July 25th, 2011 | 523 Entries

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523 Entries for “lightning”

  1. Lighting in the sky, thunder on the horizon, black clouds in the sky. But with each strike you can still see the silver lining, the flash of light reveals a bright patch in the sky just waiting for the storm to clear and make everything brighter, illuminate the things you can’t quite see in the dark right now.

    By Jenny URL on 07.26.2011

  2. love will never be what i expect to be

    By sarah on 07.26.2011

  3. so fast so bright so strong, just a symbol of strength. it leads the way for rain to follow.

    By donna URL on 07.26.2011

  4. The lightning touched down upon Wvern like a wicked strike of laughter, narrowly avoiding him and his sanity. He gasped and fell down the rocky cliff, falling, falling until he felt as though he could fall no more. There was an abyss opening beneath his feet, and all Cyran could think about was his end, the end that the lightning had so easily ended with just a scare.

    By Mindy URL on 07.26.2011

  5. Striking the ground and warning all away from the area, the flash of light suddenly lands and retreats, having sent its message firmly.

    By Jason URL on 07.26.2011

  6. The lightning comes from the sky and can really hurt people if they get struck by it. My sister-in-law once got hit by lightning while walking home from work in the rain. She immediately dropped her umbrella and when she tried picking it up, it was smoking. Holy smokes! Literally!

    Also, lightning is my favorite out of thunder and lightning. It seems more powerful than thunder.

    Pikachu. Raiden.

    By Cory on 07.26.2011

  7. The sky lit up with bolts that resembled crackles of white paint dripping down a black wall. They travel the night sky in any direction they choose.

    By Megan Tang on 07.26.2011

  8. what we see in our dream while sleeping
    what this theory is called

    By riya on 07.26.2011

  9. It was all silant. Thas creepy and stedy silant there is before the storm, and this storm was going to be big, i could feel it in my hole body, every inch of me was shaking.. I just want to close my eyes and desapre. But i cant and i know it. I must stay awake. In that pricise moment the hole world lit, for a fracition of a second everything was bright. The first lightning touched the flor, so then, the storm had started.

    By silvia URL on 07.26.2011

  10. It lit the sky. Boom, followed shortly by a thunderous crack. Her dog was panting, running laps through their tiny apartment. She stared out the window, at the tiny raindrops. Another flash, they reflected the brief light.

    By Emily on 07.26.2011

  11. Lightning has been on mind for decades. I love it. The way the light comes down and just explodes is absolutely beautiful. There are so many ways to describe my love for it I just don’t know where to begin! Lightning… Thunder.. Storms.. It’s all so romantic isn’t it?

    By Anna Joana on 07.26.2011

  12. Thunder. Rain. Storms.

    There’s something about the burst of light and the sound.

    I can’t describe it.


    So much Love.

    By annajoana URL on 07.26.2011

  13. The white branch crackled across the dark sky. Clouds rumbled and twisted out of the bolt’s way as it streaked toward its wooden counterpart. The tree snapped as the bolt sent a shock down the trunk. With a whoosh, the tree was aflame.

    By Cloud URL on 07.26.2011

  14. Family is the most important for me. I love my mum, dad and sister. I didn´t figure it out since I saw all our family photos for the last time. Its beautiful feeling for me to know that they are here just for me. Anytime. For the rest of my life

    By Vendula on 07.26.2011

  15. Intense, electricity between the Earth and beyond. Hotter than the face of the sun, can melt sand into glass. One shock could power the United States. Beautiful veins across the sky. Purple, blue, green, white. Photograph it. Watch

    By Amanda URL on 07.26.2011

  16. The lightning lit the sky like it was the middle of the day. Only one mile left and I would be home. It was scary being on the road like this not knowing what was waiting when I got home. The lightning was an omen.

    By Sherri URL on 07.26.2011

  17. It moves so fast, Life that is. It does not wait for anyone not even the ones who are out trying to do something great. Why are you so difficult? WHy do you move so fast? Time should not exist, That’s my opinion

    By Louis URL on 07.26.2011

  18. the lightning stirkes like spontaneous bursts of hope in my vacarious life, unknown origins and perpetually unable to predict. I can only hope that the lightning keeps stiking, often and beautifully, as to life a full and joyous life. yes, lightning is frieghtening to some, but thats liek the unknown. many are terrified of life’s incertain possibilites. Just like as the lightning strikes witout warning, life throws challenges, joys and heartaches and merely a second’s notice. Unable to predict, follow and correct, lightning happens uncontroably and involuntary.

