June 23rd, 2011 | 568 Entries

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568 Entries for “history”

  1. The long lonely road we have been down, that creates itself. Onwards to tomorrow to make it anew.

    By Klax on 06.24.2011

  2. the following history of the woolen jumper conducts question in the authenticity of its style and place in modern society, yes it becomes evident through modern culture that a relapse of “vintage”wear has entered the world of fashion but it seems the cheap has become the most expensive.

    By jenna on 06.24.2011

  3. our past. no escaping it. yet we have the ability to change the future by not repeating the past. thank goodness.

    By Lesli Messinger URL on 06.24.2011

  4. life, telling, educational, important, mine. The proof of our humanity.

    By Brenda URL on 06.24.2011

  5. the thing about history is that it will remain the opinion of the victor. the internet will change this eventually and he rest will be history.

    By Ajith Singh on 06.24.2011

  6. He didn’t want to repeat history. He didn’t want to fall short of his dreams, or even what he thought was readily plausible, and fail. He didn’t want to mess things up, and never see her again. If he failed this time, it would be the end of his life. He couldn’t prove history right again, not like his brother did years before.

    By Caitlin URL on 06.24.2011

  7. History is made everyday. That is what the marketing gurus behind the History Channel want you to believe. But they are selling entertainment. Real history may be quotidian, but it is also made up of grand events. Context matters. It takes time to create history.

    By Jspeed29 on 06.24.2011

  8. when all the girls had run through there remainied a lingering scent of soap and sweat mingled – she stood as the shade deepened in the schoolroom – the boat would leave in the morning – in time the slates would move and the walls shift leaving the chimney heads alone standing like whale ribs

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 06.24.2011

  9. “History”, she said, derisive snort and heavy sigh into her beer bottle, musical bottle notes wafting hop fumes. “fuck it. It’s all history.”

    By meredith on 06.24.2011

  10. life as it happens. what our forefathers made that has paved the way for us to succeed in life. the basis on which we create our values and morals and standards. examples of good and bad things

    By Kimla on 06.24.2011

  11. george washington heart compasion detacation usa libya love loyal abe lincon honest past in the past in the future to become written in stone

    By ekstar on 06.24.2011

  12. It binds us, holds us back, can teach us, and yet we always use it in the wrong way. History is for teaching us of our mistakes, not for limiting our futures and, more importantly, our present moment.

    By Courtney | La Fille Américaine URL on 06.24.2011

  13. love jesus b.c. u need it written in stone love god’s world uh made in a beutiful way theres always tommorow future beholds and u need to listen to it.

    By ekstar URL on 06.24.2011

  14. old men in white wigs talking about justice for other old white men in old white wigs. defeats and triumphs, wars and celebrations, families torn apart and some families reunited. growth and expansion.

    By Julia Isaacs on 06.24.2011

  15. She looked over her should. Startled, her hands began trembling uncontrollably. “Only minutes left, I must find it.” She whispered to herself as she leafed through the pages in search of the true history of the Order. Foot steps!

    By Oz Nolem URL on 06.24.2011

  16. “The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds.”

    By Jemma on 06.24.2011

  17. Boring , stale. History is yesterday’s news. Can we really learn from it? Perhaps. But more likely we’ll use our current ideas to frame the history we attempt to “examine”.

    By Teach URL on 06.24.2011

  18. i have a history. so does every one else. we make it. we live it. its always a part of life. you can make your own history. you just have to think.. what do you want your history to be? answer me that son.

    By Sarah on 06.24.2011

  19. my least favorite subject in school.
    its over, finished, history,
    so why do we need to relearn it ever year?

    By katie URL on 06.24.2011

  20. the lessons we learn, the past that shapes our lives currently. How we evolved, and became what we are now. Our family, and what shaped their lives. The trials and tribulations of the past. The lessons of world culture over the years.

    By julie on 06.24.2011

  21. History is full of wonderful women…so many of whom have been unsung heroines. They inspire, motivate and encourage us to live our greatness.

    By Kate Sanner URL on 06.24.2011

  22. That book.
    People have long thrown it away; they use it as a paper stand perhaps, or they might have stowed it away somewhere. They might even use it as a coffee coaster.
    But not me. Mine is still kept safe.
    I leaf through it sometimes, thinking back about those days when that same book meant so much more.

