August 28th, 2010 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “indistinct”

  1. It’s so vague. It’s blurring the line of what is clear and what is the fog. A word that can bring so much doubt into the world, and cause so many problems through misunderstanding.

    By Ethan on 08.28.2010

  2. it was swimming through the waves of thought i procured from the fisherman of the village. I could only make out the shape of the memories it had waiting for me from some years ago. i ALWAYs forget to .

    By Annie Bond URL on 08.28.2010

  3. The smoke from the fire made everything hazy. The figure standing across me was indistinct.

    By Shail URL on 08.28.2010

  4. she thought the way he smelled was rather indistinct. she could not place her finger on the odor. it was familiar and strange comforting and unforgiving. it made her love him and loathe him all at the same time.

    By karolina kiwak on 08.28.2010

  5. The way that the words form in his brain is like nothing else; syllables and vowels and consonants flow like water, a stream of sounds slowly making their way to one meaning. It’s a grand puzzle, and there’s nothing he finds more fulfilling than picking up the pieces.

    All languages are beautiful to him. There’s not one dialect or tongue that’s of any less value than another to the linguist.

    By Danielle URL on 08.28.2010

  6. it is indistinct whether i belong here or there. whether i am supposed to be short or tall. fat or thin. asian or caucasian. but god has a blueprint with my name on it, and i cant wait to see how i turn out.

    By taylor URL on 08.28.2010

  7. i’m blending into the wall. insignificant. forever melding into my surroundings. hidden. you will not see me.

    By haily alain on 08.28.2010

  8. I don’t like it. Why is it there. I don’t know what it is. Because it’s INDISTINCT. Oh wait, we don’t have to use it in a sentence? Oh. Ok. Well. I still don’t know what it is. Vague, confusing, blurry. The end. lol. I win.

    By lenalandmine on 08.28.2010

  9. Vague and hazy, the figure through the clouds is faint and indefinite, unformed and unfinished. It waves and breathes like a wisp of air, the back thrown spray of a crashing wave, the intermingled forces of water and wind, imperfect, incomplete, indistinct.

    By Jessie on 08.28.2010

  10. he found her in the tub. her features melted in the milky water, indistinct, hidden. he knew she would never be the same. she knew she’d never love him again. she pulled the plug, and meant it this time.

    By Jeni Mc URL on 08.28.2010

  11. She lacked any definition. One of those personalities that could be mistaken for anyone. No eccentric qualities, no strange quirks, not even an interesting hoby. Just the indistinct girl with mousey hair.

    By Annabel on 08.28.2010

  12. The indistinct sound of waves crashing on the shore jarred her from her memories. Memories of love and of happiness. Memories of his touch and his kiss and his love.

    Where had he gone? Why did he go? Did he not love her anymore? Were all his promises broken forever?

    By CrystallineSolid URL on 08.28.2010

  13. Like the different trees on a mountain, each leaf blends in with the next. Indistinct like the smell of skunk or marijuana on a college campus. Indistinct, not in da sink.

    By Stephanie McDermott on 08.28.2010

  14. It’s a weird word. I don’t know how to describe it. Monkey Nuts. Indistinct! Indistinct

    By James on 08.28.2010

  15. around the corner, where the light was coming from was the indistinct truth and revelation of all he had come to find. it was the last piece of the cruel puzzle laid before him as reality.

    By andrew URL on 08.28.2010

  16. vague like mist or mountains or goals…where I will be at the end of life…i can’t see it, it could be twenty years or twenty minutes hence. i don’t know what will be.

    By michelleraif on 08.28.2010

  17. somewhere familiar is somewhere ill go back home to the shepard hell, i dont know.
    broken am i
    lost at see
    somewhere far indistinct is me.

    By Lisa on 08.28.2010

  18. The indistinct shadow next to her bed didn’t scare her anymore.She now knew it was only her loneliness keeping her company.

    By Jamie Jetson URL on 08.28.2010

  19. The sound was indistinct as she walked through the woods. Had it been night or evening she would have been more afraid, but barely a tremble passed through her body as the echo faded away.

    By catarine on 08.28.2010

  20. Damned drunken nights. Just came back from New Orleans and I tripped and fell on my knee. Can’t walk. Everyone asks me what happened. Hell if I know- nothing was real- just a series of photographic memories.

    By in-discriminantmemories on 08.28.2010

  21. indistinct offerings like incense in Kerouac and bold yelps for godheads and popping fireworks of consumerism. Burning gasoline and flattening asphalt, the indistinct Beats beat a retreat.

