April 3rd, 2012 | 202 Entries

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202 Entries for “flip”

  1. Dolphins flip through rings, splash my face with a mixure of salt water and chlorine. So playful, yet trapped in a little pool when an ocean lies a mere 100 miles to the east. The real playground of the aquatic world.

    By Taylor on 04.03.2012

  2. flip. flipping around. that’s how my emotions are right about now. up and down on a roller coaster and i don’t know what to do to stop it. i don’t know how to stabilize them. i want the prozac to work, i really really really do, but if you look at me objectively I seem happy, but I’m still this depressed cutter who sees no way out.

    By quinn on 04.03.2012

  3. You flipped me over. Your big hands placed upon my shoulder forced my body to shift. I was cradled in your arms now. Don’t let go, I thought. Please, just don’t. But, you did. It was never anything more than sex for you. I get that. I get that I agreed to that. “You’re okay, right?” you’d ask me. “Yeah, of course. I’m fine.” But I wasn’t…. I wanted more. More of you. More of that feeling.

    By Quinn URL on 04.03.2012

  4. He thought he would flip upon the sight of the three-headed mare that stood before him, peering out from under it’s hair, regarding him with as fascinated a curiosity as Ryan bestowed upon it. It was nothing short of a miracle, to see such a specimen managing to survive to adulthood. A testament to the resilience of spirit, animal or otherwise.

    By AfterMath on 04.03.2012

  5. Her heart flips when she sees him again. It’s been years, at least five, and he’s, well he’s just as gorgeous as he’s always been. She doesn’t even let herself dream for very long about what if’s because she feels Spencer’s knee pressed against her thigh.

    By Cassie URL on 04.03.2012

  6. the sky had flipped. trading the places of the most broken and the most blissful of human beings. nothing really was too different, except for now the segregated line of the lost and the remembered was forever abandoned. the broken could now experience peace; they could cry for happiness once more.
    it won’t be long now though, until the sky must flip again. letting those who were content with life find it to be nothing at all compared to what it could be floating among the stars. they will begin to feel stranded in the desolate area which used to be known for its beauty and contempt. little could the universe have known that it was them who doubtlessly made it to be exactly that; desolate.
    the broken will be healed, the healed will be broken. once the cycle has started, it will not be able to find an end.
    indeed, the sky had flipped.

    By Tas URL on 04.03.2012

  7. flip it up around and back down. it’s made for flipping. I like to flip upside down and then drown for a while until I’m flipped back up. I flip the hair on my face off into the ocean with the razors built from the metals of the earth. Poor earth, will be rich again soon.

    By treeskybranch URL on 04.03.2012

  8. you flipped on a switch within my soul
    that told me it was okay to feel
    and though vulnerability may never be a strength of mine
    my apathy may slowly drift into nothingness
    and i may allow myself to feel all the pain and all the happiness i deserve

    By jill URL on 04.03.2012

  9. Mental image produces a penny flying through the air against a black background, and then a sarcastic voice saying “on the flip side”. What is the flip side of a penny? Is it whichever side lands facing up? Is that a flippant comment?

    By wobster109 URL on 04.03.2012

  10. I spin and spiral in the air, and feel the rush of air as though it is in my skin, rolling up from the tips of my toes. I world is gone, just me and the air, then I sink into the ground, feet finding the floor without my brain’s say-so.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.03.2012

  11. Please flip over the next card so I can see if I got the hand i should heave been dealt. tOday I have been lucky and I want ot make sure I can give thanks for this blessing. I wish you well by the same accord that I afford myself.

    By A Branham Dyer on 04.03.2012

  12. Flip-flop tick-tock
    a flip a coin
    sand beach life
    a flop?
    or tick-tock
    the clock
    and a flock
    of children
    and responsibilities

    By hayden turnwood URL on 04.03.2012

  13. Flip-flop or tick-tock
    a flip of a coin
    sand beach life
    a flop?
    or tick-tock
    the time clock
    and a flock
    of children
    and responsibilities

    By hayden turnwood URL on 04.03.2012

  14. As I flipped over the railing, I saw the world in a new way. In those seconds before my face made impact with the concrete, I was living somehow new. It seemed brighter. More alive. But maybe that was the knowledge of my ending. Much like life.

    By Amanda on 04.03.2012

  15. How could life flip so fast? Once I was happy now I want to die. I used to feel loved and now i am alone, falling a pit of despair. How could this have happen? Help.

    By Fae URL on 04.03.2012

  16. Gymnast… flips… spandex…. mmmm

    By Lord Jim URL on 04.03.2012

  17. Flip yourself away, why don’t you? Off the cliff, into water, and into arms. You’ll be just fine. I’m still on the edge, though. I’ll hang off for now. I can still feel it washing over me.

