July 25th, 2011 | 523 Entries

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523 Entries for “lightning”

  1. Lightning is my fake horse’s name. It has a light brown mane and a black tail. I love Lightning. It is my favourite animal.

    By Crystalhorse URL on 07.26.2011

  2. Can you believe the lightning in the night sky! Lightning in the day is something, but in the night sky it is awesome! If it were not for the thunder that generally accompanies it, I would be fine.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 07.26.2011

  3. it struck my ass. i went to bed. it was the deepest slumber i ever dreamt of. and in.

    By solle on 07.26.2011

  4. it strikes through the sky
    a surprise
    bright light flashing before your eyes
    followed by thunder
    a clap
    so loud a sound fit to accompany the sight

    By Sarah URL on 07.26.2011

  5. lightning is the stuff electricity is made of and it wil always strike at more than one place more than once. it will always strike when you least expect it and it will always be associated with thunder and rain like long lost pals in the darkest of nights.

    By lionel on 07.26.2011

  6. Lightning struck the house with such a force my soup flew off the kitchen table and sprayed right into my face. The burning sensation immediately followed. I got outside and realized it had, in fact, been lightning to demolish the top antenna on my roof. Luckily, I wasn’t up there with it.

    By Conner on 07.26.2011

  7. thunder, rain, scared people and dogs, brilliant photography opportunity, flashes, darkness, struck twice and still alive,

    By chica on 07.26.2011

  8. flashing, bright, excting, frightening, destructive, nightmares, childhood, under the covers, at work, fairytale, dreaming,

    By g on 07.26.2011

  9. And the lightning crashed about the tumultuous sky. A fitting end to my misadventure – literally a flash and a bang.

    By MathMonsterX on 07.26.2011

  10. Lightning falls upon the earth and leaves but no trace.
    It comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and never falls in the same place.
    Don’t be shocked if you don’t get hit,
    For those who do, are quite lit.

    By Jmurp on 07.26.2011

  11. lightening, it’s utterly facinating. together him and mr thunder are a magical pair. if you’re ever caught in a storm, just relax and take the time to notice your surroundings and take them in completely, because where ever there’s a storm, there’s always an eye of the storm

    By katiemcdonald URL on 07.26.2011

  12. i saw lightning tonight……. no scratch that, i didn’t, but my boyfriend did. he hates storms. i loove them!!

    By Catey on 07.26.2011

  13. Lighting never strikes twice they say. But what about the people that are struck time and again by it? What must they think whenever they hear this expression?

    Am I unusual? Do I have a special destiny? Or do I just have more metal?

    By Dan on 07.26.2011

  14. Lightning are lights that comes from the sky. We are like lightings coming for some time that is relatively short compared to the time the human have been in earth. But we can either burn a tree or be peaceful and unperceived.

    By AnnE on 07.26.2011

  15. well i’ve conjured up a few (t w t h w} storms in my time but this one
    was mere charivari…

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011

  16. well i’ve conjured up a few (t w t h w} storms in my time but this one
    was mere charivari…id were bitty- id were todl……

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011

  17. flashes across the sky to illuminate your face in the dark stormy night

    By E on 07.26.2011

  18. There was this one time that i saw the most beautiful lighting strike in the world. It was this crazy blue green color and seemed to flow down to earth like some kind of guided missile. I have never seen anything like it again, and don’t think I ever will!

    By Jessie URL on 07.26.2011

  19. well i’ve conjured up a few (t w t h w} storms in my time but this one
    was mere charivari…id were bitty- id were todl……da storms be der
    sleepin in caves. ya need ta upwake dem… ya need ta UPSHAKE dem…

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011

  20. it appears when you don’t expect it to. bright, invasive, silent, but brings with it something so destabilizing that you instinctively want to cower and crumble to the ground. how many times does lightning strike in your life? can you ever avoid it? dark clouds, warning signs, can help. you can see them, they float above you and are there no matter how hard you try to hide. you can avoid them, but the second you step outside – and you’ll have to at some point, always – they’ll be there waiting. now you can be told not to do reckless things: don’t stand in a field, don’t use an umbrella, don’t sit against a tree.. that doesn’t mean people don’t do it. and like many things in life, sometimes you just have to learn the hard way and step out into the rain.

    By Mara on 07.26.2011

  21. Lightning. It’s so beautiful. So sudden, shocking, silent. So often accompanied by its old friend, thunder, noisy and discomfiting. Thunderstorms are so incredible.

