February 11th, 2013 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “learn”

  1. What a complex word to be expanding on… right now this word translates directly into growth for me. Im striving to learn as much as possible to be great at what I do, and to learn how to better myself in more areas than one. This word is overwhelming, and inspiring at the same time.

    By Kelsey Taylor URL on 02.11.2013

  2. You live and learn that’s what thy say. But are they ever sure that it’s really the best way? because from what I’ve learned so far is that the world will only leave you with a broken heart, bruises and scars.

    By Glitz URL on 02.11.2013

  3. I am eighteen years old, told it’s time to be mature
    I have to end the confusion and finally be sure.
    I packed up my bags, came searching for some clarity
    But the only thing I’ve learned is that learning is a rarity.

    By Carly URL on 02.11.2013

  4. don’t just sit there
    learn something
    go search the internet
    watch a video
    strum a few chords on a guitar
    or draw a picture of a cat
    watch the inauguration
    do something
    use the precious minutes you have

    By Aidan URL on 02.11.2013

  5. I feel like I could learn a lesson or two about sailing. It involves waves, salt, air, wind, boats…..whales… what am I talking about? I just want to go fishing.

    By Val on 02.11.2013

  6. Learning is something all of us will do. It is a given, for without learning life wouldn’t have much meaning or worth. Learning is what provides us with an insight into life, it is what we use to progress and move forward, what are we to do without out. Life would be a mistake.

    By Xochitl on 02.11.2013

  7. The obnoxious burden of education began to weigh heavy on me as the thin black ink on the page before me began to blur. My head was bursting with useless facts, and my eyes burned from the flow of acidic knowledge crossing their threshold.

    I couldn’t learn one more definition. Add one more number.

    Second grade is hard.

    By Max Ryder on 02.11.2013

  8. Learning is a life long adventure. As we grow we learn new things to make life a bit easier to live. Although we learn mostly through mistakes and often the hard way. It is was defines us and makes us individuals that move and carry on.

    By Nikki URL on 02.11.2013

  9. In as little as two minutes, timid Tony has already read the whole of the book, therefore learning the best way out of the predicament they were presently in. He took Anna’s hand and tugged her to the fire escape exit, towards the parking structure, into the fourth floor, and out of the crumbling building. As if on cue, a blast came from behind them, shaking the ground like an earthquake. Timid Tony reminded himself to thank his English teacher on Monday, who punished him for the weekend by having him read a book on speed reading, of all things, a reading tactic he deeply abhorred. Not anymore. Not when it’s saved his and Anna’s life.

    By Tricia URL on 02.11.2013

  10. I have to learn how to be happy more often, and how to do work, and how to write a novel.

    By Jason URL on 02.11.2013

  11. No. I can’t. I don’t want to. But the more I do, the more I can see the world for what it really is.

    Stop. You can’t make me.

    Go. Learn. Grow. Have the time of your life.

    By Gretch on 02.11.2013

  12. “Someday you’ll learn that I’m always right about everything.”

    “That so?”

    “Call it divine omniscience.”

    Brendan laughed. “Right, right. Sometimes I forget I’m dealing with a goddess.”

    Marley elbowed him. “Someday you’ll learn to remember that, too.”

    By Julia A. URL on 02.11.2013

  13. Learning isn’t easy. It’s often grueling and painful, but usually rewarding. If it wasn’t, then we wouldn’t do it. I suppose that I’ve learned a lot, as much as a seventeen year old girl can learn. I’ve learned from school, but more importantly, I’ve learned from living life. I’ve learned to live life, and live if well, because a life not well lived is not a life worth living at all.

    By Clare on 02.11.2013

  14. How will we survive without instinct?
    How can we go on without knowledge.
    Something simple and known
    or something complex that makes no sense.
    It’s funny how things work.
    Especially our minds.

    By Jordan Barker URL on 02.11.2013

  15. she learned that sam was leaving two days ago, after work one day when she had come home to find the room half packed away. the bedroom was a mess, sam in the middle of the chaos with a shirt in one hand and a shoe in the other, debating which pile to throw them in. she didn’t ask questions. she knew already that this wouldn’t last.

    By Emma M on 02.11.2013

  16. Learn.

    What could you possibly teach me? I want to know more, to do more, to be more. I don’t know that I want to learn.

    What is this word you keep shoving at my face and stuffing down my throat? Do I look like a statue to you? Something unfeeling and uncaring and made of pure, white stone? I am not that cold. I am not that pure.

    I am me.

    I am different.

    My differences make me want to be more. I want to know, but I do not want to learn this strange thing you ask of me.

    By Sara H. URL on 02.11.2013

  17. new things. like how to ride a bike when you’re thirty. or dive below murky lake waters. conquering fears. conquering russia. except that means you never learned. stupid napoleon.

    By Kairn URL on 02.11.2013

  18. Learning, the best, and most beautiful thing.
    Learn. They say you learn something new everyday, and it’s true.
    Learning is fun, learning is the best, and most beautiful thing.
    I love to learn, expand my knowledge, and you should too.
    So take some time, and learn.

    By Aubrey URL on 02.11.2013

  19. To learn is to change, is it not? So why haven’t they changed, when they have learned so much? Why is the knowledge tossed off to the side, never to be used again? Is it lacking in relevance, meaning, passion? Do they not strive to live for something higher than themselves? Perhaps they need something greater than themselves for progress.

    By Archori URL on 02.11.2013

  20. you seem like you meant it when you said you’ve learned from what you’ve done.
    i hope you did too.
    to learn is to live, isn’t it?

