July 25th, 2011 | 523 Entries

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523 Entries for “lightning”

  1. I saw it strike, like a heated feeling, fake and light… whole and changing, coming in and flowing out, evanescent, quickly, unloving, unworthy… this sparkle, this beam, this unlikely participant, shaking in.

    By Leslie URL on 07.25.2011

  2. There’s a lightening storm that the weatherman couldn’t predict.

    “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.” -Albus Dumbledore

    By Molly URL on 07.25.2011

  3. Amber toned shoes got hit with it’s power. The mail delivery woman struck down in his yard. Just a second before, he saw her thriving. Literally, he blinked once and she was gone. The lightning had struck her.

    By ashleeJewel URL on 07.25.2011

  4. Lightning flashes as I gaze at his picture. He always loved lightning, said it was god’s way of telling us what was going on in the world.

    By KashaDoodle on 07.25.2011

  5. lightning strikes and then the door closes. she covers her head underneath the comforter, and feels the pills on the blanket on her face. she wishes she were at camp, or some place else. actually she doesn’t at all. but she knows she should.

    By rimpu URL on 07.25.2011

  6. so bright hits the same place more than once and you shouldn’t run water when there is a storm. Thunder is also associated with it. Don’t stand under a tree when there is lighting. Many people have found in strange cases that when struck by lightning have heightened skills while other things like short term memory may be affected.

    By Katherine Kelly on 07.25.2011

  7. im really scared of lightning. i piss my pants sometimes just thinking of it. like, jesus. im most scared of it being somewhere in my town during a storm and i get shocked in the face, survive the accident and live with a horrible scar for the rest of my ugly scarred face!D;<

    By Belle on 07.25.2011

  8. There are always promises. Promises to be there, promises I believed in. Always. Lightning flashes briefly and illuminates the night, but if you’re not looking it’s the thunder that tells you it’s there. I wasn’t looking, I didn’t see until the sound rang in my hears. White noise, static, as expected. Who was I to know what was and what wasn’t there? I closed my eyes and took deep breaths and everything was silent as I shoved my face beneath the water. Dare I, don’t I? Not tonight. My life is much too short, much too long, to throw away even for you. Even for me. Even for us.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 07.25.2011

  9. The boy with a lightning scar gaved me a childhood.

    By Nathalia on 07.25.2011

  10. Light struck the earth with unholy fury, sending the animals scattering from the forest. Evil laughter poured from above, the unnatural god looming over the forest.

    By heather URL on 07.25.2011

  11. Aw, ya goodforeffnuttin oul gibby bitch of a halfwench ed wheezestorm…
    fizzlin’ out to the tune the ould cow died ta..lettin me down like dis…

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.25.2011

  12. lighting fell in ballas from the sky landing on my tongue and eyelashes burning the insides of my arms and backs of my arms

    By meeks on 07.25.2011

  13. I hear the crash of thunder and jump. Then i see it, the electric shocks of yellow shooting through the sky, very close to the house. Jamie is still outside, he loves storms. I run outside to get him inside. Instead i feel the electricity hit me, then it all went black.

    By Elise URL on 07.25.2011

  14. I jumped out of bed so quickly that I tripped over my sheets and fell on the floor. I was up in a flash, the idea had struck me so succinctly in my dream that I awoke sprinting out of bed. I had to get to Dr. Spotnaok immediately. We had to get to work, there was no time to waste. I ran outside in my underwear, rain was coming down in sheets. As I turned the corner Lightning struck an electric pole and it crashed to the pavement behind me, It jarred me a bit, but nothing could stop me! This was too important…

    By Jbyrd URL on 07.25.2011

  15. The lightning sliced through the dark sky and lit the whole town up as if it were mid-day. We haven’t had a storm of this magnitude in years around here.

    By Shane Clements URL on 07.25.2011

  16. thunder.
    And then…
    and the world is lit up all around me.
    The darkness cannot hold back the light.
    The darkness cannot hold back the light.

    By Allie URL on 07.25.2011

  17. Standing in a lightning storm: risky, edgy, invigorating.

    By Jade URL on 07.25.2011

  18. Lightning hit the guy with the stupid face because he smelled like pudding. He was then amplified to god status and lived happily with Zeus and Thor. The End.

    By Gabriel E. Jensen on 07.25.2011

  19. Another crack resounded throughout the house. Lilly hated thunder! She hated the storms that flew through the state. But Miley was there, holding her in her arms and loving her. The rain continued to pour down around them. Please let us stay this close forever, Lilly thought.

    By James on 07.25.2011

  20. “Only happens when it’s raining” san The Corrs… but I don’t believe it! The most beautiful natural show I’ve ever seen was a dry lightning storm by the ocean. I will never forget it! Or Harry Potter’s scar!

    By Pilar on 07.25.2011

  21. the stratosphere strikes a match
    the ceiling cracks, an ocean’s sliver spat
    back to the bed, to wait
    for the weather to change

    By gsk URL on 07.25.2011

  22. I sleep well when there is thunder and lightning outside. There is something peaceful about watching the beautiful strikes of light and hearing the crash that slightly follows. I wish it would happen more often.

    By Dawn on 07.25.2011

  23. its so beautiful yet frightening. so many good things can happen because of lightning, but so many drawbacks and horrible things as well. it can create new things, and it can also take away life. so much beauty and power in one nano second. it can destroy and create. i love watching lightning and trying to take a pic of it is so hard, but rewarding.

