June 30th, 2011 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “honest”

  1. Honest is what I try to always be, but there are a few things when its is just better to lie. Never answer a loaded question honestly. Do I look fat in this is one of the leading causes of divorce.

    By jasmith URL on 06.30.2011

  2. I

    By scottie URL on 06.30.2011

  3. The honest opinion of the woman in front of me was not important. What was important was the case she’d brought me- and the dough it’d bring in. I could tell she disapproved, but she knew I was the only one who’d solve the crime for her, especially if she didn’t want to involve the police. Sometimes a private dick’s your only hope, even when he smells like booze and cheap cigars.

    By Bookhobbit URL on 06.30.2011

  4. Honesty is the best policy. I’m sure a lot of people know this, and yet we all seem to forget that it is.

    Who can blame them, though? It seems as though we were built to take the easy way out. It’d be hard to find a person in their right mind who would be willing to tell the truth, no matter the consequences.

    By Josh URL on 06.30.2011

  5. Being honest is a very virtuous act. In fact honesty wasn’t a word before. It wasn’t something where you could say “I’m an honest person.” Prior to the world’s sin, which is the breaking of Adam and Eve’s obedience to God did the word of honest and deceptive come into play. Honest before was simply a default setting. While today being deceptive is having a lack of facing the fact of reality.

    By Anthony URL on 06.30.2011

  6. Honest. Am I honest? Is anyone? Define it. Can’t. What do you think? Honest…find the words. Honest, I can’t…

    By Liz on 06.30.2011

  7. What I need to be. Honesty is the quality of being able to tell the truth, to be truthful. It’s actually a hard quality to master, for me. Lied tend to be easier for getting out of trouble, yet it feels better when telling truths. Honesty…it’s a quality many lack. But actually, if you think about it, the truth is better than lies.

    By Allison on 06.30.2011

  8. Honesty is a virtue that is hard to describe. There are very few who can be honest and most people are liars, me being no exception. Those who are honest are hard to find, There are very few people who can say honestly that they are honest. They have a drive for truth.

    By rachel on 06.30.2011

  9. honesty is the best policy sometimes maybe at least i think so but i guess a lot of people don’t because lies are everywhere lies lies lies lie about this and that and everything why can’t people be honest i mean sometimes i lie but i usually have a good reason for it but i guess that’s a lie so i guess i lie too and honesty is great but i’m just not good at it so whatever but some people can do it and that’s good for them but i like lying better because i don’t even know.

    By kayla on 06.30.2011

  10. Honesty is something actually is actually exactly what i need in my life…i need to be honest with mysefl and i need to be honest with people that i interact with on a daily basis i need to stop running from tension and just be honest play with tension ti will set me free becuase the only times in life when i have felt free is when i am honest.

    By ajloopy URL on 06.30.2011

  11. Not Obama.

    By Regina Grant on 06.30.2011

  12. People are scared by honesty. My “too honest” nature has gotten me into trouble and I’ve been called a bitch more times than I can count. I sincerely believe telling someone they’re wearing bad shoes is the nice thing to do…I mean isn’t it better to point it out rather than let them walk around making a fool of themselves?

    By kat URL on 06.30.2011

  13. He was always honest. It was like he didn’t even know how to lie, or just like he didn’t know why anyone ever would. It actually got annoying sometimes. He was just so much better than everyone else like that. It made you feel like a bad person. Oh well. Maybe it was a good thing, really.

    By Zoe C. URL on 06.30.2011

  14. im honest, i promise
    I will never hurt a sonnet
    im pretty noticeable, kinda like a comet.

    By gerald on 06.30.2011

  15. Impossible important crucial hurtful sad brutal the truth liars cheaters never win painful beautiful helpful difficult real what you want what you need

    By Erin on 06.30.2011

  16. Honest

    Honesty is everything to me. Honesty in your words, in your dealings with people… and especially in your dealings with me. And that includes standing by your word. If you give your word, whether casually (“I’ll call you!”) or definitively (“I promise.”), you’d darned well better stick by it, if you ever expect me to stick by you.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 06.30.2011

  17. the honesty of my love for my soul mate
    is pure and without limits
    the honesty of my heart will always
    be for that person and no one else
    seen or not seen
    it is true and honest love

    By she53lly URL on 06.30.2011

  18. “You want me to be COMPLETELY honest?”
    “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”
    “All right, if you wanna know the truth… which you don’t, by the way, but if you wanna know the truth…”
    “Tell me.”
    “Harry’s a Horcrux.”
    “I KNEW it! I knew it, I tell you!”

    By Alex Ander URL on 06.30.2011

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    By shardinaa on 06.30.2011

  20. Burning. In my throat. Choking me. I don’t want to tell you this, but I have to. If I swallow these words, it will kill me. Strike me dead in my sleep.
    “I don’t love you any more.”
    And now that I have said it, I’m afraid the truth will kill me too.

