December 22nd, 2012 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “knows”

  1. When I looked at him, it was far too late. He knows. I knew the game was over, even before it had started. I sighed, in defeat.

    By Allerleirauh on 12.22.2012

  2. Nobody knows how much I love you. Wait what? Knows like a nose like nobody knows how much someone knows they just assume thats how it all goes I mean look at us now we gon be on the ground because nobody knows.

    By Erin Lemco on 12.22.2012

  3. She knew everything about everything. But not this. She didn’t know. She didn’t understand. No one did. No one ever did when it came to this.

    By Grace URL on 12.22.2012

  4. “She knows”

    “What do you mean she knows?” I asked.

    “I mean she KNOWS, you idiot! About what we did!”

    “No, it’s impossible. We made sure- ABSOLUTELY SURE- she wouldn’t find us out!”

    As I said that, my heart started fluttering like a moth in my chest; she can’t know about what me and Damien are doing: she can’t find out about the dirty shovels laying in the back of the 2008 Toyota sitting in the driveway, she can’t find out about the mysterious disappearance of Linda Mourier, the woman who’s been extorting us for years- she can’t find out about the fact that we murdered her, last night, and know she’s quietly decomposing in a shallow grave in the mountains 2 hours away.

    By Ian on 12.22.2012

  5. who really knows anything? I mean, i believe that experience is the best teacher but even then, experience is so subjective. When people say they know something, they should be saying that they happened to experience it but they dont know it in its entirety.

    By Brandon on 12.22.2012

  6. “I knows you is hiding in there, and Imma get ya!” screamed the farmer with red bloody eyes.

    By Celia on 12.22.2012

  7. she knows
    she always knows, no mattter how much you hide
    its impossible to hide every tear from her, because she always knows that your pain is greater than any fake smile. you cant breathe and my god she will always know how

    By lex URL on 12.22.2012

  8. i dont know how she does it but every time we make eye contact i shudder because her piercing eyes make her seem like she knows all my secrets and shes just hanging them over my head. its impossible, i know, but she seems to know everything. every hidden cut, every lie, every thing in my heart, all my desires. she just… knows

    By lexx URL on 12.22.2012

  9. No one knows why she went out that way, she just smiled and said sorry, with that cute grin she was famous for.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.22.2012

  10. Everyone around me gave me an ice cold stare. A chill went down my spine as I looked at him. Is this what he planned all along? And everyone else knew but me?

    By Shawna on 12.22.2012

  11. She knows everything. About the boyfriend, about the tiny baby growing inside. She knows everything except what to do. Does she tell their mom? Their dad? Anyone? Does she support or condemn? Does she do anything at all? What can she do with what she knows?

    By Megan on 12.22.2012

  12. who knows, i mean what exactly is there to know anyway. does she know that i know about her horrible blog posts. does he know that i know that everyday he lies to me. he goes behind my back and goes to her house, even though he said it was only “one time”.

    By Ang on 12.22.2012

  13. They know. They know I’m in here. I’ve been holed up for about an hour, but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

    There’s a grocery across the street; maybe if I can kick the

    By Ariel on 12.22.2012

  14. i know something you dont. its a secret that will hunt you forever. its about love lost and dreaming. lusting for someone you cant have something you watch froma distance and you cant help but crave it

    By ray on 12.22.2012

  15. I didn’t even know know was the word that was to to be the word to write about. Usually when I write about something I ponder on it and turn it around and around.

    By Jim on 12.22.2012

  16. he knows…

    though I don’t always tell him….

    his skin can feel it

    his eyes glisten understanding..

    It’s in the moment of hush after a smile….

    or an the caress of a cheek…

    love that is

    By soraya URL on 12.22.2012

  17. No one knows how I feel. How my mind works. What my mind is doing, is a secret. No one knows just what goes on in my mind. I am my own worst critic. I am my own worst enemy. And no one knows who I am.

    By Charrise on 12.22.2012

  18. Nobody knows how I tread through each hour everyday.The people I wish I could tell,probably don’t care.One such person turned out to be the spiteful,petty person I thought she was.I severed all ties with her and strangely or perhaps not so strangely,I do not feel her absence.I feel liberated, free from her shadow, finally able to begin to find myself .

    By Anu Bardhan on 12.22.2012

  19. who knows nobody knows idk knows nose pros cons knowing is aa hard and complex thing…possibly not real…who knows where? who goes there? here goes….here goes… he knows not what he does.

    By courtney on 12.22.2012

  20. You wonder if he knows that last night when you were intimate with him,it was his younger brother you were fantasizing about. You wonder if he knows that when he kisses you,you feel nothing,not a spark or wisp of smoke just numbness. You wonder if he knows that deep down in the very core of your soul you wouldn’t care if he dropped dead; in fact you wonder if he knows that his sudden death wouldn’t fill with sadness but with a sense of relief that finally you no longer have to be in fairytale with Prince Charming when really all you are is a the cold witch with no desire for love but a deep lust for power and wealth.

    By Leighsha URL on 12.22.2012

  21. What are the knows. Who knows this? who knows that? I followed a man who said he knows once. But what did he know. I now know that.