    By 23ventriloquist URL on 08.28.2010

  22. The anonymity of London. The face-down, don’t-look-up masses of New York. The fear of separation.

    You are unique. Just like everyone else.

    By Eric on 08.28.2010

  23. beyond life inside

    By shannon URL on 08.28.2010

  24. there are things that are not the same but you are unsure why. the moment it becomes clear the meaning is gone and you are left with nothing but a puff or smoke where the answer once stood.

    By TheMariam on 08.28.2010

  25. Music can cure everything except misery. How can we believe shoes can look at doors? Fairies are beautiful, but unreal. I am me, me is indistinct, indistinct is nothing. We all are paintings, abstracts.

    By Rachael on 08.28.2010

  26. An indistinct silhouette was playing on the wall from the few candles placed around the small and mostly empty room. It was quiet. Very quiet. Sam knew right then something he hadn’t known before. It was going to be a long night. He had better get started.

    By Fallon URL on 08.29.2010

  27. she stood in the crowd, her face blending in with those around her. they were calling up numbers and each took the stage, but she was just another brown-hair-in-a-bun, pale-face-with-blush, black-leotard-wearing girl. she stood no chance.

    By Cait URL on 08.29.2010

  28. This is an indistinct sound that comes out of these doors. Nobody knows where it comes from or from whom, but all we can here is the sound increasing highly. Towards us. Nobody knows nothing anymore.

    By Markus on 08.29.2010

  29. This word is just like all the rest. Letters pushed together to form some kind of shape…..

    By Leroy on 08.29.2010

  30. youre so drunk and i dont even love you i cant believe you i dont believe you youll ask and ill say no

    By Laura on 08.29.2010

  31. i have no idea what this word means. it kinda makes me think though. does it mean that somethings not specific or does it mean something way different. reminds me of how the world can be… it is one thing, but how do you know it isnt something completely different? think about that.

    By shania on 08.29.2010

  32. WHat is indistinct anyway? I guess it means something might be vague. It’s the opposite of distinct. It leaves room for the imagination to fill in the blanks of things. I think I like the word better the more I think about it. That way I can have my way instead of having to commit.

    By mceeh on 08.29.2010

  33. Sitting above the tree, perched on the house i saw it. An unrecognizable object hovering above my car. Large and white, this indistinct entity flickered in the darkness before slowly subsiding into the night.

    By Jay on 08.29.2010

  34. too bad I already wrote about this word before I registered with OneWord. Oh well… I used the same user name so it’s out there somewhere… somewhere indistinct!

    By mceeh URL on 08.29.2010

  35. The smell of her cooking wafted through the hallway as Reginald Worthington III got off the elevator for their third date. Annette had been cooking all day, her French onion soup, Coq au vin, steamed green beans in raspberry vinaigrette, mesclun salad with balsamic vinegar. Reginald sat down at the table, and after an hour and a half of scintillating conversation about art, literature, nature and flirty répartée, she asked what he thought of the dinner. His one word reply was, “Indistinct.”

    By richpee URL on 08.29.2010

  36. Her plea was indistinct amidst the overpowering squawking of the crows. Her arms that covered her face were full of scratches, bloodied. The crows were flapping their wings madly, pecking and scratching at her, trying to get her pendant. But she wouldn’t give it to them, not even if she died.

    She tried to call out again, forcing her voice to top the birds’ crowing. Her rasped voice came out like garbled nonsense. She knew she would die if this kept on going. She must do something.

    By apple URL on 08.29.2010

  37. riluceva di un indistinto bagliore,
    quasi latteo e opalino,
    una piccola fiammella tremolante nel buio
    sul punto d’esser soppressa dalle ombre,
    soffocata presto prima che le arrivassimo vicino,
    come un fioco miraggio nella notte.

    By ren URL on 08.29.2010

  38. can i have another word. i really don’ even care about indistinct. what about “action” or “immortal”. both cool words.

    By Malcolm Johnson on 08.29.2010

  39. The forests are indistinct,
    simply masses of green,
    to our eyes

    The seas are indistinct
    in the same way
    different hue

    Society is indistinct,
    just waves
    of many humans

    By Jordan on 08.29.2010

  40. my mind is blurred and I can’t figure out the black from the gray from the white from the nothingness. there is no wrong or right or principle or morals. just this indistinct canvas of possibility and the hope that someday I’ll get the courage to paint it like I know I can.

    By Sian on 08.29.2010