May 14th, 2012 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “insect”

  1. The eight legged insect crawled across the wall. Skittering his way closer to the unconscious form of the teenage girl, prone in her bed at the late hour. In her sleep the girl twitched, almost as if she sensed it’s presence hovering above her like an enemy awaiting to attack. Just as she began to stir, her eyes began to part and spider lunged finding his way in to her open in a scream mouth.

    By Amber on 05.14.2012

  2. You are but an insect beneath my heel,
    I care not for your buzzing in my ear beyond the moment
    It takes me to wave you away. I despise
    You less than I am indiffrent to your attempts at seducion
    And false romance. I’ll tell you to bug off and forgrt
    You again till I realize I need a bug zapper just for
    A second with out a pest in the way. i

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 05.14.2012

  3. insect
    often overlooked
    delicate details often missed
    frequently stepped on in people’s haste
    to be
    so sad

    By Pam Heighway URL on 05.14.2012

  4. I am an insect, or not far from one. many think that they are above it all, and maybe they are. I don’t think so. The distance between an insect and a human being is so small as not to be measured. I am an insect. Now get off my tablecloth!

    By Jeff on 05.14.2012

  5. he is making a cocoon in my brain fold
    he is speaking his secrets in rain

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 05.14.2012

  6. She carefully collected her specimens. Entomology was so relaxing for Sarah. Relaxing and simple. Everything was facts-nothing was left up to anything frivolous like emotion.

    By M. Lee URL on 05.14.2012

  7. i really hate insects however i find them useful. everyone has a purpose now matter how big or small. then again i am watching silence of the lambs and some crazy crap goes on with bugs and i have arachinphobia and im terrified of spiders so yea

    By Josh on 05.14.2012

  8. haha i just did insect but i guess ill do it again. so insects are very gross and i hate them but everything and everyone has a niche in life. some are larger than others but there always is one. i also have arachnophobia.

    By Josh Queen URL on 05.14.2012

  9. bug
    spider fly wood bites flies, a lot of legs. mostly green or brown or black, sometimes creepy,

    By DaMeika on 05.14.2012

  10. small, large, multitude of colours, long, lean, small stout, billionsxbillionsxbillion

    By simone fry on 05.14.2012

  11. The bees were crashing down around the china shop because they were also made of china and they were seven feet long. The other insects were all jealous because they were only made of deformed wine glasses that weren’t even glass, but only cheap plastic. This was really bad because they kept melting when they went to the incinerator to burn the Companion Cubes.

    By yugimew URL on 05.14.2012

  12. The insect crawled inside my brain. It gnawed at my memories, and ate away the good times. The insect left me with nothing but sorrow and despair. There was nothing to do but let that little insect, that disgusting, horrible creature, feast upon who I was.

    By Nicole on 05.14.2012

  13. insects are so damn small and yet they’re one of the most annoying and pest(oh i get why they’re called that now)ulant things in all the lands.

    but i won’t squash them. that’s what they want. to make me lose my cool.

    but i won’t. i’m cool bugs. RULL cool.

    By [entury Goth|c Med!um URL on 05.14.2012

  14. Insects are gross. They feed off others and they look all nasty. Some of them have claws, while others are just oddly textured. They creep in our houses and suck up our insides. Insects are simply gross.

    By Breezy URL on 05.14.2012

  15. To everyone else you are just an insect that flew by me one day, unnoticed and untamed. Everyone won’t know that you caught my eye that day, and still I keep watch as you fly away. How can you only be an insect to my friends, when to me you’re the world insects live in

    By leah URL on 05.14.2012

  16. The way the damn thing flew towards his face was absolutely terrifying, others may think that his fear is irrational. But believe him, it’s rational in every sense of the word.

    By Ashley on 05.14.2012

  17. There is a bird flying down the block and runs into a tiger who grabbed a baseball and chucked it at a caterpillar who was looking at him funny. The bird said to the tiger hey man don’t rock the boat.

    By Nick on 05.14.2012

  18. bugs and stink bugs and bugs life and the ride its tought to be a bug and being scared as a child of the ride and crying and hoping each eary that i wouldn’t be afraid of the ride and always being afraid anyway. placing paper cups on top of stick bugs becasue too afraid

    By Nanette Aldos URL on 05.14.2012

  19. Buying an insect at the store can lead to horse flies landing in the trash. You know what they say, an insect is the hat is worth a penny earned. At times the stretching fabric of a parachute can flap like a wing.

    By Nick on 05.14.2012

  20. The little green bill sorted through the tall green grass looking for the perfect snack. The little tasty morsel that we call insect sounds perfect to my waterfowl friend.

    By Susan URL on 05.14.2012

  21. Insects are gross kind of and ugly. Some insects are cool though, like lady bugs and butterflies but most insects suck eggs.

