September 27th, 2010 | 149 Entries

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149 Entries for “jazz”

  1. Purple. Blue. Deep, dark. Not hardly as light as other tones, not hardly as rough.
    The bass, known for it’s gentle, low pitch. Nurture.
    the piano, always melodious. never think. never try.
    play. play the colors.

    By Savannah URL on 09.27.2010

  2. i like jazz except they seem to make it up as they go along

    By a false terl on 09.27.2010

  3. jazz hands, jazz music- my saxophone’s sweet sound- or better yet, the sweeter tones of louis and ella, and blossom and etta. music is soul.

    By Selena URL on 09.27.2010

  4. When I think of jazz, I think of wild parties, of people dressed up in fancy dresses that allude to the height of sophistication. It’s a glamorous time with an economic boom where people either waste their lives away or somehow just have fun.

    By Sabrina URL on 09.27.2010

  5. music. craziness. originated in new york? dancing, swinging, soulful, loud and fun. they play jazz at bars right? that’s where everyone goes to convince their friends they aren’t just conformists and all that shit. hahaha. i don’t know. maybe jazz should mean something but for me it’s a whole lot of discord. everytime i think jazz i think of black people. is that racist? who knows.

    By Megan on 09.27.2010

  6. His feet began to tap along with the band, along with the smooth music they produced. A smile grew on his face, and his head sank back as he enjoyed the pleasant noise that echoed throughout the bar.

    By eymliilmye URL on 09.27.2010

  7. kay: all that jazz. i don’t even know why i said that but i think it had something to do with me dancing as a little girl. i loved jazz it was my favorite. hip hop was to fast. ballet was boring. jazz was just right :)

    meg: jazz… when i get older i want to do jazzersize! its a fun way to be skinny and a hot grandma! no better way i can think of :)

    By kaymeg14 URL on 09.27.2010

  8. Trompeten, Trommeln, Trance,
    New Orleans,
    Johanna singt.

    By Barbara25 URL on 09.27.2010

  9. I was walking down the street on a hot summer ight and heard the sweetr sounds of jazz playing from a club across the street-ooh sweet music to my ears I thought. So, I peeked inside, and did not believe what I saw before me

    By Dan on 09.27.2010

  10. jazz music was originated from new orleans and i really things its some of the most pretty music in the world. i took a jazz class but it didnt really work out for me. im not goo at improvising. i like gershwin tho he’s pretty amazing.

    By leah hebert on 09.27.2010

  11. the jazz music played in the background
    bringing back memories that meant nothing
    she played with her scrabble tiles, kept looking down
    she was with him but she felt alone
    she didn’t want to look at him after last night,
    she knew she was in part to blame but she couldn’t help
    but want to blame him for it all
    the hookah coal crackled & the smoke kept her company
    trying to ignore the man who she wished wasn’t still there…
    “It’s your turn,” she said, stiffly.

    By Delilah URL on 09.27.2010

  12. I was just on itunes, and I was downloading a song or two for a performance, christmas and my birthday are all jazz oriented this year, seems it is in the air everywhere you go! I love Ella Fitzgerald. The end.

    By Tiffany on 09.27.2010

  13. I was just on itunes, and I was downloading a song or two for a performance, christmas and my birthday are all jazz oriented this year, seems it is in the air everywhere you go! I love Ella Fitzgerald. The end.

    By Tiffany on 09.27.2010

  14. I was sitting alone in a smoke-filled jazz club, taking a drag on my cigarette, when I heard the cheesiest pick-up line ever. “Are your eyes bothering you? Because they’re bothering me.” I prepared to blow smoke in the pest’s face, but as I drew my gaze upward, I saw that he was smirking. Irony! How refreshing! I slid the other chair out with my foot. “Sit down”, I said.

    By mimimanderly URL on 09.27.2010

  15. “Okay, what exactly are sick jazz hands?” Melanie asked her roommates plaintively as she waved her hands about vaguely. “That was the critique they gave me at the audition. ‘Your jazz hands were SICK!’ Is that anything like having the rockin’ pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu?” “No, hon,” Rachel replied as she continued to work her pliés. “Actually, they liked what you did because ‘sick’ is the new cool.”

    By Izolda on 09.27.2010

  16. And all that jaaaaaazzz!!!!!! Jazzy Jeff. I got a little jazz in my step. Pep in my jets, grooooove in my shoes, baby! Wow yea!

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 09.27.2010

  17. jazz has been a part of american culture for a long time i like jazz music i take jazz dance at school my mom listens to jazz i learned about jazz history in school jazz dance is fun.

    By Leah Smith on 09.27.2010

  18. She mesmorized him, fantasized him and petrified him all at once on the same note, at the festival. It was jazz and it was lovely.

    By Amy on 09.27.2010

  19. My words and thoughts are like jazz
    moving and grooving to the world’s rhythm.
    Be a counter balance.
    Move yourself and those around you.

