August 25th, 2011 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “force”

  1. having a strong push behind an object or pressure causing something to move or bullying can cause some one to feel forced into a situation

    By Mrs. Swyka on 08.25.2011

  2. thrust. pain. contort. manipulate. heave. throw. assault.

    By Liz on 08.25.2011

  3. I tried to force myself not to write about you, but after today I find it kind of impossible. How come when we love someone, we can only think about them? What makes them suddenly so important? What makes them so perfect to us? Well in my case, it’s his imperfections that make him perfect. A wretched mess he is. This has nothing to do with force.

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 08.25.2011

  4. I tried to scream as he forced himself on me, but my vocal chords stopped working. I don’t like him touching me there, but he does it. And, I don’t say no. He pushes further and still, my lips don’t move.

    By Marshmallows URL on 08.25.2011

  5. nothing comes by force, and no one can force u to do anythin..except the force of attraction, which cannot be created nor distorted.

    By dana.elatab URL on 08.25.2011

  6. the hostle smile that shows all. he stands, assumes he is above all. push, hit, plead. it will never be as it was. that cracked smile lets in all truth. walk away. stand. be all you can be. tears stream, fall. bags in hand, keys in other. ignition. crunch of gravel. dont look back, ever look back. “ma’am?” startles back “sorry here.” hands over a twenty.

    By SketchTheMessenger URL on 08.25.2011

  7. Force is really an art form. With a well-placed blow, anything will break. Egos, noses, sanity, hearts. An object is only as strong as it’s weakest point.
    So come on.
    Try to force me.
    Let’s see who wins.

    By libyrinth URL on 08.25.2011

  8. I am forced to do what I am told , I am forced to believe in something I don’t really know that is true , I am forced to put a smile on my face , I am forced to act friendly , I am forced to put makeup on , I am forced to wear clothes , I am forced to wear shoes , I am forced to follow the laws , I am forced to respect the police , I am forced to believe that love does not exist , I am forced to act as everything is okay , I am forced to act as if I don’t ever need to cry , I am forced to do a lot of things I do not want to do nor believe in . Fuck society and there judgmental minds I am who I am and I do not care .

    By Chloe Jade URL on 08.25.2011

  9. Force was something I never really had. I mean, by scientific term, I can, technically, but that commanding voice that gains respect, the force that takes things forward, I don’t have that. I was made to be a follower, the one who leads behind.

    By Mary URL on 08.25.2011

  10. You are a force of nature, a force to be reckoned with. You’re like gravity – always getting me down, but you’re also like centrifugal force – that imaginary pushing feeling, like someone’s trying to get you away the same time they’re actually pulling you closer.
    You’re a normal force and you hold me up, support me, like my failings could hurt you.
    You’re a force to be reckoned with, a force of nature, and somehow, you still defy all the laws of physics.

    By Lancir URL on 08.25.2011

  11. Forces of evil; Forces of good; Forces of nature. Force is all around us, enveloping us in their sweet, thick embrace; leaving us to decide which to give into and which to fight against.

    By heartsdesire URL on 08.25.2011

  12. “May the fourth be with you,” I whispered in countless ears in countless hallways on that lovely spring day, and yet there were no returns but a few odd facial expressions.

    By A mere cephalopod URL on 08.25.2011

  13. Don’t use force! Always remember, honey catches the bee! Be gentle…be skillfully persuasive…don’t use force, that’s for a bully, not an intelligent being like yourself.

    By spartica URL on 08.25.2011

  14. it’s a strong force
    that draws me to you.

    draws me to my knees
    for you, your opening,

    your caress after
    the deed is done.

    the force of vomit from my throat.

    the disappointment of forcing myself
    to do it the first time.

    By rachel. URL on 08.25.2011

  15. Strength. The underlying driving motivator of all that exists, has existed or will ever exist, whether physical, metaphysical or existential within some plane of thinking yet to be discovered. The power of force is a limitless concept.

    By Leo on 08.25.2011

  16. force is power. power that makes go. some people use it, some people misuse it. whatever the cause, force is what makes the world go round.

    By driver URL on 08.25.2011

  17. Some people try to take my serenity by force. What they don’t know is I AM a force to be reckoned with…I will not go quietly at all. Nor will I allow others to hurt those I love. EVER. They want force..i am prepared to show them the meaning of the word.

    By tgodiva URL on 08.25.2011

  18. to put pressure upon
    something beyond our control sometimes
    a way to get soemthing donce
    somethimes unstoppable
    can be used for good things or bad

    By olive URL on 08.25.2011

  19. it is a power + Strenght. yeah hell’yeah.

