February 27th, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “keychain”

  1. it’s in the shape of an egg. there are Spanish words on it. when I found it at a yard sale last fall I thought it was a sign. a sign that something good was coming my way soon.

    By switch URL on 02.27.2011

  2. He fiddled with the keychain in his hands. It was a beaded lizard that his little sister had made him years ago. He stared timidly at the door in front of him. He wanted so badly to knock, but he was scared. What if they weren’t home? What if they didn’t want to see him again? When he had told them his decision, they had been angry with him. They couldn’t accept that he wasn’t interested in a religion that denied him the right to love. He so longed to see his parents again though. It had 5 years. 5 years since he walked away from his Mission. 5 years since his mother sat crying in the armchair while his dad told him to pack. He breathed in and out, savoring the calm before the storm. Then he lifted his hand, and knock three times.

    By Vikki URL on 02.27.2011

  3. hanging from a backpack
    rings and keys and trinkets and keys on pursees
    collection and hobby
    chooch airport
    airports sell
    remember vacations keys on rings loops of meta;l

    By rose on 02.27.2011

  4. I have this keychain of yours. Well, it’s not really yours. You made it for me, you said it was nothing but it’s so much. I take it everywhere I go, with my car keys and house keys, and that one key we found while we were taking that walk around campus. I have a little reminder of you wherever I go. It’s such a sweet, meaningless piece of metal. But it means the world to me.

    By Sara URL on 02.27.2011

  5. She gave him her key and he instantly put it on his key chain. SHe had never noticed it before. “What are all those keys for?” she asked. The list came back both comprehensive and exhaustive. As he tols her, a tingle of regret crept down her spine.

    By Carolina on 02.27.2011

  6. she handed me a key-chain this morning, holding a usb drive full of music. a mini graduation cap hung at the end – i never understood those. graduating high school is not something to be extremely proud of, just something one must do. but she was someone who would miss high school forever. the day after her graduation party was probably depressing. mine was glorious.

    By Hanoko URL on 02.27.2011

  7. falling down.
    picking up.
    putting in.
    turning ’round.
    it’s always the same. every day.
    But still I hope that someday there will be added
    one more person
    to my keychain..

    By Fynn URL on 02.27.2011

  8. My little cousing used to collect keychains. He was proud of his colleciton. They all hung on the back of his bedroom door, on a bunch od little nails. The would swing noisily when you’d go in and out of the orom. There were rabbit’s feet, Bolvian charms, wooden thingies, and car logos.

    By lamaestra URL on 02.27.2011

  9. key chains can say a lot about people. what cars they like, they’re college dreams, or just that they get free stuff from the army guys who visit at school. this can mean a lot to them or nothing.

    By Hayley on 02.27.2011

  10. bobbled memoir, collective faces of you, arising from far, taking you near, weight on a dashboard.

    By Sara Miller on 02.27.2011

  11. I sat in my car. The garage doors were closed. I wanted to escape. I needed it. As I put my keys into the ignition, I noticed the keychain my grandma gave me when I got my first car. It said – Jesus loves you. For some reason I broke down. I didn’t understand it, but somehow I felt hopeful. I couldn’t turn the car on. I just sat there and cried, hoping Jesus could see my broken heart. I think He did.

    By Becky URL on 02.27.2011

  12. There is a sound
    a clatter, almost

    muffled in your hand
    as you shake snowflakes

    jingling in your palm
    now you are home with me

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 02.27.2011

  13. The keychain slowly swung from my pocket, dangling with a sense of rythm. I always kept it with me, it was a form of relaxing for me on a busy day.

    By lillie URL on 02.27.2011

  14. i have many keychains, mos of them have phrases on them. they’re either sparkly, fancy colors, cool designs, nice phrases, meaningful shapes, or i jus like them. i used to collect them. i don’t know why they appeal to me. they just do, along with necklaces, and other jewelry. things that hang are just interesting to me, just like keychains. I miss my collection.

    By chrystine masarik on 02.27.2011

  15. Keychains. Those fancy little things that seem so insignificant but say so much about a person. Commonly overlooked, these are actually quite valuable pieces of information.

    By MLR on 02.27.2011

  16. one very important thing in a day to day life, keeps you aware of the way to get in your house

    By Deepak Tomar on 02.27.2011

  17. Once i made a key chain. It had my keys, library cards, and dorm keys. Its pretty boring but I wish I had more stuff on it. Or an awesome lanyard or something.

    By Andi Morago URL on 02.27.2011

  18. A keychain. That’s all it was. Just a simple keychain that my mother had given me for my birthday. A little pointe shoe. Dangling from my keys. It was the one gift my mother had bought me my whole life. And it meant everything to me.

    By Aerial on 02.27.2011

  19. There once was a little pink keychain. It liked to hang out it my pocket. One day I pulled it out and the lanyard broke. Now It had to be replaced.

