August 28th, 2010 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “indistinct”

  1. Colours separate themselves. Distinctly in my mind. That day. Blue sky, green grass. My child on a swing. Distinct smile. And then there was that sound. As if creeping up behind her. Boom. Blood. Red. Indistinct. Hazy. Pouring memory,

    By Ken on 08.28.2010

  2. predators
    i love invisible
    mankind can’t find us
    revolves around indistinct

    By mars URL on 08.28.2010

  3. Indistinct. Unfamiliar. Unidentifiable. The fact is that you can’t figure out what it is, and that’s what indistinct is.

    By Glenn Winfrey URL on 08.28.2010

  4. Through an indistinct haze of rum and ginger ale, I managed to see Robert making his way over to me. “Hey,” he said, “It’s time you stopped drinking.”

    I downed the rest of my drink and joined him in the pool. He held my head under until I puked. He said, “I saved your life. You owe me,” and he got out. I’m still wondering what he meant.

    By RS Bohn URL on 08.28.2010

  5. Indistinct. I can’t distinguish this definition or my thoughts and I’ve hit backspace so many times I’ve wasted the seconds.

    By Amiee URL on 08.28.2010

  6. To be indistinct is to be not different than anyone else. To be indistinct is to lose your own personality. We are all told we are special. Each one is special from anyone else. But are we distinct? How can we make ourselves distinct? We are distinct by following God’s will for our lives since he made us Himself and knows our uniquenesses better than we do ourselves. To be distinct is to be separate, though made of the same material. Not better or worse than anyone, but simply our own selves. To be indistinct is to lack character or flavor in life. I prefer distinction. To work hard, to see beauty and truth and excellence and to model it to the best of my ability will distinguish me before others–and hopefully, will lead others to find their own distinctions as well.

    By Experimentress on 08.28.2010

  7. The smell of the room was so indistinct to me. There were so many possibilities – too many. I had to get out of there.

    By Jessica on 08.28.2010

  8. When she first saw the figure, standing at the end of the garden on the night of her fifth birthday, it was indistinct, fuzzy – obviously human, probably male, but foggy and featureless. She screamed for her parents, who said they could see nothing, but grudgingly allowed her into their bed after her ‘nightmare’.

    Every year after that, the figure appeared again, and each year, he grew clearer. When she reached eighteen, he was, while still grey and somewhat translucent – very clear indeed, thin and bald and hollow-eyed as he stared at her from then end of the garden, beside the shed.

    After that, he stopped becoming clearer. But he started coming nearer.

    By Joanne Sheppard URL on 08.28.2010

  9. Indistinct, the sound of howling wind, not quite audible, just present if you concentrate too hard.

    By LT on 08.28.2010

  10. Equality. There’s no such thing though. do you truly believe in justice?

    By Ren URL on 08.28.2010

  11. The indistinct nighttime sky left me feeling forlorn.

    By Terri Miller URL on 08.28.2010

  12. The yellow fuzz
    comes whipping across my face,
    past the service line
    and sits down
    in the corner of the two lines,
    perfectly placed
    by my opponent.
    I look back at the ball
    two seconds after it passes by me,
    so fast,
    like a car
    going by a walker
    letting in the sun
    and the blue sky,
    as the car
    rushes to work
    on a hot summer day
    in his black leather car.

    By Scythe42 URL on 08.28.2010

  13. it’s not full. something i cannot fully say anything about. more like something that is unknown. a word so distant that it is simply a stranger. so… far, and unloved.

    By Marissa on 08.28.2010

  14. How we feel most of the time. Life is indistinct. We are indistinct. We are blurs on the radar, short little blips on the larger screen of the world. The universe. Everything. Is it bad?

    By Samantha on 08.28.2010

  15. nondescript, like my ankles….like Tuesday and Wednesday…like vanilla…

    By Barbara on 08.28.2010

  16. it is indistinct to talk about someone that loves or has once loved you.Love them back no matter of the past.don’t be indistinct. Because there will always be someone that loved y

    By Rachel Walker on 08.28.2010

  17. There was an indistinct sound among the bushes. What was it? It sounded like a deep growling, so I just ran, then I fell and heard the rumbling getting louder. Needless to day, I’m freaked.

    By Tay URL on 08.28.2010

  18. The color was indistinct, really. It made me think of the night sky… but you know, without any starts or moon or anything. Just empty black. I suppose that’s a bad thing, but I really don’t care anymore. I don’t care if I’m a bad hero; i’m through saving the world.

