February 11th, 2013 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “learn”

  1. It is the responsibility of all to learn from life mistakes. No one like to do some thing wrong or stupid, but there are time when we make the wrong choices or to be lead away by unclear advertisements.

    By victor URL on 02.12.2013

  2. People would be much happier if they’d get to know each other first.

    By Diana on 02.12.2013

  3. A time and space to find out how not to do what we have done before. How not to make the same mistakes, hurt ourselves, hurt others, be hurt, be less stupid than the last time and more intelligent in the future. To learn is to live, every day.

    By Lisa Bower URL on 02.12.2013

  4. What is there to learn in rhyming poetry? It is just sounds and jumbling of ideas, not someone trying to talk to you and tell you things. It is like birds calling to each other, saying the same thing over and over until you want to get up and shoot them.

    By Meredyth URL on 02.12.2013

  5. I wish I could learn more, and more efficiently. It’s one thing in my life that I’ve never really been able to be THAT good at, but if I had the capacity to learn as much as I can as fast as I can… boy. What I wouldn’t do. And imagine the things I could achieve if I had the gift of curiosity.

    By Kiernan on 02.12.2013

  6. One needs to learn to be patient. Good things happen to people who wait. That’s not to say that this an excuse to procrastinate. Learn to learn and learn to unlearn

    By Amit on 02.12.2013

  7. And they gave you books. Filled with black marks. And strange colors. And told you to look. To feel. To breathe. But you could not understand. But later. Much later. The black marks became words and the strange colors were pictures. And you could understand. And feel. And look. And breathe.

    By zee on 02.12.2013

  8. I like to learn a lot of things, but sometimes it tends to bore me… Like, I’d like to just know everything, but I stumble upon the fact that I don’t have enough time for that. I wish I was immortal…

    By MRG on 02.12.2013

  9. I learn even as I peruse the internet, looking for something that might interest me. I learn through reading, study, experience, and just everyday life. I will never ever stop learning while I am living.

    By nic on 02.12.2013

  10. How does one learn? Through books, maybe. But I believe that we learn most by being brave enough to strike up conversations with strangers, stake out new paths, and understand that along our journey we are bound to hit roadblocks.

    By Dani URL on 02.12.2013

  11. learn in school
    lessons that are cool

    learn at home
    even by a comb

    everywhere is where you learn
    learn and discern

    By Wynn URL on 02.12.2013

  12. you must learn in order to understand. learning means doing the things that you like and that you want to know more about it in order to love it more. we should also learn from experience since it is a good teacher, it might not be on our own but of others.

    By jed maigue on 02.12.2013

  13. alleeeeeeeeee, well think hahahhaah why just somting new can you give me you are phone pleas, becose I love you. You love me or not? Why? Why the life is very sweet, ok but that is impossible

    By Jani on 02.12.2013

  14. She walked through the empty street. Wished for a jacket. Wiped the blood from her lip that shivered in the cold.


    She turned around, ready to run.

    ‘Oh, Andy, it’s you.’

    ‘I have what you’re looking for.’

    By genahtastic URL on 02.12.2013

  15. learning is something i am eager to do daily. when i choose the topic, it’s a pleasure to dive into the research. when i feel less educated on a topic because it’s been pointed out to me that i don’t understand, it feels burdensome to take the time to research it, which is not the ideal way to spend my time.

    By l on 02.12.2013

  16. I love to learn. Learning is what gives meaning to my life. I think that if we stop learning, we stop living. It makes me feel like learning is one of the most essential elements of life. We learn about how the world works, how people work, and what makes us work as individuals. It is not always easy to find a stimulating environment in which to learn and yet, we are always learning no matter what.

    By Hannah URL on 02.12.2013

  17. We are in school to learn. Every day it is a new experience. Moving from class to class. Hopefully having fun. Learning is so important.

    By me URL on 02.12.2013

  18. i’ve learned to hate myself
    but i guess i always have

    By Kiley Chapman URL on 02.12.2013

  19. “And what did we learn today class?” There was smudged ink on his hand and a flake of minestrone in his moustache. His cheeks were red; though not with shame or anger.
    There was a muted shuffling. Eyes flickered towards the clock. Feet slipped into shoes. They sat. For the first time in the afternoon, silence ruled.
    “Well?!” he bellowed at blank faces. “Nothing?!”
    Now his face had cause to be flushed.
    His bellowing was drowned by the bell, and nobody stayed to listen to him rant. He was left huffing at the blackboard, picking up paper plans and pen lids.
    “Those blasted kids never bloody learn!” he mumbled into his mug.


