July 9th, 2014 | 42 Entries

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42 Entries for “illogical”

  1. It was illogical to think without emotion. You can’t just make a decision solely based off of fact. There’s always passion, angst, anything involved. Use your heart sometimes. Your brain isn’t the only logical one.

    By McKayla on 07.09.2014

  2. He is an illogical being. Every part of him within me i see. Sometimes to tough, to hard, to mean. Don’t know how to deal with the pain that he sees. Tries to reach deep, cant fathom to speak. His fear is he couldn’t offer the guidance i need. I wait, it try, i want to confide, but his nonreactive behavior just denies. He is so calm, so unmoved, that i have to be removed. An understanding man is what i need, and i know that is something he could ever be.

    By shatel on 07.09.2014

  3. asdf word

    By Sarah on 07.09.2014

  4. When you think about it, everything is illogical. Nothing can justify anything. Ever. If you can explain one thing, how do you explain the explanation? And that one? It’s a neverending cycle of confusion.

    By Gabrielle Delacour URL on 07.09.2014

  5. You said that my feelings were “highly illogical.” What were you, f***ing Spock? Was there really something in your mental honor code that provoked you to challenge the things I could not control? And really, was it so necessary to alert my family of the sheer audacity of my actions, my attempts to live the life I wanted without false mentors and artificial prophets standing in my way?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.09.2014

  6. “You know that what you’re doing is completely stupid, right?”

    “Yeah…but it’s fun.”

    “Okay, but it’s not going to be so fun when you accidentally kill yourself.”

    “Sure, fair enough — but I won’t know, because I’ll be dead.”

    “…you are truly insufferable.”

    “Thanks. So are we doing this, or what?”

    “Unfortunately. Let’s go then.”

    By Thespiana on 07.09.2014

  7. It made absolutely no sense. Why would she throw her laptop out the window? Her, of all people? She was supposedly the most intelligent girl at their university, and yet, here she was, standing before him with an absolutely shattered laptop, looking hopefully at him like he had any sort of ability to repair a *shattered* laptop. What, was he some sort of god? Why was Hermione Granger, most logical person in the world, expecting an act of holiness such as this from him?

    By maddiemaia on 07.09.2014

  8. “that’s illogical,” she said.
    “that’s what spock says, right?” her friend replied.
    “god. yes, but it wasn’t exactly supposed to be a reference. it was supposed to be me telling you that what you’re trying to do makes absolutely no sense.”
    “i thought you were supposed to be proud of me for making star trek references.”
    “I am. i just can’t show it right now.”
    “because you’re a vulcan?”

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 07.09.2014

  9. not logical, no logic

    By pamela URL on 07.09.2014

  10. three wizard hats sat on a lonely shelf, dust collecting in the folds of their fabric. one had a starry pattern, glittering with starlight. another had flames running up the sides like a forest fire. and the last. the last he could feel but not see, could hear voices whispering of immense power and unlimited wisdom, of endless, endless pain.

    By sunnysuraj URL on 07.09.2014

  11. It was a Chinese finger trap inverted on itself–the snake eating its tail as it simultaneously flips inside out.

    Charlie found it easier to look at his shoes.

    “Why so shy?” He could hear the smirk in its voice–though, of course, it didn’t have a mouth.

    “S-sorry,” he said, “I just didn’t know it would be so difficult to look upon the face of God. I think we were made in your image?”

    There was a big booming laugh.

    “And you think you aren’t still?”

    By Yona URL on 07.09.2014

  12. It is perfectly illogical to think you can turn into any kind of animal you want. The same way it is absurd to think that you can just up and quit your job to travel across the country in a van, living off the land and taking pictures and living like a perfect little boho.

    Illogical, yet…SO beautiful.

    (Most illogical things are.)

    By Alex URL on 07.09.2014

  13. your logic is illogical.
    please back up and restate what you said.
    try again.
    what you said does not make sense.
    no, i will not interpret it.
    you just need to be more intelligent.