    By Taylor Maoman URL on 08.28.2010

  19. His face was indistinct from all those faces that plagued the small city by the shore. He wore a loose collar, and drifted in and out of the shopping plaza on warm Sundays. I knew I’d seen him dozens of times before, but to me, it might as well have been the first time. Such was his indistinctness.

    By Zamil Akhtar on 08.28.2010

  20. I thought about this yesterday — not this specific word, but the idea that if you’re unwilling enough to do something, you essentially become unable to do it. If there’s something you despise doing, then forcing yourself to do it may break down some of your barriers against it; but is it really worth it?

    By vish URL on 08.28.2010

  21. My lyrics are indistinct from one another,
    I write and write trying to produce new material,
    but I always end up having to write about the same thing.
    Probably because it’s so important.
    Eliminate hate. Love.

    By Siege URL on 08.28.2010

  22. The scent was familiar, redolent of a fall day trapped indoors, but I could not name it. Spider webs and damp wash clothes.

    By 23ventriloquist URL on 08.28.2010

  23. i dont know. missing, the unknown. nobody will discover what is going on… fleeting, bare, foggy

    By ellen on 08.28.2010

  24. Indistinct shapes blurred around the edges of my vision. Without my glasses I was blind. But I knew it was you. It was always you. Without hesitation, I reached up and pulled your face down for a kiss. It was perfect.

    By Christopher on 08.28.2010

  25. Breezing past, you saw it but now it’s gone. Was it ever there?
    Surely it was.
    That indistinct love of teenage years… that you thought would last forever.

    By ellen on 08.28.2010

  26. FOR ALL THE REMNANTS OF MANKIND, be indistinct as a failing rain of falling stem petals. Don’t LEAVE ME!!!!

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 08.28.2010

  27. His words were indistinct. For a moment she thought he muttered, “I love you,” no matter how out of place it was.

    By Amiee URL on 08.28.2010

  28. It was indistinct as to whether the reality that she was experiencing was really real, but she didn’t mind. It was too wonderful to not be real, or at least that’s what she hoped. The world spun around them as they touched each other softly, hands against hands against arms against legs and breasts and thighs. They sighed in each other’s arms.

    By Mairead McParsis URL on 08.28.2010

  29. I couldn’t tell if the loathing I felt when I looking into your eyes was for you, or my own reflection.

    By Jordan Sawchuk URL on 08.28.2010

  30. Her face was indistinct in the dawn. Her shadow slipped across the room toward the desk. She sat down, pen in hand, ready to write to her lover. It was over. But the words would not come.

    By Mark on 08.28.2010

  31. indistinct am i
    floating through this universe
    existing and not

    By Ty URL on 08.28.2010

  32. While driving down a nondescript interstate, I looked over the baked horizon and spotted an indistinct cactus. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was just the mummified remains of yet another overzealous tourist from the nearby city of Kalamazoo.

    By Daniel URL on 08.28.2010

  33. “I’m too tired to even know what that word means tonight. Drove all over the place, three different states. Indistinct? No idea. No clue. Nothing. Now please, just let me sleep…”

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 08.28.2010

  34. I smelled something as I walked into the apartment. Some scent that was there but not quite. I can”t explain it, but thats how I knew something was wrong.

    By Dee on 08.28.2010

  35. The bodies hung from the rafters. I looked up and gagged. “What is this?” I asked Leiko. She was too appalled to answer. I looked up again at the rotting flesh. Flies buzzed around each corpse. The bodies were so rotted that I couldn’t make out a single face.

    By Marissa URL on 08.28.2010

  36. direction is lost

    By butterfly on 08.28.2010

  37. i never saw anyone that didnt look like something so that everyone is unique in their own way thus this word does not describe the human man or woman we are all different I think

    By nancy on 08.28.2010

  38. not knowing , not specific, annoying , anticipation , i wish i knew how you felt , i love you so much i need to know

    By zyeleika on 08.28.2010

  39. she was very indistinct about what she meant but nevertheless i agreed and we continued to walk.

    By jake newell on 08.28.2010

  40. one day can seem to be no different than the one before it sometimes. i feel like they all blend together and i can’t tell them apart no matter how hard i try. i want to be able to tell the difference again.

    By A on 08.28.2010