June 30th, 2011 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “honest”

  1. It was easy, and yet she still couldn’t bring herself to say it. She couldn’t just snap a heart in two like that. Since when had honesty become so difficult between them? Perhaps it was when his brother died. Maybe that was it. But how could she tell him that she didn’t love him anymore?

    By Eponine24601 URL on 06.30.2011

  2. honesty is key to anything real. it makes the world go round…people live fullfilled with an honest mind. without the truth there is no redemption.

    By morgan on 06.30.2011

  3. I’m honest. I swear. But ask my friends if they’re honest to me and i know for a fact that they”ll lie that they are. But I know the signs of when they’re lying. One laughs too much, making it obvious. Another one’s face starts to turn extremely red. And yet another one won’t look you in the eye at all, suddenly finding an interest in the carpet or on a spot above my head . I know these signs by heart, having seen them on so many sunny, hot days, when we decide to meet up for the summer. Yet I can’t help but be honest to them.

    By Nelly on 06.30.2011

  4. People see honesty as this admirable trait, this great thing. But when someone actually tries to be honest with them, they often get angry and take it out on the honest person. I think it’s because we don’t want to see certain parts of ourself, and knowing that someone else has seen these parts terrifies us because it means we aren’t doing as good of a job hiding as we originally thought. In this case, fear is covered up with anger. Honesty is a lonely road.

    By alexandria natalya URL on 06.30.2011

  5. We are so honest with each other. We have such a strong trust and care for each other. It’s astounding.

    By laughalot on 06.30.2011

  6. Why should i be honest? Who is honest in the world in this age and place? Maybe we all want to be honest but everyone is just too afraid of being honest since honesty is painful as hell if done without tact.

    By David on 06.30.2011

  7. She realized that she was very cross – what was keeping her from peace in this moment. A simple belief. She honestly thought the world was out to thwart her, and that circumstances conspired against her so that she would never get what she wanted fully.

    By Valerahaha URL on 06.30.2011

  8. Katie’s best friend, Miranda, was always honest.

    “To be honest, I really hate grapefruit.
    To be honest, I think you sound awful.
    To be honest, those shorts make your butt look fat.”

    It was then that Katie began hating honesty.

    By Mildred URL on 06.30.2011

  9. Honest hearts have nothing to fear while walking down the lonesome road. It is the heart blacken by the stray ink that trembles with every step trying to remember a road they pinched from another travelers map.

    By David Simba Douglas URL on 06.30.2011

  10. I’m not really an honest person. I like to tell myself that I am but I’m usually lying. As a little kid I was constantly just making things up that didn’t really happen just because I was bored. I catch myself doing it even now. when I’m drunk at least.

    By Grace on 06.30.2011

  11. I didn’t kill him.

    By Helen URL on 06.30.2011

  12. being honest is the true actual meaning of being honest. because if you’re honest, you are, in essence, honesty. honesty is telling someone they have something in their teeth, and saying when you’re mad at them, and telling them that you love them. love is honesty. without honesty, there is no love.

    By Sarah on 06.30.2011

  13. um dia eu cheguei e peguei na pata do meu cachorro. o que era tudo aquilo? que raios de companhia? mas enfim, eu estava sozinho, embora inseguro e honesto comigo mesmo. não sabia mais de nada.

    By helena on 06.30.2011

  14. I tried to be honest, but as every man, I didn’t can do it perfectly, so now I lost your heart and you broke mine.

    By MiltonRGVentura URL on 06.30.2011

  15. What everyone wishes they could be more, especially in situations where the mind is working on overdrive. Every person out there wishes they could have one great honest moment that was free of consequences.

    By Matt on 06.30.2011

  16. feel. looks. hello, how was your night? frightened. upset. longing. it was okay, i just hung around with some friends. crushed but smiles. it sounds like you are doing very well. i am too. pained. tears held. yeah, we are both doing great. lies.

    By SketchTheMessenger URL on 06.30.2011

  17. I’m trying to be, with you all
    I’m scared, I fear what will become
    I fear what you will think, what you will see when all is said and done.
    A shell, broken, my Walls crumbling to the ground
    I don’t think you could bear it or even begin to know what to do
    I’m trying to step over the line and let you in
    I know one day I’ll have to or it will plague my mind forever
    one day I’ll be honest, one day I’ll give in.

    By Thinker on 06.30.2011

  18. “I’ll be honest”
    she began.
    He looked up from his simple morning meal of a bagel and cream cheese and a coffee. He pushed his glasses up his nose and set down his cream cheese covered knife.
    “What?” he asked.
    They both knew that he had heard exactly what she had said but they were going to pretend that they hadn’t.
    “I need to tell you the truth”

    By Rhia on 06.30.2011

  19. I wish I was honest with you. Cos honestly, I wish I didn’t love you so much. I can’t imagine being with anyone else, but with your schizophrenia it makes it hard for you to make up your mind and connect to me. I try to understand, I really do.
    I’m sorry I can’t always be the way you need me to be… but I try.
    I love you, honestly, I’m sorry.