    By mariah griggs on 07.25.2011

  24. when i think of lighting i see a dark cloudy night. with lights flashing loudly and brightly. its a beautiful thing to witness. terrifying, but beautiful. the words to describe the scene leaves me speechless.

    By sam on 07.25.2011

  25. I love love love storms. When I was younger I was in a tornado storm and from that point would freak out every time it even threatened to rain. Then out of no where, I began to LOVE them. I love the adrenaline that surges through my entire body as the lightning cracks, the thunder booms, the wind howls, and the rain pours.

    By Marci on 07.25.2011

  26. Just before she handed him the fountain pen, he decided that it would be funny to sign the card with ‘captain lightning’. The poor clerk had no idea what it meant. It was the name of a infamous bushranger that he learnt about in early school. He liked pretending he was a savage, wanted person.

    By Dave URL on 07.25.2011

  27. crashes.
    pain and torment, cries, screams
    darkness folds over us
    we feel lost but hear each other
    i hold your hand
    you hold his
    together we will find our way
    we are not lost
    the lightning crashes but our spirits never will
    sounds of horror followed by laughter
    forget the past it can do nothing for you

    By AMom on 07.25.2011

  28. Lightning across the sky, beautiful. Does it come from the sky or the ground? I’ve heard both… really curious. Lightning is so freaking gorgeous. It amazes me to see all the different directions it goes. Then it’s gone like that.

    By Marissa on 07.25.2011

  29. The lighting in this room is horrible. Ever since we installed this ceiling fan, its never been as bright. Be cool or be bright… its a catch 22. We chose cool. Doesn’t everyone always pick cool over bright?

    By Rose URL on 07.25.2011

  30. as she walked down the dirt path, lightning struck and she fell to the ground jolting until the flash left her body.

    By victoria URL on 07.25.2011

  31. i saw the streak come down at me before i even realized what had happened. i blacked out, and woke up five feet away from my back pack, with a burning sensation of pins and needles from my neck down. i couldnt feel my body, and couldnt move to get help. i couldn’t even scream, so i just closed my eyes. when i reopened them again, i was blinded by hospital lights.

    By Ali on 07.25.2011

  32. Lightning crackled, lighting up the small living room. A girl snuggled deeper into the plush, red armchair. Another bout of thunder struck, shaking the Earth to it’s very core. She shivered, she had hated thunderstorms since she was small.

    By Smarty URL on 07.25.2011

  33. The sun was still setting, nuzzling beneath the buildings in the skyline, as lightning began to swirl through the clouds; the sound of the sky tearing in two echoed through the city, as the swollen clouds began to leak upon the world.

    By Sean on 07.25.2011

  34. There is one thing that fascinates me about thunder and lightning. When I hear it, when I see it, I know I exist. Thunder and lightning proves to me that world with all its beauty, with all its terror, is truly and utterly real. It’s fascinating, but at times, it is also terrifying.

    By Antonio URL on 07.25.2011

  35. Really, it wasn’t anybody’s fault. People were being blamed for it, because blaming people felt better than having no one to blame at all, but, if you had to blame anyone or any one thing it should have been the location, but even then it’s hard to place blame because how can you pinpoint a phenomenon, which is exactly what he was trying to figure out. But that’s besides the point. The point is, people were being blamed. Her mother placed both parts equal blame. She blamed her daughter for marrying a fulminologist and she blamed her son-in-law for moving her daughter to Florida. The Son-in-law also blamed her daughter, his wife, for being so God damned stubborn, but he also blamed himself for trying to convince her that it could wait until morning, that they could use their cell phones as alarms, that no one needed to get out of bed right this minute to run downstairs to trip the breaker. Right before she tripped on the stairs she blamed her husband wholly, although she might have reconsidered and blamed herself for trying to prove a point, but, after her neck broke, there really was no going back on that kind of decision making. Her father blamed the carpet company for not pulling the carpet tight enough so that the fall might have been avoided. The carpet guy blamed his drug dealer for running out of the regular stuff he smoked and so he had to pay extra for the stonger stuff that made him lose his concentration. But what’s most amazing is that during the course of all this blaming no one thought to blame the storm that brought the lightning that knocked out the power that angered the wife that compelled to her to get out of bed and march down the stairs and fall to her death.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 07.25.2011

  36. Lightning storms are wonderful. They smell wonderful. they’re romantic and they remind me of my family. I remember sitting on my back deck with the family watching lighting for hours. I have been craving lighting for weeks.

    By Talia on 07.25.2011

  37. Washie, the geologist, said we should crouch down, below the level of the rocks. He said at this level, even the wind static could attract a strike.

    By Bartok URL on 07.25.2011

  38. The light of the sky was tumbling down like great yellow stampedes of unknown heavenly creatures, the day that he awoke.

    By R. E Marshall on 07.25.2011

  39. the power is overwhelming. one bolt. can harm a tree. kill a person. or even provide electricity. we are so insignificant in comparison.

    By Alyssa on 07.25.2011

  40. It’s like those blue strips that come out of the sky. Bit I think of myself like a moth drawn to a flame. Or those bug lights that kill them. It’s something so beautiful and spontaneous. I feel like I have to stop and look at it, before it’s gone. Like a storm in general.
    The way it strikes. The fire at the end of it. I used to wonder how long or how many times I could stand behind a tree. How many times could I tempt fate and get away with it. I never tried to hide from a storm behind a tree. Maybe I should’ve. Maybe it could have killed me or maybe it could have given me some freaky super power. If I survived, I wouldn’t have to live life so ordinary. But then I look at celebrities and thank god for my normalcies.

    By Elaine URL on 07.25.2011