January 1st, 2012 | 179 Entries

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179 Entries for “glimmer”

  1. When I think about the word glimmer, i think of shinny things. A silver watch with diamonds all around. I also think about happy moments in life.

    By Patricia on 01.01.2012

  2. Sometimes people’s eyes glimmer.
    When they get that half smirk, half sincere smile, like they don’t know quite what to make of you but you think that maybe, just maybe, it might not be half bad.
    My eyes glimmer when I think about all the times I’ve laughed.
    With you, without you.
    The stars glimmer.
    We glimmer.
    Everyone does.
    Everything does.

    By Kattee Rose URL on 01.01.2012

  3. Maybe it’s because she’d been drinking, or maybe it was the reflection of the christmas lights but it her eyes lit up when she focused on him. She was staring at him and talking to her friends and then she just focused, and something clicked. She moved towards the corner of the room as if a gravitational pull was in force, and there was no way for her to stop herself.

    By Michelle O'Connor URL on 01.01.2012

  4. 2012
    A year of hope for some
    A glimmer that will soon be history
    For the homeless near where I live
    I helped make and serve dinner
    And it was them that gave me a gift
    And not the other way around
    In this glimpse of life, I want to be more grateful

    By ellie griffith on 01.01.2012

  5. a glimmer of hope,wonder, or belief. a fleeting moment where you feel that a possibility is truly infinate. a small moment where maybe, just maybe, your you can see dreams can come true

    By arianna URL on 01.01.2012

  6. There was a diamond that was found in the sand at the beach. This little boy came up to me and gave it to me. He didn’t know that it could save his family from poverty and pay for his future education. Thank you I said, then threw it back into the ocean for a day when he would find it again.

    By Heidi on 01.01.2012

  7. All that glimmers is not gold. In fact, gold is not always golden. Plus there is that glimmer of hope, that tiny little sliver that is like that of a fingernail moon–it’s not a new moon and it’s not a full moon, but it does provide li

    By Denise Trimm URL on 01.01.2012

  8. there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and then the thought hit me im going to make it out alive. i keep walking with my head up high and a little limp in my step. i thought i couldn’t do it but i cant give up not now, not yet there is to much at steak.

    By fantastictm on 01.01.2012

  9. You were the the sun that warmed my thoughts for those few days. Now you’re nothing but a glimmer across the ocean.

    By M URL on 01.01.2012

  10. glimmer, like a sunshiny sheen off the disgusting sweat of the neon toting raver with glitter bouncing off the face and into the ruffed drink.

    By rachelzana URL on 01.01.2012

  11. in the sand it’s there
    on the beach, in her hair.
    far below the depths of seas
    or the breeze through the trees.

    By Jaimee Choi on 01.01.2012

  12. She’d been beaten, and her breath was shallow as she lay gazing at the light streaming beneath the door. In this moment, time stopped. The light gave her a choice. It was a glimmer of the life that might be, if she corralled her energy to call for help before bleeding out. What to do?

    By Clarity URL on 01.01.2012

  13. [to mary: finding a good man is as a needle in a haystack, only if you do not know what you are looking for. Most look for what they see others going for or standards from hollywood and other media.]

    Truth is found as a glimmer
    against a background of the radiant lights
    issuing of falsehoods

    Truth and greatest wisdom are less than 1% of all choices
    as such, you and all others are doomed to be failures
    especially if lacking in resolve or research.
    men and women that make the easy choice will nearly always be wrong
    and you know that you love it easy.

    By hinog mind on 01.01.2012

  14. Spyro bro. With the little lizards and the mice. Bro.

    By Jenevieve on 01.01.2012

  15. Your hands trembling, your eyes glimmering.
    Forever I am struck, by your gentleness.

    By Emily on 01.01.2012

  16. Out of the corner of his eye, Jensen caught the dull red glimmer of an iron being pulled from the hot coals of the fireplace.

    “Jesus, what a trial this life has become,” he moaned.

    “What’s that you say, sinner?” Came a woman’s voice.

    By chole URL on 01.01.2012

  17. pools of clear water with rocks beneath and reflecting bits of sun this way and that. golden and honey and all things sweet and pure. bees and faeries fluttering about. bugs that dance there, on the surface. laughter like the taste of candy. lush and charming and full. rich with sentiment, a glimmer to the imagination.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 01.01.2012

  18. She was surprised to see a glimmer in the corner of her eye, and she turned. A truck was turning the corner and the light of the headlights had caught on the ornaments of the Christmas tree. For some reason the truck transfixed her. It was shiny, black and the windows were so dark in the night that she couldn’t even get the barest glimpse of who might be behind the wheel.

    By Jessica on 01.01.2012

  19. The sunlight glimmered off the water as the afternoon sun went down. Ducks were floating around looking for their next unsuspecting meal. The trees swayed as the wind picked up and the small fishing boat began to return to shore, knowing that a rough night was ahead.

    By K on 01.01.2012

  20. The glimmer of the sunlight in her eyes was captivating. I couldn’t tear my gaze away from her. She was just standing there clutching her books to her chest. She was laughing at something somebody said which made her that much more beautiful. I wanted to go talk to her but something stopped me. She was way to good for me.

    By Krissy on 01.01.2012

  21. The glimmer of the sun on the water inspired the child sitting on the beach. Yearning to dive into it, enjoy the warmth of the sun above the surface as well as the cold below the surface, the boy wanted to swim and take in the beauty of the ocean.

    By Lydia URL on 01.01.2012

  22. It’s the period at the end of a statement so profound it’s like a cure for world hunger and it’s the sheen of sweat on a man’s brow after constant worship and it’s the greenest blade of grass ever in existence sitting in the middle of nothing but absolute desert and it’s the feel of clean water on the skin of a soiled woman and it’s the breath of a baby shuddering within her own lungs after months of inhaling through a machine– it’s a moment. So fleeting, so beautiful.

