December 3rd, 2013 | 124 Entries

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124 Entries for “geometric”

  1. it has 9 letters. it says metric and geo. its a long word.

    By joe on 12.04.2013

  2. it’s a since thing

    By cara bowen on 12.04.2013

  3. some to do with a type of shape and 9 letters mathmatic english its spelt geometric

    By jai on 12.04.2013

  4. its a comination of maths and science. it is to do with shapes such as cubes.

    By kayleigh on 12.04.2013

  5. geometric is a 9 letter word maybe geography beacause it has geo in it, or maybe geometric shapes or patterns ??

    By jaylea pulford on 12.04.2013

  6. it’s a since thing i don’t realy know

    By cara bowen on 12.04.2013

  7. shapes, geography, sizes, , 9 letter word. maths .. metres? pattern .. geomatric shapes ?
    long word ….. different/

    By chloe dibernardo on 12.04.2013

  8. Shapes, colors, figurates
    Grey, sharp
    Blue, round
    Your body is a labyrinth and I
    Am lost.

    By Trine URL on 12.04.2013

  9. I learned it in math a few years back. I do not remember what it means, but I do remember this. It had something to do with pirates and how every cannonball that they fire is geometric. I do not remember what my teacher said, but I honestly do not know what it is.

    By Master Nelson URL on 12.04.2013

  10. shapes. thousands of shapes. from massive triangles to miniature squares, circles threatening to swallow you whole. it was a sight to see, everything interconnected as if part of were some great mechanical system. linking rectangles to hexagons in a display of awful interdependency and perfect harmony.

    By firelight URL on 12.04.2013

  11. i see the workd in these shapes that make no sense. it’s this mathematic, geometric pattern that i can’t make sense of because honestly, i’ve never been good at math. i don’t understand why the only answer is the square root of the problem. because the problem needs a solution, not a answer.

    By leah on 12.04.2013

  12. Geometric: a word not appearing in my vocabulary.

    By Kayla Pongrac URL on 12.04.2013

  13. The geometric form on the table confused me. I couldn’t understand what it meant, although I felt as thought I should know. Like I used to know. But it was all lost to me in that moment, everything that form recalled.

    By Jill on 12.04.2013

  14. Everything is so geometric, so logical;
    I can’t see nothing logical here, though,
    between me and you.
    I do not know even what are your feeling,
    why don’t you talk? Don’t you feel anything?
    I’m struggle with myself and my own nightmares.

    By gargouillis on 12.04.2013

  15. The shape always baffled her. Cut yet pure, the edges both precise yet so organic they only could have happened over millions of years. The light shone through the blue-green stone, and geometric patterns twinkled on her hand.

    “Do you know what it is?” she asked.

    He smiled. “Imagine compressing the sun into something so small you could hold it in your hand.” He closed her fingers around the stone. “This is a million times more powerful.”

    By Anthony StClair URL on 12.04.2013

  16. The feelings were geometric.Sometimes they perfect as the circle,,,sometimes chaotic

    By Levante on 12.04.2013

  17. Feelings were geometric. Sometimes they were as perfect as cicle, sometimes as chaotic as polygon!!!

    By Levante on 12.04.2013

  18. Feelings were geometric.. Sometimes they were as perfect as circle, sometimes as chaotic as an irregular polygon.

    By Levante URL on 12.04.2013

  19. Angles and shapes, polygons and dimensions of infinite complexity. I dream geometric sometimes, in mathematical values that translate into the language of the physical world.

    By asavas URL on 12.04.2013

  20. geometric..greometric instruments…reminds of math class finding the radius, diameter, circumference of a circle…using your protractor. Its so much fun.

    By Teka on 12.04.2013

  21. there you are, a vision,
    difficult to remove.

    (that i don’t
    want to remove) like

    smoke in a room,
    rain in the cracks of a sidewalk,
    imprints of lips and fingertips on dirty glasses.

    inevitable as pollution in the city,
    beauty in the city.

    love tangled in blankets on the floor,
    because something nearby was warmer.

    undissolved sugar in too-bitter coffee.

    dirt behind my ear.
    the loneliness, the makeshift blood
    that fills my veins instead.

    the knowledge that our palms weren’t made
    to fit, because fate doesn’t exist, but they do

    the sight of you in my t-shirt.
    a comet infatuated with the planet.

    a bird on the windowsill during a storm
    because we’ve cut down all the trees.

    the first time you said goodbye.
    the last time you said hello.

    rust kissing skin on the inner circle
    of a silver ring.

    heavy eyelids and heavier hands leaving
    the kindest of bruises.
    the stone in my belly when your hair
    bows deeply before the wind

    and asks it to dance.

    By h. b. URL on 12.04.2013

  22. The Typhoon Rune
    Harps playing transcendent tunes
    about sniggering buffoons
    in their first-experience typhoon
    that scared them into trying a harpoon
    on a creature from the depths. It looms.