    By Ada URL on 06.24.2011

  23. History is a terribly boring subject. People can never learn anything from history anyway, because history repeats itself. Since it is going to, why bother racking our brains studying it. History just keeps you stuck to the past.
    Aren’t we supposed to move on in life?

    By kiran URL on 06.24.2011

  24. book

    By Peggy Orange on 06.24.2011

  25. History keeps you stuck in time, doesn’t let you move on. I wonder why people make us study it anyway. Such a waste of time.
    I prefer science, less rote learning. We have enough dates to keep track of, why learn more?
    I guess my resentment regarding history is merely because I’ve been so terrible at it, so I adopt the grapes are sour approach.

    By kiran URL on 06.24.2011

  26. I see Hitler in his sauve uniform, and in a moment of folly, I fell in love with him. His moustache was so alluring I couldn’t help but kiss it. Then, history happened again.

    By Jessica L URL on 06.24.2011

  27. It’s one of my favorite subjects – in fact, I minored in it during college. How can you figure out where you are going without reviewing the past? Lessons in history are crucial to understanding our world cultures now, as well as political entanglements. Social, political, economic… it all ties together through history.

    By Megan on 06.24.2011

  28. history. history is the moments we lived, lost forever. eternity. history is what we yearn for. history is what makes us cringe, what makes us laugh, what makes us cry. I cannot long for history. i must present myself according to the present.

    By Emily URL on 06.24.2011

  29. I’ve already written about history. I guess this makes my other little paragraph history. Those sixty seconds are history. They are so close I can touch them, but I can’t have them back.

    By Emily Amanda URL on 06.24.2011

  30. History is such an elusive idea. History can be sorties from so long ago or they can be connections made just last week. History even well documented is still a mastery of intricate tails passed along, no doubt with embellishments intertwined by the story teller and received by listeners that hear only what suits them as they formulate their version to be passed along.

    By Renee URL on 06.24.2011

  31. history is everything that is not in the present or in the future, everything that has already happeneed. It is not all significant and most of it is unfair and shows examples of humans killing each other and ruining our own world right down through the ages.

    By Caoimhe URL on 06.24.2011

  32. The past. What we cannot relive but only visit in our thoughts and books. What we must learn from. What every person has. Discovering the past. Understanding.

    By Monica on 06.24.2011

  33. He hated it, you know. Because she used to be in this class; but now she was gone, and he was left to study the Battle of Lexington all by himself. Lonely solider, fighting alone.

    By Caitlin on 06.24.2011

  34. Everyone has a history. Everyone looks back on their history. Everyone says why did I do this, why didn’t I do that, if only I knew. It’s a tough game., this history, but there is no game change now. So live with it, appreciate it, and know you did the best you could with what you had.

    By Ilona on 06.24.2011

  35. It is a way of telling the past whether it was beautiful or ugly. It shows how human beings have evolved. It is fascinating and beautiful, and sometimes cruel.

    By Alexandra on 06.24.2011

  36. the past that can provide insight into the future. memories of what has happened before documenting the best and worst of the time. something to be reminded of and hold dear.

    By Cheryl on 06.24.2011

  37. So that was 5 years ago and through the therapy, the medication, the heartache (at times), alcoholic binges and recovery, sports, books (fiction, popular science, philosophy – I found that there were other mes in other universes), I am finally healed.

    By Bryan URL on 06.24.2011

  38. history is what makes you, you. Without history, there are no stories, there are no memories. History is a great story to tell and it all comes together when you least expect it to make the best story of your life.

    By Victoria Smiley on 06.24.2011

  39. History is the story of who we are – individually and collectively. It gives us our roots and provides a plan for the future. We can repeat things that worked and avoid things that have proved disasterous if we do not heed the past.

    By Jo on 06.24.2011

  40. life’s lesson. too many people in this country no longer know our history. They rarely know other countries histories. Its such a shame really. but then, you might figure that knowing the history isn’t the same as living the history. Sometimes history can hold you back, in the same way that traditions stunt growth. Stodgy really. Create your own history. That’s the way forward.

    By Barbara B URL on 06.24.2011