February 19th, 2013 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “grasped”

  1. Suddenly she grasped it. Like she stumbled upon it, and what she had longed to understand for so long, was the most logic thing in the universe.

    By Lisa on 02.19.2013

  2. He grasped a hold of his loves hand as she spasmed, he was terrified of what he may have just done; the life he had imagined with her crumbling before him.

    By Warren on 02.19.2013

  3. Sometimes it’s just really hard for me to graph an idea. Like how someone can be so selfish and mean.

    By Jason URL on 02.19.2013

  4. The child grasped my thumb. The child lay between my swollen breasts. The child’s little feet dug into my weak, deflated belly. I have never felt such revulsion, such hatred for something so small and soft and sweet-smelling. You see, it may have seemed lovely, but it’s eyes were as blank and single-minded as any parasite’s.

    By F on 02.19.2013

  5. right. looks like the word is make up of two words- grass and sped. so. the grass sped into the forrest, growing away from where it didn’t want to be. it needed to grow, to leave the meadow behind. it grew fast and sped along the forrest and got to where it needed to be- the cliff. it fell into the sea, but it didn’t drown, instead- it managed to swim its way to China.

    By Ameena Nur on 02.19.2013

  6. He grasped the hilt of his sword, he’d be damned if tigers would eat him on his first day in the orient; he readied himself for the pounce as a low growl emerged from the brush.

    By Warren URL on 02.19.2013

  7. This is a story when i grasped my little brothers hand, when we were being chased by guys with guns. I grasped his hand really hard, and then i grasped my little sisters hand tightly. I

    By Anthony URL on 02.19.2013

  8. James grasped at his collar while walking into his Uncle Charlie’s house. His mind still clouded from the copious amount of alcohol he had consume that had lead him to doing what he had just done. His heart was breaking into a million tiny pieces as his Uncle’s cheery face seemed to appear out of nowhere — recognizing the stench of alcohol, Uncle Charlie’s face fell. “What in God’s name is that smell, James Timothy Patrick Rhys. I taught you better than that –” his voice sounded terribly angry.

    “I made a mistake, Uncle Charlie. A big one.”

    By Kathryn Donlan on 02.19.2013

  9. When i first grasped my baby brother, It was an amazing feeling because I was finally a big sister! He would always make noises when he sleeping its like hes talking or something, but one time I was holding him he smile really big for me :)

    By Shawna on 02.19.2013

  10. i don’t know, what to put, but i grasped a pillow this morning i joke

    By wilbur on 02.19.2013

  11. I like the aijfiaejgiadjigaigjiad

    By Garrett on 02.19.2013

  12. Johnny grasped the little hammer in his had. he is helping his father make a little bird house for the farm. he is making his for the sparrow he named ben. Ben is his best friend he is blue. he is a little boy with a big dream. someone once told him that grasp your dreams and never let go. wise words were told to him when he was 5. 5 years old such a young age for a boy to have big dreams.

    By Andrea on 02.19.2013

  13. if i had to grasped, i would be babysitting my little neice, if ther was a power outage, i would grasped her till the power goes on. and there was noises upstairs, there was only me and my neice. she got scared so i called my sister to go to us. She was eating out and she went to go pick us up to go to my parents.

    By Willie Bay URL on 02.19.2013

  14. i was about to fall over the ledge then somebody grasped my hand and pulled mwe over and i was saved and then we ran because something was chasing us and i dont even know what i was fdoing by the cliff. this was like a weird dream that was never ending and we were always running away.

    By Hannah on 02.19.2013

  15. I “grasped” the basketball.

    By Spencer on 02.19.2013

  16. Sometimes it’s just really hard for me to grasp an idea. Like how someone can be so selfish and mean.

    By Jason URL on 02.19.2013

  17. It was hard for her to grasp how much everything really meant. Life was fleeting and it sure had a way of disappearing if you let it.

    By Jenna B on 02.19.2013

  18. Grasping at straws
    Of faded memories
    Residues of your touch
    Keep me from moving on

    By Jennifer Moudy URL on 02.19.2013

  19. It was difficult for her to grasp how much everything really meant, every moment, every breath. Life is fleeting and it sure has a way of disappearing if you let it.

    By Jenna B on 02.19.2013

  20. I grasped the ball as I fell into the dirt. “FUMBLE!” I heard the other children yell. Another poitn lost because of my incompettance. *Sigh*

    By EThan on 02.19.2013

  21. I walked along the river and I grasped for his hand, but it wasn’t a hand! No. It was a mule’s hoof. That hoof was a lucky hoof. So I grasped it and ran to my local lottery ticket store and I purchased a 7 up and drank it and then I asked the lucky hoof if I would ever find a girl to marry.

    By Ian on 02.19.2013

  22. Astor grasped Tobias’s hand tightly. “Not this time, bud. This time it’s all or nothin. Both or neither. I jump you jump.”

