February 28th, 2012 | 200 Entries

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200 Entries for “generator”

  1. you are the generator to the gears of my mind and you send my heart spinning like wheels to a machine. you generate an electricity in me that i thought i had last. i wish i could turn you on like you do me. maybe i do. i don’t know. i want us to generate something together.

    generate with me. whatvever that means

    By Jess URL on 02.28.2012

  2. i’d like to run on a generator,
    so i can look active and be productive,
    while i hide out in my mind
    and maybe just sleep.

    By sarah marie URL on 02.28.2012

  3. The generator is working its ass off, or it would be if it had one, that’s what you’ve said, if you were here. But you’re not and the power’s gone out again, so I can’t call you to tell you I wish you were here, or that I wish you’d never left or that I miss your blue eyes brown hair dirty shoes beautiful smile and how quickly you could strike a match.

    By Natasha URL on 02.28.2012

  4. Again?

    By Abby URL on 02.28.2012

  5. I want to make a mistake that makes it right again; that abrupt mistake in that impromptu moment that pulls my body to action without the weight of conscious deliberation. Just do what you feel, I say to myself, there’s nothing more to it than that.
    Its the generator of that abruptness that’s missing, and its dragging me to the darkness once again. I’m not entirely sure I was ever out of it; my discomforting place of solitude.

    I have devoured myself whole and what drags along this wretchedness is the undying shadow.

    By UnderWater URL on 02.28.2012

  6. He looked at his Son. “Son, this world we live in … it’s just one big generator. The Sun, Son, provides the fuel, and the world produces …” He paused for effect: “Well, everything under the Sun, Son. Son?”
    The boy looked confused.
    “What is it, Son?”
    “A generator?”
    “Good, you can go now, Son.”
    The boy went off to play in the fading light.

    By ghostwriter URL on 02.28.2012

  7. Gerald pulled the lever on the generator and watched it crackle to life. The monster’s electrodes sputtered and sparked. Eyelids fluttered as the dead flesh reanimated. “I’d like a milkshake” it said. “Vanilla is fine.”

    30 minutes later, Gerald returned from the Transylvania McDonald’s with a vanilla milkshake. He presented it to his creation. The monster removed the lid, raised the cup, and threw his head back, since it wasn’t well-attached.

    The headless torso shrugged and poured the glop of milkshake down its esophagus and down the back of its neck.

    By richpee URL on 02.28.2012

  8. a machine, when given some sort of fuel, will produce electricity to power whatever you need not to go bump in the night (used in power failures or really remote locations)

    By Kelly on 02.28.2012

  9. A generator is when you use it while camping and you run out of electricity or something and you use it as a replacement. You also should turn it off at 10 pm because it makes too much noise.

    By wierdo URL on 02.28.2012

  10. Thought generating thoughts. A generator keeps you warm in winter if the power goes out. I’m not really interested in generators because they’re mechanical and I’m a girl. You need to fill them with fuel and fuel stinks. Girls don’t like stinky things.

    By Kate on 02.29.2012

  11. the generator roared to life. We were ecstatic. No one else on the block had lights. The tornado had knocked out all of the power in three counties, but the Kelly’s had light! Everyone we knew was in our basement surrounding the little transistor radio. We felt like true survivors.

    By Fender2010 URL on 02.29.2012

  12. She was bored of everything but mainly herself. She longed for something ‘wow’ to happen, to break her routine and give her a thrill. So she circled the advertisement in the paper and went online. She typed her name into a stripper name generator and Sapphire Spankwhip it was. Her new life.

    By Laura URL on 02.29.2012

  13. His mind was always empty, in need of a crutch. He borrowed the character generator when he felt it was needed, using it to spur his imagination. At some point, he realizes that he is dependent on it, unable to make characters rise on his own.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 02.29.2012

  14. I don’t know what a generator is used for. Making things work, possibly. I think I need a generator for my heart, sometimes. Who really knows how to make a heart work the way you want it to. Not I.

    By Hoop on 02.29.2012

  15. This is something I will need in order to live out of my RV – it represents freedom – the freedom to go anywhere I want, rather than where I can hook up to electricity. Backroads, the edge of the Grand Canyon (away from the tourists!), as long as my RV can drive there, I can live there with a generator.

    By Janet on 02.29.2012

  16. Long lost mash-up songs
    in a circle of dreams
    with the stars above listening
    to forgotten memories.

    By Alegría URL on 02.29.2012

  17. I am a generator of ideas. And Berlin is my muse.

    By SandyInBerlin URL on 02.29.2012

  18. Tomorrow we are expecting a storm and I am hoping that it won’t be one of the ones that causes power outages! We are wired for a generator but still don’t have one after having lived in the house for seven years!

