November 24th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “library”

  1. A library is full of book. Book are full of words, and words are full of power. With words, you can do anything. You can express yourself in anyway you want to. You can be happy, sad, mad, angry, come up with stories or tell a memory.

    By AnnieB URL on 11.24.2012

  2. Everyone is obsessed with the new Kindles, but I personally like books, and have my own library. I find there is nothing like curling up with a good book in your hands

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.24.2012

  3. The library is where I fell in love. I fell in love with our walks, the people circulating in and out and the warmth of your body always next to me in front of open books. Sometimes we’d hold hands. Sometimes you’d reach over and point at something and we’d marvel in the brilliance that was Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

    By Brenda Luu URL on 11.24.2012

  4. I have always loved a library. When I was growing up, I would stay in the stacks, picking out my beloved stories until I could hardly carry them. In college, I spent hour upon hour in the graduate library, and marveled at the tomes that were nestled on the shelves.

    By Sheila on 11.24.2012

  5. Books, the endless rows and soft smells of knowledge and pages and words and worlds. Endless information, imagination in a great brick building called the library.

    By Samantha on 11.24.2012

  6. Stacks of books piled up around me. I sit in the room where the books go before being re-shelved, the disorder and chaos here match my current mental state. The order of the rest of the library is too much for me now.

    By Gabbie URL on 11.24.2012

  7. I wish some day i will enter to the library and find the love of my life. I imagine him inteligent, nice, handsome, intelectual, with beard and glasses. He will be reading something about socialism or ecology.

    By Carolina on 11.24.2012

  8. The serenity is inspiring. The peace motivates. The expanse of knowledge at the disposal of those sitting there is dumbfounding.

    By tennismoker URL on 11.24.2012

  9. the best place in the entire world. you can lose yourself in any story and actually become a character in the book. you can live a million different adventures in your life and have never actually traveled anywhere

    By Jodi URL on 11.24.2012

  10. School,books,ca. Card catalog. Cox library next door with white paint renting the little rascals

    By jaime on 11.24.2012

  11. In the library. Where things are quiet and peaceful, work is done. There is a humble peace in the library, one I wish I could enjoy at home; such a peacefulness, to read, write, and be alone.

    By Jeffreym on 11.24.2012

  12. The library is a minefield, at least until you sit down. Your footsteps are too loud. There’s an old woman glaring at you behind her desk, and a young woman (her heir) staring hesitantly at the entrance of the building, as if she’s afraid of who might step in next.

    By Abby on 11.24.2012

  13. Once I was sitting in a library when I was very very little. I can remember I was being taught by the Head Librarian and she was very in to her resources. She was trying to teach us about Ned Kelly.

    By Carly on 11.24.2012

  14. School, books, card catalog. I used to live right next door to one in coxsackie and i still remember the smell of the books.

    By jaime URL on 11.24.2012

  15. The library was extremely quiet this afternoon, and it seemed as though no one was here but me and the librarian herself. I shuffled through the bookshelves, waiting for something to catch my interest.

    By Samantha Richards on 11.24.2012

  16. library is the place were most people will go to read study or just sit but the library is where i go and escape my feeling my life my stresses and just relax with my friends. the library is the one place i can rid of the words drama and just let my brain relax and take a moment for itself

    By isabella URL on 11.24.2012

  17. They told me my flirting style was ‘librarian’. They didn’t know I dreamed every night about running my fingers over dusty spines, and teetering up ladders for forgotten volumes.

    By Lily on 11.24.2012

  18. I was waiting in line for so long. It seemed like an hour before I had gotten to the front desk. A lot of people were renting the new book called The Book Of Death. Such a morbid title.

    By Samantha Richards URL on 11.24.2012

  19. I was there, book, loads of books. I wast alone, they were with me. I learned from them, I learned from me, from the shadows, I learned. I was free, a free warrior at the library.

    By isabel on 11.24.2012

  20. A place where you can be quiet. Be quiet and learn. Learn and become wiser and wiser. A place where you can meet new peaople, places, feelings.

    By Nora on 11.24.2012

  21. She sat in the library, with a pile of books before her on the table. Looking around, she noticed that everyone else was engrossed in their media. A newspaper over there, a magazine there. A forlorn looking woman, with, Alyssa would bet her lunch money, a pile of self help books on the table in front of her. Alyssa knew she had to get working on the article for the paper, knew she had to get it in by deadline today, her job was on the line, and the editor had had just about enough of her whining lately. Who could think these days, though, with that looming over her head? with the threat of losing her house, her marriage, her life. Why did she do this? take five minutes of pleasure that would ruin her very existence?

