October 6th, 2016 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “jail”

  1. It was an old rooming house on a gravely lot with basically nothing going for it. It didn’t look like a house you’d want to live in; just like a tired old place that had grown tired of the people who were trying to make a life there. Somewhere along the line, it decided to warn people not to bother trying. It sagged and creaked; its wooden shingles grew soft, not in a nice way, with the weather and the tiredness of trying to go on. It was, for me, what I thought jail must be like, the way a 3 or 4 year old would think, having only been exposed to jail through the miracle of television. In those days, jail was a one-room set with bars and one guy standing there with his face pushed between the bars, trying to talk to someone or explain that he didn’t do it. It was only when I got older that I learned a few things about jail. Mainly that a lot of black men went to jail, not like the men they showed on 50’s TV, all white and nasty looking, playing inmates because black men didn’t get acting jobs. So there was that.

    By ruby on 10.06.2016

  2. He was 18 when he had his first experience in jail. It could have been a simple case of underage, but that night he had decided to pick up his keys and drive to Walmart, about 5 minutes away. This had resulted in the death of two high school girls who he had known.

    By Essma J Kheiry on 10.06.2016

  3. My school is run by a man named Fatih. This guy is quite possibly the most incompetent human being I have ever met and does indeed deserve to be sent here. It’s a bit of a roundabout way of answering the prompt, but hear me out.

    By Manjunath Bettadapura on 10.06.2016

  4. He was locked up, waiting the end of the days, waiting until the gates opened and he could run free again, could smell flowers again, be with his wife again. But he had to wait, all because of a bribed judge.

    By Shadow Writer URL on 10.06.2016

  5. It had been years since the murder had occurred. Matt sat in his jail cell thinking about the old times. He remembered the fear in his victim’s leaf colored eyes. Then the lifelessness of their limp body. He remembered the scream his wife let out when she saw him covered in someone else’s blood and he remembered the disappointment and fear in her burning amber eyes. “What have you done!? You.. You monster!” His wife screamed and ran. Matt had counted the steps it took her to get to a phone and call the police. 32… That number had been burned into his brain since that day…

    By Lupa on 10.06.2016

  6. when one loses hope
    due to ever hindered goals
    life itself is JAIL

    what is it for, jail?
    for rehabilitation
    or punishing hell?

    shield from the guilty
    except where states are corrupt
    and jail liberties

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 10.06.2016

  7. Where I am, at least, mentally at the moment. It’s kind of weird though because I put myself there but yeah, technically that’s how I see it. It’s actually a place where to lock bad people at. Not me, but well…

    By Pauli Rocker URL on 10.06.2016

  8. what happens when you find out you are going to jail, do you panic do you look for escapes do you go into denial ,,, what are the emotions one feels at the moment they hear they are going to jail …I thi

    By Heather on 10.06.2016

  9. i couldn’t go out. i couldn’t do happy things. i couldn’t do what i want

    By Fani Fransisca URL on 10.06.2016

  10. i was in jail.this is happening.i cant think straight at all.why do i even have to take all of this? its not fair. it wasnt my fault.

    By ateeqa on 10.06.2016

  11. “Really, again?”

    “Yes, again, now hurry up and get me out of here before I have to pee in front of these people.”

    By Mimi on 10.06.2016

  12. Stuck, in jail. At the age of 12. Marlin had never imagined this possibility, because the thought of a 12 year old actually in jail is so absurd. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t go home, and he couldn’t ask for help. He felt the anger and disappointment build up inside him. Was this really just chance? Had he deserved it?
    Unfortunately that is sometimes what happens in Monopoly.

    By claire on 10.07.2016

  13. “Annie,” Bec began, “I hate you.”
    “Oh my god,” Annie said, “This isn’t my fault.”
    “Oh, don’t worry guys,” Bec said, voice pitched high and mocking. “It’s just a party, not like we’ll get arrested or anything.”
    “He has a point,” Megan chimed in.
    “Fuck off.”

    By savvadrokki URL on 10.07.2016

  14. “You’re going to jail,” growled the warden. “You’re going to stay there for a long time. You will sit in silence and solidarity in a tiny, windowless cell, cramped and unforgiving, while you mentally digest your crimes. And you will forever regret your actions as you rot.”

    “That’s all well and good,” replied the prisoner-to-be, “but for stealing a pencil?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.07.2016

  15. i’m in jail, trapped it wasn’t my fault the bank just called to me the money hidden behind its walls screaming out for me to take it. I swear i’m not crazy. But now i’m behind bars and starting to question just how sane i really am.

    By Rosie Priest on 10.07.2016

  16. I often think people in jail have it a little better than people who need to figure things out like myself. If you are there you know the duration of time you have and can set up specific expectations for yourself. Real life is often more freewheeling responsible and heavy. Decisions everywhere and consultation with others as well.

    By Zero on 10.07.2016

  17. My brother spent a lot of his life in jail. I used to hate the police for it, but now I see that he made his own bed. I feel guilty, but I wish he was in prison again. It would be nice for him to have a place to stay and meals to eat and not worry about him committing suicide or breaking in again and again.

    By Paige B on 10.07.2016

  18. To go to jail, to commit a crime, the loss of freedom, basic needs met but little else. Who would choose this option? who would choose crime?

