August 24th, 2013 | 150 Entries

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150 Entries for “footage”

  1. drawing a blank. feet. age. footsies. foo fighters. I love their music. “all my life” is an awesome song. it talks about some of my struggles. I imagine it to mean the fight for the things I want.

    By Micha on 08.25.2013

  2. The director watched the footage. Where had everything gone wrong? The star decided to do his own stunts. That had been a mistake, and now here were his final moments as he fell from the highway overpass to the road below.

    By Stephanie URL on 08.25.2013

  3. The footage had been found, and it sunk in finally that we, even as children, we were responsible for what we had done.

    By Kat on 08.25.2013

  4. “The peanut man won’t stand still! We aren’t getting enough footage.” The photographer threw his camera on the ground, pieces shattering everywhere.
    The Peanut man adjusted his monocle. “How gauche.” He said.

    By Rover URL on 08.25.2013

  5. I love the footage on the tennis channel and i love the commentary it is very fun too whatch and i enjoy the different stats that they talk about

    By Weston Blabey on 08.25.2013

  6. I remember him begging me not to believe what I was about to see. But how could I not? The evidence of his adultery proved through the use of consensual fucking was more than enough to convince me to dump his sorry ass.

    By Ginger on 08.25.2013

  7. I was getting away. I raced until I came to the end of the cliff. I lost my footing and fell to my death.

    how did I end up running to my death? good question. I was running away from someone. a man. no, he wasn’t gonna rape me. he wanted to steal the necklace that hung around my neck. a simple silver chain. he didn’t want to sell it he wanted to give it to someone so they could wear it an use it as I do. this ancient silver chain keep people like me sane. we have a problem in our brain were it triggers us to do things we usually wouldn’t. such as, kill. it’s genetic and I got it from my father and he also gave me the necklace. there is only five necklaces in the world. my grandmother was in a group with four other people an they came up with the solution for this brain triggering. a jeweler sold then the necklaces and they have been passed down ever since. I am in possession of my family’s. and the other families with theirs, but we are being hunted down. two families have been discovered and killed for the necklace.

    the thing is, is people with the brain triggering is we are immortal to some extent. stabbed or shot, we won’t die. you have to kill us with love. a kiss of betrayal is our fate.

    so, with the fall, I am still alive. I get up and keep running.

    By kathpine98 URL on 08.25.2013

  8. Combeferre was the only one who watched the footage from the security camera without flinching. Without turning away, without even the slightest twitch in the firm set of his jaw. Combeferre was already on emotional lockdown, already had his war paint on.

    By Julia A. URL on 08.25.2013

  9. She blinked at the screen. The footage clearly showed herself last Saturday in her home. But, what was that figure behind her? That figure whose black silhouette was just barely distinguishable but so clearly there? Whose arms were too lang for its hunched body and whose dim eyes glowed a soft red as they observed her sleeping figure on the couch, passed out after a long day at work?

    By Foshizzlebeth URL on 08.25.2013

  10. as the end credits rolled on i couldnt help but reflect on the images that had seared my brain. it was the actual footage that blew my mind.

    By juls URL on 08.25.2013

  11. Footage of my life streams online, posted love, failure, growth. Day upon day of evidence to the next generation to study. Open confessions of my minds crime. Treasures and trash that pile upon one another. wants and needs planting the seeds of time.

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 08.25.2013

  12. When you’re in another’s presence, I find you changing like the seasons.
    Hiding who I know you are; I can’t understand your reasons.
    You disguise what makes you different, and it takes away the thrill
    The part of you I love the most is what you want to kill.

    By Carly URL on 08.25.2013

  13. Footage from the remote Alaskan tribal groups had been lost yesterday, as a result of the film being dropped down the drain. The footage contained shots of the abdominal snowman.

    By Brennan on 08.25.2013

  14. photographers take photos that they cal fotage ….

    By mso URL on 08.25.2013

  15. Footage. You need it to capture life, emotion, beings in nature. It never lies alone only when you mess with it. When left alone it may be one of the last truthful things left.
    It is a matter of life that sometimes you get caught in the act. Whether you like it or not

    By Mekayla on 08.25.2013

  16. Footage is the age of a foot. Feet are strange in the rain. Sleet is grain of the brain. Have you ever seen two shoots of bamboo interact, or die holding hands?

    By cory on 08.25.2013

  17. The footage was unbelievable. We all knew what it meant but how could we say it? no one wanted to be the one who had to go and ruin this woman’s day, her week, her whole life. none of it would ever be the same and it would in her eyes be our fault. I knew it was up to me. Damn I hate this part.

    By ted on 08.25.2013

  18. I watched as the images flickered along on the crappy t.v. It was just as I had seen it two hours ago. I turned to the man who had brought me there.
    “How?” I asked.

    By Margo URL on 08.25.2013

  19. The monitor flickered to life. He blinked once, twice, as the footage from the night before started streaming in a nauseous blur before his eyes.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.25.2013

  20. They said they’d have footage at 9. I turned on the news and watched and waded my way through the city council meeting and the local little league sports scores. They said there would be footage at 9. I called the neighbors and we all watched. There wasn’t any footage at 9.

    By Anne Freedman on 08.25.2013

  21. The footage was far more than he expected. The house was enormous. But what hew couldn’t understand was that only four rooms were described in the brochure. Four thousand square feet and four rooms. That was impossible. Someone had made a mistake.

