February 25th, 2012 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “lift”

  1. When I lift his face cupped in my freckled hands lined and sagging with pinched flesh, his new teeth peek out through the mouth that fist called me Nan Nan.

    By nannan URL on 02.25.2012

  2. lift. lifting hair, lifting weights, discarding like scales. All I know is the wind feels like bone again my back. every time I raise my hands, I forget how heavy my fingers are and how lifting them is somehow freeing.

    By h on 02.25.2012

  3. “Lift me up.”

    My dad would lift me up into tall trees–taller than him. His hands were cold, but strong. I clutched my Sesame Street doll and smiled widely for Mom’s camera. Things were better then. The worst I could do was fall.

    I think I’m still waiting for him to catch me.

    By Molly Lyn URL on 02.25.2012

  4. LIft me up
    eagles wings
    corner of your lips

    By ShannonC URL on 02.25.2012

  5. Lift my spirits is what happens to me when I get to wake up with the sunshine n my face, I intentionally open the blinds when it is still dark outside so that I can feel the power of the sun wake me up naturally I drink in the stregth and I wake up in such a Babette mood. I love waking up this way.

    By Crisnole on 02.25.2012

  6. get me a lift so that i can go up, up into the air, until i miss my feet touching the ground.

    By kaorita on 02.25.2012

  7. I like to get lifted by any means possible. Drugs? Sure. That’s about it. Unless I meditate but that’s pretty fucking difficult with all these distractions i have around me. It might be easy to just…leave those distractions behind but i live a world revolving around distractions. The only sanctuary i have is my head.

    By justin URL on 02.25.2012

  8. Lift your hands to the sky.

    Keep your truth from your lie.

    So that your when you die

    You can let your spirits fly.

    By Alexandra URL on 02.25.2012

  9. You hate the way I look when you cradle me in your arms. Is it because I smile like you are my world? I know it makes you guilty, later, when you lift the veil away and you are the only thing standing between this world and the next. Don’t look so putrid, precious, pup, it’s just you and me. Same as always.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 02.25.2012

  10. You lift me up. You don’t lift me up. You lift up those who lift themselves, while lifting only those who lift up other. It’s interesting how much lifting we actually do. Children, elevators, egos. Lifted.

    What are we lifting?

    By Josiah on 02.25.2012

  11. We live in a world where we are told to lift to achieve, lift forever, when sometimes we just want to fall, fall into someone’s arms.

    By madeline on 02.25.2012

  12. Lift me higher above the trees but don’t get popped like a balloon by the branches. Just keep going up and up

    By bethany on 02.25.2012

  13. I lift up my eyes to a clear, dark sky and think of my father. Why? The lonely cry of the geese sailing overhead will “bring him to me” every time! Dad, I hope wherever you are, you are at peace.

    By Rose West URL on 02.25.2012

  14. To pick up , to raise up into the air , a machine that pucks up objects and moves them to another location , a four letter word with one shirt vowel and three consonants. One syllable.

    By Karen Brown on 02.25.2012

  15. Up push heavy box load muscle maximum strength

    By Camile on 02.25.2012

  16. I want to lift my arms in the air and fly sometimes, when I see a eagle or hawk up in the skies just soaring upon the currents.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 02.25.2012

  17. He lifted his eyes to look at her, fearing and hoping that she was still there. All he saw was a hand dangling from the edge. He reached out way too slowly and touched the hand. Inside, he was screaming at himself to grab, to pull, to bring her to safety.

    By Craig on 02.25.2012

  18. Sudden, jarring motion. Dull scraping sounds. Then silence–nothing.
    The old lift has broken down again.
    Stuck between two floors of the building, encased in a motionless metal box supported by nothing but dubious, age-worn cables. Waiting.
    More noises again, this time metallic screeches of protest. Rusty red sparks scatter, lights flicker out and the smell of burning rubber. Waiting.
    Wanting doors to “ding” open announing arrival, but they stay resolutely closed. Last resort; press glowing buttons denoting floors with no result. Air thick with dusty fumes of disuse and departure.
    Curl up into a ball on the threadbare red carpet.
    Waiting to fall.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.25.2012

  19. One day i had a loli pop to Eat and a evil guy had to lift it away.

    By Sofia URL on 02.25.2012

  20. A sudden boost in my mood lifted me into that delicious, tapped in, tuned in, turned on space where I love to reside. Such a simple shift making all the difference in the quality of life. Get happy, any way you can.

    By Alison URL on 02.25.2012

  21. Lift my soul to gods on Mt. Olympus. Reach for the heavens and touch me in those harmonious ways that you do. Never leave me so high up because you make and the heights make my soul afeard. Don’t wash off my scans. Don’t pick at my dust. I need.

    By Holden URL on 02.25.2012

  22. Im feeling lifted to another level but yet I say that wanting to be taken to new horizons. Im still finding myself and the rise is what I search for, one day the sky will surround me and Ill look down at my past and be secure at my new height.

    By Christian URL on 02.25.2012

  23. Lift me away
    In to the air
    Lift me away
    I won Fair and square
    Lift me high in the sky
    So I can fly

    By Sofia URL on 02.25.2012

  24. I had sighed. I had almost cried. I had wondered and worries and lost sleep over this. but i told someone. the burden was lifted off me. i should have been. it wasnt even mine to begin with. i only wish i told someone sooner.

    By delilah on 02.25.2012

  25. up baby back fun kisses silly jobs 50 lbs spirits mindfulness students happy hands-on spirits ?well I didn’t get that I was supposed to write sentences. I was thinking of my granddaughter asking, “Uppies.” and me lifting her up and worrying sometimes about my back but mostly giving her kisses on the neck and being silly with her.

