October 22nd, 2012 | 351 Entries

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351 Entries for “forth”

  1. Go forth and conquer they said. See the world they said. All we’ve seen is trenches. Miles and miles of trenches. The mud is bad, but I’ve heard later in the year we’ll have snow. If we live that long, of course. I wonder what will kill me first – the cold, the enemy, the food, or our own artillery.

    By Snellopy URL on 10.23.2012

  2. the first thing crossing my mind right now is:

    go forth and multiply.

    However, the usual dry-sense-of-humor me says:

    forth is the order following third, which succeeds second,
    which succeeds first.

    yeah, it’s not funny.

    By greengabberglob URL on 10.23.2012

  3. Go forth and be happy! go forth and do what the hell you like! go forth and conquer life, fears, dreams and the world….

    By JP on 10.23.2012

  4. Forward movement. Pogress. Sacrifice. Individuality. Death. Simple as that.

    By Bence Adam on 10.23.2012

  5. Go forth and be open to what the wolrd has to teach you. You’ll want to ignore it. Being in a human body is tiring…especially when what you think should be happening isn’t what’s happening. It sometimes seems easier to block it all out. Sometimes you’ll get so good at it you’ll forget…
    Don’t forget.
    Go forth and let love come through you…especially when you still have some memory of what that love feels like. As you get older, it’ll be harder to remember what you’re feeling rght now. This all encompassing feeling often gets forgotten…and when it happens…you may recognize it but after being absorbed in the world…their world… remember…it’ll come as a shock to your system.
    Don’t forget.
    When you’re there, time will feel like it’s only moving forward but you know now that that’s absurd. But there…you won’t question linear time. Parts of you will remember….but often the pieces won’t feel like they’ll ever fit together.
    So go forth into the world. Don’t forget…although I know you will.
    3…2…1…and go!

    By Pam Heighway URL on 10.23.2012

  6. She whispered in my ear, ‘go forth and capture the world, as your purpose is but a burden’. I turned to her stunned, and utterly bemused by the sudden gesture of kindest and uncertainty that was bestowed upon my being. It was utterly beautiful and at the same time thrilling…

    By Alice on 10.23.2012

  7. Sometimes I wonder to myself whether life is worth the wait- is patience really a virtue? Or is it merely a setback to all those accomplishments that are left hanging in despair- calling out for you to come forth and collect what was left for dead during that time were life seemed to pass by merrily. The dead are better left buried as the living are best left ignorant to their heavy footsteps that embed the cracked ground. I look back to what I left behind- will i ever be satisfied with what i now hold in my strained hands? Hands that quivered as my white cheeks are bruised with forgotten tears- tears that flow in streams like the blood that once ran through my hardened veins. I close my eyes once more, openly embracing rest for eternity.

    By Alice URL on 10.23.2012

  8. going back and forth on the woods. it was an early morning. the birds were chirping and in a long distance could hear the wolfs. i was looking in search of my soul.

    By girly URL on 10.23.2012

  9. The cat sprung forth out of the bag.

    “What did you do that for?” said Buggins, picking himself up off the floor.

    “You’re the one hiding secrets and you’re blaming me?” said Eugenia.

    “Yeah, well, it’s only a cat…”

    By Elizabeth on 10.23.2012

  10. For the forth time we called out for the children to come out of the cave, because the tide was coming in faster than we thought and time was against us. Our only hope rested on the fire service to come and rescue them.

    By victor URL on 10.23.2012

  11. Fourth grade. Simpler time. Just being kids. Free of adult worry. Easy. Carefree. All the time in the world.

    By Sabrina URL on 10.23.2012

  12. “Come forth!”
    Small and obviously frightened, the young boy stepped up before the throne. He raised timid eyes to the King and gave a quick, weak bow.
    “You have come to ask something of me?”
    “I have, my Lord.”

    By Cim URL on 10.23.2012

  13. We found ourselves at a dead end. Hopeless and afraid of the unknown. Before either of us ever came about to realizing that, he had forgotten his past; me. And so he decided to go forth. Start a new life with the help of his old one’s ashes. There was a death in out lives, and it created a void that I could never fill. Not for the longest time.

