February 27th, 2013 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “knock”

  1. We were about to get busy in bed, privately. Until we heard a knock upon the door. We ignored it but whoever it was, wouldn’t stop knocking. I look at the door and then my anxiety rises.

    By Sane on 02.27.2013

  2. Hitting a door with your hand. Seriously this is the act of hitting a door with your hand. If this word is followed by “ed up” it means you are pregnant. Knock is also a cool way of getting laid. although that doesn’t happen very often.

    By ed on 02.27.2013

  3. knock knock,
    who’s there?
    you never seem to respond when i ask
    and you always know
    when i’m on the other side of the door.
    knock knock,
    come in.
    goodnight starshine

    By Courtney on 02.27.2013

  4. “Knock, knock.”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Me, dang it. I’m here. I’m not a piece of furniture. Really sick of waiting to be noticed, recognized, included, loved. Shelves are for things, not people. Unlike a thing, I have legs and a heart and a desire to live my life happy. I can’t live on the outside anymore. I need arms to hold me. When are you going to let me in?”
    “Sorry, I wasn’t listening.”

    By JDwrites URL on 02.27.2013

  5. I knocked at your door, waiting for you to open it. I knocked again, louder. Still no answer. I went home, knocking on my door waiting for someone to open it and say hello. No luck. I walked to my neighbor’s house, knocking on their back door, no luck. I walked towards my friends house and knocked on the door.

    By Hannah on 02.27.2013

  6. I was walking down an isle when suddenly, a women driving a big SUV knocked down another women. Thanks to the bystanders who helped get her off the road, she wasn’t in a bad state. However, she lost her purse which was stolen by a pick-pocketer who took advantage of the situation and ran away with her purse. Sigh!

    By travellerinmotion on 02.27.2013

  7. Knock.Knock.Knock.
    I screamed. The knocking seemed to come from nowhere, ye eveywhere atonce. It was more than I could handle. I ran forward, out in to the dark woods until I tripped. Bloodied, I jumped to my feet and looked around.
    It wouldn’t stop. It has never stopped. It will never stop. And I knew I would never stop running from guilt knocking on the framework of my consciousness.

    By Jacob Smith on 02.27.2013

  8. the knock on the door went unheard over the noise in the kitchen. her laptop was on the counter and she was listening to that old “Untitled” playlist of hers that she forgot she ever made. it contained dusty songs that she hadn’t listened to in ages but remembered so distinctly and specifically that the nostalgia surrounding the kitchen – old music and the smell of homemade peanut butter cookies – drowned out the gentle but persistent knocking.

    By Sarah URL on 02.27.2013

  9. Knock? We can knock on, knock up, knock down, and knock out.

    By IAmAyla URL on 02.27.2013

  10. I hear a knock at the door, but do I dare open it? For all I know it could be the climactic event that will send my future spiraling into the depths of Hades, but I suppose it could change my life for the better as well. This couch is so comfortable though…maybe next time I’ll face the opportunity/burden sitting in my doorway.

    By Kerry URL on 02.27.2013

  11. knock knock. i was expect B to knock on my door today, but it turns out the front doorman won’t let people in anymore. It’s annoying. He tried calling me, but since we just left class my phone was on silent. He went to the hospital to get food, since I don’t have food. =[ Because I’m poor. THen I assumed he was going to be able to get in, and just knock on the door. The knock never came. Just an angry B after calling F to go down & get him.

    By MzNerdd URL on 02.27.2013

  12. Then there was a knock at the door and the dog started to bark…loudly…then they came through the door and all hell broke loose. They knocked the lamp off the end table and then the chips to the floor. I couldn’t take it anymore so I knocked out some time to leave and walked out the door.

    By Lisa on 02.27.2013

  13. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Chocolate cake
    Chocolate cake who?
    Chocolate cake I love you

    The first knock knock (or any other) joke I ever made, and I thought it was hilarious. I told it to my family for probably a whole year when I was 7.

    By A on 02.27.2013

  14. knock knock.

    who’s there?


    i open the door, and the voice was right – there really was nobody on my doorstep. then all of the leaves on the bush in my front yard fell off.

    By sashaisme URL on 02.27.2013

  15. knock on the door. Do you know who it is? I will come a knockin’, knockin’ on the door. But you must not let me in. Who knows what treachery lies behind this door? But who knows where it will lead. I am the only one in your way, I am the only one you need to conquer. How much do you want what’s on the other side?

    By Kayla on 02.27.2013

  16. “Listen,” Lester whispered, “Someone’s in the hall.”
    Lester and Spencer leaned further back into the closet, silently being swallowed by the mothball perfumed coats and furs that had been placed in storage.
    “What if it’s…” Spencer began softly.
    “Shhhhh!” Lester hushed, quickly slapping a hand over Spencer’s mouth.
    Footsteps echoed in the hall outside. Each step moved closer in their direction and, adding to their distress, they could hear heavy breathing.
    Spencer’s eyes widened and Lester began to tremble as suddenly the doorknob began to turn back and forth in an effort to check the lock.
    Both boys slid to the back of the closet behind the coats, closed their eyes tightly, and waited…..

    By Cim URL on 02.27.2013

  17. knock knock who’s there?
    boo who?
    Aw don’t cry baby
    welllllll knock knock jokes are for babies. I hate when my roommate doesn’t knock with other people especially when I’m changing. Be polite. Knock. It’s really not that hard guys. have some freakin’ respect. thats all I’m saying

    By Anna URL on 02.27.2013

  18. To knock or not to knock. That is the question. What if the door leads to one of opportunity? Then one should indeed knock… persistently, that is. However, if such a door leads to dread, then one should strive well to avoid such. But, the contents are unknown. So, face your fears. Be prepared to face whatever may lie ahead. And simply… knock.

