July 25th, 2011 | 523 Entries

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523 Entries for “lightning”

  1. strikes and my heart skips a beat. Your hand slips into mine and my heart skips a beat. The rain begins to fall onto our skin.

    By Veronicawins URL on 07.26.2011

  2. bright and beautiful. kinda like watching some mystical happening.
    the sparks, igniting the inner flame of your being. reminding you that you are in fact, alive.
    reminding you in one split second that you are here, in the present, and that life is beautiful.

    By Brianna on 07.26.2011

  3. Lightning comes from the sky and is very fearful. It is generally accepted by reputable scholars that lightning originates from the hnds of Zeus, up in the sky. Some radical theorist scientist believe that lightning could be hydrogen atoms of some kind, but who knows!?

    By Taronyu on 07.26.2011

  4. lightning strikes, bowling strikes, a silly dance with hips low, knees even lower, arms waving with fists far above head, ecstatic

    By rimpu on 07.26.2011

  5. The sky is dark and wet with rain. The thunder crashes down on the helpless little town. The bolt of lighting strikes across the sky and hit the closest thing. Its beautiful and dangerous and nothing can control it, contain it, stop it from doing what it’s meant to do.

    By Megan gessler on 07.26.2011

  6. Lightning. What is this I don’t even know what I’m doing. My topic is lightning. Lightning is fast. Fast like the flash. Lightning is also bright. Very bright. Fast and bright. What is this nonsense. Hahahah this is quite fun but I don’t know what I’m doing. I think I’m terrible at writing this. I just did this topic a grave injustice. Oh no.

    By Martius on 07.26.2011

  7. Tear through the sky, send your warning sirens off in the wake of your destruction. Allowing a mere glimpse at you is gracious enough, a chance to view such awesome and such devastating raw energy. Lightning is the closest thing to god, by means of actual distance, because it reigns in much closer than our wonderful sun. Keep burning my skies and brightening my eyes. With endless revery I forever appreciate and relish the chance to see you spark.

    By negativexero URL on 07.26.2011

  8. Lighting is a very cool phenomena. Storms are associated with lightning and you can actually determine how close a storm is through the lightning and thunder. It is possible to get struck by lightning but it is also uncommon to say the least. It has been said that lightning never hits the same place twice. Im not quite sure if this has been proven but it seems plausible. Some people write lightning like lightening which is the Bristish way of using the term.

    By Julie Rainville on 07.26.2011

  9. And just like that it was over. The tremors still coursed through her body, and her ragged breathing came in starts. There was a pain behind her eyes but that was starting to fade as she realised just what she’d done.

    By Barrington Womble Esq on 07.26.2011

  10. Thunder clapped outside my window. Light illuminated the black sky, leaving blue imprints behind my eyelids when I blinked. I remembered back to my childhood, when my mother would scoop me up and wipe my tears during storms. She told me how thunder was just God bowling, and I believed it. I still like to believe that.

    By Katie URL on 07.26.2011

  11. it was like a thunderstorm, the tension in the room, each on their own side not even looking at each other but lightening was sure to strike of that not a single person in the room had a doubt, or who was generating it, and then her husband walked into the room, he’d been missing

    By judigoldberg URL on 07.26.2011

  12. The shock killed my thoughts. The world went black. Who could think. Many electrics shocks at one pulse of my heart. Memories flashed. I remembered my first time smelling a rose. The deep red color. The same as blood. Remembering the world as it was, as I left its embrace.

    By Monina Furigay on 07.26.2011

  13. Thunderstorms cry it. Looks pretty friggin’ awesome. Some are afraid of it, some would like to control it, some just dig the view.

    By Daniel URL on 07.26.2011

  14. lightning strikes again! thats all that came to my mind at first, then lightning bolts, then lightning bolt tattoos that are part of a ship!

    By courtney on 07.26.2011

  15. Lightning and myself have a close relationship. The night my best friend was staying over, after a night of drinking too late into the morning, the lightning bolted down through the ceiling and blew a piece of the wall across my queen sized bed, into the hall

    By karen parmelee URL on 07.26.2011

  16. I was sitting in my dark room when I heard the first strike. BANG! I realized that it was the start of a good nights sleep. I have always loved the sound of a good thunderstorm. I have always seen lightning as the most beautiful show in the sky.

    By Kailyn VanLandingham URL on 07.26.2011

  17. strike, touch inside. mystery unfolds into valeys broiling with inimitable forests of fire and fury. lightning moves, making the herd run for unsurpassable oneness of space, never found.

    By Sam Ponsford on 07.26.2011

  18. I woke up to a bright light zig-zagging across the sky. How did I get in Scottie’s apartment? And where was Scottie? Shouldn’t he be here if I was? I got off the couch and looked around his apartment. It was pitch black in here. I slowly made my way across the room, stumbling ocassionaly, to the light switch, but the lights wouldn’t turn on. Crap! Powers out.

