November 24th, 2010 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “juice”

  1. She ran hurriedly from one room to the other with her toddler attached to her hip. He was whimpering and repeating “jews…jews…” urgently. Finally, she understood…Juice.

    By Charlotte URL on 11.24.2010

  2. Flooding my mouth. Running down my throat. I absorb its sweet texture into my pours.

    By Amber URL on 11.24.2010

  3. it reminds me of the philippines–of home.
    all different kinds (pineapple and mango and kalamansi), tasty and wonderful and delicious, and it would dribble down our chins as we laughed at each other (that’s what our family was always like) in the humid heat, and i remember it all.

    By M dlR URL on 11.24.2010

  4. I love to drink juice in the morning and in the afternoon, Its pretty healthy and has no calories and makes me stronger and after I drink a glass of juice I can feel with more energy.

    By Alejandro URL on 11.24.2010

  5. I already did this example! I want another!!! someone is going to be fired!!!

    By Alejandro Bolvito URL on 11.24.2010

  6. The juice of life. The juice of love. The juice of everything in you. Let others taste your juice and taste the juice of one you like.

    By Juice J on 11.24.2010

  7. The cup was n the table, waiting to be drank by the unsuspecting wife. Her and her husband’s relationship had been on the rocks lately. But he wouldn’t poison her juice would he? Little did she know as she put the porcelin glass to her lips that he would. And did.

    By Anon182118 URL on 11.24.2010

  8. I dislike the stuff sitting on the table. Apple juice, a liquid that looks amazingly similar to my piss. Beyond the visual unpleasantness, the taste is putrid. I ignore it in favour of glass of water.

    By Dante Howles URL on 11.24.2010

  9. Slippery goo that flows from veins and falls beneath my tongue while swirling above minds. This place is frantic, inconsistent but peaceful: in between.

    By chuck on 11.24.2010

  10. I used to like orange juice. As a child apple juice was my favorite. now i enjoy juice with vodka. I like to drink to get my juices up if you know what i mean. I don’t know what else to write about juice. im not a writer.

    By aefiam URL on 11.24.2010

  11. Lim lim lim, I cannot drink anymore juice. Can you see this. Look. I’m talking to you please. Look at this box of juice. Lim lim lim. It has a straw in it. The straw has touched the juice, lim lim lim. I cannot drink this, please. Please, can I have this juice replaced.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 11.24.2010

  12. I love you so. You have helped me through so many dry meals. You have no idea what you mean to me. Thank you for being a friend, through and through. I know that you will always be there, when I need you the most, but pop just has that fizzle I’ve been looking for.

    By Justin Blake on 11.24.2010

  13. I reached into the refrigerator and pulled out the bottle of orange juice. I love my juice in the morning. Without it my day just doesn’t seem complete. Do you like Juice?

    By Chuck K. URL on 11.24.2010

  14. The liquid tasted good in my mouth, though I certainly did not look forward to what came next. Brushing your teeth and orange juice just do not go together, which always makes me wonder: who decided to make orange juice a breakfast beverage anyway? People must know everyone brushes their teeth before or after breakfast and orange juice just ruins that.

    By Kelci URL on 11.24.2010

  15. Happy Day Before Thanksgiving! is what I think…No seriously.. I do not like juice. Any kind is disgusting to me, so yeah. I really dont like it. But it makes me think of Cranberry Juice, that makes me think of Thanksgiving..so Happy Day before Thanksgiving!

    By Carly URL on 11.24.2010

  16. I drink juice sometimes, even if I prefer iced tea over it. It is squeezed from fruit. Apple, Pineapple, Grape, Orange, Lemon (even if it is called LemonADE, not Lemon JUICE.)

    By Ash URL on 11.24.2010

  17. Ok. New diet. No more hunting down the humans to drink their blood. Today was a fresh start. From this point on I would survive off of blood I can get from the local blood bank. It would taste the same, just no hunting. I turned my Zune up as I jogged through the park, trying to keep my mind off all the cattle that were taunting me, surrounding me. I was going to be good. New Diet. New me. I was going to be a normal person, live as a human amongst the humans. I could do it. I glanced around me, fighting the temptation. Then I noticed a man and woman arguing beneath a nearby tree. Despite my Zune be turned to maximum, I could still hear their shouting. Darn vampire hearing. At least the distraction was helping with my thirst. Suddenly the man punched the woman, knocking her to her knees. I stopped in my tracks, I didn’t even have to look. She was bleeding. Damn it. Guess my new diet would have to wait. A little juice for my run wouldn’t be that bad. Especially if it was his……

    By Cat URL on 11.24.2010

  18. juice is good. juice is delicious sometimes. I like v8 a lot Lemonade is also very tastey. I would rather drink water because juice has a lot of calories, but it’s not on a hot summer day. My mom hates juice because she hates everything in the world that has calories. I hate her right now.

    By joanna on 11.24.2010

  19. my brother had a baby language when he was little. one of the words he said was juicawa for juice. He had other words but I think only my mom remembers those. I only remember juicawa because Mom tells the story all the time.

