October 30th, 2011 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “husband”

  1. awkward since i’m male
    makes me think of animals; husbandry
    a very warm, happy word
    difficult to write about
    something i strive to be someday
    a goal to meet

    By Brandon Yenchus on 10.30.2011

  2. I couldn’t wait to be married, I couldn’t wait to have a husband, I couldn’t wait to not have to question someones love for me. But maybe before I could ever get married I would have to find a way to not question it, love, and that’s what scared me most. That I had a long way to go, a hard way to go, but I knew I could do it because of how badly I wanted a husband.

    By Marley on 10.30.2011

  3. Don’t turn back. Stop telling me the story. I’ve heard it before, how he got on one knee and pulled the box from his jacket. How you shook and stammered, blood flushing to your face. I love you, but I don’t give a damn. You’re my friend, but damn it if I can’t feel anything anymore.

    By BeckaL on 10.30.2011

  4. Why is this even a prompt?

    By Kira on 10.30.2011

  5. well, my husband and I were walking along a river bank in switzerland, wait, maybe it’s important for you to know that I am a man, and I have a husband, but I’m not gay, no, I just like having a partner whom I call a husband. we were walking, see, along this riverbank, and it was dark

    By jim on 10.30.2011

  6. someone that is supposed to be there for you no matter what! that person is your best friend! HE should show you compassion and always be on your side.

    By ricky on 10.30.2011

  7. The word “husband” invokes the thoughts of security and protection. It also means to nourish. However, this often does not happen and the meaning has evolved to being the ruler and leader without much concern for nurturing.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.30.2011

  8. It wasn’t just that he was always there, or that he never grew tired of being around me, or that he would always hold my hand. I loved him because he was my best friend and my family.

    By Rachel Maria URL on 10.30.2011

  9. A husband can be trustful. but is a relatisonship something you want to tie yourself down to? I just don’t understand sometimes. Maybe it should all be happy, but maybe not. I don’t understand. maybe, when I’m older, I will. who knows. Only fate, or God, or whoever controls this does. Sometimes I can’t wait to have a husband, and to lie in bed with him at night. But, other times, id want to be free and young and free forever.

    By Katherine on 10.30.2011

  10. When I was really little, I never imagined that I wouldn’t grow up to have a husband. Only when I became older did I realize that some people don’t ever marry. They become nuns, or cat ladies, or lesbians. And I was sad to think that love isn’t a sure thing.

    By Zoe URL on 10.30.2011

  11. to have and to hold
    be strong be bold
    when you need him to
    when you need him is always
    and he is always there and he is running his fingers through my hair
    and he is miles and years and tears away
    i’ll meet him someday though
    and he’ll be mine and i’ll feel this happiness like i’ve not ever felt before all my life
    and i’ll be his he’s gonna tell me he loves me
    and he’ll mean it
    that’ll be the difference

    By Dulcie URL on 10.30.2011

  12. I couldn’t believe it.
    After 5 years of pain, searching and fear, I found him. I knew that it would take a awhile, it wasn’t going to happen overnight, but I was sure about one thing. This man would some day be my husband

    By Roxana on 10.30.2011

  13. a husband would ba nice thing to have on a night when there are campfires to be had and stars are bright behind oneself. also when one is hanging bulletin boards. when one is thinking about music and or mooses meece caboose cabeese etc.

    By dee on 10.30.2011

  14. this poor bed all red all deep sun i want to sink soft poor bed poor me full of sperm and blood drooly blue in the pillow white walls poor dirty room poor me

    By Aviv on 10.30.2011

  15. i want a husband but not now, i want it like in 20 years or more. I think it will be graeat and funny and nice. I dont want someone like my dad.

    By andrea on 10.30.2011

  16. what should a husband be like? the perfect husband? i don’t know? maybe understanding and loving, respectful, trustful, and just love you for who you are.

    By Carly on 10.30.2011

  17. Wells they always have ti be perfect as can bc bc if you pick yhewrong one yhennnnnn it sicks for you bc your stuck! Ya know everyone in my family and Another family thinks me and this dudeare gwttting marryed and I bet my brother and his brother 100 bucks each saying we wwerbt going to but what ever! I get 200to bucks :D. Yaaa he’s asian. Ha an attractive little man but im nit going through alllll that crap again!!!! Im sick and tiers of feeling like an old marryed couple even though!!! We have never dated….I did takeout with him bit we were only ‘talking’ at that point….I Ty don’t know why im talking you this but it’s a whatever..I kinda like this alot bc I get to pour outnumbered feelings to NO BODY…really injoyong it :)))))))….but anyways uaaaa you gotta find the perfect one and grow ip before you get marryed…you have yo be able to delicate there loved too.

    By mckenzie on 10.30.2011

  18. mine.

    By olivia on 10.30.2011

  19. Once I dated someone who I thought could be my husband in the future. But after a brutal break-up, I thought I’d never find anyone else. Now I just think of the title “husband” as a pointless label. You don’t need the law’s permission to be with some.