    Wrapped in darkness, fear and arms,
    the sailors never knew such a creature.
    Or such harm. They died, each one,
    and to the very last, Davy Jone’s locker did consume.

    The boardwalk archer stamped his foot too soon,
    as they danced to the story in the tunes.
    The plank maiden stumbled under his foot in this saloon,
    his arrow fell loose from his quiver into her boon,
    like a sunray into the moon.

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 12.04.2013

  23. A shape that has a fixed position in space or on a plane of space. A design or a verb that is used to describe a design. A mathematical description. Something that is used in creation. A way of talking about the earth as it refers to its shape and location.

    By Patricia on 12.04.2013

  24. shapes and sizes, diamonds and squares, never ending circles… so many circles. it’s never going to end, is it? i’ll just keep going around in circles.

    it’s even more depressing that this is all i could come up with.

    By virginia on 12.04.2013

  25. I love geometry. It is one of those realms of study where every thing is predictable, measured. And then, it isn’t.

    By Victoria on 12.04.2013

  26. The patterns fell away, the shroud falling to the ground and revealing the perfect figure, cut away by time and stress, all soft curves and slim lines, nothing like the geometric shapes she cloaked herself in.

    By Iam Me URL on 12.04.2013

  27. I couldn’t see past the lines. The many shapes. They all got in the way of what was really there. Why were there so many triangles?! Polygons?! Ugh!

    I turned the corner. My head was starting to hurt.

    There was a door.

    By Alouette URL on 12.04.2013

  28. the oscillation, tessellation, regurgitation comes back as more than a memory. The geometric lines of his face were right out of a math book. I could find the sine of his chin any day

    By Emily on 12.04.2013

  29. Yeah, since we did the word ‘geometric’ months ago, I’m not doing it again.
    If I can remember that we’ve already done this word, you should be able too.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 12.04.2013

  30. the pattern of the tiles filled my eyes with images like a kaleidoscope. i wondered how something could be so geometric; how someone could organize such a thing. it gave me a headache.

    By molly fulton URL on 12.04.2013

  31. Shapes are all around us. Everything is geometric. Triangles, squares, everything. It’s part of life. Math is part of life.

    By Shelby URL on 12.04.2013

  32. I just wrote a poem about geometric shapes being imprinted in the human subconscious today, so this is a pleasant surprise. Geometric lovers. SHE GETS DRESSED UP LIKE A PILLOW, SO SHE’S ALWAYS IN BED~ FLOWERS FOR THE SICK AND DEAD. Dr. Dog, dudes.

    By kristina URL on 12.04.2013

  33. There was nothing really, everything was strict, no flexibility to it. That was out life. Like a shape made of out metal with hard edges that couldn’t be moved. We had no freedom, we had no choice. Everything was chosen for us, and everything was forced upon us.

    By CJ K. URL on 12.04.2013

  34. he stuttered on the G. He always stuttered on the G. He tripped and skipped, hesitating, pausing, applauding, trying, denying. crying.

    By lottie scaramanga on 12.04.2013

  35. Geometric. Shapes. Geometry. Those are the shapes that are not common. Cone, sphere, cylinder, etc. They are with algebra and pythagorean theorem.
    He hesitated when the teacher asked him the answer. He’s not good with math, geometry, etc. He walked slowly to the blackboard. He doesn’t know the answer. The teacher called. His answer was wrong.
    Then, the smartest guy in class solved it for him. Wow! He thought. He wasn’nt just smart, he’s also kind.The teacher was pleased.

    By roze_princess URL on 12.04.2013

  36. The geometric possibilities are endless. Or are they? Curious? I am too. Create, procreate, procure. Endless geometric possibilities.

    By JoJo on 12.04.2013

  37. “Ok everyone open your books to page 72, today we are looking at geometric construction”.
    I watched the rain slide down the window and collect in pools on the concrete outside. I didn’t get this stuff.

    By martin b on 12.04.2013

  38. I think in circles. there is a center but no end. sometimes it’s just a matter of exploring this spiral that leads to my favorite ideas. spiraling is important, don’t ever neglect the spiral. Lets hope someday we can turn these spirals into squares, or triangles, maybe pentagons. or maybe its not about shape, its just about space. who says thoughts have to exist in a singular space, in an inside place

    By Michelle on 12.04.2013

  39. The surface was marked with geometric shapes, aligned in a circle, in a way that made it clear that this was no ordinary meteorite.

    By tonykeyesjapan on 12.04.2013

  40. Cookie jar nonagons in a galactic cowboy joke, crop circles, alien art on Earth’s canvas, geometric nests for mechanical minds, octagon signs and pizza slices from the sparkling topaz wheels burning up the desert, the cherubim running alongside toward a hexagon heaven of lapis blue, where Amelia lies trapped at icy altitude, so pretty to us, so painful to her, or at least I imagine it so, but till I get there myself, I’ll never know…

    By Miss Alister URL on 12.04.2013