November 12th, 2011 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “icicle”

  1. the long icicles hanging on the outside of the house were the first things that greeted her. she hadn’t been home in a few christmases, so much had happened. she was no longer the young girl who left.

    By Kim URL on 11.12.2011

  2. i’d like to ride my icicle!

    I’d like to ride my ike.

    Cold pointy rod.


    The icicle glistened delicately as Sproh felt the winds of Menagnog on the stream of Emanuil. etc.

    By Antsandpants on 11.12.2011

  3. snow, snow, come already
    waiting for the winter lude to begin its wonders…
    sharp ice dripping down
    you’d think i’d be a cool hearted soul
    but its wonderful; those lone crystals
    shimmering from what was
    in places like the bottom of the window sill
    a place i wish you would come
    i shall wait in anticipation,
    for that wide grin
    when you and i see the white house tops
    without any sin

    By zainib URL on 11.12.2011

  4. cold. wet. perfect murder weapon. snowmen. january. cold and ickiness. but also sparkles and holidays. good/positive.

    By Jazz on 11.12.2011

  5. frigid scenarios in a valley known as happy,
    where one cold heart forcibly plummeted his
    sub-zero dagger past the warm skin of tender youth.
    sandusky’s black sun has set, allow a new dawn’s reprise!

    By drewd URL on 11.12.2011

  6. I enjoy icicles, the icicle is the perfect weapon, it will melt all evidence away. I remember when I was little I licked an icicle and it stuck to my tongue, scariest moment of my life up to that point. Icicles are really yummy, ya know even though they are made out of acid rain. Hahah. Icicles, why don’t people use those as the snowman’s nose? It would work better!

    By Alexis M. URL on 11.12.2011

  7. It was like an icicle through the heart- deadly, sharp, and leaig no evidence. It stung, it burned somehow, and it hocked you through and through.

    By Cat URL on 11.12.2011

  8. Icicles are so beautiful. To see the light shattered by clear, frozen water is indescribable. To see rainbows in the curves and breaks of the glass, it’s like seeing someone so beautiful you wish to cry. Once, when I was little, I was working for my dad and I went outside and went to pull down this truly beautiful icicle, and a huge sheet of ice a foot long and half as thick fell down on top of my head with the icicle. I ate the icicle.

    By autumnlynn URL on 11.12.2011

  9. Okay for the first time I realise i don’t know what icicle means.
    So let me write what I think is the meaning, which is an ice that is hanging from somewhere high like a cave or something like that.
    Well since I don’t know what icicle truly and hundred percently means, please respond to my one word ‘essay’.
    And one more thing if Icicle really means what I think it means then maybe I should make like a sentence or something like that.
    So here goes nothing.
    Wait a minute now I realise I have just made almost a whole paragraph with the topic Icicle which I don’t know the meaning of.
    Nice, now I don’t have to think of witty things to write.

    By BlackMistress URL on 11.12.2011

  10. What if you looked up and one of those icicles just happened to break off at the very same time? That icicle would be the last thing you saw, that’s for sure. At least out of the eye right below the icicle.

    By Marian writes URL on 11.12.2011

  11. The sharp form of solidified water. Hangs from the ceiling of the black abyss of some caves, they melt and refresh the ground, cleansing everything.

    By KaiyaP5 on 11.12.2011

  12. I remember my sister and I would go and try to get the icicles hanging from our building. I always ate them like popsicles. But my sister would always tell me how dirty they were from the dirt and from chemicals. I didn’t care. I ate them anyway. I always enjoy a good icicle every winter :)

    By Evelyn URL on 11.12.2011

  13. Icicles dropping,
    Drowning out the silence
    With the sound of their
    Crippling my hopes.

    By Emaline URL on 11.12.2011

  14. I’ll snatch you from the ice box
    I’ll put you on my tongue
    I’ll want you get stuck
    And curse out a lung

    The pain is unbearable
    A band-aid won’t fix
    I’m afraid I’ll rip my tongue out
    But then again, I’m only six

    By K. URL on 11.12.2011

  15. i like icicles that double as swords, but do not really kill people, they just freeze your fingers off, and break before you can do any real damage.

    By Natalie URL on 11.12.2011

  16. Don’t stand underneath- it will be the death of you. Sliding, sliding. Sharp and dangerous. Broken.

    By Danielle URL on 11.12.2011

  17. cold wet my dog eating snow. snow ball fights. people being impaled. sledging down hill. broken legs. wet faces. cold hands. cold noses. laughter. yellow. creeks in back. tree forts. owls.

    By Jasmine H URL on 11.12.2011

  18. Icicle. i just wrote about this word but ok. i don’t mind. being repetitive is a part of life, like deju va. i really don’t know how to spell that word.

    By Jasmine H URL on 11.12.2011

  19. The only time I’ve seen an icicle is in my freezer. I live in the Australian country. We don’t even know what snow looks like.

    By Amelia G URL on 11.12.2011

  20. It left as suddenly as it had came, with the swiftness and ferocity of any other disaster. Power lines sagged to the snow-littered ground, others lay haphazardly across the road. Daddy looks worried. I don’t want to ask what’s wrong – Daddy’s aren’t supposed to scared of anything. I ask him if the snow means Santa is coming. He smiles, shanking his head as he picks me up into his arms, “No, sweetie. Santa doesn’t come another month.”

