February 25th, 2012 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “lift”

  1. Like always people crowded in the lift as stairs are apparently to healthy for them. And like always, their intelligence wasn’t good enough to predict that having 20 people in little lift will be too much for it to handle and it will stop in between floors 2 and 3. It always stops there. Even tough it happened normally about 2 times a week, people keep doing exactly same stupid thing on, and on . Isn’t it insane ?

    By Omnix URL on 02.26.2012

  2. The boy looked at the immense obstacles before him. Could he possibly lift it with a broken leg? He had to try if he wanted to survive.

    By Kel on 02.26.2012

  3. I am trying this for the second time.. last itme I did not lift a finger to start right away – I hesitated. Now I am curious to see how this could help our students become better writers. I sure wish I was a better typist! I have a hard time leaving my errors and continuing.

    By dineen on 02.26.2012

  4. To elevate, raise up, or increase something. My job is to help my students lift their level of understanding, skill, and work in all academic areas. Lifting is a beautiful thing.

    By E on 02.26.2012

  5. Lift and load a la mode

    By Marianne URL on 02.26.2012

  6. Harold lifted up the heavy box of textbooks, turned it so the Amazon smile faced outwards as he got in the elevator, picked at the plastic tape with his fingernails. What was it about receiving textbooks in the mail – seemed more personal, somehow, than crowding all the other students at the college bookstore.

    By Holden URL on 02.26.2012

  7. Lift you head and hold it high,
    it doesn’t matter if you cry.

    Lift your spirit let it sore,
    and get a life a little more.

    Lift your voice and let it ring,
    Lift your voice and let it sing.

    Lever let others keep you down,
    Because they’re the ones still on the ground.

    By Amelia Dogwood URL on 02.26.2012

  8. I was lifted up so fast I forgot to breathe on the way, and while looking down I saw the world get smaller and smaller, all the little people milling around the streets like confused ants and the buildings looking like bricks from a game of monopoly.

    By Alegría URL on 02.26.2012

  9. i wish you would lift me to the moon.

    By Geo on 02.26.2012

  10. I will lift mine eyes unto the hills from whence my help comes from.
    my eyes.
    taking them off of my circumstances and lifting them up.
    no longer looking down.
    lifting up.
    higher and higher.

    By debi on 02.26.2012

  11. To the moment I was down, the moment I thought I could move no longer. You were there. Not staring, not waiting, not just talking. You were there, giving me the much needed lift.

    By Dee URL on 02.26.2012

  12. you said Jesus would lift my spirits, but he didn’t. He left me a little disappointed, I must say. Maybe next time it’ll be different.

    By Hannah on 02.26.2012

  13. I lifted her slowly, gently. You have to be careful when they are this small. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to stir as I carried her up to her room. As I pass by my loving wife, she gives a small nod. I never knew being a father would be this peaceful.

    By TheBlueFool URL on 02.26.2012

  14. Lifted eyes lifted weight
    Brought on my loaded shoulders
    Lift your voice to be heard
    Lift my hands

    By Jay URL on 02.26.2012

  15. Lift me up. That might not be so easy. I weigh a little more than I used to. Well, actually, a lot more than I used to when I was twenty, or thirty. Been playing with the idea of going all out to get back to that.

    By Margaret on 02.26.2012

  16. When I think of the word lift I think of people lifting others up and helping them get through hard times. Many people go through ups and downs and the only reason they’re able to pick themselves up is because others lift them up.

    By Maggie on 02.26.2012

  17. The lift at Porter was out of order, as it had been for the last two months. Janie would need to get off at the next station where the lift was functioning, then take a shuttle back to Porter.

    By kibi URL on 02.26.2012

  18. I think of lifting someone up… lifting spirits when they are down. A smile or letting someone go in line in front of you can lift their spirits.. and mine too. We all need that each day!

    By MS Smith on 02.26.2012

  19. Good things give me a lift: friends, sunny weather, skiing, my family!, I also like to think i can lift others: students and family . My dog gives me a special lift. I miss her!

    By Peggy on 02.26.2012

  20. upward, soar, then dive down and repeat.

    By Heather URL on 02.26.2012

  21. “Where are you going?” she called after me.
    “Why do you care?” I stared into her face, searching for the answer. The answer I wanted to hear.
    “Well, if you don’t come back, who’s going to help me finish this?!” She said, laughter in her eyes. But I wasn’t in the mood for joking. I wanted to have a serious conversation for once.
    “Is that is?” I asked, penetrating her with my gaze.
    “What do you mean?” She feigned confusion, but there was a knowing look in her eyes.
    “You know what I mean,” I wasn’t going to let her win this one. Not this time.
    She started at the floor before lifting her gaze to meet mine.
    “You’re right,” she said. I tried to conceal my shock. So she was really going to give up this easily. She was going to give me what I wanted. I tried to suppress my excitement.
    “Yes…?” I asked, smiling.
    “I don’t care if you leave,” she deadpanned.

    By Becky Donald on 02.26.2012

  22. He lifted the heavy box wondering what items she had packed. It was only a weekend trip, so why did she have to pack so many things. He knew she never liked deciding what she would wear before hand, but rather always wanted options.

    By Pam on 02.26.2012

  23. Upwards. Up. Up. Skywards. He lifted her up. And maybe she lifted him too. She wasn’t as strong. Or maybe she was. Up.

    By Katbo URL on 02.26.2012

  24. I lift up a jar and examine the contents. It’s gray and dusty. I formulate what the possible substances could be.
    “It’s ash.” Ginny says, “Your father’s ash.”

    By Breezeway URL on 02.26.2012

  25. I took a lift to the 7th sky with my boyfriend it was so beautiful

    By Gagah on 02.26.2012