October 24th, 2016 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “institute”

  1. i once enrolled at an institute
    where you learnt to play the flute
    but i realised I was bad
    which made me really sad
    So I started to look for another pursuit

    By Steve O URL on 10.24.2016

  2. institute a mandate
    something about your fate
    or is it an ivory tower
    a place with a great deal of power
    a set of laws
    that limits your possible flaws

    By Julia on 10.24.2016

  3. The institute. A word I often type, as a market research for a higher education institution. I compare institutions, I rate and rank and file institutions. The word brings to mind hospital corridors, sash window, sticky floored canteens and dead-eyed staff, feelings I would take pains to avoid appearing in my reports to the director.

    By Loren Dean-Austin on 10.24.2016

  4. The white columns of the library were weirdly comforting. She ran her hand over them as she waited, looking out over the lawn to the students walking home for the evening. Dusk had settled into the campus.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.24.2016

  5. What does it mean to be a witch? Witches now are very commonplace, believe it or not. The girl playing hopscotch on the corner, the teenagers giggling over inconsequential gossip, the woman chastising her incompetent subordinates over the phone, all of them are witches.

    Note though that men cannot be witches. This is a result of the gender split in the fairytale mythos: girls were princesses-in-disguise, women witches, and men princes, heroes, farmers’ sons.

    The point is, men simply don’t have enough experience with being systematically categorized into one of two groups: the innocent and the reviled.

    Well anyways, most women have a bit of magic in them. It’s the ones that have a bit of natural talent that become witches.

    And talent, this particular witch had in spades.

    By AMeursault URL on 10.24.2016

  6. A place or thing that consists of systems and ideas within it. A school is an institute. Our government is an institution. Institution in a sense has a bad conotation

    By Nicole on 10.24.2016

  7. The institute stood on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. After many years and many fights to get permission, it had won the right to clean up the river. People should have been thankful, but they complained that their companies couldn’t pollute the river like they use to.

    “It’s a free country,” the companies whined. The institute researched some kind of force field which made the waste water back up into the companies compounds.

    No one ever went inside the institute. No one knew what the senior management looked like or where they came from.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.24.2016

  8. It was called the Blue Heart Institute, and its workers all wore black coats. Long black coats. They walked up and down the corridors with blank faces and clipboards, muttering to one another in a language that was not meant to be understood by anyone but them. We found the name “Blue Heart” to be fascinating, as if the whole organization were lacking oxygen, struggling to breathe and flourish in a cold, hollow space.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.24.2016

  9. institute is formal. this can be an advantage to canalise creativity but it can kill it too.

    By vocorina URL on 10.24.2016

  10. he sat in the room as he did all day, his hands wrapped in white and insanity. “you’ll be normal soon,” they always said. “you’ll learn.”
    but he never did. in the place of men dressed in clerical hospital robes, he never did find who they were worshiping.
    ash hung to him like his insanity, his mind broken after the death of someone once loved by life.

    By batteryman URL on 10.24.2016

  11. Institute equality, balance and welcoming of the other as an extension of thyself and wonder whats got better, everything?

    By lyrics URL on 10.24.2016

  12. the institute instituted wide-ranging institutional reforms, such as the very novel idea that young women ought to have their arms tied behind their backs during meal times so as to discourage “eating”–that is, the gaining of calories for the biomechanical purpose of turning to fat and gristle. this was not the stock-holders paid for; not at all.

    By Silotte Hen URL on 10.24.2016

  13. The institute from California is the best for studing zooplankton

    By Renata on 10.24.2016

  14. We went on a field trip to an institute to learn about what they teach and how things work there.

    By Imorales6732 on 10.24.2016

  15. the only institution I want to be instituted into is college and I applied to one and that one has got to be the one I mean i know my high school grades are shit and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to test because I’m old as f**k but the essays man the freaking essays and my questions and the conviction explanation should be enough right there it has to be !!!!!!

    By Colton Adrian URL on 10.24.2016

  16. What is crazy about this institute is the amount of logic that you are supposed to apply to every single step of the process. I mean, think about it. No where else are you expected to think as deeply as substantially as you are here. It’s great.

    By Yulia Aleksandrova on 10.24.2016

  17. Sitting in class, watching the clock waiting for the bell to ring. I just want to go to my room and sleep my worries away. There has to be a way to get out of this hell hole. Let’s just hope for the best.

    By Ava on 10.24.2016

  18. I went to the bible institute

    By pendergast on 10.24.2016

  19. I went to Rock Church bible Institute for bible school when I finished High School. I lived in Virginia Beach and really loved it. I met many new friends and was one of my favorite places.

    By pendergast on 10.24.2016

  20. The institute created the rules society follows today. Every single thing you believe to be right and wrong was voted on by a highly selective board of trustees. Those values you thought your upbringing and parents taught you? All artificially created to provide order to a world that attempts to defy it at every turn.

