May 15th, 2011 | 563 Entries

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563 Entries for “forgotten”

  1. There is a movie called the forgotten.

    By kamikaze URL on 05.16.2011

  2. I forgotten to wash my boxers ……………………….and along with my bed sheets it felt like I have a water bed ooooops!!!!!!

    By werty URL on 05.16.2011

  3. when we forgot about something it is very difficult to overcome the situation about this problem.there is a need to modify our thinking power because this lead us to

    By Ammar Aziz URL on 05.16.2011

  4. Being forgotten is the most painful thing that can ever happen to a girl’s life. It’s next to being replaced. From experience, meaning nothing to the person that means everything to you feels like being in hell.

    By Jackie on 05.16.2011

  5. They were all crammed into one room. Were the children forgotten by what, by whom? No one came into that room, of course. There were very strict rules against it. No one could go in unless they wanted a death wish. The teachers would kill them, no mercy.

    By Isis on 05.16.2011

  6. Being forgotten is a feeling one do not want to entertain. You feel like no one cares about you in this world, neither your family or friends. I wonder do people do this purposely or not? Someone is out wanting to be loved and cared for. However, takes only a second to realize how self-fish human kind has become. People only cares for those that will some how benefit them. If your a daughter they want dowry from when you get married, if your a son they want you to carry on the family name and make a career out of your life. The truth of the matter is everyone of us have had experience of being forgotten. I wish we would live in a world where we value individual. We only value those who are successful and forgot those who are stuggling.

    By Nyaitan on 05.16.2011

  7. lost but never forgotten. those little things that escape us over the years, are now stored safely away in our memories, closer to us than they ever were in life. lost but never forgotten.

    By Hannah Scott URL on 05.16.2011

  8. They were a small people, not noticed even when they lived. Small. Quiet. No one ever took a double glance. But together they stand, forgotten, in the midst of the world. Strong, Like ghosts of giants.

    By sabrina URL on 05.16.2011

  9. I’ve forgotten myself sometimes Ive forgotten what it was like with you. The feeling of you holding me, sleeping. The look on your face when you’re sincere. I’ve forgotten you. But I’d like to remember. Have you forgotten me? My intense shaking when im near you, the e touch of my hand on your face.

    By caroline on 05.16.2011

  10. forgotten
    and lost and lonely
    out in the cold
    is how i feel when i am down
    down and turning spiraling towards the
    desperate ground

    i cling to hopes and dreams that dont always come true
    like the time i spent with you
    can i forget it?
    it is of too much value
    wasted value and prices misjudgement
    that you skewed
    messed up
    goodbye, mary michael
    this is the last.

    By frances URL on 05.16.2011

  11. Forgotten to think and to live. I was forgotten, but yet remembered when gone. How I wish I hadn’t forgotten that word I was searchihng for.

    By Janice on 05.16.2011

  12. i have forgotten so many good things, but thank god i’ve forgottten so many painful things too. i miss the good things i have forgotten but time will show that i can also remember things that i have forgotten when i sometimes smell a perfume a food or a flower. the memories then come back.

    By marita on 05.16.2011

  13. He sat at there, alone in the rain at 3:47 AM, waiting for the next bus to show up. Between Chuck’s death and the bus that was over twenty minutes late, he couldn’t help but feel abandoned, forgotten.

    By Aaron M. URL on 05.16.2011

  14. he was forgotten. the book was forgotten. The book was named Forgotten Arrows.

    By dustin URL on 05.16.2011

  15. forgotton is something like were some one tells you a invitation and you forgot to go to it

    By chewbaca URL on 05.16.2011

  16. have you forgotten? (: No i haven’t forgotten. What you have done. Forgotten what we need.

    By RaeRae URL on 05.16.2011

  17. I had forgotten what it was like to have the wind pushing against your face like a cat rubbing against your legs. The heart nearly pounding right out of my chest energized my in a different, yet strangely enlightening way. As my hands clutched the metal bar in front of me, after a decade of avoiding these sorts of past adventures, I smiled.

    By Val URL on 05.16.2011

  18. I have forgotten so many things over my life. I have forgotten them so thoroughly that I can’t even recall if anyone is significant in my or anyone else life.

    By missy on 05.16.2011

  19. It was a strange feeling, to realize she’d forgotten about the most important person in her life. The Covenant had taken up all of her time; and her heart. She run her fingers across the bulkhead wondering if she could really sell it off like some piece of junkyard scrap. It was her ship after all…her life.

    By J.M.Oneil URL on 05.16.2011

  20. You

    By Savannah URL on 05.16.2011

  21. I had forgotten so many things and cannot believe what I was thinking about this a.m. My kindergarten teacher and the time she shook me when I was in line because I was talking. I never talked, I was too shy. Today, she would be arrested for child abuse.

