June 6th, 2016 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “hiking”

  1. When we go hiking, we always put on caps to protect our faces from getting burnt. We love to hike.

    By Tallissa on 06.06.2016

  2. It was a cool misty morning and not a single noise was heard besides from the wind whistling so i went for a hike in the woods i did not see much animals but i did see a dear or two. That is what hiking is about seeing the animals and enjoying the outdoors.

    By meghan on 06.06.2016

  3. I like to hiking in the morning or in the afternoon.
    Is a good habit for the health. And a good way to loose weight. Where I live, there are many places, to hiking.

    By Rodrigo URL on 06.06.2016

  4. Knot of knuckle
    root and dirt
    woven and reaching
    peakbound –

    Every precarious step
    (eyes on the feet)
    respecting the trip
    of you.

    By dinamspice URL on 06.06.2016

  5. Hiking is best in the summer. you can go with family, friends, pets or by yourself. Sometimes the weather is hot but seeing great sights is fun.

    By Emmalee on 06.06.2016

  6. Climbing up the mountain, they came to an impasse; lurching over the trail was a stalwart rock. It jutted over the cliff confidently; and as such, deflated their confidence of progressing.

    By ml on 06.06.2016

  7. The first thing I read was Hi King. Took me a second to realize that it meant hiking. Hiking is awesome. To be immersed in nature, with the vibrant smells and sounds.

    By Evelene Montano URL on 06.06.2016

  8. Exploring the unknown can be a rewarding experience. Walking the trails, smelling the fresh air, seeing sites unknown, taking int the splendor and glory of God.

    By Teri McClanahan URL on 06.06.2016

  9. She schleped her bag over her shoulder and continued to climb. “Oh, I love the outdoors,” she mocked herself, “Oh, hiking that sounds like so much fun. You’re so strong and brave.”
    It’s walking.
    It’s not that impressive.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.06.2016

  10. I do not know alot about hiking because I have never been. i am guessing however, that one must be physically in shape to complete this task. Which I am most definitely not!

    By Kristin URL on 06.06.2016

  11. When I think of hiking, I picture 2 individuals walking through the woods. It’s an opportunity to relax, hear the birds chirping and the squirrels playing. Then I see them come to a clearing with the sun shining on their faces at the edge of a pond. Being out in nature and hiking is good for the soul. It gives you an opportunity to relax and regain yourself. Everything else can just go away and you can just be yourself.

    By Cindy Yankovich on 06.06.2016

  12. I love hiking. Trails, wilderness, stepping over pebbles and stones, breathing in the cool crisp pure air….! thats the perfect therapy for mind and body. Just like music.!

    By confused doc URL on 06.06.2016

  13. It was seven miles to town; it seemed impossible to do. All 16 of us, trudging along country roads and highways to get to a strip of bars and dry goods shops and old clothing stores and furniture stores going out of business. Places where old men stood out in front of dying businesses waiting for the inevitable to happen. But we were so far from being their age and living their lives that they might as well have been animals in a zoo that you looked at and, if you were nice, respected, but never wanted to be. We were being punished by the camp director for not taking our responsibilities as Counselors and Counselors in Training seriously enough. By that he meant I don’t know what, but I think he basically wanted to get the hell out of camp because the early evening was beautiful, perfect weather, a stillness of light and color and coolness that made you want to stand and just keep breathing it in and taking it in because you sure never got any of this where you came from, anywhere near your house. So he rounded us all up, made sure we were wearing good hiking shoes and had flashlights and mosquito repellant, which never repelled anything except your own sense of smell, and we set out, grumbling at first. Seven miles one way; we’d get pizza at the only pizza joint within twenty miles, then seven miles back in the dark or near dark. I didn’t want to go; I didn’t like hiking. And had I known what would happen to me along the way, I might not have gone. There is, though, a part of me that will always be grateful for going. Because it was the night I fell in love for the first time in my life, at the age of fourteen with no chance of anything ever coming of it.

    By ruby on 06.06.2016

  14. I like to go hiking, although I dont’ enjoy very strenuous hikes with long decents. Hiking is a great way to explore the countryside.

    By htiek URL on 06.06.2016

  15. The group went hiking in the mountains for over 3 weeks trying to get to the top.

    By firecadet on 06.06.2016

  16. I went hiking in the mountains for a couple weeks and then came back. I also went and hiked on another mountain after that.

    By firecadet on 06.06.2016

  17. hiking is very fun to do in the wilderness because there is so much to see and hear.

    By firecadet on 06.06.2016

  18. hiking can literally change the structure of your brain…
    or something like that.
    id rather smoke some grass and a pack of tallboys, jack
    but today is monday so none of that
    although im writing im still thinking, wack.
    and boom goes the dynamite.

    By grld URL on 06.06.2016

  19. As we climbed towards the mountaintops, we saw the night sky glow up like the sun, confusion hit me.
    I turned to see her eyes shimmer at the sight of something beautiful, I like to imagine thats how I looked when I first saw her.

    By Robin on 06.06.2016

  20. She walked up the trail, boots muddied, grass slick. The air was cold, foggy and thin around her. She breathed deeply, leaning against her tree branch. She forgot where it was from, only remembering that it was old rowan wood.
    Dandelions and trees were spread around her, as she hiked up the mountain.