    By Courtney on 06.30.2011

  20. I feel that I’m honest with everyone about how I feel about them, but rarely am I honest with everyone about how I feel about myself. If they knew that, I might list some of my credibility when I “judge” them. Wrong? Yes…but honest.

    By Jason Jones on 06.30.2011

  21. I wish I could be honest with myself, because if that were the case, I’d be more prone to being honest with those around me. I mean, I don’t lie. But I don’t share the whole truth, and that’s what kills me.

    Even worse…I don’t think I want to share everything. The little secrets cut me in pieces, and it makes me stronger.

    By Kate URL on 06.30.2011

  22. To be honest, I don’t know what to write about that word. How everyone uses it, but disgracing it at the same time? To be honest, no one is honest, even to themselves, really it’s a shame, honestly!

    By geistermaske URL on 06.30.2011

  23. In trying to be.

    By Forgoten on 06.30.2011

  24. Honesty is an important quality in people. The more honest they are, the easier they are to get along with, in my opinion. Honest people just seem more genuine. You’ll never have to wonder if they’re lying or playing games with you. This might sound boring, but you don’t have to lie to have fun.

    By xstal URL on 06.30.2011

  25. Somtimes it’s hard to be honest. When I was 10 my mother told me, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” and I remember thinking how difficult this could be, especially when it came to people you really cared about. What if someone gets you a gift for your birthday that you absolutely hate and they ask, “do you like it?”. Honesty is hard.

    By Kirsten on 06.30.2011

  26. Two of the most honest things that you can say: “I love you” and “I don’t love you.” With these two, powerful phrases, we have the power to either mend a heart, or break it.

    By Lo on 06.30.2011

  27. He tells me that he is being honest. I can only have faith and trust in him that he is being honest with me. When he lifts my head so my eyes will meet his, and says into my eyes that he loves me, I can’t help but believe him.

    By Kt Perner URL on 06.30.2011

  28. To be honest, is such a hypocritical sentence. Life is not adicted to honesty, altough society is. Its a social construct.

    By Aksel Høymo on 06.30.2011

  29. The importance of being honest goes much further than meets the eye. It is the credibility that you have by knowing that you are an honest person.

    By Lindsay on 06.30.2011


    By JORDAN C on 06.30.2011

  31. “Don’t you want me to be honest?” I asked curiously. She sighed. “Yes…I come to you because you tell me the truth, even if I don’t want to hear it.” “That’s what I thought,” I said self-assuredly. She continued straight, on the path of denial; I turned left, onto the road of the independent and care-free.

    By Marissa URL on 06.30.2011

  32. True and faithful always there for you , tells you the truth the best thing anybody can tell you anyone that lies straight to youkjk

    By Jbls on 06.30.2011

  33. Her frank honesty made me want to punch her in the face. My fist curled at my side.
    “You don’t know what you are talking about” I said icily.
    I then turned and walked away. I’ve never felt more proud of myself.

    By Alessandra on 06.30.2011

  34. being complete truthful even if it hurts. A trait that everyoner should have. I am not completely honest all the time though I do try.

    By bob on 06.30.2011

  35. taking care of what needs to be taken care of
    true to yourself
    true to others
    thinking about others and the things that you do
    ethically being prepared to do waht needs to be done and following your character

    By Susan on 06.30.2011

  36. To be honest is to always tell the truth, is to always do and be yourself not pretend to be someone else. Honesty is a value you grow with is not something you will get to learn or maybe you do. Now that I think.

    By Claudia on 06.30.2011

  37. Fake People arent honest. To sit there and to say you were my best friend then tell a bold faced lie. Thats not honesty. You not honest Kaylah Marie Morris. Your fake. Have you ever thought that wih younot liking so many people its not them its You!

    By Lani on 06.30.2011

  38. being true to yourself. Working hard at what you feel in right and for the best of everyone involved. Keeping true to your morals and values based on experiences and continue

    By vleggett on 06.30.2011

  39. es la única forma de ser. Si no soy honesto, no hay congruencia, puedo ser lo que yo quiera, pero la honestidad se transparenta en mis acciones, aunque yo no lo crea.
    Si no soy honesto, no podré ser yo. por eso hay que tratar de ser la persona que soy para que ahora pueda ser la verdad. honestidad tiene que ver con verdad, no con apariencias. Me gusta la honestidad.

    By A on 06.30.2011

  40. friend, commitment, harmony, simple, non-complicated, sharing, good time, nice, transparent, clear

    By Me on 06.30.2011