    “You know, there was a time when I didn’t think we could get any gayer,” Tobias cracked dryly, squeezing Astor’s hand back. “But yes. All right.”

    By Julia A. URL on 02.19.2013

  23. I grasped the moment when I saw him walk up to me; I wasn’t gonna let that moment go. It was worth it.

    By Melissa JIménez on 02.19.2013

  24. I was so close to him, our chests connected. He grasped my hips closer to me and I smiled. I didn’t want to move from this.

    By Kars on 02.19.2013

  25. Zoe grasped onto Harry’s hand and began dragging him into the yard. He was so slow behind her, but she had to get to the fountain. She had to show him the surprise. Whipping her head around too face him, Zoe gave him a stern glare, “Harry, hurry up, will you? We don’t have time for your lolly gagging!” She held his hand tighter and continued to run until she reached the fountain. Pushing him ahead of her, she pointed at the top water spout, “Do you see it? Now, go get it and inside is your gift.”

    By natalie on 02.19.2013

  26. grasped with the hand.
    grasped like the tree. except its not an actual tree its what the tree does to you.
    free writes like high school and thats about it
    grasp isnt much you can anything about. but hey thats that right?
    moose and max
    cat and nubs.

    By Nadia URL on 02.19.2013

  27. As we walked along the beach, watching sand and snow and ice co-mingle, I noticed the dead mallard, barely a bird anymore. it was then that I grasped the true beauty of the day

    By emmystrange URL on 02.19.2013

  28. To have understood. To have taken. To have held.

    To have known, the thought or the feel of something or some idea.

    That moment when it just clicks. An epiphany. A realization. When the absolute truth is painfully obvious.

    Something is wrong, it is right, it is neither. Nothing but ambivalence. But you know this know. You have grasped it.

    By Charlotte on 02.19.2013

  29. As she was climbing up onto the train, a hand reached down and grasped hers. She looked up, and it was him. She finally found him, or should I say he found her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.19.2013

  30. i grasped at the large leather bag awaiting me. it was time for work. so i reached for it. and it slips. i grasp. the concept does not come. the leather bag has fallen to the ground and the world around me does also. grasp. grasp life. grasp what is really real in the existence of reality…..but what is it really?

    By Princess.Laiah on 02.19.2013

  31. She grasped his hand as he tried to walk away.
    “Don’t.” He snatched it away and carried on.
    “Please.” She called after him but he was already slamming the door.

    By Grace URL on 02.19.2013

  32. A swarm of tiny black birds. A sky so bright it’s white in your eyes. You hold the bottle by its neck and move it with the flock, staring up, feet tumbling over each other like bloated ants, waiting to find the cloud that’s pushing them to leave home.

    By tamarinda URL on 02.19.2013

  33. Reaching out, she had the faintest hope that her fingertips would feel his, and pull her up. The strain in her arm was worse than any lift she’d tried at the gym. She gave it her all, feeling her energy and hope seeping out of her hands as the driftwood underneath her began to give way.

    By Soft URL on 02.19.2013

  34. the sound sound of her harsh breathing had me reach out to grasp her hand, as she grasped mine a little too tightly in return. i was eager to be with her, it had been far too long. but the light in her eyes was foreign, like a wild tiger, and i found myself frightened that i hadn’t thought about the end being so near. just then, i fell off my chair, and she released a rough, rasping laugh.

    By sara hickman on 02.19.2013

  35. Im very sexy but im very funnny

    By Joshua URL on 02.19.2013

  36. clasped. clapped. wrapped. lapsed. collapsed. dispatched. mismatched. the socks that had been together all these years, gone without a trace. all i could think of were rhyming words, over and over, grasping my brain like a steel claw from a machine full of toys. blue, green teddy bears and basketballs.

    By sara hickman URL on 02.19.2013

  37. I grasped at the closest thing that was reality for me now — my pain. It made me who I was and it had shaped my past. I didn’t want it to shape my future, but that was all the made me feel. I was numb to the world, to my soul, to my heart.

    By Kristina URL on 02.19.2013

  38. I couldn’t grasp the situation, even though it was staring directly at me. The moment had arrived for me to make a decision, and I knew that no matter what I chose, lives would be in danger. Does that make me a bad person? I wish I could just walk away from all the finger pointing and pain, but everything held me down like rope, and there was no turning back.

    By Brandy G. URL on 02.19.2013

  39. I grasped the pole just as I was about to fall into the depths of the bottomless canyon. I shouted. But I was alive. My friend reached down, just far enough for me to grab her hand and hoist myself up. She saved my life.

    By Maaaaaaaaaaatt URL on 02.19.2013

  40. Yixing let out a dramatic gasp, his hand reaching up quickly in response to Luhan’s harsh words. Grasping his chest as if it had just been hit a small frown appeared. “Did you really believe that I would replace you?” He was utterly hurt.. The thought of his own lover having the idea even pass through his mind that Yixing could ever replace him was heartbreaking.

    By Udonyixing URL on 02.19.2013