August 25th, 2011 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “force”

  1. The force of the blast pushed Peter through the doors and out into the hallway. He did not know what had caused the blast, but his immediate instinct was to run. Then, he heard a soft voice calling from the room.

    By Laura URL on 08.25.2011

  2. It’s on my shoulders, inevitably pressing down. Creating golfballs under the surface. The pressure wells up behind my eyelids. Under my fingertips. It balls up in my stomach. The acidic crunch of it expands, cracking my insides.

    By Raven URL on 08.25.2011

  3. The force of the Universe is strong within me. There is something else, opposing the positivity. It is pulling me. Calling me. Winning me over. I must be stronger but I am weak.

    By Bambii The Prince URL on 08.25.2011

  4. the force of nature.. you hear it a lot in the news, hurricanes and tsunami’s, destroying lives. mother nature can be cruel

    By Natalie on 08.25.2011

  5. My brother ran down the stairs, nearly tripping on the cape behind him. I called for him to slow down, but he never listens. This is his favorite holiday, Halloween and he is dressed up the same as the same thing he always is. Twenty-five years old and he still dresses like a Jedi Knight and goes door to door calling, “May the force be with you.”

    By Mae URL on 08.25.2011

  6. I force you to need me. I force you to love me. I force you with all of my divine will to want me in any way one can want another. But you…you take that force and you ignore it. You ignore my need, how can this be? Why am I so powerless over your heart?

    By Amber URL on 08.25.2011

  7. Force. “You can’t force me to do stuff.” “You’re forcin’ it.” “FORCEFIELD!”
    Force. I wonder where the origin of the word stemmed from. Seeing it over and over makes me realize how much of an ugly word it is. And it causes ugly things, too. Force.

    By Alex on 08.25.2011

  8. I try to force myself to get over you. I force myself to vomit up these feeling and throw them away. But forcing can only do so much. My head tells my heart “no”, but my heart tells my head “leave me be”. Can you please leave me be. I want to say goodbye to the acid.

    By Alexandria on 08.25.2011

  9. It all hit me so suddenly, and the force of the blow was almost painful. I was in shock. I thought I had hit rock bottom, but now the ground had been shaken up under my feet.

    By kibi URL on 08.25.2011

  10. applied force is found in everyday life
    we try to make things happen that shouldn’t
    in the end the force only seems to turn
    back around
    and force us

    By Kristin URL on 08.25.2011

  11. Their muscles bulging, they dragged me away with nothing but brute force. I knew I wouldn’t have gone otherwise. They knew. Everyone knew. I would never willingly walk into the arms of my enemy; I would die before I surrendered.

    By Joy URL on 08.25.2011

  12. extreme, reckoning , this was one force that I had to coincide with in order to keep on creating, I had no choice but to follow and take on what was needed in order to survive..

    By Taylor on 08.25.2011

  13. i’m buff

    By bob the builder on 08.25.2011

  14. The pain was too much to handle.

    All I could hear was his gasping.

    He was forcing himself on me.

    And I did nothing to stop it.

    By WannabeWriter URL on 08.25.2011

  15. power to move and change things, nature, wind, storm, magnetic force, army forces many forms. force someone to do something.

    By Laila on 08.25.2011

  16. Force is sort of like control, but without the control. You can have as much force as you want but a lot of people will still do whatever the hell they want. Control, on the other hand, is much more strategic.

    By Tess URL on 08.25.2011

  17. Fairfarren, Agent Gibbs. May the force be around you.

    By Hyperbole URL on 08.25.2011

  18. When I think of force I am not ashamed to say that the first thought that came into my mind was The Force. Now it may sound silly to the un-imaginative mind but The Force. Chi, Dust, Cosmic consciousness whatever it is you may call it is actually a very viable idea that indeed could bring the world together in the belief that we are all made up of the same thing and part of the same cosmic ecosystem.

    By Svallbok Svenson URL on 08.25.2011

  19. a hurricane has the force to knock you on your butt.
    Force can be a golf swing that sends the ball 300 yards.

    By Ray Avery on 08.25.2011

  20. I have free rights. I have free will. I am free to do as I please. So that doesn’t give you the right at all to force me to do what you want. I am not your toy to please. I am not some girl you can just push around and then forget about. I am more than that. I am more than enough of what you think.

