June 18th, 2012 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “keen”

  1. He wasn’t exactly keen on sports.
    To be honest, he downright hated sports.

    Yet somehow, Bill had convinced him to watch the match with him.

    Sometimes, life sucked.
    He rooted for Spain nonetheless.

    By Susy on 06.18.2012

  2. He looked at her with keen eyes. They were full of something-not the kind of something you read about in romance novels or the kind of something that you hear about from mothers and grandmothers. It was a special kind of something. She couldn’t describe it exactly, but it was a kind of something that made her feel safe.

    By Julia M URL on 06.18.2012

  3. keen living loving dreaming
    keen schemes to do loving things
    keen in times when rhymes dont mean
    everything you thought you knew you would need.

    By Julia on 06.18.2012

  4. The tern sat on its branch high above the fallen nest, keening and crying. Each of the eggs were cracked, yolk oozing onto the grass, ants already beginning to crawl over the ruins.

    By We call her Zazzles cos she's so zazzy URL on 06.18.2012

  5. You breath was keen to my ears
    Your heart was solid black and turquoise with power
    The scar across my upper lip sold from your hand
    My skin was bruised and my soul was cracked

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 06.18.2012

  6. I’m not too keen
    on the words I have to say
    but they must be expressed
    sooner rather than later
    else this pain will
    keep on

    By Domiknitrix URL on 06.18.2012

  7. I was keen to try the latest flavor …like I needed an excuse to visit the gellato shop! I offered to take my niece with me … my brother wanted to come along so we all piled into my blue mini and headed out to expose our tongues to new thrills. Mango coconut, chocolate chili hmmm. Both!

    By kat on 06.18.2012

  8. He wasn’t exactly keen on sports.
    To be honest, he downright hated sports.

    Yet, somehow, Bill had convinced him to watch the match with him.

    Sometimes, life sucked.
    He still rooted for Spain, though.

    By Susy URL on 06.18.2012

  9. I don’t know whether the idea was that she was keen on me or whether she just wanted to keen at me. I stood, slightly startled on the mostly empty stage while my audition got bogged down in my interpretation of that one word.

    By Johncaf on 06.18.2012

  10. i was very keen to have her. this keen attitude of mine led to me in despair. there wasnt a single moment when this heart wasnt keen enough to forget you. my keenness was all i got for you. people tend to mock my keenness and i was abandoned for my obsession to you

    By Khyam on 06.18.2012

  11. That you have to write a short text with a word whose meaning you absolutely ignore? That’s keen. You can always leave, google it, and come back and get 60 more seconds. But of course, that would be cheating… and keen!

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.18.2012

  12. keen eyesight. keen senses. a wolf — waiting, watching — every sense tuned to catch the slightest sound of prey or predator. listening, sniffing, watching.

    By Erin on 06.18.2012

  13. I awoke with a keen craving for anchovies. That was how the worst day of my life began. Because you see, if there’s one thing you don’t want to keenly crave it’s anchovies. Nonetheless, I braced myself and rose to call my best friend and savior in this situation – Bob the anchovy delivery guy. He was the best in his field.

    By Purple Parader URL on 06.18.2012

  14. She heard the keening on the wind, yet another funeral. Soon the town would be decimated, so many had succumbed already to the great plague. She wondered how much longer she could survive alone in the woods, she was not keen on having contact with the towns’ people.

    By Semolina URL on 06.18.2012

  15. You are keen to me when smiling told me it would be alright.
    Because you and I, we both know that in the end, everything is going to be alright.
    I will be keen to myself, I will dance until I cannot cry.

    By Rosa Vasquez on 06.18.2012

  16. Keen thoughts in keen minds
    are keen ideas that change times.

    By Danielle URL on 06.18.2012

  17. keen to please the one that pleased your dog, the one that didn’t notice that you noticed. but you did. and now you’re keen to please him/her.

    By bambi on 06.18.2012

  18. I have no Idea what keen even means. I think it might mean something like kind or caring but that is just a guess. That wasn’t a very good writing. Boo……..

    By Lauren W on 06.18.2012

  19. She was incredibly keen. Of course being keen in today’s world isn’t nearly enough to get you through. You need other traits or a fine pair of legs, but I digress. Keenness is always an admirable thing, but so is honesty and integrity, and I don’t see any honest people here. Hell is empty and all the devils are on land, walking on the crust, your mothers and brothers, sisters have all lied to you, statistically speaking, in the last three days.

    By Ivy on 06.18.2012

  20. So you want to make it big? You’re taking all these chances, wanting something, being eager to get it. Whatever it is, don’t give up. Being keen is part of being human. I promise you that, at least. Though, don’t be overly keen, that’s not a good trait either. It’s always about finding balance.

    By Emily URL on 06.18.2012

  21. She felt a keen sense of heartbreak as only a 17 year old can. Cutting, sharp, direct; as if a glass blade were carving straight to where happiness should reside.

    By Jamie Pondera URL on 06.18.2012

  22. its quite keen to see how you have been all theses years i really quite miss seeing your face

    By bob URL on 06.18.2012

  23. My father always said I had a keen eye for detail. He probably didn’t imagine the use I’d put that to. I doubt he’d have meant it as a compliment, if he knew his son would take that skill, and become a fashion designer. Not an engineer or doctor or lawyer, but a fashion designer.

