February 19th, 2013 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “grasped”

  1. I want to grasp him. I want to do it without boundaries. Feel him in every way I want. I want the same from him. I need it. My body needs it. Right now.
    Forever. I want him. I wa

    By jessinoel URL on 02.19.2013

  2. When getting to this website I saw the word was grasped, I kept refreshing and refreshing and refreshing Trying to find a different word getting stuck on the word grasped was hard. The word grasped has such a horrible impact on me. I couldn’t dare to write about it. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Grasped, Grasped, Grasped. It never left so here is my writing to whom ever reads it on why I didn’t write about grasped.

    By Anonymous URL on 02.19.2013

  3. I grasped onto the branch for dear life hoping and wishing that the strength left in my weak body was enough to save me from my tragic death. I wished i had done so much more with my life. I wished i was leaving the world in a different way…

    By Esme ^.^ URL on 02.19.2013

  4. Bob grasped the rock above him and pulled himself up. He was climbing mount everest, because he couldn’t find anything else to do during the weekend. And he only had 29,029 ft. left to go. @:0

    By Frodo URL on 02.19.2013

  5. Grasped at life through the clouds of despair

    By Bongard on 02.19.2013

  6. They grasped for silence.

    Words were squished as they condensed.

    Breath easy now.

    Better to endure with resolute composure.

    Than to not endure at all.

    By Intuition URL on 02.19.2013

  7. and then i grasped the thought that if i let her go she would be gone.I would never see her again and then i knew that people like her are like dandelions once you have one you know they can make anyone of your wishes come true but the only way to get your wish they need to leave and you need to blow them away.

    By Ericka on 02.19.2013

  8. I grasped the rough branch like it was the last thing I had left, using it to pull myself up to where he waited for me, laughing and the sun making his eyes look like fire.

    By Edie on 02.19.2013

  9. he grasped my wrist and pulled me close to him. “why….? why would you do this to yourself?”
    my blood was smeared on his t-shirt and all I could think about was that his shirt would be ruined…… and it would just be one more thing that got messed up because of me.

    By Scarlett URL on 02.19.2013

  10. Heero grasped at Trowa’s hand, reaching for the railing and missing. His legs kicked underneath him, scrabbling against the brick wall. “Give me your other hand,” Trowa called out, and Heero tried to swing his body upward. The weight of the gravity threatened to pull him back to Earth when he missed

    By Lunah on 02.19.2013

  11. She grasped the hand of her lover, watching helplessly as he lay there. How was she to help him? What could she do for him? She felt absolutely useless. She wanted to be able to be with him forever, but this would separate them for longer than she could bear.

    By Dystini on 02.19.2013

  12. i have grasped the fact that i will only be receiving one word today from one word, which is the word “grasped”. i am quite tired of having to write over and over with this word in mind, wishing DESPERATELY to receive another word in which to share on the spot thoughts, thinking quickly and quietly. however, i guess i can only grasp what is in front of me…so, i am left grasping for straws.

    By sara hickman URL on 02.19.2013

  13. She leaned on the doorway, and looked back at me smiling. “Wish me luck!
    ” she said, and moved to step out. I grasped her arm, and said breathlessly; “Wait, you haven’t put on your parachute!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.19.2013

  14. I get it, I’ve finally pulled all of the strings and gotten them to come together. The ends finally meet? Well, swell, isn’t that what they say. I had it for a second like a bouquet of balloons. It felt right.

    By Liz on 02.19.2013

  15. He grasped for the right words. She just watched his far away gaze and waited for a response. He wished he could tell her exactly what he was feeling. He wanted to tell her it all, but the words just weren’t there.

    By Patrick URL on 02.19.2013

  16. I’m grasping for any semblance of normalcy, but that idea left long ago. I mean, what the fuck? This life – it’s bullshit. I’m grasping into a sea of nothingness. Grasping for meaning that isn’t even there. Grasping for an ounce of sanity that I never had.

    By Chloe Rose URL on 02.19.2013

  17. Grasped. Meaning to hold firmly. Most people use this word for objects like ropes and household materials. Though, it would be fun to use it in metaphors.
    #Wishing someone can do it to me and my heart!

    By Lerina Nena URL on 02.19.2013

  18. I grasped at her neck in desperation, as to shake her, as to release her from her painful torment. She clenched her fists, but in utter disbelief, did not fight me off.

    By Amanda on 02.19.2013

  19. he grasped his keys in his left hand, which was the mistake. the fingers never seemed to close with each toher right. they left gaps and sometimes things would slip through. story of his life though, really. when he heard the metal on the floor, he just sighed, stooped and got them with his right. wish it was always this easy to pick up what I’ve lost.

    By Lee on 02.19.2013

  20. He grasped desperately for something, anything, that could save him from the fires that raged below. He could feel the licks of flame nip at his heels as the foundations of his footing slowly crumbled underneath his feet. It was hopeless.

    By Conor URL on 02.19.2013

  21. This is the same word. I was hoping for something different. Maybe something that didn’t make me think of smut. When I look at the word grasp all I can think about it gay erotica. Yep that is what I have become. I’d like to blame tumblr, but honestly I was like this before.

    By Brandy on 02.19.2013

  22. i grasped the rainbow and gobbled it down.
    to hold

    By Asia on 02.19.2013

  23. i havent quite grasped the concept of patience but i’m working on. my obsession with NOW hinders this in a way that causes a contradiction of faith and all things beyond the obvious. until i actually grasp the concept of waiting and knowing—i’ll grasp the idea of faking it.