    By Gabrielle URL on 08.25.2011

  21. The force is ever present
    All consuming
    Ever with you
    ever with me

    The force has power
    It will use it
    We cannot resist

    The force… … …
    The force…

    Is inside

    By Ai on 08.25.2011

  22. I think this word has a total different meaning from what i got at first reading it. In spanish strenght is: Fuerza. But i think force means to push a person or a thing to do something.. or something like that. Anyways.. The frist thing that came to my mind was FUERZA.

    By Naye URL on 08.25.2011

  23. it was such a force that you told my mom on me… like for real? you had to go that far. my mom didnt have to know.. honestly like wtffffff.?? fdjfghwerghkwrjgkjrnjhgkrwlghwrkwlghwklrhgkjwrehgkjwherklghwkregkwherkthlerwkjtkltslhrtgwkr


    By EDKW URL on 08.25.2011

  24. I was forced to move to a new school. I was forced into drinking. I was forced into being some I didn’t want to be. I was forced to grow up. Force. I was forced to do things in life I don’t want to do. Don’t force me.

    By Natalie on 08.25.2011

  25. The force of the wind blew me towards the fence. I could the feel the gail force winds whip my hair into my face. I kept stepping towards my house as i started to feel the first droplets of rain hit my face. God now was the the time that i kick myself for forgetting my raincoat and umbrella.

    By JennK URL on 08.25.2011

  26. I have the force. I’m a fucking star trooper. A star trooper? What is wrong with me. I’m being pressurised by the time limit on this site. Total pressure dude. I’m freaking out. Shut up. Shit shit shit shit. Force… forceful! Like Big… Big to Carrie… on Sex and The City! Gonna watch that shit! Woot. Force. like pear

    By amber tatt on 08.25.2011

  27. wet cheeks
    twisted ankles
    bandaged bones
    slit wrists
    think with your heart…
    not your fists.

    By Teo URL on 08.25.2011

  28. i dont know
    why am i doing this?
    who knows .

    By sahfdsjfhs on 08.25.2011

  29. Force. I think of getting my permit. How terrified I was walking into the white, small room. The creepy guy sitting next to me when I was taking my test. He was going for his motorcycle permit. He was creepy, though. The girl on the other side of me. Who was SUPER cocky, and ended up failing. Sucks for her. Cause I passed. But, I took my permit test on May 4th. National Star Wars day. May the fourth be with you (:

    By Emmy Garcia URL on 08.25.2011

  30. She forced on the dress. The seems tore a little the the top cute little button popped off. Damn it, damn it all she thought, and thus began her rigorous work outs to loose those those extra pounds. All for that cute little yellow dress.

    By Ashley URL on 08.25.2011

  31. God is and amazing force. He is with us all the time.

    By Katarina URL on 08.25.2011

  32. Force is seduction. That magical moment when someone is looking at me with hunger and lust… Nothing makes me feel more in control.
    Let’s face it, us girls know how it goes… ;)

    By Aquedita on 08.25.2011

  33. Taken with power, with strong fingers. He barks commands and shouts orders and the others cower a bit at the volume of his voice and the magnitude of his words. If he could not be perfect he would use whatever means possible to make sure his children were.

    By Cassie URL on 08.25.2011

  34. I’ll destroy you and your whole clan with the full force of my greatest warriors. You will kneel before my throne. And, you will grovel at my boot.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 08.25.2011

  35. Yeah, so I dove in head first, but I swam pretty well. I forced myself to not drown from the exhausting effort required to keep careful attention on every movement surrounding me. I would have never expected she would have drained the water while I was trying to swim towards her! Leaving me to crawl in the shallow waters of delusion, imagining I was still swimming towards her–I would soon be with her–but I was going no where and she was already gone.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.25.2011


    By jULIE on 08.25.2011

  37. “Force always attracts men of low morality.”

    By aeropostale URL on 08.25.2011

  38. men , mean , pushing , hurting , police , aggressive , kicking , hitting , moving , picking up , talking loudly , scary , annoying

    By Chloe Jade URL on 08.25.2011

  39. He threw the book down with such force, the very room shook. His stress and frustration, he converted into pure physical energy. With a roar, he punched the ground, then, looked up and blasted a hole in the roof with his mind. He flew away, leaving all his assignments behind.

    But it was not to be. Some forces are stronger then imagination.

    By Land of Dave URL on 08.25.2011

  40. I feel it hit me and as I stumble back, I forget to notice
    that I am not obliged to feel this way
    and there is choice.
    I was never really

    By sky URL on 08.25.2011