February 11th, 2013 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “learn”

  1. and i like to forgive the nazis
    they are not my men to punish anyways, and they are people just-the-same
    maybe some of them were scolded as children, maybe some of them have only ever slept alone
    but i also like to think
    maybe they were reborn as the starving children in africa, ugunda, rhownda
    and they are suffering out a worthwhile cause

    but i think i just do it so i don’t feel as bad when i still leave food on my plate
    it is easier to justify these things

    By robyn URL on 02.11.2013

  2. I want to learn. I mean learning is one of the strongest foundations of our life time. From learning to walk, to our math facts, even learning how to let go of a loved one. Learning is essintial.

    Today, I learned what it was like to love someone unconditionally. I really got to see it on the bus ride home where the Myer’s couple spent a long time talking about everything. Of coursem With valentines comming up they were focused on what to get the other. But they taught me thet it really isn’t about the gifts or even what you do. It is about spending that time with someone that you love, holding them close, and really appriciating them for who they are That is what I learned today

    By Emily Welch URL on 02.11.2013

  3. She wanted to learn the Artist’s Way, she wanted to walk in a world of words that others knew to be hers, she wanted her voice to find its way into lectures and lead the next generation onto a new path, she wanted imitation to be the only flattery admirers had left to offer her. She wanted to be an author, held high in every household.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 02.11.2013

  4. you live and you learn.
    you want, then you yearn.
    nothing satisfies, reach once more
    be a prude or be a whore
    no one’s really keeping score…
    follow your heart as it pounds to the east and pounds to the west
    it wont make sense
    get hurt,
    just dont build a fence
    put your heart out there, it’ll grow wiser with time
    you’ll learn again and again
    that every little thing with be fine.

    By Katie Cascia URL on 02.11.2013

  5. When i learn, it difficult. I try learning slowly, but everyone else goes fast. Sometimes i wonder if it’s just me being not as smart as the others in my class. The pace that i learn is so much harder to understand. It changes for each thing, each class.

    By Alyssa Peck on 02.11.2013

  6. When i learn, it difficult. I try learning slowly, but everyone else goes fast. Sometimes i wonder if it’s just me being not as smart as the others in my class. The pace that i learn is so much harder to understand. It changes for each thing, each class.

    By Alyssa Peck on 02.11.2013

  7. How much did I learn today? I learned that in some illustrations of fairy tales, a beast looks like an overgrown, maneless lion, and the damsel is prettier with curly hair. I learned that sometimes over-rewarding is punitive, baked potato skins can make your stomach cry, and milk is always a good go-to for spicy reflux. So how much did I learn? A handful.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.11.2013

  8. I’ve learned that everyone is miserable, which is both comforting and depressing. Now I know even my misery is unoriginal.

    By Hannah URL on 02.11.2013

  9. And each day, she felt her inherent craziness disappear, replaced with formulae and theorems. Each day, she unlearnt the things she didn’t have to learn, but just knew.

    Each day she went to school. Each day she forgot more than she could learn.

    By paridhirustogi URL on 02.11.2013

  10. I am constantly learning, constantly on the never ending search for that fountain of knowledge. I thirst. It will quench me once I finally find it, but until then, I am anxious to gain all that I can. All along the way. Every day. No matter what. I am learning. This, I have come to know.

    By Sara Z on 02.11.2013

  11. I just need to learn. People won’t always be there for me. The one girl that convinced me my life meant more, gone. The boy would called me beautiful when no one else did, gone. No I’m alone, and I need to learn how to leave this way, alone.

    By Brett Lee URL on 02.11.2013

  12. to learn would be to believe in ones own minds compatibilty to take in memories and thoughts and facts of our future past and poresent. if we are to truly find and discover our inner selves we would be what we are meant to be.

    By josh on 02.11.2013

  13. learn yourself
    the better sound in your ears must be your own
    learn your own body learn your own language
    learn yourself to become small again

    By brändon URL on 02.11.2013

  14. a group of hopeless people

    By debanjan on 02.11.2013

  15. You make a promise,
    some empty words, uttered with the utmost sincerity in your eyes.
    And my heart gets the best of me,
    so I’ll ask you to stay–
    hold you close, kiss your lips,
    mean every syllable, genuinely.
    Then, again, you let down my hopes.
    And we start all over again.

    By samantha on 02.11.2013

  16. I’m drunk on my mistakes and I hope you are learning from yours. You got yours, as I got mine, that’s why we are here today together. You will be set free from your past as soon as you get close enough to the last bit of remorse and learn to run with your fear.

    By Pul URL on 02.11.2013

  17. Life is about making mistakes, making choices and suffering the consequences. Sometimes, those consequences are just what you needed to move on from a certain point in your life. You make the choice every day to wake up with a positive mind set or a negative one. You make the choice to hold a grudge, to allow someone to inflict pain in your heart or to walk yourself into a bad situation. Some may never change, some continue to make the same mistakes over and over again; they are the ones would live in self pity. The easiest thing to do is make a choice, but the journey may not be so simple. Just as happiness doesn’t happen to you by chance, it takes work. You have to train your mind to be happy just as you train your body to be fit. Bad situations are easy to come by when you give up on yourself, so why not work hard to be living the life you deserve? All you have to do it teach yourself how to live again……Happiness is the key to life.