    “I want to go inside,” he said firmly.

    The Realtor was nervous. “I can’t allow you in there right now,” he said.

    By Mike Morris on 08.25.2013

  22. Twenty by fifteen, he guessed. It wasn’t a tiny room, but he’d lived between the walls for so long that they might as well have been the block walls of a prison cell. Well furnished but overly familiar, dead to the imagination, and exhausted of potential. At least without a change in his mind first.

    By Ann M. Lynn URL on 08.25.2013

  23. i always wish that i taped every moment of my life just cause damn it’d be cool to watch. anyhow, i always feel like i’m being filmed and it’s starting to make me sick.

    By shayla URL on 08.25.2013

  24. We have so many technological options to record footage of our days, capture those tinny moments we think are telling of ourselves as people, that indicate times when our lives take a new direction and change. But sometimes we look back and see it’s but the ordinary, day to day.

    By Ashi URL on 08.25.2013

  25. She went over the memories of the last few months like she was reviewing the footage of a bad movie. She couldn’t believe it was over. She was finally free. She was finally free to move on and make new memories. Make her life hers. And she would make it amazing.

    By Rachel W on 08.25.2013

  26. Annie stared at the footage on the tv screen in the airport. It showed bloodied, broken bodies

    By Cari URL on 08.25.2013

  27. She went over the memories of the last few months like she was reviewing the footage of a bad movie. She couldn’t believe it was over. She was finally free. She was finally free to move on and make new memories. Make her life hers. And she would make it amazing.

    By Rachel W URL on 08.25.2013

  28. The footage was disturbing and graphic – the newscaster had said so. It was enough to waken her interest. Looking at the screen intently she saw what she did not want to see.

    By David K on 08.25.2013

  29. The footage turned my stomach. Dolphins beaching themselves, suddenly deaf, mystery announced on the shores of New Jersey. A massive leatherback turtle mysteriously washed ashore, dead, on a summer beach. The photo of the woman looking down at the lifeless form with tears and awe streaming down her cheeks, this young creature 5 times the width of her tiny body paying respect. The news droning on about the unknown disease sweeping through the shrimp of three countries, pushing up prices as the answers were sought. The next day the truth of radioactivity leaking into our oceans, naval forces exploding bombs they claim the tender beings beneath won’t notice, the massive whale found floating dead upon the sea dwarfing the boat alongside. Do they not see, hear, think beyond 3 minute snippets of digital horror? The puzzle pieces fit all to easily for me.

    By JDwrites URL on 08.25.2013

  30. Everyday I look at the screen. New footage, new problems, same content. I am an editor. The job scolds me with monotony and my chair rounds my spine. I need out. Get me to the west coast.

    By Steve on 08.25.2013

  31. She lost her footage while trying to climb the mountain. Her grip slipped, and her camera fell from her sweaty hand. Aghast, terrified, and stricken, she yelled–as if it might stop falling and come back to her. Her partner called down to her with his hand outstretched, “It doesn’t matter now! We need to get out of here!”

    By Scream URL on 08.25.2013

  32. It’s so simple to see a word at the top of the screen and then start writing.

    Footage immediately reminds me of film.

    But lately, it seems that all the penis pix I see have a great deal of footage.

    Does the word footage imply at least one foot?

    I’m ready for my close up now.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 08.25.2013

  33. i dream a live of future thinks that i am a big star and my mama would be proud of me.. even if everyone hates me no one will ever judge me because god loves me.. even no one is there to hold me i will always cling to that little faith i ad.. that that is my faith in god. god will give me strength.

    By Giomyr Faith Requierme on 08.25.2013

  34. I watched the footage again. What ad just happened? Did someone actually try to break into my teacher’s classroom? What was the intruder trying to find? Obviously, there must be something in there. Something worth being arrested for trying to get it. I don’t know what it is, but I know I must find out.

    By Mia on 08.25.2013

  35. The life unled rolled out before bleary eyes, beyond the crust that clunk to greasy lashes. She was thirty, still at home, still unknown. Her work hadn’t even really failed, worse, it hadn’t been. She alternated between too little and too much, with never enough moderation to make something of her work. The extremes comprised such a massive extent of the film that most people thought the footage had been spliced, edited together to create the constant highs and lows–maybe as some art school commentary on the way we take the plateaus for granted or maybe never notice them–because they couldn’t comprehend that anyone could actually live like that.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.25.2013

  36. scenes from a movie from the classic era of hollywood comes to mind when i see the word footage. i mean old movie reels. marilyn monroe. rita hayworth. cary grant.

    By Diedre Sension on 08.25.2013

  37. Finally she was holding it in her hands. The footage that could destroy a whole family. And not only that, it would be able to change history, to change millions of life for the better. Her hands were clinging to the cold material. She knew what she had to do. Slowly her hands were reaching the fire, she felt the heat of the flames and just a second before they would burn her flesh she would let go.

    By Fredda URL on 08.25.2013

  38. I dont know what footage means. but i know the root word foot and even age. if i were to write my own meaning of footage. it would be the age of your foot. lol hahaha peace

    By Haidee Travero on 08.25.2013

  39. We didn’t reach the proper footage. Off by so little. Too little too much. And now falling because we couldn’t reach the other side

    By Analisa URL on 08.26.2013

  40. the footage was unbearable to watch. it made me want to cry and puke all at the same time. the screen crackled and fuzzed and then it was gone.

    By Izzy on 08.26.2013