November 27th, 2016 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “freeze”

  1. this is an exercise in cold fingers, hands long since still and solid. it’s been a head, heart without activity; everything has been paused by nature, by nurture. it feels less like philosophy and more like blunt force trauma and the silence that hits the ground immediately after.

    By jack harper davis URL on 11.27.2016

  2. I listened to the man’s words and felt my own blood freeze in my veins, as if I had been forced inside a massive ice cooler and left to die in an artificial mini-ice age. I hoped, quietly, that his message was one of satire, not of a true agenda. That he did not take his own expressed beliefs seriously. But were it a parody, in all honesty, I don’t think it would have been any less frightening.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.27.2016

  3. She felt herself freeze in place. She couldn’t even move her head to see what had come up behind her, but she thought she might be okay with that. Her breath started to pick up, started to appear like billowing clouds in front of her, and she realized what it must be.

    By Emily URL on 11.27.2016

  4. I freeze when it’s cold outside. In the south, there isn’t much freezing going on, beyond ice cubes and milkshakes. Otherwise, I loathe the freezing rain of NYC and Seattle. One day, I hope to go the Antarctica.

    By Jason Epstein on 11.27.2016

  5. A tap on my shoulder and I freeze. Slowly I withdraw a match, striking it an by its light I see a dim frieze of monks dressed in friezes and I ponder–did Hell just freeze over?

    By beaver URL on 11.27.2016

  6. There’s been a freeze on my heart. Frozen wasteland for nearly a decade but getting colder since the world took a step to the Right. I don’t know what to do to bring the thaw. I have no straight answers, just many frozen question marks hanging in the air like clouds.

    By Alia on 11.27.2016

  7. it was ice, cold, horrible in feeling. It cut through all of my skin and settled itself inside my inner being, filling me up. As it moved up, slowly and jarring, I could feel it take over. I now became this new person with out feeling.

    By Emily Reggi URL on 11.27.2016

  8. sometimes i don’t know what to do, so i freeze. but that looks even worse, right? just standing there doing nothing instead of at least trying to save face looks weird. it’s a situation where i can’t win, i guess. if i freeze up, it’s awkward. if i try to save face, it’s awkward. fuck it!

    By stranger on 11.27.2016

  9. “Freeze!”

    The word echoed in my ears as if we were standing in a large cavern. The school corridor was rather cavernous when one stopped to really think about it, especially since it was empty at this particular moment. I put my hands high into the air and dropped to my knees as the SWAT officers surrounded me.

    “I’m not involved!” I kept spluttering as they forced me down onto my chest and cuffed my hands behind me. “I’m not involved in any of this!”

    By Lee on 11.27.2016

  10. you’re petrified against the wall
    you weren’t sure that it would
    come to
    but it obviously has

    you can’t think
    can’t breath

    By Pandyfish URL on 11.27.2016

  11. All I could do was just stand there. My eyes wide, and my heart speeding to faster and faster speeds as I looked at him. All I could do was listen to his commands and that’s what I did. “Freeze” and that is all I could do. I’ll die here, I know I will… Goodbye my Sunshine.

    By Brittai on 11.27.2016

  12. isn’t it interesting what it’s like to freeze? frozen in time, frozen outside, frozen items. paused. free yet constrained. unable to move but so able to move around in ways we normally can’t.

    By emily on 11.27.2016

  13. “Freeze!”, the officer shouted.

    Kim ignored. He ran as fast as he could. He knew that running was the only way out.

    Seconds later, a gunshot was heard.

    The officer lay on the floor. Dead.

    Kim turned around. It was her.

    By DF URL on 11.27.2016

  14. it took too much time
    in Ocarina of Time
    to get FREEZE arrow

    Not much game was left
    for shooting fire, ice or light
    Link, the Rambo “elf”

    [ I love this game, but it was too short, NINTENDO make an updated graphics one and add more missions and a part 2 top boss fight.]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.27.2016

  15. Contrary to popular belief
    and the heavy use on TV
    I haven’t heard the term “FREEZE!”
    when harassed by police

    In Burbank suburbs it’s a crime
    to not be white and to be alive
    mostly at night and if the time
    is some hour past eight or nine

    Get fast food in Simi Valley
    and fat pigs round you will rally
    quickly surrounding, holding gun or mace,
    if pallid and wane does not appear your face

    [Not a haiku, but I got into a flow
    more I’ll write but here not show.
    almost out of blue bar!!]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.27.2016

  16. It’s too cold to live here anymore. Sometimes I wonder if the people that keep warmth are hiding. I want to keep the warmth. I need it to live.

    By inbetweenitall URL on 11.27.2016

  17. the chill wind sent shivers down his spine. his breaths came out in clouds of frost. his fingertips had become numb and the rest of his hand was soon to follow. it wouldn’t take long, but it would be a slow and terrible death. he could only hope squall would make it in time.

    By cas on 11.27.2016

  18. I can’t wait until the water freezes. I have been waiting too long. How will I know when it happens? I think it’s happening now. My left arm is stuck.

