December 3rd, 2013 | 124 Entries

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124 Entries for “geometric”

  1. I have to say this word looks like geometry.

    By Kate on 12.03.2013

  2. I saw grids along the landscape arching along natural ridges, becoming curvilinear, oblong, squares becoming quadrangles, the iterative relationship between abstract and actual, man and nature.

    By Clayton on 12.03.2013

  3. Tyler refused to play pool because it reminded him far too much of geometric stuff. That, and he was never good at cutting with a cue stick. And it made sense – he couldn’t even properly identify right angles these days. Some might say he didn’t pay attention in math class as a teenager, but in truth, stuff like geometry and algebra very much scared him. Anything regarding shapes, codes, and matrices was like a phobia.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.03.2013

  4. shapes. Sound of the teacher droning on about how they work and how to measure. Diameter, Parameter.
    Seven, four or eight sided stories. How to measure

    By Delilah on 12.03.2013

  5. we are geometric. we gotta come up with a system. to make it work. make it work. make it work. work.

    By Maggie URL on 12.03.2013

  6. Geometric. That was what formed the many facets of this place. Every surface was not spared of the shapely apocalypse.

    By patch URL on 12.03.2013

  7. “Geometric?” He said aloud.
    “Yes. What do you think it means?” Another voice responded.

    He stood in silence until he looked at the teacher square in the face and said “It is the study of the earth.”

    By patch URL on 12.03.2013

  8. Their teacher handed them a handout of geometric designs and they eagerly looked at their choices. Terri decided on hers and then took out her ruler so that she could draw her own. She needed to keep it to scale and that was her weak point. She rubbed her pencil on her arm as she thought.

    By Collette on 12.03.2013

  9. Geometric precision did him no good when something didn’t want to work the way it was supposed too. Or something. I suppose he thought he was doing very well, until he realized that the corner was off by one degree.

    It was a bad day for the table. Why do I type so fast when I don’t actually have the vaguest idea of what I want to write? That makes no sense.

    By Maria URL on 12.03.2013

  10. The Geometric appearance of the dome was one of the characteristics that made it stand out from the rest of the entries. This was the first of many entries that would stamp my brand on the world around me. Tomorrow I will complete my next creation.

    By Chuck K. URL on 12.03.2013

  11. i sat in geometry class and sighed
    when will it end
    but i still got a good grade
    i just wish they all would stop looking at me
    like i am something else
    other than me

    By Annie on 12.03.2013

  12. today was a day dedicated to shapes
    the geometry that regards our brains
    and they way they fit together united
    by the forces of our shared experiences
    we are all just shapes and we all are just

    By Nova on 12.03.2013

  13. What is geometric? Is it having perfect lines? I don’t see how anything could be this way, other than in math, seeing as the world isn’t perfect. There is no perfect person in this world, for each and everyone one of us have our own unique flaws.

    By Grace URL on 12.03.2013

  14. What the hell??!! I have no idea what geometric means. Now I have to look it up. Ok, ok, something along the lines of math “arithmetical”, linear, symmetrical, orderly. I am none of these. I still use my fingers to count and I am definitely not orderly. Therefore I am not geometric!

    By just a girl URL on 12.03.2013

  15. Favor focus praise finish complete, power, wisdom, dream, stretch, push, believe,master, prepare, plan, determine,finish, happy, fulfill,share, love, travel secure, desire, compassion, wish, prepare,faith, committment, friendship, open relax, prosper, health, insight, trust, except, expect, do, quick, knowledge, fearless, courage,

    By Sheila on 12.03.2013

  16. Geometric: I look to diagrams of waveforms. The thresholds of amplified sound, of signal. Last week I heard a square wave form through a tremolo pedal and though it divine. Not in a sacred geometry kind of way, more like beautifully dreamy sound-shapes for your ears.

    By Intuition URL on 12.03.2013

  17. geometry i hate that shit. fuck symmetry, i wish my face was really symmetric but its not. so fuck symettry

    By bb on 12.03.2013

  18. Thin, geometric scars stretched across the length of the backside of his hand. I watched him flex his fingers, seeming almost to feel the ghost of the knife that permanently marked his skin in such a way.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.03.2013

  19. The shape of your lips reminds me of the unbroken line of thought,
    Constantly streaming through my mind when I think of you.
    Of the way your sharp eyes seem to hold a galaxy of stars,
    And your voice awakens me from a sleep I didn’t even know I was in.
    The shape of your lips reminds me,
    Of how desperately I wish I was yours.

    By Laura URL on 12.03.2013

  20. Arithmetic and Geometric progression, or AP.GP. in short. One of the topics for Mathematics back in secondary school. Loved it then. Can’t recall any of it now. Time passes…

    By Yas on 12.04.2013

  21. The shape is just right. She is fabulously geometrically hot! I would study her any time. Geometry was my favourite subject in school too

    By Hanna-Kristel Valge on 12.04.2013

  22. Blaa blaa blaa

    By Tatu on 12.04.2013

  23. Shapes, the things you learn about when you are in high school geometry. They slowly become the bane of your entire being. Geometric patterns soon consume your daily thoughts because they are everywhere you look. I hate shapes.

    By Theresa Rose URL on 12.04.2013

  24. Geometric Prints: Geometry and Printing, Shapes and Words, Lines and Text, Figures and Characters.

    By sharon URL on 12.04.2013

  25. The geometric lines of this case were too simple for the detective. His thoughts constantly went back to the small details of Mr. Man cufflinks. Something wasn’t right.

    By Charlie URL on 12.04.2013

  26. patterns shapes symmetry design drawing engineering creativity with shapes calculations maths text book lines curves boxes

    By Anmona on 12.04.2013

  27. It’s funny how in spite of all its square and stern principles, geometric still rhymes with poetic when looked at through the right lenses.

    By Yeon URL on 12.04.2013

  28. I like having my hair cut into different styles and experimenting with vibrant colours. Maybe a geometric style next.

    By Alexandra URL on 12.04.2013

  29. maths, maps, graphs

    By chloe galvin on 12.04.2013

  30. maths, maps, graphs

    By chloe on 12.04.2013

  31. i dont know what geometric means

    By Lewis Palmer on 12.04.2013

  32. a geometric shape

    By Daniel Kelly on 12.04.2013

  33. maths, graphs and maps and lots of different meanings which i dont know
    it has 9 letters and no numbers(luckily) ummm yeah thats about it
    oh yeah and its spelt G E O M E T R I C that is definatly it ok bye.

    By chelsea on 12.04.2013

  34. geometric shapes are 2D shapes.

    By Sky dunn on 12.04.2013

  35. metric is a measure and geo means world…. world measure? geo metric… geo can mean natural so natural measure… whatis geometric…. 9 letter long unusual word. isnt there geometric shapes? does it mean like quad or a word for a number, like nonuple decahedron or dodecahedran. big word thing what? bob bob bob bob ermmmmmmm i dont know. geometry is to do with shapes so geometric might be to do with numbers. so shapes could be a geometric word.

    By thomas burniston on 12.04.2013

  36. When i look at the word i think about geography. It is a nine letter work. I think it might be describing something. when i look at the ebd of the word it makes me think of trick. Geometric is cubes and things like that.

    By Olivia Riley on 12.04.2013


    By ellis carter on 12.04.2013

  38. This word makes me think of geography. Geometric is a combination of mathmatics and science.

    By kayleigh on 12.04.2013

  39. it has 9 letters and it means certain shapes

    By harry race on 12.04.2013

  40. its a word, its got 9 letters. Its a big word and its to do with shapes.

    By rrrrrrrrrrr URL on 12.04.2013