    By jerome URL on 08.25.2011

  20. the force is all around us. it is the thing that gives power to those of the jedi following and belief in the force can lead to either a peacful or a power-hungry frame of mind. which side of the force are you on?

    By lotsawasabi URL on 08.25.2011

  21. Well, all I can say about force, is that’s it similar to power which is a very fragile thing. Whether we’re talking about personal relationships or global policing, is it really better to be feared than loved?

    By Sarah URL on 08.25.2011

  22. Everything constantly pushes my back against the wall, but I refuse to back down. Like a wolf forced into a corner, I’m ready to attack.

    By Bryan Green URL on 08.25.2011

  23. The bear knocked the fence over with great force.

    By mary on 08.25.2011

  24. Unconsensual, determination, gritted teeth, unmentionable. Tearing inwards, never ending. These are nightmares, these are dark times.

    By Meggie URL on 08.25.2011

  25. I sat at your grave wondering why all this had to happen to me. I forced myself to look at the sky, and see the good, see that He didn’t do this to hurt me. There is some hidden reason and someday, when I am called home, I will know the truth behind pain. Someday.

    By Liz on 08.25.2011

  26. I feel like I’ve been forced into a skin I don’t want. I should have been born a bird. Maybe a seagull so I could squawk and harass passersby. I should have wings. I should be able to fly away from their mess and be my own person in a completely new place, far away from my history.

    By Nymeria URL on 08.25.2011

  27. “No!” She screamed and ran from me. I had never felt so cruel. She didn’t want to be here with me, I had forced her. And now I was the bad guy because my own daughter didn’t want to spend time with me. I made her come out to the lake and now she won’t get on a boat. She hated me, and she would never stop.

    By china URL on 08.25.2011

  28. Force is they type of thing that comes with power; people will always try to force you to do stuff. Whether it be lying, cheating, blackmailing, or just telling some one you hate them, it can be cruel. But it doesn’t always work. Love is more powerful than force.

    By Maddie on 08.25.2011

  29. “why not?”questioned the sleepy kathleen,”force the issue, “she mumbled before resting her head on her forearms and falling asleep

    By The Fake Dann URL on 08.25.2011

  30. Force. It’s what drives us all. It’s frightening and has power. It is in terms of people and gravity and if nothing else, it goes to show we have no control over anything.

    By unknowncd URL on 08.25.2011

  31. force me to do anything i’ll bite. try try as you might if you would just stop and give me a second you find i’ll do it all on my own. force forces me away. it shuts me off

    By Nosilla on 08.25.2011

  32. I don’t want you to feel trapped. I don’t want you to fake anything for my sake. I don’t want to be with you. I don’t want to be like all of the other girls. I just want to have someone around, but I’m afraid it will be forced.

    By Lauren on 08.25.2011

  33. Force it, grit your teeth and bear it. Keep moving, keep breathing, keep trying.

    By April URL on 08.25.2011

  34. “No!” She tried to put force behind her voice, but the fear and anguish she felt only weakened it to a tiny whimper. “Let him go, please!” The look on Ezio’s face changed several times in a very short amount of seconds. “He’s done nothing, Papa, please, please, let him go!”

    By Holly on 08.25.2011

  35. you hold it in you young one
    something wrapping around your soul
    like the sudden thought of greatness
    keep it near when you’re weak
    grasping for control in the midst of a nightmare
    in the middle of a daydream

    By lapseofgravity URL on 08.25.2011

  36. that i should submit to no longer. its time to take and create opportunities – to be what ive never had the freedom to be, to be what ive become, what i need, to be everything i want to be.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 08.25.2011

  37. i control you with my mind. I AM LUKE SKYEWALKER and the force is with ME not YOU!!! the force hatres you

    By Jessica URL on 08.25.2011

  38. force, another word for control; force of will; these are the words that make me become better; challenge me to be better; just try me; just try me; you can’t force me

    By Sheila URL on 08.25.2011

  39. Force me to love thee.
    Force me to want thee with all my heart.
    Because as much as I see in you.
    As much as I want to be like you.
    I just can’t love you.
    Force me into it.
    Force me into your heart.

    By LifeLoveFeagin URL on 08.25.2011

  40. Ever action has an equal and opposite reaction – and as I try to make some difference for someone somewhere, I wonder exactly what significance the law has one the strictly physical world is no longer of paramount concern. What opposite reactions are out there occurring as I try to apply some sort of positive force?

    By Natalie URL on 08.25.2011