    By Tessa on 07.26.2011

  22. there are those moments of insight – that are blinding when you see them. and then they’re gone and you’re not sure what happened and you forget – until it comes again. but you can’t store it or document it, only remember it and the sensation you felt and hope that you capture and pay attention or you have to wait again

    By suzie on 07.26.2011

  23. A electrical storm can be REALLY grand
    More so
    When you know
    You had a hand
    In stirring it up

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011

  24. Lightning crisscrossed between the swamp of dark clouds, he narrowed his eyes, hands clutching his bow and arrow tightly.

    By Chi Thuy URL on 07.26.2011

  25. The lightning struck not, once, not twice but three times. Impossible, but true. He was jerked about like a catfish on the end of a fishing line. His eyes bulged out and his body flopped from side to side as the force of the electricity surged through his

    By annes URL on 07.26.2011

  26. it struck twice, deriding the saying that it wouldn’t strike in the same place twice. it made the hair on denise’s neck stand up, as she felt the warm wave of air blowing over her narrow shoulders as she crouched behind the big boulder, hoping to evade the rays one more time.

    By moshita on 07.26.2011

  27. A loud noise echoed through the night followed by a burst of lightning that socked the family hiding in the house ,trying to escape the throws of the storm. It was billed to be one of the worsted to have occurred in our island for a long time.

    By victor walkes URL on 07.26.2011

  28. The storm battled throughout the night, pitch black but for the moments when the lightning flashed across the sky. A lone woman scurried through the streets without worrying about being seen. For who would be out besides herself on such a wretched night?

    By Elly URL on 07.26.2011

  29. yes lightning and the lightning bug flash and gone and the expectation of its return and how all around pales and feels like comfort when it is all said and done a light show we demean with explanation.

    By Michelle Garcia URL on 07.26.2011

  30. Lightning struck as he leant forward and kissed my frozen lips as if the weather knew how electrifying his touch was to me.

    By Hannah on 07.26.2011

  31. It scares the shit out of me. Not really. The odds of it striking me are pretty slim, but still, most of the fear comes from anecdotal evidence. Like, once, my mom saw a girl get hit on her jacket zipper by lightning. It left a zipper shaped burn.

    By Boone Parvin on 07.26.2011

  32. and as if a blot of lightning had struck i fell for you. as quick as that. as hard as that. as bright as that. i didn’t know anything other than that i was falling for you. and falling hard and fast. i just hoped that maybe we too could be a bit like lightening.

    By bek. on 07.26.2011

  33. So, they say it only strikes once, but this time the lightning struck the poor girl more than that once that fateful week. It had all started off fine enough, when she went off to the picnic, but then things took a turn for the worse

    By Amimee URL on 07.26.2011

  34. I’m quite afraid of lightning. But I really do enjoy Percy Jackson. He’s hot. My boyfriend loves that movie too. But.. My boyfriend is hot too. I love my boyfriend. He’s really great. Today is our 81st day together. We’re in love. Even though most people will think we’re too young, I can feel it that we’re gonna last. Because he’s all I need, and all I want. Really, seriously. That’s how much I love him. He’s just so damn sweet. Dinggggg.

    By Kammi on 07.26.2011

  35. Lightning. What are we. What is it. Electric. All there is. The clouds roll in. Deep, black, grey, dark. Lightning. Lights up the dark, lights up the grey, lights up the black. Lightning. Hot, warm, sparkling fire.

    By Henrik Namløs Thorne on 07.26.2011

  36. Bang. Crash. Lightning came down. The tree went up in flames. as if it had had a chance. It burned. The birds nesting began to cry out. The hatchlings didn’t stand a chance.
    The Lightning was too powerful. I cowered by the window, wishing it to stop.

    By Mayzee on 07.26.2011

  37. my grandmother always pulled out all the plugs when there was a storm. she would methodically walk into every room, even when we were watching our favourite show, and would calmly say we had to stop.

    By E.P. Hantera on 07.26.2011

  38. lights, drama , stage . thunder. scary . crackle. fork, spoon sheet.
    that guy that got electrocuted with the key on that peice of string. can’t remember his name but he was pretty brainy. i wish i was that brainy. like i could invent something and then be a fricking millionnair, yeeeah, that wouold be the life. driving round on cars etc. yeeeeaah buddy.

    By anonymous URL on 07.26.2011

  39. the lightning flashed outside our bedroom window
    my dog darted beneath my bed, whimpering in the flicker of light
    the noise prickled my ears, making me cringe. I hated this storm, it reminded of the night she died.

    By alice southward on 07.26.2011

  40. Gods have lightning in them

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.26.2011