    By Jas URL on 07.09.2014

  14. “This is the dumbest thing I think I’ve seen in a while” “Shut up and pull on the left sleeve” “How did you mistake the shirt for pants?” “It’s dark and 3 am. Sue me.”

    By Rachel Maduro on 07.09.2014

  15. “That’s totally illogical, Anna.”

    “How the HELL is that illogical? It made perfect sense! You’re such a dick, Bryan.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 07.09.2014

  16. For the love of all that’s holy, Lizzie, just shut up for a minute, will you? I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you, and I KNOW, I KNOW that that’s ridiculous and stupid, and that I’ll probably die tomorrow anyways, and that you probably don’t feel the same, but there. I said it. I LOVE YOU.

    By KelseyMMacpherson URL on 07.09.2014

  17. Taken at a moments pulse
    unreasoned mood that cames to you
    when all you know is what you feel
    the lights are there
    to lead you through but the reason
    why is too obscure

    By Protean URL on 07.09.2014

  18. “That is a highly illogical course of action,” she said, her expression growing confused.
    Sera grinned. “That’s what makes it fun!”
    She shook her head. “You…are very strange, Sera,”
    “You say the sweetest things.”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.09.2014

  19. it wasn’t deliberate, planned, or devised.
    the splatter on the pavement makes a shape like that of a bloodstained butterfly.
    his life would have ended not with a flash before his eyes but a crack like an egg on the side of a frying pan, like a click of a light on leaving a dark room.
    so sudden, so final.

    By probablynotwolverine on 07.09.2014

  20. Staring at him was rude.
    Introducing myself was polite.
    Offering him a place to stay was humanely mundane.
    Learning how to cook just to make him breakfast was a bit crazy, but caring.
    Singing him a lullaby to ease his emotional pain was no problem at all.
    But falling in love? With me?
    Highly illogical.

    By Cleo Hayes URL on 07.09.2014

  21. hey, I am here.

    By Narmina on 07.09.2014

  22. You’re beyond every explanation of logic. You do as you please and I do not understand you. They say women are fickle but that does not even begin to explain your eccentricity. Or the way you always have a song in your head. I have stopped wondering why you do what you do. You’re you and whatever you are makes you special. Illogical but worth it.

    By Lei on 07.09.2014

  23. ”you are just being illogical” I sighed ”don’t show me that anger of your’s. You have already done worst with your anger”

    ”you think she didn’t deserve it” he planted his hand on his hip.

    ”i think you could have done better than ruining my plan” she swiped her hand over the table causing the paper wait along with the paper’s landing on the marble flooring with a clatter.

    ”What other way did we have besides killing her? She seen us destroying the evidence”

    ”You could have kidnapped her and I could have tortured her untill death”

    By GGomes URL on 07.09.2014

  24. Ted was exasperated. He put his hand on Sarah’s shoulder and looked her in the eye, willing her to understand. “It’s illogical to expect him to come back now, he’s been gone for over a week!” Sarah looked at him, teary eyed. “But what will I do without him?”
    Ted drew a deep breath, held it for a moment, and steeled himself to break the bitter truth to her. “Sarah, You’ll get over him. And you can always get another canary!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.09.2014

  25. It is illogical to imagine a world without words. It is illogical to think of humans without communication. It is the very nature of the human species to think. I have no inkling of how it would be to think without words. I think in pictures. I think in words. When I say certain words, I see them, written down, just behind my eyelids. What would Mississippi be, if there were no five year olds with the bragging rights of knowing how to spell it? WHat would I be, if I had no words to challenge myself with? What would our society be.

    By Annie on 07.10.2014

  26. you do not see me for the rings under my eyes, you do not see me for the weight of my body, the scars on my stomach, the spaces between my teeth. is my thinking illogical, or is my reflection a distortortion?

    By t URL on 07.10.2014

  27. you do not see me for the rings under my eyes, you do not see me for the weight of my body, the scars on my stomach, the spaces between my teeth. is my thinking illogical, or is my reflection a distortion?

