spark landed on its tail, igniting the dry, brush-like hairs that make up the end.

    By Aryeh Harris-Shapiro URL on 07.25.2011

  10. the boy who lived and his everlasting lightning scar.

    By mackenzie k on 07.25.2011

  11. is heat lightning a real thing? a bunch of people tell me that it’s not actually from heat. but then, why does it only happen when its warm? and when it happens it doesn’t storm. so…what does this mean? SOMEONE TELL ME IF IT’S HEAT LIGHTNING OR NOT.

    By aubrey URL on 07.25.2011

  12. Lightning is beautiful, and fearsome. There is something about how much power electricity wields yet how much good it can do. It’s good to have lightning to light the way.

    By Brigitte on 07.25.2011

  13. Lightning flashed and the thunder rolled. Sleep came slim to none for the child of the night. Soon daylight would come and all would be done. What were the nights like before the change? Could she remember?

    By Jade on 07.25.2011

  14. Powerful, mighty, strong, great, scary, harmful, peaceful, nice to see at work, God’s creation, heat, energy, science, highschool, bright, vibrant, quiet, natural.

    By Hannah on 07.25.2011

  15. Static electricity. Something so simple, yet so beautiful and powerful at the same time. I personally think it should be considered one of the world’s wonders.

    By Tracy URL on 07.25.2011

  16. When I see lightning, I wonder where it came from. I know it came from God, but what is it? Why does it hit the things it hits? And why haven’t I ever been struck by it? I also think about thunder when I see lightning, and how they go hand in hand. So incredible. So loud.

    By Damaris on 07.25.2011

  17. i felt the lightning strike. i hit me in the heart. now i have an electric personality =)

    By Angelica Ponce on 07.25.2011

  18. It pierced the sky and fell down in simple jagged lines.
    “What do we do now?”

    I didn’t know. He’d kill us for sure, that we both knew. We were out here, where we were never supposed to be. Really it was our fault.

    By Riley on 07.25.2011

  19. Lightening struck the sky above me, and I knew it was a hint to leave. My eyes felt like gaping holes as I stared down at her grave. It was all my fault–and then a horrid thought struck my brain–he was to blame as well. But he couldn’t have known his stupid bracelet would end it all. No one did. It dangled against my bony wrist, and I ripped it off and stuck it in my coat pocket. Water instantly poured from above, but I stood still. I let it soak me up and drench every part of me. Only something like emotionless rain could get close to me these days. I started a slow trudge home, through the muddy cemetery and onto the slick sidewalk, staring at the ever-growing puddles and feeling my never-slowing numbness.

    By Marissa URL on 07.25.2011

  20. Slowly the lightning struck, or so it seemed that everything was moving slowly, including the sound of thunder roaring, it all came out differently; much more slowly than usual. Everything was running in slow motion, almost moving backward, or that is how her mind foresaw it, because everything in the world was odd, different. Something was not right, because it felt like she was running backward when she remembered running forward to stop that from happening.
    A cold grim fact struck her as the lightning struck again. This was the end.

    By Anne Harlow on 07.25.2011

  21. The lightning shot down to the forged steel head of Jack’s three iron. The charge traveled through the shaft to his hands and then to his heart. And this all happened before he knew what hit him.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 07.25.2011

  22. Lightning strikes the innocent field.
    All knowing.
    They can feel it too.
    They can hear the darkness.
    I can too.

    By Cannon on 07.25.2011

  23. The heavens came down before us. The sky streaked with fireworks of light. Like nothing she had ever seen before. Boom. Clash. The world in flashes of great light. The feeling of true horror yet, such beauty blinded her soul.

    By Camille Goulet on 07.25.2011

  24. bright white dangerous strikes trees during storms lightning bolts, harry potters scar, used in the discovery of electricity,

    By liz URL on 07.25.2011

  25. is very flashy, it appears in storms and it scares me. i think its so cool to look at. people get struck by it. emily gazes at it. it is in the sky and sometimes its there because of heat. i like lightning. kinda.