    By Connor on 10.24.2016


    By ROCÍO on 10.24.2016

  22. To institute can be a verb, meaning to establish something or somone or it can also be a place where science, arts, business take place.

    By ROC URL on 10.24.2016

  23. Dean walks into the building, finding the room him was looking for. He talks to the professor and checks out a book from the city library. He goes back to the motel and reads the book.

    By Deandra URL on 10.24.2016

  24. This institution is puzzling–the way we asked our questions into dead air. Funny how the responses we heard were only echoes coming back to us.

    Not funny ha ha, of course, but funny sad. Funny deflated. Funny I-don’t-know-where-to-go-from-here.

    We should have asked more questions, then. We should have allowed our intellect to measure through the blind adoration we so willfully demonstrated. That blind adoration that left us lonely.

    We thought love could fill those gaps. But not love, love. Love like I’m-right-next-to-you. Love like I-exist-alongside-you. Love like I-understand-your-demons.

    But I didn’t.

    By H URL on 10.24.2016

  25. Dull, steel pierces through the bright shining world
    Screams and meaningless pleas bounce through empty halls
    Imaginary creatures leave you thunderstruck
    With their twisted and outrageous forms
    In this place full of the softest mummerings and the sharpest pain
    Fear is no where to be seen
    Fear is only found with the sane
    And for the patients and, yes even I
    With the strings so tightly strung in my head,
    Sane isn’t quite the right adjective

    By Ami URL on 10.24.2016

  26. White walls, white ceiling, white tile floors. The worst part is that it’s all off-white, not the gleaming shine of a sci-fi space ship, but a tired and dirty old building

    By Emma URL on 10.24.2016

  27. The institute stood on a tall hill. The darkening sky gave the building an eerie glow that made one feel like it was not a place one would want to be. I stepped on the path leading to it anyway.

    By Robin URL on 10.24.2016

  28. Beauty institute, beauty school drop out… Look at me Sandra Dee..

    By escargotnoel URL on 10.24.2016

  29. The institue was on this little road no one ever really drove onto unless they actually meant to go to the institute itself. the drive was filled with trees that covered the road, forming some kind of arch the whole way there. It felt like another world altogether.

    By Jo URL on 10.24.2016

  30. An institute of higher education is a wonderful place to learn but sometimes a sad place to become discouraged. All of us need to support each other

    By Karen on 10.24.2016

  31. starts with an i ends with an e second letter N not an adjective has 3 T’s, a society or organization having a particular object or common factor, especially a scientific, educational, or social one.a commentary, treatise, or summary of principles, especially concerning law.set in motion or establish (something, especially a program, system, or inquiry).Has 2 I’s

    By Lucy on 10.24.2016

  32. She had stuck her mom in the institute. She was now going to deem crazy by the state and her daughter would be able to cash a check. This was a sad moment for the Terry family and no one was brave enough to say anything about it. Her mom was going to suffer and everyone was going to let her.

    By BriNicMaso URL on 10.24.2016

  33. I suddenly felt warmth run down my chin and a copper taste in my mouth.
    ” Oh, you’re gonna pay for that one.” I said with a snarl and lunged toward the bitch who thought she could take me on.

    By Emily URL on 10.24.2016

  34. white walls, blank faces, scratching nails, loose laces
    smile softly, but wide, bright teeth blinding your eye
    there is a purpose for a place such as these
    to hold the “fragile, weak, and fatigued”

    By vanikey URL on 10.24.2016

  35. The institute of wisdom and knowledge is vast and prosperous with plenty of ideas and people who share information and experiences. Be an outgoing person to learn and help others in this magical institute.

    By MimiDeThuong URL on 10.24.2016

  36. Institute is formal. Ivy, brick. White men in suits, doing science or thinking Big Thoughts probably. But it’s uncomfortably close to institution, which is a scary place for vulnerable populations — a scary place for the mentally ill, a scary place for women. I don’t think it’s an accident that the words are related.

    By Lauren on 10.24.2016

  37. Institute is a place where we study, make life, learn to respect people. I wanted to open the institute but do not know how open. Institute is a place of God. I learnt a lot in Institute.

    By Karan on 10.24.2016

  38. Yes! I got into the melbourne instituete of technology! they accepted my application. I start tomorrow! This is a once in a lifetime oppertunity!

    By ritu URL on 10.24.2016

  39. There she was lying on here bed in the middle of a naked room having dreams of her dearest friend The Mad Hatter . ANd then she was awoken and a man stood in front of her his face looked so familiar ” Wait a minut..aren’t you moriarty?”…” NO darling i’m afraid you’re having hallucinating… you are in a mental institute”.

    By Rebecca on 10.25.2016

  40. Lock me in your room,
    with arms folded
    they scolded us,
    and I need you tonight.

    Through holes in brain,
    you are all I see.
    Set me free.

    By Marissa URL on 10.25.2016