August 8th, 2016 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “instructions”

  1. One day i went to a Art class,and we had to listen to Instructions, and the reason why was becaasue if we did not do instructions then everyone would messup,and that woud not look pretty.

    By Haley Dittman URL on 08.08.2016

  2. “No, no, no – like this!” The old pro wrested the tool from the apprentice’s smooth, stuffed-sausage-looking fingers. The rough paws of the veteran deftly worked to beautiful effect.

    By ml on 08.08.2016

  3. My teachers instructions me to do my projectiles . She instructions me to follow the with the group.

    By Jamesrotties on 08.08.2016

  4. today she read the instructions for the first time, but she fell asleep and nothing got built, nothing got used.

    By kvka on 08.08.2016

  5. Instructions are words used to help you understand how to do something. Instructions are important because without them you are guessing what you need to do and could get information incorrect. Instructions are numbered or detailed information.

    By Maria on 08.08.2016

  6. Instructions, the straight jackets of thought, the sterilizer of creativity.

    By John Ralphio URL on 08.08.2016

  7. If I had follow the instructions, I’d have been there on time. However, I wouldn’t have gone off course, gotten lost in the woods, cried a little, wandered back to the road, only to meet a lovely stranger who offered me a ride to get spare gas, a shoulder to cry on, and a sympathetic ear over a bite to eat while we got to know each other better.

    So really, I guess what I mean to say is, “I do not.”


    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 08.08.2016

  8. Instructions are used by inside the box thinkers to limit the power of those who think outside of the box. Be creative. Be free. — or maybe they just help you get shit done properly? You be the judge.

    By Searchforlife URL on 08.08.2016

  9. My niece watched my sister trying to assemble a bookcase. My sister couldn’t figure out much of anything: where the screws went, why were there too many screws, or perhaps, were there not enough? She started verbalizing her frustration. There’s nothing so fascinating as watching my sister go crazy. Her 3-year-old daughter watched for awhile, then said, “Mommy, can’t you use the destructions?”

    By Joanna URL on 08.08.2016

  10. “Well. This came out all wrong.”

    One look into the pot told me everything. I exhaled and sat down on the nearest stool, next to the counter. “Did you follow the instructions?”

    “What instructions?”

    “You know…the recipe?”

    Tasha wrinkled her nose. Pink crept into her cheeks and lit up the skin around her eyes. “I…may have tried being a bit more creative than the recipe allowed.”

    I laughed, throwing my hands up.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.08.2016

  11. doing what told following directions how to do something

    By Karen Pasternak-Miller URL on 08.08.2016

  12. “Instructions are dumb,” thought Harold as he looked at the Ikea furniture directions. The little man was doing a twisty motion with his hand WHAT WAS IT SUPPOSED TO MEAN.

    Harold threw the booklet across the room and sat down among the heaps of unconnected boards and thingamajigs. “This bed is never going to get made,” he thought.

    By Petriello URL on 08.08.2016

  13. The other way I went down to the shed. I was confused I couldnt find them anywhere? Where are the instructions for the new award winning beer I am creating? I Just have no idea. Then it came to me I had left them on the front seat of the car.

    By Roddy on 08.08.2016

  14. “Put down your pencils, please,” the teacher instructed.

    Evelyn heaved a huge sigh of relief, and slumped down on the chair. The exam was difficult, but she had done her best. Now it was up to the teacher’s grading. She hoped she passed.

    By liyasha85 on 08.08.2016

  15. “How you fail every time to follow simple instructions is beyond me!” He grumbled, more to himself than to the group of bashful students behind him.

    The pipe was completely corroded through, veins of rust surrounding the sizable hole. He had to be careful as he set his ladder up on the water slick linoleum floor. Not all of the water had siphoned into the drainage system and he kept himself calm with the thought of his students mopping the rest up miserably later. The pipe was still weeping large droplets of water, although he thanked his lucky stars at least one of his students had the forethought to find someone to turn the water in the building off before the entire lab flooded. Small victories.

    By Stella on 08.08.2016

  16. The instructions were clear. He was to go to this one place, meet a person and then bring the code to another person at another place. He rehearsed it in his mind over and over. He followed the instructions to the letter, and once he had arrived at the last point in the process, he found himself waking up in his room to the sound of birds.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.08.2016

  17. Pause. Look closely at the pictures, feeling the motions passing through without actually doing them. Then following. Move with the motion, follow the leader. Step by step, applied carefully. More machine than man, motioning mechanically to make marked momentum on a minimalistic map of models.

    By Michael URL on 08.08.2016

  18. “This came with no instructions”-he said as he left the box on the table
    “Well, whatever. It’s a music box”-she said- “with no music! all that it needs is to be fixed”
    “It sure looks like one my mother had in her house before she passed away”-he picked with up to check it but a little folded paper fell down from the bottom.
    It read:

    By Bramsy URL on 08.08.2016

  19. Their fingers tightened around the map, and they slumped heavily into the church gates. They were lost, too hot and had been wanting to piss for the last ten minutes. Germany was a maze, and they weren’t very sure of where they were supposed to meet her. She had said they should have come to St. Maria’s church. But with Cyrillic being the only alphabet they understood, this wasn’t easy. What they really needed were instructions.