    There once was a little black key chain…

    By Andi URL on 02.27.2011

  20. I had a keychain collection once. It was huge. I added to it whenever I went somewhere… I never used it, I just had it. Then one day, it just went away. I don’t have it anymore… I don’t have any of the keychains that I once bought and jammed into a long run of keychains. Why does that happen…? Where did said Keychain Chain go?

    By "M" on 02.27.2011

  21. half of a bestfriend charm. something you state an opinion with. it tells a little bit about you without someone ever meeting you. :) i like keychains.

    By Allison on 02.27.2011

  22. keychains are pretty hand because you can put your keys on them. Keys can tell you a lot about a person where they are going where they have been and what things they like to get into. But a keychain itself can tell you so much like what they hold dear to them.

    By Shane URL on 02.27.2011

  23. on my keychain I have got keys..
    chite a lot actually…
    sometimes I imagine it to be the cain of my life
    and the keys are the people I’ve met so far.
    Sometimes I lose a key.
    And other times I get a new one.
    That’s life…

    By Fynn URL on 02.27.2011

  24. As he lay there, on the dusty, littered floor, I swung my keychain round in circles, cutting swift and smooth circles through the air. WHACK. I brought the keychain briskly down onto his bloody head.

    By sipke on 02.27.2011

  25. my keychain has a hanah montana dogtag and a sprint bottle opener

    By Zach on 02.27.2011

  26. KEYCHAIN:we must divide the religious by the scientific and use the atheist model

    By dann on 02.27.2011

  27. i had a keychain once. it was blue. and green. and in the shape of a heart. i love that keyring and it loved me. we went everywhere together. i must say, it was my best friend. one day, my keyring disappeared. i never saw it again. and i cried for 3 days.

    By Sophie on 02.27.2011

  28. creative, backpack, accessory, peace, nostalgic, elementary school, car keys, fun, playful, beaded, Tiffanys, heart, and presents!

    By Nicole on 02.27.2011

  29. I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key. Oops, plagiarism, sorry, had a blank moment there!

    By Jeanie URL on 02.27.2011

  30. key chains are cute. they help us in keeping our keys ready to use
    they help them not to get lost they come in different shapes and sized and colours and they are good collectables . key chains are useful and have a nice touch to the boring and monotonous key.

    By namita on 02.27.2011

  31. I like keychains. They’re kind of useless to me, seeing as I don’t drive. I always find the perfect little junk-tourist keychains and then have absolutely nothing to do with them. Because keychains need keys. And we don’t lock my house except at night, and we keep a spare key in the butter churner next to our door anyways.

    By Coco URL on 02.27.2011

  32. my key chain is pretty significant to me. it has an emblem of my sorority Gamma Phi Beta on it. i spend most of my time with the girls of this house and thus having it on my key chain is i guess a sign of who i am. it is a part of my identity.

    By shafinaaz kamrul on 02.27.2011

  33. I don’t have a keychain. I have this thing made of string that was thrown together in art class lmost year go and its alling apart. I really do not like eychains becasue I can never get the keys on them and I get frustrated.

    By Jerri URL on 02.27.2011

  34. i’d love for you to put me on your keychain, and carry me wherever you go. i’d sing along with you to the radio in your car. i’d be your copilot on this winding journey we call life.

    By sara on 02.27.2011

  35. I held my keychain tightly in my hand.
    Several keys there lie
    One for my home
    One for my car
    One for my bike
    But not one for my heart.

    By Kathryn on 02.27.2011

  36. I never carried keychains around on my backpack when I was schoolgirl. I always thought keychains were cool because the popular girls would attach them to their backpacks, and they would clink and clack as they bounced up and down on the bags, but I suppose I never thought I was cool enough to be apart of the unspoken, keychain club.

    By sophia on 02.27.2011

  37. It stared at me from the corner, beckoning me over. The smell of sea salt pressed against my nostrils and kept me going closer. It wanted me to keep it with me, somehow, to carry it with me so every time I opened the door to my apartment, I would smell the same smells, feel the air, and feel like I lived in paradise.

    I picked it up and tossed it around in my hand. I smiled, knowing I would never leave.

    By Stefan on 02.27.2011

  38. Keeps something there
    it can be lost
    or forgotten
    or broken.

    On it’s own
    it achieves little
    but paired with
    its partner
    the key
    it opens
    a whole other world.

    By Ellie URL on 02.27.2011

  39. A keychain is supposed to have keys on it, right? So why don’t I see any keys on yours?
    I guess you’re not old enough yet to have a car or a house of your own, sage-girl… not that kind of freedom. I don’t have that either. But still you jingle your empty keychain proudly.
    Maybe you like having something to hold onto.

    By Seneca S. URL on 02.27.2011

  40. I would rather not have to use keys- a world of a little more trust and a little less paranoia… but as we live in the 21st century and drive cars and expect be productive- this is what we get whales and daisies

    By Eva Cloud on 02.27.2011