August 15th, 2013 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “flipped”

  1. she was sad. she was sad, and he was sad. two sad teens dragging their feet through a sick, sad world, pulling their eyes across their surroundings, taking it all in just to let it seep back out. she was sad. he was sad too, until he met her; that day, everything flipped.

    By taylor URL on 08.15.2013

  2. Cameron snatched the baseball cap off of Carrie’s head, flipped it around, and stuck it back on. Carrie just smiled and pulled her ponytail through the strap.

    “There you go,” Cameron said with a grin, “suits you better.”

    Carrie squinted in the bright summer daylight and replied, with a laugh, “Sure, but now I need sunglasses.”

    By Tone Deaf The Bard URL on 08.15.2013

  3. He flipped over the last card and growled. He’d just lost the last bit of money to his name. He hated the casinos on Jupiter- the house always won, and the rules of the games made little sense.

    Still grumbling, he stepped outside to take a drag on a cigarette. It would be a while before he made it home.

    By Sara URL on 08.15.2013

  4. like a switch. a middle finger. a mood. a pancake, even. hmm. now i want pancakes.

    By amy on 08.15.2013

  5. I flipped everything. I turned all of my perceptions upside down. Tried to put myself on the different side. I didn’t learn anything.

    By Amanda URL on 08.15.2013

  6. she flipped out so suddenly it was as if the volcanoe next door exploded beacuae a tornado hit a sunami and an earquake shivvered through he depths of the earth. all at the sma e time. when she flipped out there was no turning back, her life had changed forever because of that simple word he said to her.

    By Natasha on 08.15.2013

  7. “He flipped, dude.”
    “What do you mean, ‘he flipped’?”
    “I mean he fuckin’ flipped, man. He flipped as much as you can flip. And the table, he flipped that too. He flipped.”
    “I’d flip out too, if you told me that you slept with my sister,”
    “Yea, but it was a nice table, man. It didn’t deserve to get flipped…”

    By Conor URL on 08.15.2013

  8. Jumping, spinning all around
    never gonna touch the ground
    When I flip, I never fall.
    Its like I’ve never flipped at all.

    By HELLO THERE 8_) on 08.15.2013

  9. flipped out. mad. angry. there are so many things that can make a person flip. out. it’s like their personalities are flipped. someone so nice can turn into this angry evil person. or maybe being hurt too many times can make a person flip out. it takes a lot for them to flip back in.

    By Misha on 08.15.2013

  10. It flipped. So now I wonder, with what will I continue this investigation. No road is untouched by their screams. Their cravings have devoured every path of freedom. Now I have been given all that the world can offer me, while most of the Fallen are too far from this reality we live in to ever create again.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.15.2013

  11. She often cried herself to sleep, uncontrollable tears that just kept flowing, spilling black marks all over his pristine t-shirt. Her only comfort, the warmth of his arms and the reassurance that he was always right there.
    But now he wept. Now his tears were flowing.

    By esky1118 URL on 08.15.2013

  12. The book rested half on the table, half over the edge. He pressed down on the half hanging over the table, and the book somersaulted through the air, and then landed spread-eagled on the ground, as if it had tried to fly with its feather-thin pages and failed.

    “This is what my dad gives me? Books? Tell him I want the kingdom, not books.”

    His servant nodded. “Yes, sir.” He hurried to obey. But he could see the little prince’s future. There was a saying: A man treats his books as he does his subjects. The prince would not make a good king.

    By Holden URL on 08.15.2013

  13. I flipped the pancake onto its other side gingerly & began to pace around the room. The bluejays were softly singing from their perch on the windowsill. They stared at me as I made my way around the living toom & the through the blue door that led out into the hall. There were no noises–just the sound of my heavy breathing. I would have to go back into the apartment soon, and eat my breakfast.

    By William Crowe on 08.15.2013

  14. This day didn’t go as planned. He was just supposed to give me the case files about my missing father. Instead he flipped an innocent conversation about chivalry into what he could deduce about my social life. Or lack thereof. So what If i was jaded; aren’t all women? We don’t expect anything for free. There is always a catch. And now I was insulted and he was leaving. Should I stop him?

    By Kellie H. on 08.15.2013

  15. “Dude! What happened?”

    “I don’t know, man!” yelped Hazel, looking feverish as she jerked at the brim of her cap. “One minute, he was fine, the next he totally flipped out! It’s crazy!”

    “Where is he?” I demanded.

    “Bedroom, second floor. He won’t come out. And he keeps screaming at these random intervals – ”

    A high-pitched, grating howl appropriately accompanied Hazel’s declaration.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.15.2013

  16. I flipped
    when I heard
    he was back

    with the enemy.

    how could he?
    he is the one who left
    asked to leave

    broken he left me
    missing his legs on the pitch

    By Karla URL on 08.15.2013

  17. I flipped head-over-heels for a beautiful woman, she’s lovely inside, as well as she is outside.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 08.15.2013

  18. I didn’t know what to think when I arrived. People spoke to each other in the same rushed voices they did back home. The language was different, but that doesn’t really make a difference.

    By Beth A URL on 08.15.2013

  19. She flipped over and said that she was no longer a human being. “Oh my god! Then what are you?” I said. “I’m a donkey!” “You mean to say that the woman I’ve been with this whole time was actually a donkey?”.
    I couldn’t believe it. I could see in her eyes that she had gone totally bonkers. I could almost see in her eyes a kind of donkey. Shit! Now I’m going crazy.