    By niyxx URL on 11.12.2011

  21. I’m frozen, numb. I don’t move, but I get colder and more distant by the moments. People are starting to forget me, they’re forgetting to reach out to me because the ice is getting slipperier by the minute and it’s safer to simply stay inside. But sometimes, we have to risk the fall.

    By Julia M URL on 11.12.2011

  22. With you, my world hangs in perfect balance, just like an icicle. As beautiful and pristine, cold and delicate, as the triangular cone of hardened water. With you, one tap could send me spiraling down. One tap. It may look like I am here to stay, but I will break with the lightest tremor, and shatter into pieces in the darkness below.

    By Anonymous on 11.12.2011

  23. The icicle was pointed and dripping. Its cool soul slowly fell to the hard frozen earth. Meet its match maker.

    By Olivia URL on 11.12.2011

  24. like an ice pop-
    and she giggles as he licks the frozen cherry juice
    off the tip of her nose.
    their pop!s
    hang in the frigid winter air,
    their warm exhales of laughter forming clouds above their heads;
    cupid’s arrows in frozen ice pops,
    icicles in disguise.

    By featherb URL on 11.12.2011

  25. If you stake a vampire with an icicle it won’t melt, because the undead are colder than the alive. If you stake a human with an icicle, the icicle will melt before it makes it to the heart. (If you stake a human and the icicle does not melt, the human is unalive.) This is how you can tell vampires from humans from those who just don’t care about life.

    By Calliope on 11.12.2011

  26. She stood in the snow, her toes going numb. The lake was frozen solid. A glass sheet in the bleak New England winter. Reaching as high as she could, she tugged down an icicle from the leaning birch tree. And then she threw it as hard as she could and watched it glitter in the cold air, before it burst into a thousand chiming, fracturing, skittering shards on the pond mirror.

    By cmsiena URL on 11.12.2011

  27. The icicles began to melt and so did my heart.

    “I picked this for you.” he said, as he snapped an icicle off my car.

    I tucked my hair behind my ear and looked up at him with incorrigible smile and his snow flecked hair and thought “I could get used to this kid.”

    By Audrey URL on 11.12.2011

  28. The icicles began to melt and so did my heart.

    “I picked this for you.” he said, as he snapped an icicle off my car.

    I tucked my hair behind my ear and looked up at his incorrigible smile and snow flecked hair and thought “I could get used to this kid.”

    By Audrey URL on 11.12.2011

  29. Look. I’m tired. I really don’t want to deal with right now and there is no frickin way I’m walking outside in this cold, I already feel like an icicle. You go fetch the darn thing yourself if you want it that bad. Not me. No way. No how!

    By Oz Nolem URL on 11.12.2011

  30. Ice hockey is on the TV and in the hearts of many. Ices. When formed in conjunction with gravity, ice resembles a weapon. It’s a reminder of the season….and I want to stab winter!

    By Erikkk URL on 11.12.2011

  31. She watched the winter deepen through the window. She never went out and touched it; she merely watched as the icicles on the eaves thickened.

    By bekkah on 11.12.2011

  32. The icicles were beautiful. I stared at them and pretended not to feel the burn in my fingers and toes. Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, but if you don’t respect it, you can become its victim all too easily. I knew the car needed gas, but I thought I could make it. Silly me.

    By Fender2010 URL on 11.12.2011

  33. Frozen for eternity: Me.

    By Hana URL on 11.12.2011

  34. my grandaughter Icesis – we call her Icee or sis. Makes me think of cold winter mornings with frost on the windows and snow dripping off the roof.

    By Shadie on 11.12.2011

  35. Crispy crystal clutching the ceiling so tightly. Fleeting, fragile little work of art. Here for winter and gone when the warm winds spring from far lands.

    By Judy Smith on 11.12.2011

  36. “popcicles, icicles”
    this song is all about what your boyfriend loves.
    but man, what a song.

    By j. mcnertney URL on 11.12.2011

  37. This is freezing in me,
    A burning replaced by the slow and sure sheerness of it all,
    By ending this fire, I am covered in ice,
    Taking one extreme and suffering for it,
    To be so absolutely gone,
    Or so irresolutely there,
    Well that’s a death indeed.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.12.2011

  38. drip drop falls the water, swish in comes the cold, how quickly the icicle forms.

    By Brittface URL on 11.12.2011

  39. frozen on my heart.
    shows how cold i have become.

    but..it drips?
    i thought i was so cold?
    i am still so numb..
    but i feel the mass of ice…shrink?
    how could this be?

    thank you.
    thank you for freeing me.
    only the warmth from your heart could melt mine.
    i will forever be in your debt.

    By katie URL on 11.12.2011

  40. too cold. too hard. it will kill me if i let it. but if I don’t… if i stay inside, and just watch it from the window… then it becomes beautiful. it is most beautiful as it melts drip drip drip drip, glistening, and parts of it slither down to the ground and somehow it makes a spring. somehow the grass beneath it grows. but i cannot forget. it is sharp. it is cold. and it will kill me if i let it.

    By Julienne on 11.12.2011