    By Voice URL on 07.26.2011

  19. The storm blew over as I started to wonder…did I do the right thing?

    A few days pasted before I even saw my mother, almost as if you removed herself

    By Maximilian on 07.26.2011

  20. flash. burn. kidnapped. her name was melanie and she was so far gone. i can’t feel my hands. a minute is a long time. this is what it feels like to be under the influence of love i guess.

    By ashleigh on 07.26.2011

  21. lightening is bright stuff that comes out of the sky and electrocutes people! It hurts. It supposedly never strikes the same place twice. It happens during storms. I am reminded of the movie sweet home alabama. Its good.

    By caitie on 07.26.2011

    Oh, poor baby, what’s the matter? You don’t like the sounds and the lights? But what about the sunshine and the people? The cars and trucks and buses that pass by everyday? You never seem bothered by that.

    Perhaps it’s the suddenness that you don’t like. I know that sudden changes are scary, and sudden sounds and sights can be even scarier.

    Just like the lightning and the thunder.

    By krsramblr URL on 07.26.2011

  23. It appears in the sky, oh my, oh scary and pretty it can be. Life and death lies in the light. At sunset it can be breath taking and beautiful to watch.

    By Avery URL on 07.26.2011

  24. A glance, flashing glimpse of heavenly light. Hot, cold beautiful chaos.

    By Ian Tayao on 07.26.2011

  25. typing as fast
    as lightning

    I still never get
    to say everything
    I want to

    in a mere
    sixty seconds.

    well, maybe
    just this once.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.26.2011

  26. lightning flashes through the sky! thunder shakes it out from between the clouds and worlds collide as rain rips out through the gaping open wound the sky has screamed upon itself. rain, rain everywhere! crash.

    By oliver danni on 07.26.2011

  27. it’s bright and can be dangerous. a beautiful object but with a dark and sinister side. It’s a beauty to look at, but if it stares at you in the face, your life may flash before your eyes.

    By Eric on 07.26.2011

  28. The lightning strike hit her hard. What was she thinking? How could she do it? Why on earth did she do it.? It was all so simple but so hard to see….

    By Helen URL on 07.26.2011

  29. I am really confused abt the meaning of lightnining as a word. lol in th ebeginning I read lighting as a lighting for theatre. i love winter, i love the rain that washes everything.

    By Hadi on 07.26.2011

  30. Out of fear of death, Lucy did not abide to Leck’s rules. She couldn’t stay in the tower, even during the lightning storm. She was scared. Larson was searching for her, and if she didn’t get out, he would hurt everybody dear to her. Lucy couldn’t risk that, not even for her own life.

    By Emily Woods on 07.26.2011

  31. lightning only strikes once, odd, considering the nt of different stories you have where people have been hit more than once. The guy in the guinness book of records for example, he’s bet seven times. Apparently. Who could tell himsn’t? But then how do you know he ying? Honest answer: you don’t. You just have to trust what people tell you, always a difficu and risky business. But if you didn’t, how would you ever really know aning?

    By Devon on 07.26.2011

  32. Lightning struck her right before his eyes, but he could only clutch on to the rubber gloves he had just handed over for him to hold just a few seconds ago.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 07.26.2011

  33. It’s everywhere. In my dark heart, a terrible flash of wisdom. The morning on your face after a love less night. Flash. The neurons of the sky, touched to a quickening.

    By Harvinder URL on 07.26.2011

  34. it was hard to see it at first but then suddenly there, i was wondering if it had been there the whole time and maybe i just forgto about it. and after that ……. it was the always hard to rem

    By Will on 07.26.2011

  35. Lightning is a crazy phenomenon. It is mother nature at its best and one of the most dangerous forces of nature imaginable. Where does lightning come from. How does it work. Google it

    By Steven on 07.26.2011

  36. just one word but what word its got alot of stuff riding on its future just like most young adults s lets see we need a word that will grow, one that will be imaginitive.

    By donna reese on 07.26.2011

  37. hi! here is korea. have a nice day.
    smell of peace.

    By zepero URL on 07.26.2011

  38. lightning; the crack, whipped sound of countless air molecules vaporing in a single blazing moment of heat.

    the fire, the smell
    nevertheless; awe-inspiring, galvanizing
    if even for the breifest of moments.

    neurons of the planet…

    By Narth on 07.26.2011

  39. it comes from all around Him. Can you imagine that? Thunder, lightening, rumbling. Majesty. Power. Authority. LORDship. Awesome. He is the One True God. Praise Him!

    By HLB URL on 07.26.2011

  40. lightning is a fantiasic word that is pretty amazing and bold and birght and it burns with the varierty and intestity of one thousands billion suns which sounds like it is off a brian cox episode like the sun which is 5 thousand billions times the size of the other sun and imagine a big plate and times that by sevenfold and then avenge it and do lots more exciting things, like laugh at their name because i want to know how something was so bad that they had to avenge it seven times over. I avenge things once, twice at best.

    By Rob Moore on 07.26.2011