    By Michelle on 07.26.2011

  19. A bolt of sun that takes it’s place and dances amongst the skies. Letting all know who it is. Letting all know that is isn’t taking orders. It is free beautiful and full of courage like a animal. A bolt.

    By Yuuki on 07.26.2011

  20. I once saw a bolt of lightning hit my sister. She was wearing a metal jacket with springs coming out if it, so the lightning hit her real hard. However, she was also wearing rubber boots because it was raining hard and lightninging. Then she ran in a circle and fell over because of the lightning. I saw this a long time ago, but I have never seen her since. I hope she is still on the ground under the lightning in the rain.

    By Jerry on 07.26.2011

  21. there was a flash i knew what was coming so i covered my ears but nothing, nothing could have prepared me for this. another lightning. pierced through.

    By Dee URL on 07.26.2011

  22. There was a flash, Ankara shrank brank yelping. Boom! Went the thunder and she let out a terrified yell. Why? she wanted to cry out, why today? Strong arms closed around her and honestly she didn’t care who it was, she shrunk back into the arms and whimpered hating feeling so terrified. Ankara sniffled burying her face in the stanger’s shirt as she lay against him shuddering. “Shh,” He murmured softly against her, as she held him tightly trying to escape the terrifying noises that surrounded them so closely. He began to stroke her hair, and she felt strangely better.

    By Isabelle on 07.26.2011

  23. fast and bright. strong and dangerous. shattering the sky, piercing the clouds. crash. clap. flash of light. car alarms going off. dog hiding under the bed. children hiding under the covers.

    By yukimoto on 07.26.2011

  24. Is it with oneword or in my mind, that suddenly all words are so ‘potterish’. Never mind.

    Or Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief!! Oh my God! Whats happening to me!?

    By suriti on 07.26.2011

  25. you see lighting first then thunder? Harry Potter’s code name was Lightning has struck in the last film. I am scared of lightning. It looks pretty cool though in the sky. I wonder how it really works.

    By Asma on 07.26.2011

  26. is something that comes out of the sky and makes you poop your pants. it happens with little warning but is following by thunder. i wonder why i am writing about lightening on this website..maybe because if i don’t i’ll be struck by lightening?


    By Jake on 07.26.2011

  27. Lightning hit me the moment I saw his face.
    It was like I’d been blind before this moment. It was like finally my eyes had been opened. It was the most amazing moment of my life so far, and probably for the first time I knew. I knew what it was like to be in love. To be irrevocably someone’s in your heart.

    By Mia URL on 07.26.2011

  28. it lite across the sky….beautiful…peace… bright… amazing… but its like her you wanna look at it but if you get to close…. she bites…. know one knows the real her… only one person does..its her boyfriend.. she loves him..but she feel like she isnt good enough for anyone… and that she is week but really she isnt… she is lightning

    By the passionate secret URL on 07.26.2011

  29. there was great electricity between the two of them. when they
    came together there was one blinding flash and after that it was all
    bang wallop

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011

  30. a strike of light down into the world that lights up the darkest night for a split second. It’s scary, it’s powerful, it’s beautiful, i suppose like all of nature. It makes babies cry and dogs hide, but for those that sit and stare its phenomenal. It’s beauty. it’s a sign of power. It’s unattainable to any human.

    By Noam on 07.26.2011

  31. the early bird gets the glow

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011

  32. I miss Austin storms. I used to lay in bed, listening to forces so strong I was almost certain I might die that night. I had never lived anywhere like that before, and even though they were terrifying- humbling- I will always mourn having to leave that behind. We get “storms”, which have maybe two rattles at best, but nothing like Austin. I miss it.

    By oxy URL on 07.26.2011

  33. It never occurred to me to be scared. The sky had opened up and rain sloshed in the gutters pouring out onto the pool deck. It hadn’t been possible with how dead I was inside but it seemed lightning had struck somewhere deep inside and I was alive.

    By C on 07.26.2011

  34. There’s a scene in some movie
    About lightning striking sand
    And supposedly making glass.

    I don’t think change is that easy.
    One flash, one second,
    A different molecule.

    Change demands work.
    Nothing can turn sand to glass
    Except fire.

    By Courtney on 07.26.2011

  35. I don’t like lightning….
    It really does suck…
    Every time it happens my dog pees on the floor and starts shaking…
    Not cool.

    By Olivia URL on 07.26.2011

  36. a void da void

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011

  37. noisy gap- up yonder

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011

  38. it’s all a racket!

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011

  39. no inhibition…

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011

  40. Awfully rude..

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011