    By Barber URL on 02.12.2013

  20. I like learning. Books are knowledge and knowledge is power.
    When I learn something valuable I have the need to learn more. Anybody that stops learning is old.

    By Kriticos URL on 02.12.2013

  21. To learn is such a beautiful and unique aspect of life. Knowledge is something man can always improve in continuously, so for the average man looking for something to life up to; this may very be your reason.

    By Pena on 02.12.2013

  22. “You would learn faster if you worked harder at it,” Issa pointed out. I was trying to do math homework, and found her advice largely unhelpful. After all, I worked pretty damn hard at my math homework. It just didn’t come naturally!

    “We can’t all be good at all things,” I said glibly. “I happen to be terrible at math, but that’s okay. It makes me unique. Special, even.”

    By hannah URL on 02.12.2013

  23. To learn is to advance in your knowledge. Grow mentally in a way that can be educational or in morals. People can always learn more, even if you know a lot, everyone has potential to learn something everyday. Expanding in knowledge and awareness in various ways and for many different things.

    By 優柔不断で URL on 02.12.2013

  24. Learning is an amazing thing. The amount of information that one person is able to retain… It astounds me. Like how I learn how to write about learning… O.o Somebody please save me, it’s like school all over again.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.12.2013

  25. She sat before a class of five a six year old children. And with eager eyes they stared at her as she brought out her clay. She knew they were anxious to learn.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.12.2013

  26. I don’t want to learn. I don’t want to go to school today. Actually, i love the learning part. But the teacher….and the students……they are the soiled ones.

    By Bobbi B URL on 02.12.2013

  27. Learning makes me think of school, and growing. I do not want to go to school today…and reject one of my friends I have already let down….but maybe I have learned something since then…and maybe I have grown..?

    By Bobbi B URL on 02.12.2013

  28. I picked up my slate. My black as night skin reflected the oil lamp’s fire. A shaky letter “a” was scratched onto the slate with an awful sound. I grinned. Slowly but surely, I was learning.

    By Emma Travis on 02.12.2013

  29. life is to learn.. today i have learned new things.. i think this story is same everywhere and it is the purpose of life. When i was kid i thought learning was only at school, but now i realize that life is a bigger learning!

    By AShah URL on 02.12.2013

  30. how to live your life.how to love. how to give..learn,never stop learning. life is nothing without learning.

    By victoria on 02.12.2013

  31. Learn, it’s the surest way to succeed in life. Without education, there can be no understanding. Without understanding, there can be no peace. It’s about time we all started respecting each others values and beliefs so go and learn about something new.

    By Jon URL on 02.12.2013

  32. I can’t learn all the time. I either get super confused from the confusion of the confusing work, or something goes wrong… I guess lif is just super weird like that. But I always try my bet either way…

    By Roiden URL on 02.12.2013

  33. Learning is when you start to know stuff about something. An example is that you can learn something at school or anywhere really. Learning is appariently good, but not always.

    By Samantha on 02.12.2013

  34. We all have to learn. I love to learn. I feel like my brain is a sponge that never gets too soggy. It NEEDS to be filled with more and more information, which is sadly unavailable. I want to learn, I just need someone to teach me.

    By Farah Hatim El-Afifi URL on 02.12.2013

  35. Learn. To learn…Everyone learns many things throughout their life. First you learn the basics of life as a young child, then you go to school and learn many new things about life, and later on you learn through life’s experiences. Everyone continues to learn throughout life.

    By John Schneider on 02.12.2013

  36. Sometimes I think I should explore the world, learn something new.
    And then I remember, that that’s not even an option.
    I’m locked here, all alone, in this pit that they call a room.
    No laughing, no joy, just misery and pain.
    All because I stole some stupid chapstick.

    By Lexi on 02.12.2013

  37. maybe its this is the most thing the people need!!
    when you learn you just know how things work or how to make them work!!
    so just learn learn learn!!!

    By ibrahim on 02.12.2013

  38. i wrote this on my wrist
    after you

    in script and black ink

    today i’m scratching it out
    by the vein

    with sharp things til liquid

    if i’m just going to fail, why
    try again?

    By h. b. URL on 02.12.2013

  39. Learning takes time. Some people learn to love, to lust, to forgive and forget. Theres lots of things to learn while you are growing up. What to do when you first fall in love, what to do when you have a fight, you learn to grow each and every day. Everyday somebody is learning something new. A baby is learning to walk, to talk, to crawl. Others are learning their first job, how to drive, how to type, how to write. It all depends on your age but we are all learning. Each and everyday, something new.

    By Jessie on 02.12.2013

  40. you didn’t learn nothing from losing your leg, did you?this time, i’ll leave you here.

    By DeafLester on 02.12.2013