    By Sally URL on 06.30.2011

  21. I have to be honest and say that I am just on the brink of getting my act back together. It occurred to me this morning that this steroid inhaler might be causing all these headaches, so I looked online, and it may very well be the culprit. So I know this is a weird use of the word honest, but that’s what came to my mind. ha ha ha!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 06.30.2011

  22. I am a pretty honest person. But honestly, honesty is something very hard about life. No one is completely honest all the time. Even your parents. Remember when they told you Santa was real? Yeah, well now think about it. Santa isn’t real so….they lied. Also, friends lie…alot.

    By Langley on 06.30.2011

  23. I was being honest when I said that her hair looked terrible. It really wasn’t an attempt to be cruel, though you couldn’t tell from her reaction. It was as if I had told her that her ass was the size of a house, or her face looked like a fountain of vomit suspended in time like the Matrix.

    By Steven Garcia on 06.30.2011

  24. dans la chemise… l’écart ne MENT
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    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.30.2011

  25. Honesty is the best policy. Honest abe is extremely well known in history. If one is honest, he receives much importance. Its extremely difficult to be honest. If you cant be honest, you are mostly dishonest. Is it easy to be honest? Can I be honest if I want? Maybe I could be honest. In my effort to be honest I would probably end up being dishonest.

    By mithun mukherjee URL on 06.30.2011

  26. It was hard to be honest with him. So difficult over the phone, and even more difficult in person. I had to try though. It wasn’t fair to leave him hanging. But, he was leaving me hanging. Maybe I could just let it go. It doesn’t matter too terribly.

    By Halibut URL on 06.30.2011

  27. i think that everyone just needs to be honest. nobody is honest, and its just rediculous. why twist things aorudn when you can be honest, and build a truthful relationship? i love this girl, but she won’t be honest, and i don’t know what to do. she thinks i dont love her, but i am nothing but honest. i base a lot off of honesty, i jsut wish others could do the same. why keep secrets if you really want to be with somebody? secrets dont build relationships, and im getting hurt. who wants to be hurt when you can just be honest. so im begging you, please be honest, if you are really my friend … hopefully more than that, please, be honest.

    By ilovemonkey on 06.30.2011

  28. Honesty should be important to everyone. Never believe in the excuse “I didn’t tell you the truth because I didn’t want to hurt you” – that’s ridiculous. I need someone who is honest to me, even when I don’t ask for their true opinion. To ask someone to be real isn’t right, they should always be true.

    By Sarah Pasia on 06.30.2011

  29. Honesty is not always the best policy. Your true thoughts, true feelings, true desires, could get you into trouble. The truth can hurt people. The truth may set you free, but at what price?

    By Jspeed29 URL on 06.30.2011

  30. People need to be more honest with each other. Yes, sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes, it hurts really bad. But it needs to be said, nevertheless.

    By Emilia URL on 06.30.2011

  31. Lying. That when someone lies, another person says “you should have be honest and told the truth.” Honesty. Telling the TRUTH. Not lying. Secrets and rumors. School rumors about girls’ crushes.

    By Skyler URL on 06.30.2011

  32. Honesty is always the best policy- I wish it was a policy that everyone followed. So many times people have lied about various things, some of them so petty. But I wish that they would realize that if they had just been honest, I probably would have been fine with it.

    By Grace on 06.30.2011

  33. Being true and clean. Not messy. Honesty is hard. We lie to ourselves everyday about our situations, and the state of the world.

    By Kendra on 06.30.2011

  34. a honestidade é bonita.faz as pessoas dizerem a verdade a verdade é linda linda és tu, menininaah pois és como uma flor num jardim bem cheiroso e florido e cheio de passsa rinhos bonitos a piar e a bailar, mal acabam de nascer

    By Dinis on 06.30.2011

  35. sometimes honesty can be tricky. honesty can sometimes lead to trouble, but honesty is often necessary. honesty allows you to allow yourself to feel accurately and confidently. it keeps you from tricking yourself into believing what you want to believe. it helps you see the truth. sometimes the truth is hard to face, but honesty is essential in doing so. honesty with yourself is harder than with another person.

    By vanessa on 06.30.2011

  36. já escrevi sobre a honestidade aiaiai! estamo-nos a repetir. eu repito-me muito, às vezes as estou sempre a contar as mesmas piadas mas as pessoas continuam a ouvir. oque é que se há de fazer? ah! a honestidade! já não me lembrava

    By Dinis URL on 06.30.2011

  37. i

    By Ann on 06.30.2011

  38. honest! brutally so. i am honest with myself: you were stupid, and now you are free! but i am afraid: in ten years i will be dead. i talk to him about baby sharks, he is honest when he sees a fat person. no poetry can save me now.

    By lulu on 06.30.2011

  39. Honestly? I love you more than anything else that life has ever offered me. From your fringe tips, to the veins on your hands. I love the way you treat your mother, and I love the way you stretch your legs out beneath the desks we sit on.

    By ChloeJ626 URL on 06.30.2011

  40. honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue. she sat at the table contemplating the meaning of the word, wishing it would come through in her own life instead of everyone elses. her friends had abandoned her and she was left with nothing but lonliness and lies. they

    By Ellen on 06.30.2011