    By monica URL on 11.24.2012

  22. I go here when ever I can. I enjoy the books and I like the free internet. I like the humor section a lot. This is a great place to go. f

    By jacob on 11.24.2012

  23. “Go”, she said, “Get over there behind the bench with the others. Stay quiet and out of sight.”
    The library was dark and she was whspering You were used to obeying the librarians; they were there to keep order. The only times they spoken to you in the past was when you had done something wrong or if you asked a question. It didn’t seem right to ask a question and I didn’t want to go in when all the lights were turned out.

    By Meredyth URL on 11.24.2012

  24. i went to the library to read a book and expand my knowledge on flowers. my mother loves flowers and i wanted to know the best kind to grow in our garden. i chose tulips because they are beautiful, colorful, and just wonderful. i hope my mother will love them as much as i do.

    By Leila on 11.24.2012

  25. I used to sit at the library reading books, waiting. I would wait for the librarian every day at 3 pm. Sitting, wishing, hoping. Hoping she would read my favorite book. Is today the day? I hope so. Holding my breath I see her pick it from on top of the pile. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

    By Victoria on 11.24.2012

  26. a place I have yet to visit on my college campus here, despite being here for two months now. should really sort that out.

    By Emma on 11.24.2012

  27. I love books. I love that moment when I am amazed by the story, by the book. I love reading what people wrote, and then analyze it. It’s just amazing, that how many people have how many taughts and experiences.

    By Sophie on 11.24.2012

  28. I love librarys… because I love reading, lots of books, I am a bit of a book worm hehe :) I like books because they take me away from the real world and make me think that anything is possible. :)

    By Lauren on 11.24.2012

  29. Sometimes you find yourself lost without a good book to read. In times like these, you visit a library. Card in hand you touch the shelves with your fingertips as you gaze at the many titles. Which book… which book. There are far too many to choose from. You grab five, and sit down in a chair and begin to read. Hours pass, and surprisingly you’ve found yourself captivated in five different worlds wrapped up in our own.

    By paige URL on 11.24.2012

  30. it’s a nice place. the first time i was in a library to study, i felt so secure and at the same time powerful. it was that atmosphere and…the quiet. just you and your thoughts. wonderful.

    By Bettinka on 11.24.2012

  31. so, you have time to read a lot of books in that place. there is such a pleasant calm and quiet. you have the ability to think about the wild and big things of life, or just think about yourself. i always like the smell of old books. so, there i can feel good myself.

    By Lehel on 11.24.2012

  32. She walked in and sat down. The cute boy she always saw wasn’t there. She didn’t want to get up and leave, no that was too obvious. She grabbed a random book from the sci-fi section. She didn’t even like sci-fi yet in in one minute she was lost.

    The next day the boy was there. She hardly noticed. She was still lost in the book she started reading the day before.

    By Katie on 11.24.2012

  33. She walked in and sat down. The cute boy she always saw wasn’t there. She didn’t want to get up and leave, no that was too obvious. She grabbed a random book from the sci-fi section. She didn’t even like sci-fi yet in in one minute she was lost.

    The next day the boy was there. She hardly noticed. She was still lost in the book she started reading the day before.

    By Katie on 11.24.2012

  34. I went to the library and stared at the long rows of books upon books upon books. It was going to be a long time until I could find Rookie yearbook one. Maybe an eternity.

    By Bird on 11.24.2012

  35. books and books
    more books
    i must fill it all up
    my brain does not have enough
    words to write this
    simple lines of nothing
    taken in out of context
    meaningless without it
    the apple the all the end
    it knows them all
    seeing through the lies
    searching for the ideas
    that will bring the things forth
    into the truth of the existence
    of those that came before
    the end is now
    lock myself away
    emptiness i choose
    to give to the next
    that he may find me
    here waiting for him
    so i may find them
    three that have let me live
    into the end of days
    seal the entrance son
    my time here has come

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 11.24.2012

  36. today i will go to the library and take out a book on cooking. i will cook for dog, because he is a very picky eater and goes psycho when he isn’t fed properly. Unfortunately the library is closed today. wish me good luck as i brace my rabid dog, whom named cotton

    By tanya on 11.24.2012

  37. passion love missing love again miss those time. sadness

    By Eszterke on 11.24.2012

  38. Everything that happens, everything that might happen, and things about things. In that building. Everything.

    By Grace URL on 11.24.2012

  39. They loom. All around me, shadows of the past, the future, the present. They gloat with their complete lives, so much more put together than I’ll ever be. what can I say? I never really had the spine for this.
    And I wonder where it all stops. When my chapters come together to form my boring book. And what section of the library I’ll be banished to.

    By Trey URL on 11.24.2012

  40. The library called to me, each book whispered my name. Their voices all distinct but each one familiar in some way to me.

    By Gabbie URL on 11.24.2012