February 19th, 2013 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “grasped”

  1. Then man fell against the door, and grasped for the attackers shirt, but was unsuccessful. He fell onto the ground, and couldn’t get up. The attacker continued to attack, and the man just eventually gave up.

    By Brianna on 02.19.2013

  2. As Darrell grasped the long-handled fork, he felt an odd sense of power emanating from the prongs. Granted, this was just the utensil he was going to use to devour his ham, but there was something so much more potent than ham capabilities coming from this object. He sat himself down at the table, looked at his food, and then observed his fork again.

    “Darrell, honey? Aren’t you hungry?”

    “The fork’s hungry, Mom,” Darrell whispered. “Very, very, hungry.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.19.2013

  3. though I trust your hand
    to fold itself over the flesh beneath my ribcage
    when I lean over too far and start to slip,
    there is always a moment when I fear I’ve
    dipped too far to be saved,
    too far for you to reach,
    and instead of lunging forward
    you’ll lean back and watch me go

    By smnthbll on 02.19.2013

  4. I grasped the violin in my hand, the strings straining under my grip on the neck. I wasn’t sure what to do. Do I step on stage and face everyone with the fear of failure? I looked down at the bow in my hand. I had practiced so hard that my fingers bled and were now wrapped in bandages. Everyone I knew was out there, ready to tell me I couldn’t do it. So I regripped my bow and took that first step onto stage. I was going to try anyways.

    By Sara on 02.19.2013

  5. I grasped the small dagger at my belt. It was small. Probably wouldn’t survive a direct hit from a sword. Or anything. But it was the last thing that stood between me and death.

    By Serafina URL on 02.19.2013

  6. he read and he read. hoping for something anything to stick. for anything to stick. the words all flew above his head in every direction, nearly hitting him but just missing. wanting so badly to understand. nothing in this world had he grasped.

    By Tatiana on 02.19.2013

  7. I grasped the rope tighter and tighter, hoping that my grip would somehow propel me out of the mess that I had found myself in. My feet swayed only a few feet above the water, and I closed my eyes tightly, trying to focus.

    By Alison on 02.19.2013

  8. i grasped my coat as i ran out into the rain i didn’t know where i was going i just had to go i had to get away from this life i just kept running her voice going over and over in my head i hated it. i hated her but most of all i hated myself.

    By Aiden Roope URL on 02.19.2013

  9. grasp, GRASP, CLENCH AND DONT LET GO, synapse fires and fires, but nothing happens, my arm. paralized? no, i can feel it. what is wrong? WHY can i not grasp what i dear most,

    By no on 02.19.2013

  10. Grasping a hold of myself, I quickly walked back into the room and grabbed the gun. Grasping it tightly, I pointed it in his face. “Who is he?”

    By kelli on 02.19.2013

  11. i ran and grasped for her hand, hoping i could stop her from leaving but I wasn’t quick enough, she was gone. I didn’t know what do do with myself so i walked. i walked for hours through the city, it was dark even with all the headlights and street signs. i loved her.

    By Kate Bonney on 02.19.2013

  12. a firm grip on an object or a concept; to hold

    By kay on 02.19.2013

  13. “It’s futile.” he thought as he grasped at the last thread that connected him to whatever reality he came from.

    “I can’t continue on like this.”

    “I have to break free.”

    By ~ URL on 02.19.2013

  14. it means you understand something. An example would be that someone grasped a consept. i think that you can also physically grasp something too.

    By Brie on 02.19.2013

  15. It was so long ago I reached out for your hand,
    and found instead falling sand.
    So long I wept that my words were rasped,
    for never again could your heart be grasped.

    By Chelsea on 02.19.2013

  16. My heart was pounding from the risk, but I still jumped at the chance.
    I refused to let you go without another kiss, another dance.
    In the morning I walked away, knowing I gave it all I got
    Maybe one day you’ll do the same, and give me one more shot.

    By Carly URL on 02.19.2013

  17. He grasped her wrist, small within its bony skeletal frame. Coral seemed like titanium in comparison. He crunched on some pigeon’s bones as he led her through the broken city. He hoped to escape the salvation it offered soon.

    By Kairn URL on 02.19.2013

  18. they finally grasped the fact that i have no apologies to make. i’m beginning to grasp their inability or incapability of accepting responsibility. we’re all grasping at straws on how to proceed.

    By Jennifer URL on 02.19.2013

  19. he grasped her hand as if it was the last thing he needed and he realized that life wasnt going on with out her. truely he saw beauty for what it was ..and he needed to share it with the entire world, he would.

    By gillian on 02.19.2013

  20. His fingers were sticky, coated with deep red blood, and they grasped at her hair, her anything as she slipped, down, to the wet road where she collapsed and grew silent. If she died, so would he.

    By wonderwoundedh URL on 02.19.2013

  21. He had lived a long and busy life, early days playing and then working on his father’s farm, a stint in the army during the war, difficult days coming back and trying to blend in, get work, settle down and all the regular things that were expected of him.
    Eventually he did marry and they had two children and he was happy enough but he never really saw the point, like what was he really doing but towing the line and following this path society had set out for him? What did he really want to do with his life, how would he have lived if he could just do anything?
    Years down the road he got ill, a lifetime of smoking had taken its toll, and in the hospital, alone, his family out at lunch or busy elsewhere, he died.
    In that last moment he saw all that he could have been, grasped at last the secret to his own happiness then faded away like a wisp of smoke.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 02.19.2013

  22. A desultory hand waved through the muggy air.
    Its fingers curled,
    Its palm stiff.
    It closed itself around the moisture of the air,
    Unable to hold anything more than sweat and thirst.
    Where was it going,
    Where was it leading.
    It led straight to the depth of the dirt below.