    By M URL on 10.30.2011

  20. Wow!

    By criveness on 10.30.2011

  21. One day you will be my husband and I will love you even more than I do now 300 miles away for even when that day comes you will make me the happiest girl alive for I’ll have the greatest man that I can call my husband

    By Jami on 10.30.2011

  22. My husband is the biggest bitch in the whole world. He makes me make him sandwiches constantly, and I always in the kitchen. He’s fat, and all he does is watch football, each cheese puffs, and scratch his butt.

    By Chris on 10.30.2011

  23. I watched him carefully. I know he was her husband, but I didn’t trust him. Not one bit. He smiled charmingly at me, with that smile that seemed to captivate everyone else. Not me. I saw past it.

    By Amelia R. URL on 10.30.2011

  24. I don’t know that I could ever articulate the meaning of this word in 60 seconds.

    By Bethany URL on 10.30.2011

  25. My husband
    Committed through insecurity
    Locked in through law
    and child rearing
    Would we commit again
    If we had the time over
    I often wonder?
    But I do love you!

    By neanymac on 10.30.2011

  26. My husband used to be good. He used to be humble. Then I found out something. Something I didn’t wanted to find.

    By Gaby on 10.30.2011

  27. i really hope i get a husband when im older… im scared im not gonna get married or not be able to have babies. i really hope my husband is everything and more. i really hope that he will be the best husband any one could wish for. i cant wait to be married! i hop i will get married

    By jane on 10.30.2011

  28. thats something that a lot of people have. but im not sure that everyone wants one. husbands are usually subject to cheating on their wives. or is that just a stereotype. look at leann rimes. shes probably bad you know. wow i dont know. i think its not all about love.

    By Leo on 10.30.2011

  29. I don’t have one. I’m much too young. I want one one day maybe. If I had to pick one person to marry right now, it’d be David, or Zach, or Brock, or Jamie. Obviously I’m much too young given my answer. Still more time, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    By Shannon on 10.30.2011

  30. My husband is dead. I woke up one morning and found him in the grass, two stories below our bedroom window. I don’t know what overcame him, and I just wish I could have saved him in the end, the way I was supposed to. I guess now I’m just going to turn onto the bottle a little more than I always have.

    By blessingmoon6 URL on 10.30.2011

  31. i hate it when i think that my future is still in between two continents, two worlds even. i wonder who’s going to marry me, knowing that i’ve been an expatriate half of my life, that i consider myself a white south-east asian, that i’m a citizen of the world. i hope he will put up with that.

    By Jo URL on 10.30.2011

  32. A husband is a lover, best friend, fighter. Someone that many women need to survive their daily life. Some people also think that a husband is someone who will weigh you down everyday. Lady Macbeth saw her husband as someone who could do her dirty work. Husbands can sometimes be helpful and useful and loved but others are independent enough to not need them.

    By Jordan URL on 10.30.2011

  33. A man who is supposed to be there for you in all times. You have married him. Ya’ll have an anniversary with him. Ummm you supposed to love him. You are able to divorce him but not everyone gets a divorce.

    By Savannah URL on 10.30.2011

  34. He can’t marry her. Unless…no, he can’t think like that. He can’t. They can’t. It would involve too much. Running away, losing everything. But sometimes he looks at her and thinks it would be worth it if he could replace his current title with the new one of husband.

    By Cassie URL on 10.30.2011

  35. I had a husband once. I thought. He was not the man I thought he was. I often think how hard it must have been for him to pretend to be a nice person. He played a good part for the better part of two years. Can you really ever know a person? I wonder.

    By Fender2010 URL on 10.30.2011

  36. My future husband will be someone caring, someone kind.
    He will protect my children and provide.
    And while he may not always be calm, he will forever be mine.
    He will play with the children and laugh with them, cry with them.
    But most importantly…he will love Christ with all his heart and mind.

    By Katie Comstock on 10.30.2011

  37. Loving.
    He holds me
    In his arms forever.
    Safe from all harm.

    By Calleigh on 10.30.2011

  38. My sister’s husband. I’ve never been the biggest fan from the beginning. But now that she won’t give him a chance, I take his side. But will he change? Will he really change?

    By Evelyn on 10.30.2011

  39. I’m afraid and intrigued with the thought of getting married. But when I think about getting married to you i’m not so scared anymore. I think about us going some where semi-far away and we’d live in a dumpy little apartment and furnish the entire thing with furniture from yard sales and urban outfitters and we could cook eggs in the morning and have coffee in the evening and wouldn’t it spectacular.

    By Cube URL on 10.30.2011

  40. I want to be a husband some day. I assume this is fairly common, like wanting to see the world. I’m just worried that I won’t find the woman I want, or something along those lines. Generic fears. Hopefully those of you who have had success can pass that on to me.

    By Byron on 10.30.2011