    By Siege URL on 09.27.2010

  20. i never learned to lead it destroyed me

    By terry on 09.27.2010

  21. trupmet bar trombone flute anchorman velvet chair table floor ron burgandy will ferral concert

    By Haley URL on 09.27.2010

  22. The music of my instrument, the music that defines a soul. It can be anything you want, follow any form, no form. Jazz is the music that was still music and will always be. Jazz…what a concept.

    By Laura on 09.27.2010

  23. The saxophonist stood and started his solo, his fingers working away at the shiny gold keys, his feet tapping in rhythm, the rest of the band there for the sole purpose of supporting him. It was a roller coaster of a tune, an improvised, every which way, surprise surprise surprise solo.

    By Phoebe URL on 09.27.2010

  24. The smooth music filters into the room like the smell of coffee. Warm, inviting. I stepped through the door, listening with my body. Leaning forward, I savored each note before finally sinking into a chair, letting the sounds wash over my tired soul.

    By ha on 09.27.2010

  25. Jazz is free. Free music, free flow. It has a mood to it that no other music does, and the sexiness that can make everyone feel that vibe. Jazz made me love drums. Drums like the beat of your heart is the love of jazz.

    By Mookie on 09.27.2010

  26. “…and all that jazz.” The lady in beautiful red finished up her dance number. Sliding across stage one foot dragging behind, I watched mesmerized. As I felt the amazment slowly sink in and I wished I was her.

    By Angie-bear URL on 09.27.2010

  27. i think of the 1920’s when i think of jazz. I think of an boring and gray time but the music itself as a genre is a beautiful thing.. i think its influenced many other genres and american history.

    By aaaaa on 09.27.2010

  28. That black autobot seems a little racist and stereotypical, doesn’t he?

    By crazyoctopus URL on 09.27.2010

  29. And all that jazz.

    I haven’t much theatre/er experience. I attended the usual stuff, was in two plays (one in kindergarten, one in high school), but I’m mainly uncultured.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 09.27.2010

  30. Jazz is free. Jazz flows. Jazz moves. Jazz moves your feet. Jazz players live beat to beat like you live check to check so you and them are neck to neck. Jazz is America. Jazz is love.

    By Andy URL on 09.27.2010

  31. jasmine lee gipson,music,flashy,zzzzzzzzzzzz,good music,blues like,a friend,all that jazz,soulful people,saxophone,gold,good old times,classy-ness,tapping my foot to the jazzy beat.

    By tara m on 09.27.2010

  32. complex beyond me sophisticated sometimes enjoyable but it depends on the type of jazz that it is. i see people wearing funky clothes and a genre around the whole jazz scene but rarely have i enjoyed listenting to jazz other than steely dan…which is pure fusion.

    By Sue URL on 09.27.2010

  33. weed, it calming, with people hang and just chill to think about everything…its cool for the right moment

    By nick may on 09.27.2010

  34. New orleans blared out the hot new sounds of life, of fun, and love. Jazz, they called it. The great sound adding just that much more pizazz into her life.

    By Evie URL on 09.27.2010

  35. Big black man blowin reefers flappers dancing the ballroom is poppin the trumpets are blowing the bookies are barking at the junkies who owe them rent. cool hats

    By Matt Curtis URL on 09.27.2010

  36. i dont like to listen to this type of music, personally i think this is a boring music style.
    The last time I listened to jazz was two years ago when I was enrolled in a music course in community college. To many people jazz is the type of music that wakes them up and perhaps makes them feel alive; jazz can relax and help reduce stress for some individuals. I think of this music style as the roots for the new music developments that evolved from it. Everytime I hear the word “jazz” it reminds me of my music instructor who would always play this type of music at the beggining of her lectures. Now that i remember, I performed a piece of this music as part of an extrra credit assignment. so after all, I do not think jazz is as boring as I think it is. Jazz was a form of expresion performed by African Americans who were also the creators of this musical movement, although the fist thing that came to my mind when i saw this word was the image of a boring classroom with jazz music playing on the background.

    By Moises URL on 09.27.2010

  37. Jazz. I sucked at Jazz dance. Jazz squares…pffftt. Shuffle-ball-change? What does that even mean? Swing-Step-Step? No thanks! Ugh.

    By DM URL on 09.27.2010

  38. kcsm. that’s what they play all day long at the deli pub. coltraine. davis. all those other unfamous ones. you sit and you listen and you drink. that’s all.

    By juno URL on 09.27.2010

  39. She listened to the jazz as it floated around her, she was entranced by the sound, unable to pull away until the last note left her ear.

    By alexandria URL on 09.27.2010

  40. I got my fingers snapping. My feet are tapping. I can’t sit still. Pretty soon I break into scat and then I am on my way. So good to be in the groove. No knowing what I mean.

    By E J Buckbee URL on 09.27.2010