    By teapotgallery on 05.16.2011

  22. i have forgotten what it feels like to just be myself. i have forgotten maybe how to play tennis because i have not played in a weeeek!! umm and i have forgottten dj but not really.

    By Cristina on 05.16.2011

  23. People who leave their homes, people who care for others but do not receive anything in return. Those who have left to help others and are not seen again are never this! Things that slip the mind and only to be realized when it’s too late. Things that are irrelevant and not important to move on. Harsh words and hurt feelings.

    By Jenny on 05.16.2011

  24. It was a distant memory long forgotten, but the the smell from opening her wardrope brought it back. I was eight and brushing her long auburn hair and she was smiling at me like only a mother can, full of love and gentleness. I cling to too few memories of her.

    By M Daly URL on 05.16.2011

  25. you are all important people to me and will never be forgotten. this goes out to my graduation class of 2011. I love them all so much. memories last a life time and will all be part of my life:)

    By danielle on 05.16.2011

  26. All was not forgotten, for there was much more that would take place in the future. Nothing is forgotten because there is usually nothing to look forward to.

    By JR on 05.16.2011

  27. i don’t want to be forgotten. but at the same time i pray every night that you will one day be able to completely erase me from your memory.
    forget that night i stayed with you and let you hold me until you fell asleep.
    i know you still think about it. and at the time i knew its what you needed. it helped i could see. but now that its all over you wish i was still there. but i couldn’t stay. that was never an option in my mind. so when i left and knew you’d still be thinking of it all. and it probably hurts now more then it helps. will i ever be forgotten?

    By abra URL on 05.16.2011

  28. I had forgotten everything about that night. Not a thing remained tucked in my memory. She was gone in time and I had nothing left for myself. Nothing left to think about or ponder. She was forgotten.

    By Brian on 05.16.2011

  29. All my dreams, that’s what’s forgotten. All the thoughts, processes, loves and lives, that end up under a torrent of overwhelming sea, flume and spume, choked until they no longer exist. And then it all sinks, right down to the base, the bed of the sea, where it lays forgotten in a menagerie..

    By Chaz URL on 05.16.2011

  30. All is forgotten, all is forgotten. A generation of hard work and advancement have been completely erased. There is nothing left. There is nothing left, but everything.

    By xBrian URL on 05.16.2011

  31. i just want you to enter the section of my head reserved for forgotten things. those beautiful clothes i’ve thrown away over time, the primary school classmates, the pencils rolled under the bed. and then you. i would keep you safe there.

    By Jo URL on 05.16.2011

  32. Forgotten are the ideals set by our ancestors. All that is left is the hypocritic banter we get on a daily basis by the politicians. What has happened to the sense of responsibility, the sense of oneness of the society, the fact that our surroundings belong to us and its our responsibility to carve it, beautify it, frame it. This whole world is ours. We shouldn’t forget the ideology of global citizenship. Thats what is required for world peace today.

    By Ravi on 05.16.2011

  33. Forgotten by the world, forgotten by men, forgotten by friends, forgotten by family, forgotten by work, forgotten by church, but never forgotten by God.

    By Gabriella URL on 05.16.2011

  34. People try to stay relevant all the time because it isn’t a nice feeling to be forgotten, to keep drifting and not have that sense of belonging.

    By mochi♥face URL on 05.16.2011

  35. Esquecer, é normal. Na verdade, é bastante comum. Por vezes finjimo-nos esquecidos, mas nem sempre o somos. Muitas vezes, somos quando não queremos, mas quando queremos, não conseguimos ser.

    By CarolinJo on 05.16.2011

  36. Black webbing thickened around the artificial sewage pipe of your mind. Gone are the days of the geek friends, the clicks the tricks and the clowns…. Soon Thelonious Monk stepped into my mind and played his rhapsody of beat gone blues. Where. Whatsitsname. Why. When. Who. What. Educate means to draw out of the mind; we already know all for we are within and have in us traces of the mind of God.

    By joeyhelper on 05.16.2011

  37. all seems forgotten all the kisses all the hugs all the words everything that we had seems forgotten but for me ALL is not forgotten.

    By kiki on 05.16.2011

  38. I’ve forgotten that I already visited this awesome sight earlier today. Either way, amongst all of the other important things going on in my life that I’ve forgotten to take care of, at least I can come back here and vent…and read and learn.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 05.16.2011

  39. Lands. Times. Dinosaurs. Lots of them. The land before time.

    Never forgotten. Dead. Soldiers.
    I don’t want to ever forget anything. However, this is an inevitability.

    By Liz on 05.16.2011

  40. The thing I don’t remember any more and I don’t want to remember.

    By nelle crandell URL on 05.16.2011