July 25th, 2011 | 523 Entries

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523 Entries for “lightning”

  1. It flashes, blinding all my senses, electrifying not only the dry, brittle earth but the weariness that lies deep within my bones. In another flash, a crash, my heart beats wildly, waiting. Waiting for what, my heart knows not. But my heart does know you.

    By Laura URL on 07.25.2011

  2. Lighting flashed suddenly, illuminating a scene too grisly to describe. She thought maybe it had been an hallucination, or a trick of the light and shadows playing on her overtaxed mind and highly suggestible imagination. But no, it was true…

    By jspeed29 URL on 07.25.2011

  3. The rain came
    warm and sweet

    we shed our
    clothes and
    slid around on
    slippery grass

    muddied our feet
    cool and ducked
    for cover when we
    spotted the neighbors,
    and a flash of
    lightning, heading
    our way.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.25.2011

  4. What a dull word – so many cliches attached to it . . . Hmmm. . . I don’t think I’ll even write on it. I’ll just skip today and wait until tomorrow . . . Yeah, I don’t think I’ll even write about lightning. Whoops, time’s up.

    By Hyperbole URL on 07.25.2011

  5. The lightning blew above us, shattering any thoughts in your head. We didn’t know if this meant that everything we lived for has been destroyed or made us stronger.

    By Hailey URL on 07.25.2011

  6. I lay in bed and listen to the distant rumble. I think back to the night we danced in the rain and you took pictures of me in my nightgown. Sopping wet we thought we were so cool, until the lightning hit near enough to shake the house and we ran inside and jumped into bed, laughing at ourselves and one another. Silly sisters.

    By emmystrange URL on 07.25.2011

  7. beautiful and calming as can be. … sitting by the windowsill watching the rain fall and the sky light up

    By gpop on 07.25.2011

  8. flash like a bulb take a photograph of the world like you mean it. you’re going to hell. i don’t care. i just want to watch you in the light for a moment before you step back into darkness and it’s all gone for the rest of your life. for the rest of my life. who are you, exactly? who are you to make me care so much about whether i see you in that light again, reflected in my rearview mirror? will you be there for the rest of time, stuck behind me every time i try to change lanes? fuck you.

    By Vera on 07.25.2011

  9. Lightning struck my friend’s house in the seventh grade while her brother was playing an electric guitar with the amp plugged in with the window open. When they finally managed to rummage through the wreckage, they discovered that a whole empty room existed between the 2 main bedrooms. They concluded it was used as slave quarters back in the day.

    By Festa URL on 07.25.2011

  10. The lighting was just right as it fell over her light brown face. She was simply beautiful in the lavender evening gown she was wearing. He longed to reach out and touch her but he didn’t have the nerve. Then again who could blame him?

    By Faith monae on 07.25.2011

  11. I hate storms. But I love them, I like rain, not noise in the middle of the night that wakes you up and scared your new puppy. She’ll run outside and look for places to hide so we hold her and act normal and pet Calahan too because he doesn’t like it either and then she calms down and sometimes sleeps.

    By Virginia Theis URL on 07.25.2011

  12. The lightning flashed in the sky as Mitch took the shovel and thrust it into the dirt again and again. No one could have this. It must be hidden. If anyone else found, who knew what would happen. The world was in peril, he had to protect it.

    By Shane on 07.25.2011

  13. Lightning

    Lightning bugs.

    I love these. Still. They’re so magical to me. I wish I had a good way to capture that magic in a photo or a film or a painting.

    They’re a bit scary close up though. I guess most magical looking things are, if you take a really good look at them.

    Hmmm… that’s a bit deeper than usual ;)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.25.2011

  14. lightning…sounds scary…is it? if i look at the word light…it should not be too scary…right?
    it is brightness…it is a good thing…everything can BE a good thing…

    By mitra URL on 07.25.2011

  15. As the storm cleared a rainbow appeared and all my trouble vanished. The lightning inside me was gone and all was good again, I finally was able to breathe and relax with the rest of the world. It was as if a great weight was to be lifted off me.