    By Christoferus URL on 02.19.2013

  23. As i ran and ran, my throat slowly began to close. I grasped my neck, hoping someone would notice that i was about to pass out. This medical condition has taken more out of me then it should and it needs a cure…. i slowly began to think as i drifted off into a state of unconsciousness.

    By alexmichalka URL on 02.19.2013

  24. She was grasping at straws now, fully aware that the entire room understood that she was nothing she had built herself up to be. She looked near tears, but still she grinned, shoving the growing anxiousness she felt to the back of her mind.

    By Fay on 02.19.2013

  25. i grasped at my phone not really knowing what to expect.
    is this something that could potentially change my life?
    thoughts from positive to negative have criss crossed my mind.
    what shall take off from here?
    Life is a funny thing.
    let’s just live.

    By Lyn on 02.19.2013

  26. i grasped at my phone not really knowing what to expect.
    is this something that could potentially change my life?
    thoughts from positive to negative have criss crossed my mind.
    what shall take off from here?
    Life is a funny thing.
    let’s just live.

    By Lyn on 02.19.2013

  27. when I was a child I could really grasp things fast though as the time has passed the grasping power has been not so sharp as I would anticipated with the maturing of the age .

    By Pink and Hideous URL on 02.19.2013

  28. she grasped for breath.
    “am i drowning?”
    her nose was burning from the salt water of the pool.
    she heard the children’s muffled laughter underwater.
    “how is this happening?”

    By Lyn on 02.19.2013

  29. Grasped is a mythical herbivore with the speed equal to that of a cheetah, it’s kind and loving and doesn’t bite- hard.

    By Kayla on 02.19.2013

  30. It took several seconds before he grasped the situation. He was just so stunned that the dog who had seemingly been so nice suddenly peed all over his pants.

    His pants were now wet, and smelled terrible.

    By Ashley on 02.19.2013

  31. He slept soundly. I grasped at what the moment had to offer.. peace and tranquillity in a time that couldn’t afford to give it , but i took it anyway. Then, without hesitation, I left.

    By Cass on 02.19.2013

  32. I grasped the idea, but was hesitant to write. Not knowing where It would lead me! What would I do? I grasped the idea that it might, could, possibly create a change with in me! if that happened the damn would burst! the flood of emotions would be journeying towards the surface. I might have to heal with them.
    The word “heal” was meant to be deal. A more true meaning from the soul.

    By DeLene Stringer Oppelt on 02.19.2013

  33. I grasped his arm as he walked out of the front door. I pulled him close and told him that he was the only man I would ever love. He grabbed me by the waist and told me I was his one and only.

    By Bernadette on 02.19.2013

  34. I grasped the lead pencil in anger as I tried to figure out the word on my test. What does “sophisticated” even mean? How learns this in seventh grade? I don’t deserve this! Stupid tests!

    By Violet Bell on 02.19.2013

  35. I was running down the road with such grasped that I did not have time to think about what I was leaving behind.

    By Kristina Poirier on 02.19.2013

  36. Julius’s eyes grew weary. The team had been gone for almost four hours, and he had been left behind to watch the base. He had protested, but Marie insisted to keep guard against the wretched beasts. They should have been back by now, Victor and the others. “If it were just Marie who came back alive, it’d be alright,” he thought, feeling a bit ashamed. As he looked down at the ground, submersed in his own thoughts, the metal gate finally swung open. Julius looked up excitedly, brushed his brown hair out of his eyes, and smiled a large grin for Marie. But as he looked up, there was only Victor, Neil who had his arm wrapped tightly in stained gauze, and a few others in the group whom Julius didn’t care to recognize. Julius dashed up to Victor, his smile faltering more and more each second “Where’s Marie? Is she coming up behind-,” Before he could finish, Victor shook his head sadly. “I’m sorry Julius… there were too many against us, and she tried to fight them off. We lost many… and she was among them. She died valiantly protecting us.” Julius took this news with silence for a moment, and before Victor could react, he grasped at his shirt collar and pulled him forwards. “Why didn’t you stop her,” he snarled, tears slowly coming down his face “Why did you just let her die!” Victor looked up, a hint of anger in his eyes “Do you think I wanted a member of the team to die? It was impossible to rescue her!” “That’s all she was to you? A member of your precious little team? I LOVED HER! And you just let those creatures slaughter her, and you call yourself a leader…” Julius was shaking with anger now, teeth barred. “It should have been you…,” he growled “It should have been you!” Julius clawed at Victor’s face, leaving three scarlet gashes across his cheek. Instantly, Neil and Chris were upon him, holding him down. Julius writhed against their hold, glaring at Victor and screaming his lament for his love into the night.

    By Lady Kitsune URL on 02.19.2013

  37. I’ve grasped the moment, oh God am I doing the good thing or not, I may want to live more freely, but time is consuming me, and I want to do everything try everything, I’m lacking lots of stuff

    By Mohamad on 02.19.2013

  38. Reach out, touch what is in front of you. That thing came from somewhere else, someone else. Someone who made something of an idea. SO take your ideas, grasp them, and run wherever

    By Sheri on 02.19.2013

  39. I don’t think that I grasped the finality of our friendship until after she had moved to New York. When she said “Don’t ever call me again,” she wasn’t kidding. When I tried to look her up, her name was nowhere to be found – Facebook, Linked In, Whitepages – nowhere.

    By Dani URL on 02.19.2013

  40. take what life gives you, grasp each moment, and make something of yourself

    By berries URL on 02.19.2013