    By t URL on 07.10.2014

  28. The illogical goose is always on the move. today, he sat down for the first time in several months. he enjoyed his sit, complete with a spot of tea, for what seemed like an hour. in reality, the sit only lasted approximately 20 seconds. logic does not dictate.

    By Michael URL on 07.10.2014

  29. Is it too illogical to say that you have to do half the work? It feels like I’m asking too much. You MAKE me feel like I’m asking too much. And that is not fair. I’m a feminist and I don’t believe in the roles which have been set by society – you knew that. And yet, you ask me to do everything. Everything.

    By PeeVee URL on 07.10.2014

  30. Sometimes I say some of the most illogical things that you can imagine. However it is not out of disrespect of other people feelings, but it fee just good to rant sometimes.

    By victor URL on 07.10.2014

  31. “It’s illogical to think that by harassing him, you’ll win him back somehow,” Angie said. “Leave him alone. He’s such a narcissist that he’ll probably get interested again; if he doesn’t, then no big deal.”

    By mrsmig URL on 07.10.2014

  32. it was illogical to think that things would go any other way by right? why wouldn’t they? “right” being entirely unrelated to our preferences —“right” being as things should be–“right aligned with the way things are

    By Safon URL on 07.10.2014

  33. She began writing at the age of 47. She’d once had prodigious creativity, talent, perseverance, but she lacked confidence. Now she had that, mostly, until she stopped to contemplate the chances of her success. Nearly nil. But, she igored that and began. She wrote and she took classes and she joined writer’s groups. She met others who were making these same choices. She learned the only thing they had more of than she did was time. They hadn’t used so much of it. But, she

    By RebeccaZuvedru URL on 07.10.2014

  34. No point in trying to argue, she would say. No point in trying to convince her, I would think. Unstoppable force meets immovable object, what happens then ? Do we brake right before the impending crash ?

    By Guillaume URL on 07.10.2014

  35. Flames burst behind us as we skid around the corner in the belly of the volcano.
    “This must be the MOST harebrained, ILL-conceived, ILLOGICAL plan you’ve ever pulled me into!” screams my partner, hair singed.
    I harrumph, ducking around a falling stalactite. “EXcuse you, all of my plans are equally as harebrained, ill-conceived, and illogical, thank you very much!”

    By Amy URL on 07.10.2014

  36. Mary couldn’t comprehend what he was trying to do. She’s known him since early childhood, yet his actions still were often illogical to her. No matter what he tried, he never would be able to lift such big rock with his bare hands. Even if he trained for a year.

    By Naoya Yami URL on 07.10.2014

  37. he walks past my way, but i’m at a loss for words/ He tells me his truths, but they all seem absurd. I try to listen to his every one, but all i can think to my self is this is absurd. His logical flow, so illogical. You tell me something is one way, and describe how it is another way. I’m confused by your words and your actions. To me every move that you make, and every word that you speak is a so absurd that it works my nerves.

    By shatel on 07.10.2014

  38. Don’t be illogical. Think for a second. It’s not as hard as you imagine. Sit dow, shut up, and just think. Think about the repercussions of your actions. Think about what’s going to happen in a day, a month, a year. Just think.

    By Chloe on 07.10.2014

  39. She felt and attraction it made no sense to her. Every time they came near it was as if her body was calling her to them. She had never felt an attraction like this before maybe to one person but to feel it towards both of them at once, it was totally illogical to feel this way towards a couple she thought. She had felt attraction to men her whole life, but never to a women.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 07.10.2014

  40. By the time I met you, it was too late in the day to go anywhere else than Fat Mike’s Donut Shop. I didn’t know where else to go. The probability that you would find me attractive was just too far out of the sphere of my understanding. Math, I understood. Problems, logic, that sort of thing. But what I couldn’t understand was a girl with ash-brown hair and bright green eyes who wore big sweatshirts and laughed at the things I said, even when they weren’t particularly funny.

    You took a bite out of your donut, turned it on its side, and made Pac-Man noises.

    Impossible. This couldn’t be happening. You were everything.

    By haywirehay URL on 07.10.2014