    By Linn P. URL on 06.06.2016

  21. I went hiking with Taylor last weekend. I am not a woodsy person, but for the first time in a long time I actually felt relaxed. I love the smell of the air and the freedom of wandering.He seemed a lot happier adventuring there with me.

    By Sabrina Hughes on 06.06.2016

  22. Trees all around, sunlight streaming thoruogh the leaves. My dog, a beautiful redish brown thing with long legs, runs back and forth between me and my father. This is the only thing we can agree on.

    By Sarscarb URL on 06.06.2016

  23. The rocks crumbled like sand beneath my scrambling feet. Nothing but rushing air filled the space around my ears. My arms shot out, looking for something, anything to grab onto. My fingers wrapped around a tree branch and I felt my arm nearly ripped from it’s socket. My body fell like a sand bag against the craggy mountain, but I was alive.

    By Mike Thompson on 06.06.2016

  24. Let’s do some hiking while the sun is setting and put together a picnic in the dry, gold grass. Let’s wait until it gets dark out and the first star appears from the curtain like a shy performer ready to take the stage for the first time. We’ll count all of the glittering celestial ensemble until there are too many for us to keep track of. And they will sing for us. And they will dance for us. And we will hold hands after brushing the sandwich crumbs away before we walk down the trail back to our car.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.06.2016

  25. Trees and deep smoky skies and the smell of cedar and pine. My feet are pricked by the sharp texture of the twigs on the ground, but I press on, becoming numb to the discomfort. I touch tree bark, running my fingers down the length of one.

    By Rox on 06.06.2016

  26. I never really got the appeal of hiking. Sure, the scenery is great kinda, but besides that it’s just boring and sweaty and mosquito infested. Maybe I’m just not cut out for outdoors activities.

    By Emily Brainard on 06.06.2016

  27. Hiking is my least favorite sport – well, other than throwing up. I detest a hill. Painful stuff and those klunky boots are dreadful. Why do people do it? Beats me. Have never enjoyed a hike one day in my life.

    By Breezy on 06.06.2016

  28. Oh man, did he ever love hiking. There is something about the thrill of the rugged mountains, something about the smells and sounds of nature. Something about scaling rocks and trees and trails that makes him feel just damn manly.

    By Amanda Moore on 06.06.2016

  29. This brings back memories of hiking to the top of ciero alto and losing my way while on way too many magic brownie. I had just watched my first studio Gibili movie “Howel’s Moving Castle” and was convinced that the spirit world was all around me then; I could feel it with every step, I climbed.

    By andre on 06.06.2016

  30. Hiking in the mountains, viewing the cityscape from far away, catching a glimpse of the ocean…this is the perfect way to spend a lazy weekend.

    By A Librarian URL on 06.06.2016

  31. Hiking along at the speed of sound, got mountains to go, gotta follow my rainbow Dash! Just keep on fucking my butt, or I’ll rip your nuts off and make you eat your ass. My shark is now wanting to kill you, so you better run for your fucking life. T

    By Jacob Durkan on 06.06.2016

  32. Hiking is good excercise for your ass cheeks if you want to take a wolf’s giant fat walrus dicky up your little tiny itty bitty baby ass. Your mama was a smoker who hiked up a mountain just to eat mushrooms on top of a white faced man with no skin and bones. Hikin

    By Jacob Durkan URL on 06.06.2016

  33. Hiking is not a strange concept to me, I love it. You see fresh things: Air, people, mind. But I don’t have a chance to do it often. That is one of the things I feel sorry about.
    I used to go hiking with my boyfriends…

    By jennahamilton on 06.06.2016

  34. I don’t like hiking. I like being outside but really don’t enjoy nature trails unless I’m running them. I enjoy nature but hiking is too slow, I get bored and need a goal in mind. A waterfall is not enough. I also don’t having to wear heavy hiking boots – I like to be free.

    By Betsy on 06.06.2016

  35. “Are we seriously going hiking?” Denise asked, looking around at the trees that were scattered across the trail like a messy kindergartener’s painting.

    “What does it look like? I don’t think we are decorating cakes right now,” replied Shirley, looking around the landscape and seeing no difference in the scenery on her left and right side. She clutched her map and her compass, and took a step on the hard ground that was covered with brittle, dead leaves.

    “Shut up,” said Denise, a sour look on her face as she snatched the map out of Shirley’s hand, earning an indignant look.

    “I won’t,” said Shirley matter of factly, sticking out her tongue like a five year old.

    By Janet URL on 06.06.2016

  36. Jayson hiked up the hill the puppies padding silently next tow him as the sun started to rise in the air. It was nice to get away from the quiet buzz of the village, the stress of work and just worry about nothing. He could not wait to do this with Pippa once she graduated.

    By brittany on 06.06.2016

  37. Test

    By Rodrigo URL on 06.06.2016

  38. A kind of hobby that involves climbing a mountain

    By demisa on 06.06.2016

  39. we wen hiking the other day on a mountain in ~Indonesia the mounting is called mount angling we hiked from 5 pm to 12 am we hiked up seven hours and down 3 hours

    By Rebecca on 06.06.2016

  40. I’m hiking up this fucking mountain. Every day. In the sun that is not the friendly sun of children’s books.

    By Lindsay Amber URL on 06.06.2016