    By Pat Kaplan on 02.25.2012

  26. my heart
    my prospects

    lift my face

    thought it was useful
    turned out

    it’s a waste

    (icing on the wings)

    By Schligdog URL on 02.25.2012

  27. She does it without effort. No matter has gone on in my life and what is coming in the future. She smiles and holds my hand and the whole world feels better in all its wonder. I love and she returns. It is a little miracle that rocks everything around me.

    By River Ranter URL on 02.25.2012

  28. I am going to lift a very heavy box over my head and see if it falls on me. If it does it will probably fall on my toes and will hurt a lot. Then it will take many days to heal and I will have to walk with a limp until the pain goes away. I might not get to tap dance.

    By s on 02.25.2012

  29. Lift me if I have no wings left to fly
    For the earth is mighty
    And I am still so small

    By leah URL on 02.25.2012

  30. different things tend to lift me up. the smell of popcorn cooking in the kitchen while my family watches old movies in the living room. Laundry. My dog after being washed. These things are a part of life, maybe the most important part.

    By emily p URL on 02.25.2012

  31. I’m yours. Every touch you deliver sends me higher. Takes me deeper. It throws me. Refuses my every instinct and covers me. I’ve drowned in you. Taken you over and over into my lungs and heart. And still you remain on the ground. Still you stand there, watching me drift away. Stuck with yourself, like the old men say. I miss you and your worried eyes.

    By Trey URL on 02.25.2012

  32. Lift me to a level ware all you do is play. You get to lift and lift and lift all day. You can lift the Crowd you can lift the air but lift me to a level ware you can lift all day. As you can sede i can lift anything. If the lift cant go on its track then you cant lift again so do your lift right so you can lift again. You love to lift and i do to so i encourage you to lift its a good thing to do. Lift me to a level ware ever i am. Lift lift lift all day long lift your self to a new lifting level lift your self so you can lift every day. Lift lift lift away.

    By Sofia URL on 02.25.2012

  33. I lift my arms up where will they go? I can touch trees, I see the sky in the background. The grass blows behind me. My white dress flows to the left. My hair spreads apart. I am smiling. My eyes closed. I feel at peace. Sweet breath.

    By Sandra on 02.25.2012

  34. Lift plus. Those really funny ads with the guys being dicks to each other, like, doing the “if your hand is bigger than your face, you’ll go bald” thing, where they put their hand up to their face and you smack it and they hit themselves in the face. Heheh, those ads were great. “Sharpen up. Lift plus.” Woah, I remembered the slogan.

    Anyway, I think it was like just Lift with added caffeine or gurana or some shit. Who cares.

    By Ellie URL on 02.25.2012

  35. As I sat on the ground, I realized, this is not how I want my life to be. Not now, not ever. I didn’t know when the right time to open his letter was. But if I didn’t do it soon, I didn’t know when. So I got up off the floor and walked to my bookshelf. I lifted the box next to my books. Took out the letter and opened it. It said, “I know when you read this, I’ll be gone. But I’ll come back to you, I promise. I just need to find myself and you’re a distraction to that, a beautiful distraction but a distraction nevertheless. I know you can be on your own for a while. I know that even if you fall without me there, you’ll be able to lift yourself up again. That you’ll be able to continue, even without me. I want you to know that you’re the only one in my heart, I’m not going to date because instantly, I will compare them to you and they will never measure up. I love you forever and after.” He didn’t know how wrong he was. He was never going to come back. He thought he had it all planned out but sometimes, things that you never expected happen. And sometimes you get in a car crash, and sometimes, you die. And sometimes you never comeback and you break your promise to someone. And sometimes, that girl is shattered for the rest of her life.

    By Rukia URL on 02.25.2012

  36. itry to lift up from my past. still it holds fast like a tentacled plant rooted in quicksand. to overcome not an option. Meory is the great weight pushing from above keeping me from not moving too far. Lift me, Lord. take me to a higher level, please.

    By proust, malcolm on 02.25.2012

  37. A “lift”. It’s something that makes you happy, lifts you up, if you will. My lift can never be replaced. He never can. What is your lift?

    By Tezcacoatl on 02.25.2012

  38. I could feel myself lifting, lifting into space, into power, into happiness.
    I loved it, the whooshing in my ears, the wind brushing against my skin.
    At that time, I was so happy, so carefree.
    I just didn’t know then, what severe consequences came after this.

    By Emi URL on 02.25.2012

  39. Lift


    I’ve been speaking with several people recently about the differences between UK English and USA English. They’re different in just enough ways to get you into trouble if you use the wrong words.

    The odd things is, even with the different accents, in the UK, people don’t usually think “They MUST mean something else. I’ll bet there’s a different word for that in the US.” – They think Americans actually meant whatever strange thing they said. (I think that outside of large cities, the same may be true here. But in the UK it seems to be true everywhere!)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 02.25.2012

  40. a nice sentiment. it occurs to me that much time is spent simply floating along some elusive skylike material of existence or sliding along some kind of grainy ground striving against this translucent force so that we might find a conquered and comfortable medium where we can say that our feet are on the ground our heads are in the air and we are centered in a way so that we have control of that tug that continually urges us on which originates from the core and leads us from one place to the next. like a rope stretched through the organs where all the action is going on that sends such messages to the mind and runs all over tied with others wrapping and binding and braiding.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 02.25.2012