May 15th, 2011 | 563 Entries

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563 Entries for “forgotten”

  1. It seems so unlike me…yet I can’t help but wonder if I will be forgotten during the two months we will be apart. I mean, we’ve only just started hanging out together – only just started to get closer to each other. He’s gone away now for work. Does he think about me as often as I do of him?

    By Vanatron URL on 05.15.2011

  2. you might be forgiven, but you’re not forgotten. i’ll remember you an i pray for your soul. i hate you till the end.

    By irenafatma URL on 05.15.2011

  3. Sometimes I feel forgotten. Forgotten in a world of Pampers and play dates. Forgotten by time and space. Forgotten by others and self. And then I remember…they are me. Not forgotten. Always first and foremost. In everything. In every space and time.

    By Caitlin on 05.15.2011

  4. The young man looked into the old man’s eyes with sorrow. He struggled to find other words to say to the man lying there on the stained hospital bed. There was nothing else to say except,

    “How have you forgotten your own son?”

    By Luke Kerschbaum URL on 05.15.2011

  5. Sometimes it better that we have forgotten things from our past because all we have is the present. To truly appreciate the hear and now is a gift!

    By Dana Rae on 05.15.2011

  6. i have forgotten fuck there is nothing important about losing someone :( ugh lol this is going be in forgotten lol fuck i forgotten what im suppose to be doing hahahhahaha this should be interesting shall you think? i think not i have forgotten woah this is when i realized how to beat the system. have you forgotten what to do when you wake up you have an adenda and you fucking fail at remembering what you are suppose to do. exactly what i thought isnt it?

    By Bob on 05.15.2011

  7. forgotten. en empty feeling, that gets inside you like a slime and eats you from top to bottom. the upmost feeling of lonely, the worst possible feeling to be. something left behind, somthing not important enough to last your memory, whether short or long term. its used to cope, its used to move on. its a lie that we use to convince ourselves we’re okay. its the last something that mattered when you were about to leave. its what we chose to describe the things that hurt so much we try not to bring them up again.

    By hollie on 05.15.2011

  8. I don’t think there’s anything that I’ve forgotten to do today… I set unusually realistic goals and woke up feeling particularly industrious so I pretty much got it all done… pretty much. I still didn’t clean everything I set out to clean but I really did accomplish a lot for me… maybe that’s a bit sad.

    By Brandon on 05.15.2011

  9. I have forgotten my past. It only represents memories which cage my inner soul…once
    I free myself from the chains of the past I will be truly free. I will have forgotten. And I will have become a child. To grow. Again.

    By James on 05.15.2011

  10. Rotten got alot of thinking ,im blinking forging , she left a case Im incased in her eyes let alone her eyes, memorized abided by all i try , i left alone i moan to behold what is left a unpaid loan.

    By corey wear on 05.15.2011

  11. I have forgotten how to have fun and live life. I love everything that happens to me but I am so angry all the time. I dont know what is the matter with me. I am too young to feel the way I do. I hope to God I find myself and my sanity

    By Anthony on 05.15.2011

  12. Henry, the medium bodied bright blonde lab looked both directions along the side of the long forgotten highway. He had only left for a moment; distracted by the new smells of the dry red earth. However it seems that like the highway, he had been forgotten as well.

    By Katt on 05.15.2011

  13. what our friendship once was. how we were so comfortable around each other. Just because we hooked up doesn’t mean we have to be silent and awkward. Or did you forget what we had before all of that happened? I guess so.

    By annelise on 05.15.2011

  14. alone, left and desperate nothing left and nothing to choose from dusty old, friendless unable to escape. No longer needed, excluded, unloved.

    By Emily on 05.15.2011

  15. I’ve already done this one!!! I don’t really have anything new to add and my first one wasn’t too interesting anyway. Maybe I’ve ‘forgotten’ how to write somewhere along the way. Hurry up and expire, timer!!!!

    By Brandon on 05.15.2011

  16. My mind is racing. I cannot tell whether it is racing to or from something, nor whether it is even travelling in a particular direction. It is simply a frenzied jumble of words, ideas and feelings that, with the added impetus of my heart’s loud beating, overlap each other in rhythmic time; one taking over the next, leaving the previous thoughts forgotten, missed like a vague regret that echoes in the background of my memories.

    By Dayle Morrison URL on 05.15.2011

  17. I moved my antique desk and low and behold, a forgotten mood ring dropped from nowhere and bounced right in front of my toes. the gem has gone back to the dark blue color. i racked my brain, what was dark blue again.

    By Chi Thuy URL on 05.15.2011

  18. I’m a very forgetful person.
    But I’m never forgotten.
    I’m constantly on my mother’s mind and it seems like I’m all she ever thinks about.
    I’m the opposite of forgotten.
    I’m remembered. I’m cared for.
    xo daf

    By daf URL on 05.15.2011

  19. I have not forgotten the beautiful feelings I used to know when I was young.
    The feelings of hope, aspirations, and dreams. I have not forgotten the strength I was given. I have not forgotten the strength inside of me. I have forgot how to use the strength.