    By Aaliya URL on 10.23.2012

  14. Go forth and multiply. what does that even mean? what about over population? what about not having enough resources? people are gonna go hungry if the population keeps doubling every day, month or year

    By zyra on 10.23.2012

  15. Go forth, young man!

    An excellent exhortation
    to make your name,
    to adventure into the unknown,
    to take all the things you want

    without real regard
    to those who have known it all along,
    to those who might even have had your things first.

    By icfasntw URL on 10.23.2012

  16. come forth servants what may I grant you. Servant: I wish to have a life like yours all your riches, women, ad glory. Foolish servant these things wont bring you happiness but only more burden. I wish for a life were I can walk around a city without fearing my life ad privacy, servant I wish for a life like yours

    By Sergent BuzzkiLL URL on 10.23.2012

  17. We went forth and copulated, but on the battlefields we left more than intended. At home, there was nothing but hollow space. Everything that mattered existed in guns and sex and the sharp shoulder of an unnamed girl. They haven’t decided what to call our battle yet. Privately, we think of it everyday…

    By RS Bohn URL on 10.23.2012

  18. come forth and hold me when i fall . because may be after i fall you won’t be seeing me again.

    By sadiya on 10.23.2012

  19. GO forth into the wild, find yourself. This is your life, it is time for you to go. Forth. Onward. Yourself. Live your life. Find yourself. Press forward. Onward, forth. Into the darkness. Forth.

    By chris on 10.23.2012

  20. The prime minister stepped forward. “Kristaline Nevedter, step forth.” I walked up to the harsh faced man. “You have been charged with treason, young woman. What have you to say for yourself?” I took a deep breath. “I have nothing to say other than this: if loving Jesus Christ is illegal, then it is a crime worth committing!” My soul flew home that day, and my martyrdom set an example for all generations after me.

    By Emma on 10.23.2012

  21. Go forth and multiply. Hahaha. A lot of people misinterpret that biblical quote. We’re not viruses to dominate this planet.

    By Marco on 10.23.2012

  22. Go forth and seek. But what? It seems like everyone is just moving along, just letting the wind blow them along. I wish more people would have a direction in life they want to head towards.

    By cherryade URL on 10.23.2012

  23. it is huge, old
    it has caracter
    you don´t see it often

    By Anouk on 10.23.2012

  24. like, forthcoming?

    By arlen on 10.23.2012

  25. i’m not sure what to write about the word forth, it’s a weird word to write about but it makes me think about moving on. for some odd reason i feel like its a sign. for me to move on.

    By Lauryn on 10.23.2012

  26. “And we shall go forth, riding on the backs of our ancestors, holding the title of liberty high in our hands. Today we ride for freedom! For our families! And for our right to life!

    “Onward, men! And let us show them what it means to be free.”

    By Aster Vox URL on 10.23.2012

  27. Bring forth all the prisoners for their trial.

    By tylerw URL on 10.23.2012

  28. The knight went forth to slay he dragon.

    By anton URL on 10.23.2012

  29. Follow me forth to my cave of wonder!

    By Rayanne URL on 10.23.2012

  30. go forth onto the future.

    By Cmuncy URL on 10.23.2012

  31. I will go forth and eat some peanut butter! A lot of people think the word is a number word! haha! Count how many people say its a number word! NOT A NUMBER WORD!!!!!

    By S-man URL on 10.23.2012

  32. I brought forth my mother to meet my best friend from school. His name was Jonny.

    By i love pandas URL on 10.23.2012

  33. The king said bring forth the prisoner!!!!!

    By tabithas URL on 10.23.2012

  34. come forth and see the king.

    By talon URL on 10.23.2012

  35. To succeed you need to put Forth the effort.

    By Jeremy URL on 10.23.2012

  36. One night i was walking in the pitch black when a strange dark creature came forth and asked me i would help him become free.

    By fox URL on 10.23.2012

  37. “so you’re who they’ve been talking about.” a chuckle.

    “who?” he asked him, finding his statement puzzling, since they just met.

    he only shakes his head at him, as if he should’ve already known. “them. everyone. they keep talking about that one person that could make their day, could even make them look forward to the next ones.”

    By sam URL on 10.23.2012

  38. i brought fourth the money to buy a new phone. that my dad is making me buy myself.

    By leonardt URL on 10.23.2012

  39. my dog comes forth when i call her.

    By diamondsss URL on 10.23.2012

  40. I put forth the effort.

    By jake Tate on 10.23.2012