    By Courtney on 02.11.2013

  21. You may have previously been ill informed. That’s okay. I’ll be sure to see that the information I am about to provide you with stays. You won’t ever forget this, no this will be quite a tirade. I’m sick of your games. Your so stupid, you don’t even realize the truth. But now’s not the time for mercy or pity. Nay, I have pitied you far too much. It’s time to beat some reasoning into your infinitely moronic mind. Yes, you will learn the truth. And you will never forget.

    By untamedimagination URL on 02.11.2013

  22. Maybe the army is the right place for me. A place where emotions are a weakness you learn to obliterate and loyalty actually means something.
    After all, if I am to be worth nothing anyways my body might as well be used, if only to shield a comrade from gunfire. Then the monster will die along with me.

    I should have learned by now.

    By aura.rayne URL on 02.11.2013

  23. the first time i learned about anime i was instantly hooked. I could never get it off my mind. Its still stuck in there now. Seriously I am a major fangirl and everyone should know it. Its kind of funny actually.

    By Julie URL on 02.11.2013

  24. With all the words I have gained, that have crawled against my
    This poem is going to suck, because your breath isn’t in it
    might as well just say that i want you here
    beside me
    even if it only means
    that you are here
    beside me
    When all the imagery is done, and the croaking of nature
    shuts up for a while and lets us
    sleep. well, i’ll still wonder
    With all this shit I know, (the abstract jots out scratchily), I never fucking

    By Saudade URL on 02.11.2013

  25. Trace the curves of my body with your skilled hands
    You know too much, but you’ll never know
    Who has been here before you
    Who has been here since you first laid your claim
    Someday you will hear the list
    The moment I decide you’re ready to learn
    And I’m ready to leave you.

    By Genevieve on 02.11.2013

  26. Untought. Always in the back of the class. Unsure. Shaking hands. Math problems dance, like the butterflies in the stomach. Failure. D minus. Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare.

    By Bronwyn on 02.11.2013

  27. They seemed to understand what I was describing, but that “deer in the headlight” look in their eyes spoke volumes. How on earth can you get someone to learn something that don’t understand. Hell, for some of them, just getting to class on time and in one piece was lesson enough!

    By Fender2010 URL on 02.11.2013

  28. I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle on a race track. Not because it will help me in my profession and certainly not because i want to show off to my friends. I want to learn it because, sometimes, the lessons learned there is very useful in your day to day riding. There will be small things from the track that can be implemented on Indian roads.

    By travellerinmotion on 02.11.2013

  29. When would he ever learn? He watched as she wrapped her arms around another man, his best friend. It was only another repeat, he assumed he found the one, a girl who would settle, and who he could be happy with, but they always turned tail and left for richer fields.

    By overlordy on 02.11.2013

  30. You live and you learn… or so they say. But sometimes it seems that no matter how often you make a mistake, the message just doesn’t get through.

    By Jess on 02.11.2013

  31. To learn the truth about his past, Brian took the unusual step of visiting his father. It was not the first time he had been to the prison, but it was the first time that he went there willingly.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.11.2013

  32. When will I learn? this same shit always happens to me. and I never seem to see it coming. I’ll learn to get used to it someday, I suppose. or at least I can hope right?

    By Kyle Williams URL on 02.11.2013

  33. school. it’s really hard for some people. some people don’t like to do this but everyone should. i like it.

    By June Nunez on 02.11.2013

  34. I am trying to learn, trying to know, trying to understand the complexities of the world that is beyond me. I am trying to widen my horizons, to experience, to see new things, to gain perspective. But it’s hard to watch the world from a crack in the wall.

    By tracey URL on 02.11.2013

  35. Live and learn. The two go hand in hand. Because of this, there are things that you cannot learn in an academic setting. You have to experience them. You have to see the world. You have to get outside your comfort zone. You have to take chances.

    By Chris Clow URL on 02.11.2013

  36. We learn right from the moment we are born. learning is an integral part of our existence, it helps us tell right from wrong and allows us to make good choices. The aim of learning is pass on knowledge to other

    By Venkat on 02.11.2013

  37. I love to learn. It is beautiful to expand your mind and learn new things. Learning is like a key. It opens so many doors to so many thoughts, ideas, creativity, and imagination. Learning can lead to amazing heights, both in good ways and in bad ways. More people should learn how to learn, not having facts shoved down their throats but actually learning the world. That is the flaw in schools these days. Students don’t appreciate the education they are receiving because they do not think it applies to them or it is boring. There is a differences between studying and learning. Learning really is a beautiful thing.

    By Katie on 02.11.2013

  38. I learn about lots of things. Sometimes I learn because I want to, and sometimes I learn because I have to. Can’t learning just be simple? I wish it was just whatever I wanted it to be, not what everybody else needed it to be. I wish I could learn about whatever I wanted and had all the time in the world to learn whatever I wanted. Life would be so much more simple that way. It would be simpler to just learn whatever one wanted to learn, right? Wrong, you must learn math, science, history, and all of that other stuff that may seem important now, but when you grow older, you wish you could have spent all that time learning things that you think are important to YOU and no one else.

    By Jensen on 02.11.2013

  39. You’d think after years of endless trial and countless errors, she’d finally learn. Better to be stuck with something reliable yet uninteresting—it’s better than the alternatives.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.11.2013

  40. I have always wanted to learn to play many different musical instruments. If I ever get the money to buy some of said instruments, you bet your ass that’s something I will finally make myself do so that I A) can be more marketable a performer, and B) I can actually do a better job of writing music. It makes me happy to know that this will always be an option for me if and when I can get the money even though I know it will annoy the hell out of all the people that would live around me.

    By Matt on 02.11.2013