    By xiney on 05.15.2011

  20. miserable, weak memory, dont remember, bad,

    By syeda on 05.15.2011

  21. Digging through the rubble of an old building on earth,
    Spike found a completely intact store for little girls, tucked away, forgotten.
    Regardless of the few things that would be normal (spills of glitter nail pollish and tattered little dresses)
    He found himself nauseated and vomitting at how immensely and terribly the place had been desecrated.
    There was graffiti, a breed of which he felt may have never even been socially acceptable for street slime,
    And people had done the most wretched things they could try to think of to anything there was, especially dresses.
    At the sight of how morbid someone could be to something so innocent, the grief of Earth being a deserted wasteland due to human faults finally hit him, and he made his way out of the catacombs to his space plane,
    Sobbing and occasionally heaving as if to vomit again.
    As he flew away headed back towards home on Mars, he was again overwhelmed with the grief that not only does such a miserable thing happen, but there is nothing he can do to stop it.

    By Drake URL on 05.15.2011

  22. I’ve forgotten who I am. Where I’m from. What has happened to me? I don’t know. Can anyone tell me what I’ve forgotten? I don’t know what I don’t know. Goddamn it! Why can’t I remember that name? That face? That place? It’s gone. Gone to the hills. Forever. Help me. Help me, dammit! Why… why… I’ve got to remember…

    By Beth S. on 05.15.2011

  23. oh no. i’ve forgotten so much already. Especially when i take tests and all, i remember studying it but then when it actually gets to the test, I forget most of the materials that I’ve studied which is sad. because it suffers my grade or something. Most of the time, I’m pretty forgetful too.

    By kristina on 05.15.2011

  24. I am forgotten by my only love. He will soon forget about what we had and everything we could of had. I am empty and lost. Nothing is left for me. We tried. All is gone forever. Forgotten.

    By Giules on 05.15.2011

  25. You are forgotten. Your words are forgotten. Because it’s easier to forget you than it is to cry over you. I shouldn’t even be crying over you. I’m the one that broke up with you. I am sitting here listening to the rain right now falling in love with you over again, and yet hating you more than I ever have. Does that make any sense? I miss our Saturday mornings making pancakes together…

    By Jules URL on 05.15.2011

  26. I’ve just forgotten why I do this. It’s become such a habit, going to school, getting good grades, that I don’t even know why I do it anymore. I don’t know who I’m trying to impress, I don’t know what I’m trying to achieve. I’m unhappy, and I’ve forgotten why.

    By Tkot on 05.15.2011

  27. animal shelter
    iraqi civilians sad lonely long road left behind old people nursing home my keys
    anything important when you are traveling

    By kasdkfj on 05.15.2011

  28. I thought you would’ve remembered. You said I meant so much to you. Nice words but they’re never followed through. Someday I’ll forget what it feels like to be forgotten by you.

    By sarah on 05.15.2011

  29. Alone. Never remembered. Always forgotten.

    By Samantha URL on 05.15.2011

  30. Alone. No one else to care. Replaced. My boyfriend broke my heart and all my friends left me for him. With out anyone. No one to care about you. depressed. music gets me through it. I would do anything to be able to go to school with out being sad. i want my friends to be with me, instead of against me.

    By Amanda Fitz on 05.15.2011

  31. those memories that haunt you; friendships that harmed you; things you learned in high school; the grocery list you were supposed to pick up; the answers to the test somebody emailed you; past relationships. these are the things that should be forgotten.

    By heather (: URL on 05.15.2011

  32. You forgot one of your old manuscripts here when you left. I’ve read through it so many times, but I won’t mention it the next time I see you. It’s not something you need. It’s old and it belongs here with me, not wherever you’ve seen fit to go. The dust is resettling now and everything looks calm.

    By Clare URL on 05.15.2011

  33. I am wiped clean from their memories as my sins erase the humanity once found in me. They move on with their lives as if I never existed, a forgotten daughter, prodigal, never to return home.

    By onewordwasheard URL on 05.15.2011

  34. I have not forgotten how it feels when you whisper in my ear and pull on my hair. I try to forget all the time, but I can’t. I want to know, to remember what it’s like to kiss you, but I know I can’t. I want to forget you. I know you have already forgotten me.

    By Emily on 05.15.2011

  35. He stared at the walls all around him. They were dark and cold. The blocks were large and seemingly immovable. He reached out to touch one and wondered how it got there. But, deep inside he knew. He put them there himself. He put all of them there. He had to make sure no light got in and that no one could hear him. In the corner, he curled himself into a ball and shut his eyes. He could hear muffled sounds outside, but they seemed far off in the distance. So very far away.

    By Stacey W. URL on 05.15.2011

  36. I am wiped from their memories as my sins erase the humanity once found in me. It is as if I never existed, a forgotten, prodigal daughter, never to return home.

    By onewordwasheard URL on 05.15.2011

  37. forgotten things litter the backside of the garage, like rubber duckies from preschool and old white kitchen chars from houses ago and a frame for a king who once visited and stayed a night on his way to sea.

    By RK on 05.15.2011

  38. Thats me right? Always forgotten. Sounds depressing, but I swear I’m not. Just a little lost.

    Maybe it was after high school I felt this way. Totally alone, isolated by those I thought I’d be with forever. In the real world I’m completely out of my element, suddenly unsure. I’ve forgotten my purpose.

    By Amber on 05.15.2011

  39. My dad has already forgotton about me . and all of my sisters and brother. all six of us. for a skank bitch . I will never forget that . it makes me stronger and sadder and me . never forget, ever .

    By alexandria on 05.15.2011

  40. my way, who I am, when I am not fulfilling my perceived expectations of others, Kristy is forgotten

    By Kristy URL on 05.15.2011