    By rachelle on 07.25.2011

  26. it flashes and he’s blinded for a second but still keeps going because he’s looking for something. he cannot leave without finding it, even if it’s dangerous being out in the middle of a forest while there is a lightning storm.

    By the_armada URL on 07.25.2011

  27. Ah, lightning. As a child we called it god’s strike, like he was bowling in the sky. Today it poured down, and I haven’t seen so much lightning in a long time. Did you know it comes from the ground? We were wrong about God’s game.

    By Sabrina on 07.25.2011

  28. I had a tattoo of lightning on my forearm. I fake one, just to see. It came from “Eat thunder, crap lightning,” which is kind of my dictum now. But unfortunately it is also the symbol in the Kidlat Awards– too much advertising.

    By petronos on 07.25.2011

  29. Lighting is amazing.
    The way it strikes down like a bullet. For a millisecond you see it, but then it’s gone. The way it lights up the sky for just a second.

    By monique URL on 07.25.2011

  30. Lightning flashed, lighting up the mirror across the room from me. I jumped and squealed. He came in then, rushing to find out the reason for my squeal. The thunder clapped, making me shriek and rise out of my chair to move away from the window. “Is that all?” he asked, sounding weary, but wearing a grin.

    By Cat URL on 07.25.2011

  31. It struck, and everyone was in a hurry to get to their homes and collect their items of choice. Apocalypse had come, ladies and gentlemen, and we were all frightened as hell as that bolt hit the earth. It’d been predicted, and still, we were shocked.

    By Darby on 07.25.2011

  32. It’s dark. no one in sight. you look out your window and start to hear a pitter patter pitter patter on the wood roof. A big boom shakes the windows, you feel a vibration in your body. You remember your mama always told you the angels were bowling in the sky. Then, a flash illuminates the sky and your eyes glisten in amazement. If the angels were bowling, why was there a flash? The question ponders in your mind as you watch the light show out your window. Your mama comes up to see if you were alright and you ask why the angels lit up the sky. She says that every few minutes, the angels take a picture. That flash indicates that a memory was made. “They must take a lot of pictures,” you say. Mama agrees, but explains that angels love memories, especially new ones in their new home in heaven. Mama is always right.

    By A.B. on 07.25.2011

  33. Lightning again. It’s struck me twice today. 60 seconds long and unavoidable. I can cook some eggs.

    By Astro URL on 07.25.2011

  34. A flash and then a crash! The brith light shoots across the sky, it looks angry and harsh, but it’s just light.

    By Hayley Sharp URL on 07.25.2011

  35. Well, there was apparently a thunderstorm this morning right above my house. The thunder was so loud that it shook my house, and I slept right through the whole damn thing. This is kind of starting to make me worry. I am getting so little sleep that I’m just out, regardless of what’s going on around me? Or is there something clinically wrong with me like depression? This stuff happens to me all the time. Isn’t it kind of dangerous?

    By Amanda on 07.25.2011

  36. the lightning today was crazyyyy, slam hit the street bright as day.
    kinda mad though cuz the power kept goin out.
    it’s beautiful though. i have no idea where i’m going with this.

    By buddy on 07.25.2011

  37. There was a terrifying crack. I looked up. I never felt so alone and so at peace with the rest of the world. I knew I was in a dangerous place and I could be struck down from the place I stood. But I felt that giant crack came from my own mind. My mind ripped open and the scorched earth was the result.

    By Danielle on 07.25.2011

  38. The cameras flashed like lightning and he wasn’t sure he could take much more. His eyes hurt, his head was pounding, and they wouldn’t get the damn cameras away from his face. He was going to burst, to explode, to hurt something if he couldn’t get away. So he ran, pushing through crowds of onlookers whose only sin was to attempt to get a good look at their newest celebrity crush. Being famous and a little off mentally never went well together, even he knew that, with all of that camera lightning.

    By Shnlynne URL on 07.25.2011

  39. the boom was lowered
    shrill voices down the hall
    not again
    not now
    i am not ready
    bodies against walls
    just down the hall
    in mama’s bedroom

    By marquez on 07.25.2011


    By CYNTHIA on 07.25.2011