    By Safon URL on 02.19.2013

  24. I grasped at the thoughts that floated in my brain, trying to make sense of the tangled up memories and feelings I couldn’t comprehend. I was never good at feeling. But I had to. Finally finding the emotion I was looking for, I swam out of the whirlpool in my mind and back into reality.

    By babs on 02.19.2013

  25. running his fingers through his friends’s soft, thick, curly blonde hair. half asleep, after school. it’s not even six yet and it’s almost totally dark.

    By sashaisme URL on 02.19.2013

  26. she turned and saw
    somehow so, so
    those fingers.
    then she felt
    pressure, and nothingness.
    a gasp escaped her lips
    as she grasped at the air.

    she was falling,
    and there wasn’t any hope anymore
    of her saving herself.
    she was doomed,
    cursed to fall
    to her end.

    curious, though.
    she had no fear,
    no anger,
    no regrets.
    she felt…


    at peace with the inevitable.

    she smiled up,
    at the pure blue sky,
    the jet trails zigzagging across it,
    and the fleeting image
    of the fingers that pushed her.

    was the last thing she thought
    about those beautiful fingers.

    By all4imagination URL on 02.19.2013

  27. I grasped the beautiful rainbow in my hand and quickly gobbled it down. it surprised me that it tasted sour. While in my state of shock the evil leprechaun, that had been following me around, found me and stepped down on my bare foot with all his might.

    By RANDOM URL on 02.19.2013

  28. I grasped the edge of the cliff, breathing hard as I envisioned the sharp rocks below me. I had little strength left, and it started to dissipate quickly as I tried pulling myself up. Panic began to well up inside me.

    By Taylor URL on 02.19.2013

  29. Taken, held it in my hands, I had it, I have it, I wanted it, longed for it, it is mine, all I’ve ever wanted, an object, a person, a something, a nothing, it’s firmly in my hands.

    By Haley URL on 02.19.2013

  30. Pulling at my fingertips
    Sinking between my toes like sand or melted ice cubes
    Smiling, smiling at you
    A look a fear, a word a hush from your opening lips
    Grasp at straws, not at the silences we know are watching,
    The creatures whom a closing in, a kiss, just a kiss, is all they need
    To mend the dank, undanced in rooms
    With liquid paint in teal rivulets down the walls
    I lived a thousand days in a grasp, in a grasp
    Speechless unending lack of chaos, rowdy unending idolatry of fear
    I lived a thousand minutes in the watch of a third eye
    Weeping unending lack of fingertip love, crippling unending beratement of what was
    I lived a thousand seconds in the petri plated words
    Gaping unending separation between truths, gasping unending lack of anything to answer to

    Ah, it’s all a story, overlapping, pacing up the hurricane scabbed walls, telling me who, everyday, it is. Grasping me, so I don’t decide to leave its heartbreak arms.

    By Saudade URL on 02.19.2013

  31. quickly, she grasped his hand and tugged him in to her side.

    “I invited him,” she said. the Mage looked at her with obvious suspicion, but her smile was easy and fixed. he nodded curtly and swept away.

    “Thanks–” the boy began. she did not let him finish. she used her grip on his hand to lead him sedately to the balcony. only after she had shut the glass double doors behind them did she allow herself to turn her scowl on him.

    “What were you thinking?” she hissed. “They’ll kill you. Who let you in and why didn’t they stay with you?”

    “No one let me in,” he said, barely bothering to keep his voice down. “I thought I could blend.”

    She resisted the urge to shake him. The doors were only glass, after all, and anyone could be watching. Everyone could be watching.

    “There is no blending here,” she told him. Her throat ached with the effort of holding back a scream.

    By mira URL on 02.19.2013

  32. She grasped the concept, not something she often did. Many would call her daft, but she’d been told she’s had a unique way of thinking. Ah, she didn’t mind on on the outside. But, on the inside she felt their harsh words burn her soul.

    By Michelle Merrick on 02.19.2013

  33. the pressure of someone’s grip is very comforting

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 02.19.2013

  34. She grasped at the empty air, fingers stretching and clenching the nothingness before her. He’d long since left, away from her grasp, into the black depths of the ocean. Gone.

    By RK URL on 02.19.2013

  35. i grasped her hand and felt the nape of her breast. I couldn’t beleive she allowed me to do this. I never knew someone could be so special. Not the explict speciality of a female who sleeps around, but one who loves herself. Hard to come across that now a days

    By Treandes on 02.19.2013

  36. The moment he grasped the seriousness of the situation, he panicked, started pulling at his hair and ran around like the infamous Road Runner.

    By Chandhann Kumar Ramchurn on 02.19.2013

  37. I took a deep breath, and tried to grasp what he was saying.

    “You mean, you’re really leaving?” I said with a knot in my throat.

    He walked a few steps closer to me, reached out and grasped my hair.

    With what seemed to be all the strength he could muster, he tanked down.

    By Nicole on 02.19.2013

  38. The slow loris grasped the tiny umbrella and held it close until the big hand took it away. The loris panicked, reached out its little fingers and snatched it back. “This is my umbrella. It is mine. It is beautiful. And it is mine,” said his grin.

    By Si1verRain on 02.19.2013

  39. I took a deep breath, and tried to grasp what he was saying.

    “You mean, you’re really leaving?” I said with a knot in my throat.

    He walked a few steps closer to me, reached out and grasped my hair.

    With what seemed to be all the strength he could muster, he yanked down and brought me to my knees. .

    By Nicole on 02.19.2013

  40. I grasped his leg tightly. I couldn’t breath or speak, I just sat there. I was thinking about what my future had in store for me and if he was really the right one. Him and I, forever.

    By Emily on 02.19.2013