    By Sara Zavorka on 02.27.2013

  19. A tap.
    Should I answer?
    Tap, tap, tap… Knock, knock, knock. Pound! Pound! Pound!
    Who is it?
    Don’t answer.

    By Murray on 02.27.2013

  20. You go into a room. With one door, one table and a chair. You’re seated at the chair for about three minutes until you hear a noise. You don’t recognize the noise, but then it hits you. It’s a knock. And you’ve heard this knock before.

    By Perry on 02.27.2013

  21. Knock. Knock. I already wrote about this word, so I don’t think this is fair. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next word. I’ll be patient about it.

    Tra la la.

    By Kayla URL on 02.27.2013

  22. To knock or not to knock? That is the question. What if the door leads to one of opportunity? Then one should indeed knock… persistently, that is. However, if such a door leads to dread, then one should strive well to avoid such. But, the contents are unknown. So, face your fears. Be prepared to face whatever may lie ahead. And simply… knock.

    By SareyZ URL on 02.27.2013

  23. on the door. The door is white. THe door is tall. You’re standing behind the door. There’s carpet on the other side and my mother is in the kitchen. Knock. Grass. Your car. Blue. I miss you a lot. Your hair is blond and you used to come over a lot. now what?

    By Zack on 02.27.2013

  24. This was it. All I had to do was knock. The door was in front of me, simply waiting for me to do the simple action. To stretch out my arm and rap my knuckles against it once, twice. It would have been so easy. But the only thing that stretched out was the silence, long and impatient. I hesitated for a minute longer, then turned to leave in defeat.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.27.2013

  25. What I constantly wait for. The knock at the god damn door, that just stands there. Waiting, inviting… The only thing keeping me between the monster knocking on the other side.

    By Lisa URL on 02.27.2013

  26. I wish he would knock. It wouldn’t matter if I was expecting him or not. it’s really actually pathetic how I wait for a knock that I know won’t come. It couldn’t ever happen like that. He won’t come knocking. The only knocking is my knuckles on the past doors I already left behind. No more knocks. It’s time to leave the door open to someone knew.

    By Vixy Stewart on 02.27.2013

  27. a knock came
    and went
    it was gone
    in the matter of seconds
    it came again
    no answer?
    keep going
    no one will answer
    dont you know I want to be left to myself
    in this peace and quiet?
    please leave
    and stop knocking

    By brit on 02.27.2013

  28. i hate when i get a knock at the door. I hate when i am walking towards a door and knocking gets louder and faster. I hate when someone knocks on the door and i am very comfortable in bed or on the couch. I hate the feeling of wondering who is at my door and dreading who it may be. Dont knock on my door.

    By Cheyenne on 02.27.2013

  29. Knock on wood. Whatever that means.

    Ah, I hear the end knocking already.

    By Jason URL on 02.27.2013

  30. Knock knock who’s there? How can anyone see this word and not think of those goofy, nerdy jokes? They can be the most annoying jokes in the world. Once in a blue moon someone would come up with an epic one

    By klsqtrs URL on 02.27.2013

  31. After being knocked down for several times, I have successfully managed to get back up again.

    By Fahmidul Mawla on 02.27.2013

  32. Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Reality. But it’s not waiting for you to get up off your ass and stumble over to the door, pulling it open slowly as your eyes adjust to the natural light of the outdoors.
    No, it’ll blow that door open, knocking you right off your feet as you’re on the way to- that is, if you’re not prepared for it.

    By Kt URL on 02.27.2013

  33. Do you hear it? It’s the knocking of my heart against my ribcage. I don’t know what to do. We are out of Oreos!

    By Milk&cookies on 02.27.2013

  34. He knocked everything around and on the floor. My mom was there, my fish was there, my toys were there, my brother was there. I think the only thing he didn’t knock over was me.

    By Jessica Tower URL on 02.27.2013

  35. knock knock.
    john hears the knocking on his door, but he deosnt answer. he is terrified they will find him. He is terrified they will take him, like they did with his wife. John didnt respond. he went to bed. It was an average night. John didn’t live to see the next morning.

    By Sam on 02.27.2013

  36. there he is in the back of my mind
    sustaining me now from when i thought i was blind
    today’s a new day, they say
    the past should stay dead
    just wait for tomorrow, they say
    the past surely isn’t dead.
    i can remember a lot, too much sometimes
    but i cant seem to remember
    when he started invading my mind
    there was never a knock, a warning to come in
    its as if the door was kicked down, stomped on, and worn thin.
    i awoke with confusion from a dream that i had
    my heart couldn’t remember who had made it so sad.
    and to whom ‘he’ is, that too is now abashed
    not from the dream, but from the maniacal past.
    now time seems to blur; i’ve lost knowledge of the difference
    containing my subconscious and recollection of his presence.
    and so it is here that i’ll carry on, just carry on
    alone with my thoughts; taking inspiration from a melancholy song.

    By Tas URL on 02.27.2013

  37. door, beats,a person tyin to get in , vistors and me

    By one direction girl! on 02.27.2013

  38. When Love is knocking, open up
    your eyes, your mind, and your heart.
    Welcome love, treasure love, and love Love back.
    Because Love will always knock
    and never stop knocking
    ’til you do.

    By Chris URL on 02.27.2013

  39. knock knock. John heard the knocking but he ignored it. he was terrified, he didn’t want them to find him. he didn’t want to end up like his wife. john went to bed. he had a regular night. John didn’t live until the morning.

    By Sam URL on 02.27.2013

  40. It’s as if someone was trying to reach through to me, trying to knock some sense back into my brain. Of course, I was always hardheaded and wouldn’t be so easily persuaded.

    By ~ URL on 02.27.2013