    By Shona URL on 10.07.2016

  19. i want one word my name is jitendra kumar sisodiya

    By jitendra kumar URL on 10.07.2016

  20. When they threw him in the cell, he walked around its confines for several hours. There had to be some way to get out. But when they finally released him, the imprisonment had grown inside him. He was in a mental jail of his own making.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.07.2016

  21. Metal and stone aren’t the only materials prisons are made of.
    Yours has been formed by flesh and blood
    And rests behind my ribs.
    I will never let you go

    By DaphneMarie URL on 10.07.2016

  22. She sat down on the hard cot and refused to make eye contact with Jill.
    “Are you serious? Will you please talk to me?”
    “What do you want me to say? That it’s not your fault? That it’s not a big deal? IT IS YOUR FAULT AND IT IS A BIG DEAL!”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.07.2016

  23. lock

    By Hélder on 10.07.2016

  24. once i was returning cans and bottles and i was laying down on a metal shelf and one person said “that’s what a jail bed feels like”.

    By isaiah Beschler URL on 10.07.2016

  25. i already wrote about this

    By beschleri URL on 10.07.2016

  26. potatoes

    By beschleri URL on 10.07.2016

  27. Augustus is frightened of jail. If he goes to jail he will never be able to make himself memorable, thus succumbing to oblivion, his greatest fear. He wants to be remembered in a good way and be unique, something that won’t be possible should he end up in jail. But since he has had cancer and is missing one leg, it is very unlikely that he would be allowed to stay.

    By tobias URL on 10.07.2016

  28. I was locked away, away from the people and the things that I loved. Not really here, not really there. Only my thoughts to surround me day in, day out. Sometimes people came to visit, and for a brief moment, I was free. But I looked around again and there was a thick sheet of glass between us.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 10.07.2016

  29. Imprisoned
    felled like a tree and stuck
    one after the other
    days go by and I am jailed
    chained and bound
    alone here
    wake up counted sleep
    no dreams

    By SkySmith16 URL on 10.07.2016

  30. Jail is not a place you would want to find yourself in. To be put behind bars isn’t the best thing that could happen to you. But if you did something illegal to get you there, your gonna have to pay the price. Hopefully whoever reads this doesn’t ever have to pay that price. Be we aren’t perfect people so you never can know what could happen.

    By haylee URL on 10.07.2016

  31. A place that people go to learn a lesson. However, this lesson is not always learned and we need to come up with an alternate plan. Like in my job the same accommodation does not work on every kid on my caseload I must adapt and learn to grow with them. Set them free with positive outcomes

    By Sarah on 10.07.2016

  32. I’m afraid for you, sometimes. I think a little longer than I should, and I remember the way you looked the first time you told me about having been to jail.
    The fact that you were scared to death of going back.
    That you didn’t think orange was your color, and how even having been there, just briefly, it changed you. A black spot on an otherwise glowing child.
    I wanted to hold you, then. I wanted to tell you, it’s okay, it’ll be all right.
    But you looked at me with your dragon’s eyes and you said, “I’m never going back,” so strong, so proud, I couldn’t look away and I couldn’t move.

    By Lancir URL on 10.07.2016

  33. all i think about right now, is when my dad was arrested for our financial state. and i cried for days, every time someone knocked on the door, i hoped it was my dad, back from ‘jail’. i was in year 4. it sucked.

    By farheen ali on 10.07.2016

  34. The Po Po be all up in here, so Imma gonna go to jail. Oh no. I don’t think I can use my ipod there! What am I gonna do? I should not have tried to sell my baby brother in exchange for those nice pair of red cowboy boots that I wanted. Woe is me.

    By homeschooler URL on 10.07.2016

  35. NO NO NO how could this happen I did not mean to do what I did. should i do I have kids a family what should I do ????????????

    #Hannah A

    By Hannah Ann Blackman URL on 10.07.2016

  36. I stolen a apple and stay inside jaill for 5 mouths. I stay bad

    By paul on 10.07.2016

  37. Read, write, listen and support lest you end up in jail. What is the reason to go to jail? It’s for rehabilitation, no? Sometimes you just have to wonder. Is there any good reason to put a person in jail for the rest of their life? I guess that’s what you do to someone who takes away another person’s life. I don’t want to go to jail.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 10.07.2016

  38. I can’t go to jail.
    No, not because I don’t want to, although that is also true.
    But I know how I’ll die, and jail is part of that equation. I’m not ready to die; not yet. But here I sit, my hands shackled, the judge and jury leering at me, about to tell me my fate. as if I don’t already know. I wonder how many days I have before it happens.
    I wish I could have said my goodbyes.

    By kdeol531 on 10.07.2016

  39. It was cold. Cold, and dark, and he had never known that it would be like this. Well, of course he knew it would be cold and dark. But he would have never predicted the light he found inside. The warmth. Because even in jail, humanity is present. And humanity is both cold and warm. Both light and dark.

    By Katy on 10.07.2016

  40. Jail does not sound like any fun to me, especially if you were innocently sent to jail. If you didn’t even do anything wrong I don’t see why they would send you to jail they should send the other person instead of you.

    By TessaAnn on 10.07.2016