    By Danny on 12.22.2012

  22. Knowing something sometimes feels like the most powerful thing in the world. But by knowing something, what does that really do for you in the long run? Is there someone, or something, that truly knows anything or everything? How much is there to know? All you can know is what you feel in the moment, nothing more.

    By Edye Benedict on 12.22.2012

  23. Who knows? The unpredictable pattern of life goes on, if you can even call it a pattern at all. It seems that all our days are the same, yet looking closely they are wildly different. You never know how life will twist or turn, or what unfortunate event may take place.

    By untamedimagination URL on 12.22.2012

  24. Everyone knows the word love. Everyone knows what love should be. But nobody knows how to show it perfectly. Maybe that’s what pulled them apart. Maybe they were the perfect personalities for each other but because they didn’t know how to show love to each other their relationship fell apart. Maybe they knew it would all along. Maybe everyone knew. Maybe they had to let it fall apart. Maybe they knew they had to at least try. They knew we all have to try. Maybe the saying is true that it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Maybe we all know somewhere deep inside that it’s true, and we’re just not ready to admit it.

    By Kiana URL on 12.22.2012

  25. She knows me. She’s seen me. Breathing out wisps of macchiato daydreams, billowing outward in streamers, confetti sparkling in my sultry honeycomb pseudo-golden hair. She smiles at me. Tries to wave, and I try to remember her name. It’s a very pretty name, but it’s lurking in the corner where it thinks it can’t be seen.

    I want to say something.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.22.2012

  26. I know it hurts. I know exactly how you feel.
    I know it hurts. I know it seems so unreal.
    I know you’re pretending.
    Maybe we all are.
    Who really knows?

    By Kiana URL on 12.22.2012

  27. to have an intellectual understanding. yo be known of something. to have a certain wisdom of an inanimate object. to be spoken of. to be shared from you. to have been transferred from one mind to another

    By Hazel on 12.22.2012

  28. crush a fistful of plastic pine needles
    and tell me he knows about the
    gift-wrapped box beneath your tree
    so I won’t have to

    By smnthbll on 12.22.2012

  29. The nose knows what the smell knows it knows.

    By travis URL on 12.22.2012

  30. Nobody could ever know what I am feeling, unless they’ve gone through it too. Murder isn’t funny. Especially when you are the one being accused of it.

    It was not me who killed my husband. I don’t know what happened, but nobody hears the words of a so-called criminal.

    By Outsider URL on 12.22.2012

  31. He knows people get less than what they deserve sometimes

    By stephaniewrites URL on 12.22.2012

  32. nobody knows where were going or where we will end up, all that matters is that we enjoy the experience. because the road is more important than the destination.

    By brandon on 12.22.2012

  33. What do I know? I can’t hear your thoughts, I cannot hear your heart beat.You are far away
    and what I do know? Well that is the only thing that seems clear, who knows what I know.

    By Zhenya URL on 12.22.2012

  34. No one knows for sure, everyone is in the dark shuffling through life pretending they know what they are doing. I am one of them.

    By kristenjanelle URL on 12.22.2012

  35. It’s in my room,
    It’s not going to leave,
    It doesn’t want to,

    And it knows I can’t.

    By Kenna on 12.22.2012

  36. There was nothing that would stop her. Nothing. Nothing could stop her except-
    “He knows.”
    She pulled up short, shutting her eyes tightly, “no.”
    She felt a tug on her shoulders as Mira forced her to face her.
    “Jali, he does and there’s,” Mira faltered her eyes briming with tears, “there is nothing we can do.”
    The full weight of the words settled in and Jali’s shoulders dropped.
    “Everything?” Jali asked.
    Mira nodded and the last flicker of hope extinguished.

    By Andi URL on 12.22.2012

  37. I know how to form letter, a simple fraction of speaking. I curve the vowels with my coral lips and dip my throat into consonants. But no education of the highest ranking can speak straight when they see you. They dart their eyes to their feet, scanning for an answer. Heart caught in their throat, crawling to the tips of their tongues, lunging out, screaming at your beauty. How you grace the spotlight in a dim shelter, almost demanding eyes, eyes flickering, eyes waving, eyes flirting. You’re voice, it tickles ears, a thick honey timber resting on my shoulders, dragging my shoulders down with a fragile step.
    I fell an earthquake in my every fiber, but you stand still.

    By Katelin Woods URL on 12.22.2012

  38. people come into our lives. some stay and some go. its who you remember and know at the end of things that matter. not what we know. people. not knowledge. or facts. wisdom is gained through interaction with people not from books.

    By Kiera on 12.22.2012

  39. knowing is a strange thing
    you never really know when you know something or don’t know something because of the way the brain works
    the brain works in mysterious ways.
    its even odd to me
    and everyone else.
    its a miracle that some people can know so many things.
    its ridiculous how much some can know, its every strange.

    By Lucia on 12.22.2012

  40. I was curious as to what my word would be. Knows? KNOWS? God knows all. Maybe. Does God exist? Does anyone know all? I don’t think so. Then they probably would have died because the world is probably quite horrible. I imagine it’d be hard to know everything and still be happy. Like Sherlock. But he didn’t know, he deduced. Knowledge is a curse. I know that first hand.

    By Me on 12.22.2012