    By Ahryel Tinker on 11.27.2016

  19. Her young fingers curled around the rope, as she trudged on the small sleigh followed behind her. Though empty upon first glance, the sled was full; overflowing even. She pulled behind her now, what had brought about hours of fun for three before her. The earth was covered with a blanket of light snow, and her hands were red in colour. The wind nipped at her cheeks but she didn’t feel the cold. Her heart was warm enough to heat her whole body…

    By Lexy URL on 11.27.2016

  20. Freeze. Sure as not freezing as it sometimes at this time of the year. It was a beautiful day today; it wasn’t freezing at all. I took a nice walk along the park and trail – it was wonderful. I am thankful for these things. They truly are blessings.

    By Ali URL on 11.27.2016

  21. They were freezing her out. She found herself wearing two or three sweaters even though it was springtime. She shivered despite the extra clothing. In the morning, in the mirror, she could see frost in her hair and goose bumps down both arms. Her teeth clacked in her mouth from cold. Icicles dripped out of her eyes when she was crying. She decided she must talk to them. She must ask them why they were so cruel, why they walked out of a room as she walked in, why they didn’t invite her to dinner, nor phone her ever. She does it. She calls the least unfriendly of them, the one without a sneer when they pass in the street. She calls, they are all there, she can hear them laughing in the background. The servant who answered said her name to the group and she heard them all saying, “Who?” “Never even heard her name.” “Is this some kind of prank call?” The servant hangs up.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.27.2016

  22. The cave was cold, too cold for this time of year.

    She tentatively walked out through the opening and was greeted by a harsh, bright light.


    Snow everywhere.

    This wasn’t right, this wasn’t home.

    She was wearing shorts, sandals and a tank top.

    And she was freezing and lost and mystified.

    “Where the fuck am I?”

    By Jaggarte on 11.27.2016

  23. Freeze!
    I stiffen and take a small glance across at Tara still in the shadows. Her eyes were wide and fearful and the men who caught us.

    By Anun on 11.27.2016

  24. My God, it’s cold out there. When I woke up the snot was hanging like icicles from my nose and my breath hung in a frosty cloud before me.

    By Bob on 11.28.2016

  25. i was playing Clash Royale. I just had opened a gold chest when, BAM! A Freeze card jumped out. YYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!! Now Im in Royal Arena.

    By Amazing---Catfish URL on 11.28.2016

  26. I am the freeze man. I love to freeze people and objects.

    By Simon Woodard on 11.28.2016

  27. cold, ice, slippery, stop, halt, harden, icy, shivering, car, white,

    By L on 11.28.2016

  28. it was like hell was gonna freeze over if I didn’t quickly realize that this earth was mine to do what I want with it. That’s right. The world is yours, mine and ours. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    By trkstr67 URL on 11.28.2016

  29. Christmas comes but once a year. Once a year I find my joy. Once a year I dont have to keep my shutters closed from the hot sun. Once a year.

    By inbetweenitall URL on 11.28.2016

  30. She shivered as the breeze cut through her jacket. She craned her neck down the street, scanning anxiously for a sign of the bus in the distance. The wind burned her eyes and she blinked hard to clear her vision.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.28.2016

  31. Freeze
    Just freeze
    Just do it
    Don’t move
    Don’t blink
    Don’t breathe
    Just hold it
    ten seconds
    Keep yourself still
    Hold your body there
    Stop yourself for a moment
    For a moment of your life
    Stay in the present

    By clokkerfoot URL on 11.28.2016

  32. i looked up at the cloudy sky. flaking little pecks of snow. it was a cold day. and even with a jacket on. i felt as if i was going to freeze.

    By Haley on 11.28.2016

  33. It was a cold December. I was worried to go outside because it was the coldest December we had ever had before in the history of ever. I went outside anyway, which was stupid, but I did. Now I have frostbite in my arm because I was so cold. I hope I don`t freeze like that again.

    Okay, yeh that was really dumb..^^

    By homeschooler URL on 11.28.2016

  34. freeze is when something ist stuck like freeze means to stop and don’t move like when ur a frozen statue.

    By julie URL on 11.28.2016

  35. My brain froze. My eyelids feel heavy. Am I missing a hyphen? I focus too much on punctuation…I really can’t write today. But I’d love to read, to see, and drink tea…

    By Edna Paulet URL on 11.28.2016

  36. your shoulders
    are icecaps
    I cannot melt,
    and the ocean
    carries you away

    By Pandatry URL on 11.28.2016

  37. I am cold and tired. This world is cold and tiring. The man told me long ago that there would be no end to the cold and I believed him until I met her. She is warm and not cold. She is the light in my darkness of a world. One day she disappeared and now I am freezing.

    By anonymous on 11.28.2016

  38. What can I say about the word ‘freeze’? I would not like to die by freezing. My cells would explode and that would be painful. But before they did so I would be numb so maybe that isn’t the worst.

    By Maxwell on 11.28.2016

  39. The cold air all around me bit into my skin as I skied, the snow beneath me quite cold as well. Actually, it was pretty much a winter wonderland outside.

    By Brandon P. URL on 11.28.2016

  40. Die Zeit rennt.
    Du drehst dich um –
    schon ist alles vorbei.

    Die Zeit rennt.
    Kann es nicht aufhören?
    Einfach stehen bleiben?

    By Anuri URL on 11.28.2016