    By Kevin on 08.15.2013

  20. Using my distraction to her advantage she flipped us, her hips grinding into mine as she held me fast against the ground. Cold seeped through my clothes and into my skin while enumerable stones dug through the soft leather.
    “Do you yield?” she asked, her breath emerging from between her lips in sharp pants.
    I snarled in response, clawing at her face, her arms, whatever bits of pale skin I could make out in the flickering of the flames.
    It didn’t take long for her to secure my hands, wrists clasped together above my head. “Do. You. Yield?” she asked again, punctuating each word with a well-placed jerk of her hips.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 08.15.2013

  21. “I can’t believe she flipped.”

    “I can’t believe that you can’t believe.” Ariel said, dryly. “What did you think she was going to do? Give you a pizza?”

    “It was a good trick!”

    “Flawed execution is the swift death of brilliant ideas.”

    “Ugh. You’re SO not helping.”

    “Who said I was trying to help?”



    “J-just, shut up, would you?”

    “If you like. But if you say flipped one more time, I really will flip.”

    “Point taken. Now please, for the love of silence-?”

    “Yes. Yes. I’m being quiet.”

    By Sara H. URL on 08.15.2013

  22. Where do these people come from? I’m driving down the interstate minding my own business when this fellow zooms by me glaring. I can’t believe he just flipped me off! What nerve! Does he think the left lane belongs to him?”

    By Sheila URL on 08.15.2013

  23. And there goes my world again. Spinning in the crazy orbital he manages to yank everything into. I don’t know how to feel or what to think. One minute he’s perfect and laughing and I love him. And the next he’s detached and hurt and I love him. He makes me crazy. He has the power to flip my world upside down and I hate it. But I allow it.

    By Emma URL on 08.15.2013

  24. The penguin sat there. Not sure what to do, just knew that all he had in mind was to flip that fucking annoying piece of shit Brady off the iceberg next to him and dump him into the cold ocean water, where if only, a shark would eat him. Fucking Brady, taking his iceberg away like that.

    By Rusty on 08.15.2013

  25. Sometimes I wonder how different life would be if our situations were flipped, if you were in love with me while I was oblivious to you.
    I would certainly want you to tell me instead of hiding from it like a scared child. But I guess that’s all we are. Scared children.

    By Lilian URL on 08.15.2013

  26. His comeback was acidic, though a little generic as he flipped me off: “I hope you rot in Hell!”

    By WearyWater URL on 08.15.2013

  27. Flipped. That was a good movie.

    By Jason URL on 08.15.2013

  28. Flipped. That was a good book.

    By Jason URL on 08.15.2013

  29. Fresh prince comes to mind. Also, why are they making a new version? The reruns of the original are perfect. The show is not in need of continuance–Jayden is a fine actor but needs to leave his father’s shadow soon or he’ll never be able to work as a serious actor on his own.

    By Kendra on 08.15.2013

  30. He flipped over the page and found a flower nestled within the book. Acrobatic feats. Capoeira. Flipped her over onto her stomach. Flipped off the diving board. flip on a trampoline. flipped flopped. flipped opinion. flipped him the bird.

    By Jessica on 08.15.2013

  31. I should have seen it coming. Honestly the guy had steam pumping out of every orifice. He just flipped – mental. It’s the last time I do THAT again. He can buy his own next time.

    By bob URL on 08.15.2013

  32. I love it when I cook an omelette and the eggs get to that point where they’re at the perfect texture to be flipped! No risk of burning hot, beaten egg yolk flying off the pan onto me – just the anticipation of a flip gone well! And when the omelette is flipped, and looks deceptively done, but I hear the crackling and sizzling of the invisible, uncooked egg, I know it’s not ready yet. These crunchy, fizzy sounds are the signal of the uncooked egg coalescing with its already cooked brethren.

    By Joe URL on 08.15.2013

  33. flipped like a pancake.
    into the sea of life.
    tumbling over my own feet,
    as I see is what’s ahead of me.

    I want to be flipped upside right,
    rather than straight towards the sun..
    it’s so bright!
    all up in the light I don’t know if my journey really is done.

    By fizzingSmile URL on 08.15.2013

  34. The crystalline pearls leapt and clung onto the air, like a child would to its mother’s dress.

    By Helianthus URL on 08.15.2013

  35. I didn’t even think about it. I guess I should have. But in that moment, the only thing that mattered were my feelings; he didn’t care and he didn’t exactly matter at all. I couldn’t help it, I had been sitting silent for 5 years, just listening to what he said without question. Well, that sure as hell was about to change, especially considering the fact I had basically just bashed his head in and left him immobile.

    By Harmony on 08.16.2013

  36. He just stood there. But I flipped. Why did the knife have blood on it? Why was it in his hands? Where’s Raj? Should I scoot out of the house this very instant? Or should i ask? I just stood there.

    By Meghna on 08.16.2013

  37. The fish flipped over, right out of the plate. It landed on his lap, splashing him and Miyuki with soy sauce. One of the perils of eating really fresh sushi!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.16.2013

  38. She opened the car door. It soon became apparent that she did not understand why she was there. She flipped around. Was this real? She realized she was alone.

    By Mrs. Pippenger URL on 08.16.2013

  39. open, out came a little duck, yellow, bright, cranky, sad, but it came out swimming, flapping, almost, like it was it pain, like you could feel it

    over the cup, the beer spilled out and into his mouth. he came up with a grin

    By CJL on 08.16.2013

  40. I flipped out when I realized that I would never get the prize I was after. No big shinny gold medal for me. No stadium of adoring fans chanting my name. Just emptiness and isolation.

    By Tracey URL on 08.16.2013