    By N.J. URL on 01.01.2012

  23. sometimes I want to shine like a star. I feel like i”m supposed to be known and recognized but I have no talents. I just want to be be on stage. I’m not a super strong actor, but I act. not enough for a career though. I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I don’t glimmer like a star. I’m not a star. To the public that is.

    By Juan Garrido on 01.01.2012

  24. I have this thing… called synthesesia. Basically I just see colors.
    My friend used to be seen as periwinkle. Then suddenly his color began to change. Since then he has miraculously transformed into a glimmering gold.

    By Lor-n URL on 01.01.2012

  25. He made his way down the alley way, stepping lightly to avoid the various puddles from the recent rain. The only light came from glimmering lamp posts in the distance. A cat walked across the street, its tail twitching high in the air. It hissed angrily as a chamber pot was emptied from a second floor window, missing the boy by a hair.
    “Wotcher!” He shouted up angrily.
    The window was pulled open and a maid poked her head out. Before she could say anything, a loud rumbling of an engine filled the streets.
    The boy, the maid and the cat stared as a black car raced down the street.

    By Andi URL on 01.01.2012

  26. I looked around and saw the glimmer in the streets
    the diminutive streak in the sky
    that left me with hundreds of back to back defeats
    leading me back
    making me think,
    where ever would I be
    if I hadn’t stayed to hear
    the battle cry

    By doodlenoodles URL on 01.01.2012

  27. My oh my, she had a glimmer of hope so wide it was a river. And it rushed and flowed just like a river, turning at the bend and coming back again.

    It dumped out into the ocean, into the vastness of it all.

    By Alicia Rice URL on 01.01.2012

  28. Oliver saw a glimmer of light out in the ocean. The light grew brighter and peaked when the light of the lighthouse was facing directly towards him, and it illuminated the dark scene around him.

    By Jules URL on 01.01.2012

  29. i see a glimmering substance covering the window sill and automatically know, he was here.
    And the glimmer never came off my window sill because of that bastard.

    By Beth URL on 01.01.2012

  30. Glimmering bits of confetti rain down, swirling like tiny fish swimming along the skyline. I hold your hand in the cold, on the cusp of something. Your breath smells like alcohol, but not bad. You kiss me on the cheek at midnight to prove a point.

    By Cassie URL on 01.01.2012

  31. I don’t know anything that glimmers else than a star, and because I saw 9gag posts about hipster pictures, I refuse to make a pseudo-poetic writing about them. So, I’ll just wait… wait for it… almost done… God damn you bell!… Ah, there it is.

    By Felipe URL on 01.01.2012

  32. A glimmer of hope on the horizon, this must be what I have been working for all this time. Peace, happiness, the calm floods my body. I know that things will work out in the end. Somehow.

    By Zoe URL on 01.01.2012

  33. This reminds me of The Hunger Games, because there is a girl named Glimmer in the books. I love The Hunger Games, I honestly cannot get enough of it, and cannot wait for the movie. I know I’m just rambling but really I can’t think of any other things for this word.

    By Allie URL on 01.01.2012

  34. It was 2 am, it was cold, and I was walking home. Every now and then, an unbroken street lamp cast a weak orange light over me, but mostly I walked in long stretches of darkness.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 01.01.2012

  35. Lines of your shoulders, the outline of your hair, light glimmering on your chest shadow of your collarbone. It profiles your perfect face. Rawr bite.

    By amylee URL on 01.01.2012

  36. It’s like I’ve gone back to the past, when I worried about what he thinks, and I worry that if I talk too much, he’ll dislike me and run away from me. I fret about the little things and I worry so much about the question “Does he like me?” He already says he does, but why is there such a glimmer of doubt?

    Probably because I need someone right now who will give me their all so that I feel important. because every time I go home I feel even more pathetic and insignificant. Doesn’t everyone need support sometime? This isn’t how i imagined starting the new year: hopelessly lost and unfortunately sad. Except when we could be together and he held me close.

    That then was also my glimmer of peace. I need more of that now. Please. I beg you. Save me.

    By Spark URL on 01.01.2012

  37. glimmer! shine! sparkle! embrace the cheesy spirit of the new year!
    But ignore the shiny glimmer of tears in the corners of my eyes, because this is a happy time, isn’t it? ISNT IT? Well be happy then. You don’t have to care about everything. You’re just a person. People aren’t perfect. So let the tears glimmer as they fall, and pretend they’re cheery new year sparkles. Just LET THEM FALL, and disappear on the ground, forgotten by everyone but me.

    By Anna URL on 01.01.2012

  38. It’s just a glimmer on the water, something out of the corner of his eye. It could be trickery, probably is, but he can’t help but spin around to look. The glimmers have followed him since his 6th year. They are what got him kicked out of the village, why his father viciously scorned him and his mother cried every night in front of the fire when she thought he was asleep. They’ve never fully revealed themselves; never shown what, exactly, they are. He feels a wave of vindictive spite. An extremely useless magic. And yet here he is, an outcast.

    By Katie on 01.01.2012

  39. You have to look for that glimmer of hope during the storm of confusion and uncertainty. You come face-to-face with your trials, hardships, the hurdles that trip you over without remorse. Because some people are like that. But it’s up to you to pick yourself up again and find the way to better times.

    By Ashi URL on 01.01.2012

  40. No one cared about his smile. Sure it was nice, but everybody had one. It was the ways his eyes danced that made people want to be with him. If they could just get him to smile, then his eyes would dance and sparkle and glint like a thousand fireflies and a mystery all in one.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 01.01.2012