    By Reena Maali on 07.25.2011

  16. The lightning storm was long and fierce. It started around 9:00 PM and lasted long into the morning. The thunder, the lightning, the rain- it kept us awake, holding each other and telling ourselves that everything was going to be okay.

    By Dakota on 07.25.2011

  17. there was never anything wrong with wondering about who he was or who i was but then there was a lot of lightning and that happened and the storm was never the important part but that’s what we remember about it. it’s all schadenfreude and the thunder is an abstract idea, you can’t touch it. nobody gets struck by thunder it’s the lightning. in any case it didn’t matter because the storm didn’t last a whole lot of time and nobody was hit nobody that I met or will ever meet. I just know that it’s a lot of volts and it’s hard to have an argument about spaghetti when there are so many volts and so much power going on above rumbling, though I suppose that’s the thunder but it’s a precursor, or at least a big part of the rest of what happened. it’s like talking to you when you’re sober or on the phone and you’re voice goes high but I can’t tell if that’s the connection or emotion or maybe it’s lightning, off in the distance, hitting an ugly metal structure and causing you to sound a little softer and a little sadder than you ever used to or ever have since, except on the phone when you let me call you at night when I’m watching TV and somebody looks like you or I need to ask a question about sport, or something we did when I was a child and you were barely there or when there’s a storm and you don’t hear me at the best of times and I forget full-stops when I’m mad and it starts off like water running in your drainpipes and before I realise it’s started there’s hail and then floods and then the black clouds come rolling in and the lights in the sky at least make some people feel alive and some people safe, hiding in cars or under trees if they don’t know any better and all I really have left is you at the other end of the phone and so I hope that lightning doesn’t strike twice, and that your voice does that all on its own when you hear me and the laughter that I see in pictures is the same and will tell a story and my wrinkles and my eyes and my burns, which turn to scars and storms which set trees on fire and lightning does nothing but light up the sky and put people in the paper.

    By Beth on 07.25.2011

  18. have you ever seen a person get so angry that they illuminate a little like a bug or a fire and they grow an inch and then an inch and a half and eventually they burn out but not for a little while and they’re abstract to you like paper and you dont understand them and you don’t want to not at all not even a little bit and they’re hidden behind their clothes and their hair and that stupid earring that looks a little out of place and it’s like putting a scarf over a lamp- sure it looks a little prettier but it’s not really right at all.

    By Adam on 07.25.2011

  19. The sharp pains in her head felt like sudden bolts of lightning and reminded her to take her daily dose of cayenne pepper.

    By Jeanie URL on 07.25.2011

  20. Well, that’s interesting. I’m drawing a blank on this word. No ‘lightning in a bottle’ for me. No ‘lightning strike’ of inspiration for me today. Wow, that’s a cheap way to get the word written about when you come up empty…

    By Bob Hussey URL on 07.25.2011

  21. We hid under the covers listening to the storm outside. All I could see were you’re green eyes shinning through the darkness. I tried to find the words to talk to you but I couldn’t we just ended up staring for hours.

    By Cliodhna on 07.25.2011


    By Nejifangirl11 on 07.25.2011

  23. lighting cuts the sky in half, and you are on one side and i am on the other. separated by a flash, a slice, a fork of light– far apart but still together.

    By lulu on 07.25.2011

  24. Very very frightening. Not on david bowies face. But definetly on ur own under a tree. Holding a stick of dynamite.

    By Lisa on 07.25.2011

  25. Lightning grows things, it scatters nitrogen like candy in a Christmas parade, for all the green things to suck on.

    By genie URL on 07.25.2011

  26. There are five miles between my house and theirs. Five of the longest miles I’ve ever run. The lightning in the fields struck hard and fast, and the rain blew me back, but Goddamnit if I didn’t run my ass off to get there in time.