    By Abby Spadaro on 11.24.2010

  20. john walked in to his home from work took off his shoes and tie but the most relieving thing he did was have a glass of juice.

    By Keith on 11.24.2010

  21. It washed down his throat like a tropical cocktail of fruits from a far distant, exotic island. But then it started to burn. “What is this?!” he choked clawing at his scalding throat.

    By Scarlet URL on 11.24.2010

  22. Waking up to a cool glass of orange juice may be one of my favorite things, besides a cup of coffee. Orange juice is chock full of vitamin C and Vitamin D if you get the

    By Emma Stotz on 11.24.2010

  23. I love juice. It is tasty.I feel like it is alive. yum!

    By ds on 11.24.2010

  24. juice is good
    orange juice
    apple juice
    grape juice
    beetle juice beetle juice

    By Megan Spencer on 11.24.2010

  25. juice is good
    orange juice
    apple juice
    grape juice
    beetle juice, beetle juice, beetle juice!

    By Megan spencer on 11.24.2010

  26. Juicy. Juicer. I gave a juicer to my daughter because she said she wanted one. She liked it for a while but then she left it behind. I kept it for her, for years. Years later, I gave it to her again. I don’t know what she did with it. I bet she left it somewhere or gave it away.

    By Terese on 11.24.2010

  27. apple.orange.lemon.grape.cranberry.pineapple.

    its all goooood.

    By caitlin on 11.24.2010

  28. It was Saturday afternoon and we were alone in the house. Mama had been called in to work again, and we hadn’t seen or heard from Daddy in over three months. It was rainy outside, but we didn’t let that dampen our dreams. We put on straw hats and wrapped feathered boas around our shoulders, sat on the floor with our dolls and drank apple juice out of pink, plastic tea cups. A magical mixture that let us transform our world into something new, that let us become someone new as we giggled and sipped the afternoon away.

    By Katherine on 11.24.2010

  29. For many people the word means gossip but I never hear the word without thinking of OJ Simpson. That’s how old I am. I remember him as the football player and not the slasher.

    By Bryant on 11.24.2010

  30. There was only a drop of juice left in the juicebox. The little girl smiled and looked at the boy.
    “Ya’ want it?” she asked. He shook his head and continued to play in the sand with his toy cars. She looked slightly disappointed as she drank it herself.

    By alyssa URL on 11.24.2010

  31. Juicy fruits hanging from the tree. I reach up and pluck one from the bough. Mmmmm. Juice dribbles down my chin and lands on my brand, new silk blouse. Darn! Off to the cleaners with the cost of cleaning.

    By Brown Mom on 11.24.2010

  32. oh how I love thy sweet taste,
    if only my glass was not so small,
    then i could drink forever they sweet nectar
    I would then be happy for the rest of my days
    always content, never thirsty

    By Tucker Daniels on 11.24.2010

  33. I freakin’ love juice. It means everything to me. It represents not only the fluid that runs through my veins, but how I make my living. I’m the Kool-Aid guy. I make my money by peddling my sugary goodness to all the children of the world. Hello cavities!

    By Jamie on 11.24.2010

  34. i like juice. apple, oranges and grape. i like juice because of its versatility and how everyone can percept juice in a different way. everyone’s mind is different, and so is their juice. juice from a pussy, juice from a penis, juice from boobs. juice can also mean life and taking away someone’s juice is taking away their soul -> death.

    By Agyness on 11.24.2010

  35. As a child, I loved the sweet taste of liquid sugar that would slip down my throat in a cold, cool caress. It was an advancement for me when I learned that milk was slightly better than juice, because it came from something living and breathing.

    By Chloe on 11.24.2010

  36. juice is nice when its cold, i like orange, green, blue, purple, red and all sorts of juice. it is good for hangovers and is tasty with ice in a clean glass, keep it in the fridge for the best results!

    By sye on 11.24.2010

  37. tomatoes and oranges and pineapples are used to make juice. Juicy juice.

    By kfandale on 11.24.2010

  38. I set my juice down
    and stare at the pancake
    with smiley-faced whip cream,
    and luscious strawberry eyes.
    I wonder what person
    could turn this lovable pancake aside
    and starve for the way she looks,
    how big her hips are
    and how long her nose.
    How ugly her face is
    and how untrimmed her fingernails are.
    She must groom,
    fix her hair,
    put on her makeup,
    so when she goes out
    to eat a fabulous
    smiley face pancake,
    she can stare at it
    and think the worst;
    how that pancake
    is manipulating her.
    No, she is strong,
    she won’t give in.
    Not now.
    She can’t.

    By Scythe42 URL on 11.24.2010

  39. i want to squeeze it. i want the tangy lemony sweet slippery citrusy dazzling clear fruity juices of your soul. let me feel electric juice.

    By saravicious URL on 11.24.2010

  40. all the colours in the world you got orange, apple, which ain’t that opague, and loads more. on days when you’re down it brings you up and when you’re teeth are nice and clean it calls the dentist for you, ain’t that sweet of it. but all in it is pritty sweet.

    By Evan on 11.24.2010