    By Kari URL on 02.11.2013

  18. You live and you…die. Technically speaking that is. Kind of like when you leave an apple out all day. It gets all moldy and keeps the doctor away. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, stay in school. You don’t want to end up like me, an apple farmer.

    By Jesse URL on 02.11.2013

  19. How is that we can learn in a world where creativity is not something that is encouraged
    I take English and I love creative writing but the whole curriculum is set on essay writing.
    How is that fair?
    When all I wanna do is learn.

    By Emma Tee on 02.11.2013

  20. I’ve learned from loss. I’ve gained knowledge from failure. I double my efforts now, to reinforce my attempt. Eager student of life, English student of University, rebellious student of misfortune. A learned child, yet forever I fear I will never be able to tempt or influence the world. Am I not right to fear? Is it not rational? Should a learned person not fear waste of their knowledge?

    By Eric Harrell URL on 02.11.2013

  21. Learning is growing and exploring and evolving. Life is learning. To learn is productivity. Flourish and embrace that inquisitive mind. Nurture your curiosity. Feed your soul.

    By Kacie URL on 02.11.2013

  22. learning new things should be the ultimate goal of one’s life. unfortunately, most of us are wrapped to tightly in our own bubble of daily this and that and it is always too soon before it’s the end of the day and we realize: we haven’t learned anything worth knowing today.

    By amimoys on 02.11.2013

  23. Just living.

    By Isabelle URL on 02.11.2013

  24. I wrote a sentence about you
    it began with a period
    and quotation marks around love
    punctuation was never my thing
    grammar is tiring
    maybe one day i’ll learn how to spell
    how to make the hard things work,
    like language
    but today
    as the sun creeps out on the pale blue sky
    nighttime retreats into a tune
    my cigarette’s last puff extinguished
    i’ll just remind myself
    of how good i could be at it.

    By Matty M. on 02.12.2013

  25. I learned about my government today, quite frankly, i hate this subject. It bores the living fuck out of me. I can’t even think about what I’ve learned. I take in so much information a day that it’s overwhelming.

    By Alyssa on 02.12.2013

  26. I learn that i dont know it all and what i do is almost useless and can only take me so far before i need to learn some more. i learn while i grow and i hope to take from what i learn and make sure i

    By christina on 02.12.2013

  27. Someday I’ll learn to love myself before
    All others, as all others seem to do,
    Honor my mind, my heart, and think them true
    Beyond mere self-perceiving. Then I’ll soar
    Among those of success with great rapport –
    Sleepwalking crowds of people proud and few –
    And toast myself for these deservings new
    Accommodated. Meanwhile, I’ll stay a whore,
    And love all else whatever way I can,
    Appreciating similarities
    I find amidst this seeming beauty-barren
    World of differences, unique identities,
    All segregated, celebrated then
    By those forgetting how we first began.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 02.12.2013

  28. knowledge is power
    so learn all you can
    then you will have all the power

    By amber URL on 02.12.2013

  29. highly flectuating

    By cyril on 02.12.2013

  30. the first time i learned how to bake a potato i also learned how to kill a man. it was noon, and jack had placed the potato in the microwave. after 50 seconds jack had died from an exploding potato. go in peace, jack.

    By fuzzyone on 02.12.2013

  31. learn how it feels to be lonely, and not sad
    learn what it feels like to be ashamed , and forgiving yourself
    learn why you were put here

    By skylarkin URL on 02.12.2013

  32. The best teacher in the world is just a guide, helping you to take your own path and learn from experience

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 02.12.2013

  33. a way of taking in information and taking it further and developing it into thoughts of my own your own their own
    maybe you will be memorising something forever or maybe you are correcting an error

    By Spanner on 02.12.2013

  34. I wrote about this before but hey if I do it again I might lean something from the experience I suppose. I am a lazy learner it seems. Especially when it comes to repetition.

    By Spanner URL on 02.12.2013

  35. life, love, read, write, experience and grow. Travel and see, breathe in, eat something new, really listen to people who know more than you. Stop and think before you speak, learn to crawl before you walk. Educate yourself through life’s challenges, never forget to be thankful

    By eva sibanda on 02.12.2013

  36. learning is something you do at school and you learn things every day. I like to learn things from other people and enjoying expanding my knowledge base.

    Teachers teach children all sorts of things and it is these things that they learn. It shapes their future and helps them develop the skills they need for life.

    By E.K URL on 02.12.2013

  37. It is not what you learn but how you put it into practice

    By Shaftronic URL on 02.12.2013

  38. There’s nothing you can’t learn.
    Everything is possible. All you have to do is just actually give it a shot. People believe some things are too difficult to fathom; to follow; to learn. But if you can teach a monkey to respond to English, an old man to walk and run again, and a frog to jump through hoops, than you can learn, easily.

    By Fouad on 02.12.2013

  39. Teachers teach and manics preach to reach the facts of life
    We learn the words and burn the herds of women, souls and strife

    By Zoe Aveyard URL on 02.12.2013

  40. you’d think that by now
    i’ve already learned my lesson
    but i guess i haven’t
    i still have the tendency
    to let my walls down
    a little too quickly
    and i still fall a little too hard
    i don’t show it though
    i think i put way too much faith, trust, and time
    into people who don’t deserve any at all
    small yet fatal mistakes
    in the end
    i’m always the one the one who loves more
    and cares more
    who still cares
    i’m always the one left wounded
    left behind
    left to die

    By tiffany n. URL on 02.12.2013