    By Hope on 05.14.2012

  22. Spindle legs like threads. You are not the sacred beetle, there is no mythic word for you, you do not roll the sun, you roll a mound of shit. You are, taxonomic creature. Truth is, to me you, are never an insect, but a god unto yourself, replete

    By Ursamare URL on 05.14.2012

  23. I’ve been being eaten by mosquitoes for much too long. For once I would like to walk outside and be insect bite free. But I live in a swampland. Florida, who do you hate me?

    By Beatrice Amaro URL on 05.14.2012

  24. There are insects everywhere.
    Insects are only on land mass.
    I hate insect bites.
    Insects come in all colors.
    Some insects bite.
    Some insects fly.
    Some insects crawl.
    Some insects are poisonous.

    By Kevie Lui on 05.14.2012

  25. She gently put a leaf underneath the insect that fell into the water, lifting it as she gradually stood up.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 05.14.2012

  26. crawling across the autumn floor a centipede knows not what he is. But if you saw him you would surely crush him with an unforgiving foot.

    By morgan on 05.14.2012

  27. the bug crawled up my leg…i smashed it with my book.
    Gee, sure i was studying to be a zoologist, but i don’t think bugs count as “animals”
    I continue reading my novel. I am swept away with the characters and the door bell rings. Oh no, Mrs Thompson. She will be infuriated

    By misscentennial URL on 05.14.2012

  28. The insect lies at the base of the rotten, hollowed out log. It sits patiently and unknowingly for the drops of morning dew to hit the cold wood. Dawn approaches near and the little bug stirs at the slow leakage of light that shines through the branches above.

    By Zac Lowe URL on 05.14.2012

  29. a bug, a fly, ant, little, light gentle, yucky. Oh, my don’t squish it. Why? I don’t know, it’s just a bug. Yuck Why Just yuck, it’s just a bug.

    By MaryLee Eischen URL on 05.14.2012

  30. The other day, Shane and I were talking about the different types of insects. I actually couldn’t really think of any…I proffered spider, which Shane informed me was an arachnid and not an insect. Pshh. He named off about 10 with no problem. I blame public education.

    By Tish URL on 05.14.2012

  31. That’s all you are, you less-than-worm,
    you blood-sucking bed bug out looking for
    breakfast lunch dinner right here beneath the sheets.
    You examine the deepest parts of me
    with a discerning eye for carne de nocte.

    By Kim on 05.14.2012

  32. Little insects crawled everywhere.
    I hate bugs-
    Creepy, crawly,
    Under the rubber sole of my sneaker
    Ants, beetles, centipedes
    Flying, buzzing,
    Bees and wasps stinging…
    I hate bugs.

    By Kimberly on 05.14.2012

  33. Look at these towering skyscrapers,
    we have made insects out of ourselves.

    Instead of a giant divine monster from
    outer planets of the galaxy

    we have made ourselves
    infinitely inferior to our own tiny being.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 05.14.2012

  34. creepy, crawly creatures that wreak havoc and torment, helpful

    By theon on 05.14.2012

  35. like an insect it was eating my insides & I didn’t even realise it existed. All I thought was that it was a natural process of aging , of dying. But it was your pain.

    By Galaxy URL on 05.14.2012

  36. You are nothing to me. Nothing at all. Less than an insect and just as easy to squash. Why don’t you just give up now, hm? It’ll save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Trust me. I’ve seen your type before and none of them, not a single one, has ever managed to even touch me.

    Why do you even bother? You’ll just die like the rest. It would almost be depressing if it wasn’t so amusing.

    Alright, if you insist. Go on. Do your worst.

    By Ellie URL on 05.14.2012

  37. The insect injected his venomous stinger into the nape of her neck.

    By on 05.14.2012

  38. She was suddenly insane; she heard voices whispering sinisterly,conspiring against her, screams crying for her blood,she couldn’t trust the darkened…or the light!Her skin felt like millions of vindictive insects were crawling ,clawing and scratching at her skin.

    By Leighsha URL on 05.14.2012

  39. And the days so ended. Insects below all, above all, more than all. Many of them. Overrunning. Cockroaches kings. Mosquito queens. And the spiders as well. But the insects will soon kill them off. 6 legs is the way to go. The only way. The way to salvation.

    By AJ URL on 05.14.2012

  40. like an insect you swarm me, hum in my ear and are angrily swatted away
    yet you come back, the thin wings flapping and stinging again
    venomous and ready for the sweet taste of the ruby blood
    one day you will be squashed, flattened against the palm of his hand
    and maybe afterward you’ll realize that you weren’t being annoying but instead he.

    By Abby on 05.14.2012