    By Kathy on 02.29.2012

  19. It was his best friend’s wedding and they were standing in the dark. About to vow things in secret and yet everyone knew the content. The generator must have blown for such complete darkness to have overtaken the ceremony of light…

    By Julia URL on 02.29.2012

  20. The genrator whirred on. I jumped slowly backwards. They actualy came! I tried to see my watch in the dark with no luck. There was a crackle.
    I squinted my eyes. I wanted to hit myself in the head for not bringing a flashlight. There was a shadow comeing. Wait a minute… that wasnt him.
    In fact ‘it’ wasnt even human.
    My scream was the only thing that i heard.

    By Zeyana on 02.29.2012

  21. the generator finally kicked in. the emergency lights flashed as he ran down the hallway. he stumbled several times over the limbs and bodies on the floor.

    By Brandon URL on 02.29.2012

  22. The tornado sucked up all the water in the lake, dumping it miles away. Lines down, the generator roared so that she could have a little light with her coffee. When all was said and done, the only casualties were two pigs, standing with their faces to the storm. She watched their white bodies go up, up, up, and when the sun came out again, all the mud in the fields had dried.

    By RS Bohn URL on 02.29.2012

  23. The word generator is something I was quite amused about. This looks quite creative.
    I guess it lets u imagine all sorts of thing u can write using the word generated by the word generator. This is cool. Let me see how far my mind takes me. For example… i am not a person of electric sciences and physics but im pretty sure generators are used to generate physical entities like energy of any form.

    By Arjee Jacob Jacob on 02.29.2012

  24. generator! holy cow! What I would have done for a generator in the summer of whatever year it was when we had all those hurricanes! It was crazy….storms day after day, but the worst was the electricty out for weeks on end….that is if you lived in my neighborhood or any hood that had above ground power lines.

    By juju URL on 02.29.2012

  25. The wind howled mournfully, snow and ice hung from the wires strung loosely from pole to pole; darkness had settled in. In a heartbeat, even more so: the grid went down… and all went silent inside our four walls. Briefly. With a sure, steady hand the Hermit set the switch for the generator and in unison, all lights, fridge, and digital clocks blinked on. All was well again; security, warmth, light.

    By gin on 02.29.2012

  26. a generator is a machine that gives your family energy for if you had a power outage. Once my family had a power outage my dad had to go to the store to by a generator and we got ELECTRICITY

    By madisson swartz on 02.29.2012

  27. a generator is a very powerful power source. it looks like a motor. you can use them like they are power outlets

    By mak!:) URL on 02.29.2012

  28. gwegwergewgesr

    By guyg URL on 02.29.2012

  29. the generator whurled back to life as sam pluged it into the wall

    By Amaryllis URL on 02.29.2012

  30. Generator? Like the thing that gives you power when your power goes out…?

    By Noreen on 02.29.2012

  31. when the power goes out the family has a plan b, they turn on the generator for power.

    By heaf13 URL on 02.29.2012

  32. what is a generator?It is a type of motor.a generator can power other thing sounds like this,vroom,vroom!!!!!

    By loulou88888 URL on 02.29.2012

  33. a generator is something that provides light or heat, in some situation generators are life savers to many different people, they give us the heat we need to live.

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 02.29.2012

  34. in minecraft i made a coble stone generator
    when our power went out we used a generator for electricity
    generator- something thats youused to make something

    By cougars8 URL on 02.29.2012

  35. i dont know what generator is

    By zach URL on 02.29.2012

  36. A generator is a thing that generates electricity or some sort of power. A generator is used right now for our electricity , those electric boxes all over are kind of like generators.

    By Mario URL on 02.29.2012

  37. Something you need to generate alot of stuff like a cooler,a heater and alot of different stuff like that.alot of people use a genarator around the world

    By Bieberlover URL on 02.29.2012

  38. i dont know what a generator is at all . . .

    By rainbow URL on 02.29.2012

  39. Once upon a time, my generator,
    Got eaten by an alligator,
    It powers my bath and my showers,
    From my neighbours it got jealous glowers,
    It’s worth more than gold,
    But the water went cold,
    And now i’m an a generator-hater.

    By O Olsen on 02.29.2012

  40. One word was all she needed to start the novel. The theme was imbedded in her thoughts..What was that word?

    By Mary URL on 02.29.2012