    By Assassin URL on 08.08.2016

  20. “You need to eat boy”
    “Come here”
    “Time to sleep now”
    “Are you even listening?”

    ‘Bow Wow’ said Tyson!
    #Instructions went through.

    By Varun Painter URL on 08.09.2016

  21. do as you’re told, don’t ask any questions. He was given instructions to deliver the kings most prized possession, Rajma masala.

    By glen URL on 08.09.2016

  22. Depends how you view instructions. Ikea has purely visual instructions and you have to adhere to them with vigilance otherwise you go haywire. But religion… adhere to those instructions and you might end up in the same contorted mess. Instructions need to be treat ed with caution depending on how following could affect your life.

    By Brian on 08.09.2016

  23. This is what you need to do.
    Keep your guard up all the time,
    Be light on your feet,
    look into the opponents eyes,
    Stay within the range,
    Create opportunities and hit as hard as you can!

    By ninad on 08.09.2016

  24. We’d been staring at the manual for about half an hour before we realised we were looking at the Swedish language part. Hurriedly, we flipped it around, trying to find the English – but to no avail. I struggled to remember my lessons from primary school. Why did we contract out our warp engines to Ikea?

    By henry sawdon-smith URL on 08.09.2016

  25. Just when would he damn start doing what he was supposed to do?
    Not that this was exactly the experience with past employment of those powers, but…
    Even if *he* was the only one who knew everything, kind of the only one who ever *thought*, the other party was all disobedience and then wondering how come it aaall didn’t work!
    The problem was the lack of doubt about the situation here.

    By "Life" on 08.09.2016

  26. a bird sits on my windowsill and chirps once,
    twice before it flies away – breaking plaster and glass with
    its wings of silver and green stone

    By AMeursault URL on 08.09.2016

  27. “Follow these instructions to the letter,” the note read, “or you’ll never see your little boy again.”
    “How am I going to find him?” Julie collapsed on the ground.
    “I’ll help you,” the husky voice jerked her eyes to rough black boots to jeans to work shirt to startling green eyes fringed in thick, black lashes.
    “Sarah,” Julie sighed. “You’re just a kid.”
    “I might be just a kid,” Sarah snarled as she withdrew a machete from a back scabbard. “But I know how to use one of these. Now, let’s go get Josh back.”

    By Izolda S Trakhtenberg URL on 08.09.2016

  28. She looked at the diagrams and absentmindedly scratched her temple with the handle of the screwdriver. “So this thingy and this other thingy… Okay… I think I know how this goes.” He watched her dart intently between the pieces, her eyes focused on the goal.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.09.2016

  29. She sat down in her favorite couch. Finally, its so nice to be home. Her new born baby was in the cradle in the next bed room. She needed some space a

    By JayaK URL on 08.09.2016

  30. She was finally home! She sat down in her favorite couch with her baby next to her in the cradle. She looked at the instructions her doctor gave her. She threw them in the trash and held the baby close to heart. She knew babies don’t come with instructions.

    By JayaK URL on 08.09.2016

  31. When I saw this, I was under the impression that my internet was lagging because nothing was showing up. Instructions can be both good and bad. For example, instructions are necessary to build things however, sometimes instructions are imposed on those of lesser power

    By Janey on 08.09.2016

  32. Sure. “Follow the instructions” she sobbed sitting on the floor of her once clean apartment. “Follow the bloody Instructions” – her tears were now blurring the ink, making that thin paper on which those INSTRUCTIONS were written translucent. Making the Japanese characters on the back visible through the just as incomprehensible English translation which which she’d be struggling for the past 45 minutes.

    By Ginger URL on 08.09.2016

  33. Today we will be having instructions on how to eat watermelons as they are very difficult and can cause very very much trouble. To do so we need to cut open the watermelon into halves. Then, we will squeeze the watermelon so that it is squashed and can’t be eaten anymore.

    By Rachel C URL on 08.09.2016

  34. I have a file in my cabinet with instruction booklets that came with things. I have to laugh at some of the old ones I found recently. A stereo that was junked years ago… etc

    By T.P. on 08.09.2016

  35. I hate them. They confuse me. I can’t sit patiently and come through a list of rules to follow.
    They make me anxious and uneasy. I get a foggy brain just thinking about it.

    By Aleks Safarova on 08.09.2016

  36. They tell you what to do. They make you do things youve never done before. China makes horrible ones for us citizens.

    By popo on 08.09.2016

  37. I followed the instruction to make the wagon.

    By MHSrotties URL on 08.09.2016

  38. I followed the instruction to make the wagon. I decided to followed the instructions.

    By MHSrotties URL on 08.09.2016

  39. Instructions are for suckers, he said, as he picked up his Allen wrench. Ninety minutes later, Carl was in a foetal position underneath his Kvallas box-thing that still had the goddamned motherfucking unfinished edges facing out and was missing two shelf pegs anyway.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 08.09.2016

  40. You already asked me that. Why can’t you remember what I told you? It’s like, it’s like…what is it like? What…? Um…what – uh – what were we talking about again?

    By ml on 08.09.2016