    God I wish I had gotten there in time.

    By keryn on 07.25.2011

  27. illuminate my world; give me an instant of clarity through the blinding deluge and thunderous noise of the world. When the lightning strikes, i will see once more.

    By Alexandria Moore on 07.25.2011

  28. The sky was dark when I saw a flash in the sky. My heart sped up as I realized that they were coming. A neon blaze shot out of thin air, clapping loudly like thunder. Lethal thunder. Rain started pouring all around me as people everywhere scoured the city for shelter. I, too, sought refuge. Ducking into a nearby tavern, I caught my breath.

    “Who are they?” I asked no one in particular.

    “They’re not from around here, that’s for sure.” an old codger at the bar shouted in my general direction. Taking another swig from his mug, he chucked at my exasperated expression.

    Just then, we felt a crash that shook the entire building.
    Glass shattered, tables tumbled, and people were flung everywhere.
    At that moment, I took a deep breath and

    By kjon URL on 07.25.2011

  29. Bright, blinding she had to close her eyes quickly to avoid the harsh light. Too late the blue dot was behind her eyelids. Ouch that hurt. Wow, the thunder clap made her wonder if a tree had been hit near by.

    By Jean URL on 07.25.2011

  30. Lightning, tunder, the best things about winter. storms, rain hitting the roof, tip tap, tip tap. Hot cocoa, hot fire, great book, great night.

    By Sammi-Rhea URL on 07.25.2011

  31. As the lightning flashed, young Benjamen Franklin stood at the windows, mesmerized. “I could actually do something with this!” he thought, as a bright expressive smile lit up his features.

    By Sarah URL on 07.25.2011

  32. lightning screams loudly while the rain tumbles down
    everything seems lighter while the storm rumbles on
    life stands still even though we are still moving
    everything in transit
    eveything is in motion

    By kimberly on 07.25.2011

  33. Blue lightning. Flashes so fast. Running as fast as lightning. It’s scary when it rains and there’s lightning. I’m afraid of it. I know the chances are I won’t get hit, but,still….The sound frightens me. There’s not much to really say about it..

    By siba on 07.25.2011

  34. lighting is something that happened last night. idk if i like lightning. its alright sometimes but other times its just an annoying things that i cant fall asleep too. but other times i can fall asleep to it, i guess it just depends on my mindset at the time and how tired i am and if i prefer to have music or not. if i have music then lightning can be annoying cause i wont be able to hear my music.

    By Jessi URL on 07.25.2011

  35. Derek had lightening fast reflexes. He grabbed his opponent and tackled him to the ground. Their chest pads clanked together with an enormous sound. He stood up and chest bumbed his team mate. They got the touchdown!!

    By Jade URL on 07.25.2011

  36. It blasted! It struck. Places, one by one being filled with light, blinding light. It crackled in the sky the only light every 10 seconds then back into the darkness. Where it went It left its mark trees on fire, smoke and ash everywhere.

    By Sam URL on 07.25.2011

  37. when the lightning struck we were just minutes from shore. the water around the boat was instantly alive. the smell of ozone burned our noses and the flash left me temporarily blind. the tremendous clap of thunder that followed

    By debra on 07.25.2011

  38. powerfull i se it in the rain. its beautifull. light. yellow. hehe dangerous? i think it makes the world sparkle. its quite extraordinary i like how its pretty but gentile and magicful. its very strong though too. it can kill alot of things. it starts fires in the woods. i like lightning(: aand i like when it rais and u see lightning in a pretty landscape.<3 its lovely. i loveeeeee lightning. but i like rain too. and when its sunny(: lightning is awesomesauce.

    By anny on 07.25.2011

  39. and the thunder and lightning boomed in coexistence with each other making me ponder the thought of how two people could possibly do the same…

    By karli on 07.25.2011

  40. Bold. Powerful rays of energy in the sky like blood running through veins.

    By cristabellion URL on 07.25.2011