    By Rachel Beamish on 06.18.2012

  24. As I finished off my peachy keen pie, I killed a hamster. Blood squirted everywhere, soaking everything around me with a deathly red paste.

    By Ling Ho on 06.18.2012

  25. It became apparent very quickly that Charles wasn’t keen on having company in his uncle’s home. For what reason, we didn’t know.

    But he gave us a curt, red-eyed glare, and made his way into the kitchen, where he retrieved a full bottle of wine, opened it, and came back out to us.

    “Get them out of here.” Those were his first words. Basil’s look of annoyance intensified.

    Mylott, hands fidgeting as he looked both to the drunkard and to us, smiled crookedly as he spoke. “Fellas, this, er, is my nephew, Charles.” His voice was shaking a bit. I, halfway sober, was trying to follow the unraveling events to the best of my abilities, and I only gathered a few details.

    Charles Michael Francis was the son of a good friend of Mylotts, who had passed a few years ago. Though Charles was perfectly capable of living and squandering his fathers enormous wealth, Mylott took responsibility over him. I didn’t recognize the blonde, angry face until the next morning, when the recognition hit me, but after the brief introduction, Charles, once again, demanded both mine and Basil’s departure, so, with a defeated nod of the head, Mylott apologized and led us to the door.

    I was stunned, but Basil, miffed, harrumphed and strode off with a purpose into the encroaching darkness of the road. I followed him after a minute.

    By T. on 06.18.2012

  26. Sharp , intuitive, smart, asstute, sexy, fabulous!

    By iris on 06.18.2012

  27. I’m keen on many things. But really, when you think about the word keen… Well we don’y really think about it do we? It’s a word forgotten by many people for obvious reasons… It’s not used, and frankly, nobody’s very keen on it.

    By Charlie URL on 06.18.2012

  28. He squirmed under her keen eyes. They pierced him like needles, sending gooseflesh rippling down his arms. He shivered and looked away, his eyes falling to the floor. The woman gave a scornful snort and turned her back on him.

    By Jules URL on 06.18.2012

  29. Keen was a word from my elementary vocabulary book. I was interested in sounding smarter than other 9 year olds, so I bookmarked–wordmarked–the word. It was so important for me to speak more keenly than any other child.

    By Toby on 06.18.2012

  30. She was keen about the knife. Weird, wasn’t it? Christie had always been a good girl, but yet…it was something about the curved blade, the black bejeweled hilt, the way it fit in her hand…

    By jelly URL on 06.18.2012

  31. The knife edge was keen, as keen as she was on getting it to just the right degree of sharpness. With proper sharpness she was less likely to cut her finger. The last time she’d cut herself she’d gotten a concussion. This happens when you’re one of those freaks who faint at the sight of blood and keel over in the kitchen.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 06.18.2012

  32. “Bite,” they told him. The saw started to cut before his teeth could clamp down on wood.
    Soon there was fire in his mouth bubbling up and foaming, needing release. The saw tore.
    It knew no mercy or compassion. With each motion, each terrible, tyrannical motion, it stripped connection away, leaving a butcher’s signature across his thigh, and a quiet, ethereal phantom where his leg had once been.

    By Vercengetorix URL on 06.18.2012

  33. Sharp-edged and witty, enthusiastic. Never bland, always quick. She has a sparkle in her eye. She never stoops to sarcasm or gossip. Fresh, happy, smells like the sea.

    By DHB URL on 06.18.2012

  34. a keen idea would be to see the world as a simple thing. no object or materials necessary to construct correctly. all you need is to think of what truly brings out your euphoric emotions and shows you the true wonders of the world.

    By anonymous on 06.18.2012

  35. Keen is when someone is eager and enthusiastic. For example when a person is keen to finish their sentence so someone hears them out or perhaps when someone is keen to ask questions and develop a conversation. Being keen can show you are hard working and serious about what task is in hand. However being keen can also be seen as annoying and the down statement for being clingy.

    By julia on 06.18.2012

  36. I’m keen to write something today, but I must STUDY! what am I doing in here…

    By Shiriusa URL on 06.18.2012

  37. Keen is when you’re very interested in someone. When I hear this word I always think of ‘coming on too keen’ in terms of dating and relationships. I wish I had someone to come across as being too keen for. Chance would be a fine thing. Keen can be spelt as ‘Keane’ and then be a surname, or a 2000’s band name.

    By Raechel URL on 06.18.2012

  38. He was intelligent. Had an eye for treasure. He loved antique shops. He took me to one, once. He told me that I had great potential. I didn’t ask what for. I thought I knew. Him and his keen eye for treasures.

    By Kyla on 06.18.2012

  39. To tell you about her would be far too difficult. She had heightened senses, to start. Very keen. She was beautiful, to no extent. It was insanity, her intellect. It allowed people to love her, without even knowing her name.

    By Juliet URL on 06.18.2012

  40. When I was younger, my mother had the weirdest vocabulary. She talked like one of those housewives on television. With every “keen” and “golly” and “mustn’t”.

    By Maggie URL on 06.18.2012