    By Adesola URL on 04.03.2012

  18. She ran from the room, thoughts flying every which way in her mind, trying to somehow comprehend what she had just seen. It was like her entire world had turned upside-down, a single moment that would come to define her forever. A complete 180.

    By J on 04.03.2012

  19. i want to flip you the fuck off. you make me angry and i just dont want to be with you anymore. but i feel stuck because i love you, and you cant just let it be that we are not ment to be..i dont want to go to the others, but it is hard when they treat me with sweet words and you swear and flip me off inside.

    By Mariah URL on 04.03.2012

  20. The car flipped 6 times. No survivers. How could you survive that? I wish you didn’t love to speed. I wish a lot nowadays, but they never come true. Still, it’s all I can do with myself. I sit in the living room, all alone, wishing. Wishing the car hadn’t flipped 6 times.

    By allthethings? on 04.03.2012

  21. Flip to my loo my dee my darling flip the the loo da day. Flippinos in my apartment complex making curry for the neighbor kids. I feel so jealous. I’m so hungry. I love lil flip he would say….nigga what is yall sayin.

    By DanTheMan URL on 04.03.2012

  22. “Turn the mirror over. It’s lying flat on it’s face, and you cannot look through it.” He sips his whiskey takes a slow, wavering breath. “Now flip it back up and take a peek. See your face? No? Neither can I.”
    “What does it mean?”
    “Maybe we’re ghosts.”

    By vhee URL on 04.03.2012

  23. there’s a reaction for every action, as the theorem goes. always. that seems to be the way it is for them. rise, fall. leave, chase. he doesn’t like it, but he doesn’t think he can do it any other way.

    there’s action and reaction; and then there’s with and without.

    By paper URL on 04.03.2012

  24. She is a butterfly midflap
    As she flips through the air.
    She is a vision in lace as she twists
    Uncaring of her skirt as the wind
    And sky caresses her thigh.
    Her laughter rings out like that
    Old cliche bell and I am in awe
    That the beauty described in
    Poetry exists in reality.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 04.03.2012

  25. I watched expectantly, and he had surely improved. He was flipping the crepes without tearing or cracking. It was the best homemade food I had had in a while.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 04.03.2012

  26. the earth is alive. the earth can feel me. we are me. I am you. we are the earth.. love is love and hate is love unrequited. all is one
    jubilee jazz power is alive again.

    By treeskybranch URL on 04.03.2012

  27. I flipped. I literally flipped. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t literally, I’m not a gymnast or anything, but I flipped. What was I supposed to do when I found out my future self had traveled back in time to fuck my girlfriend while I was at work. How do you even respond to that. I mean I could be all douche frat boy and high-five myself, but… Oh fuck it, that’s what I’m doing.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 04.03.2012

  28. flip the side of light that takes kings and subverts them to crumbled secrets, light that bonds the day with the aching tree that reaches towards space with fractured claws. exchange delay for reason, let light scratch on mirrored glass and pull the foetus of beginning through the womb of the end.

    By tommeh on 04.03.2012

  29. I walk along the empty seaside, cold sunset sand sticking to the undersides of my feet and between my toes. It’s a tourist attraction in the summer, but now barren in the middle of the off-season. It’s just as well. Something rotten permiates the air; I’m not sure if the scent belongs to damp curls of kelp abandoned on low-tide beaches or the scattered bodies of the fish. There are always too many of them when the tide goes out, left behind by the salty water. They’re nothing but an eyesore when the tourists are around. Nobody wants to see fish gasp for air that they can’t breathe as they helplessly flip and flail. And now, by myself in the dusk-light, they create the unsettling illusion that the beach is covered in small, silver ghosts.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.03.2012

  30. Flip it over, Charlie! Git it boy! Good dog, good.

    By >Alice< URL on 04.03.2012

  31. I always fantasized about that — a partner who is strong enough, agile enough to flip me right in the middle of it and not miss the rhythm.

    By Clarity URL on 04.03.2012

  32. I’m not that girl.
    The giggly girl.
    The batting eyelashes girl.
    The winky, flirty, hair flipping girl.
    Except sometimes I am.
    Around you.
    I hate it.
    That’s not me
    But it’s the only way you like me.
    Deep inside I know that means you don’t really like me.
    I don’t dwell on that fact.
    If I did I’d flip
    And my world would crumble.

    By Tabitha URL on 04.03.2012

  33. flip? back flip? back words? People having children before marriage what a bad word! Trampoline in the back yard doin back flips, im ready for summer

    By seth dizzle URL on 04.03.2012

  34. “What the hell!” I flipped over the table and stormed at her, “What the actual FUCK are you thinking!” I threw a punch at her and she jumped back, my fist barely grazing her face.

    By Jordan URL on 04.03.2012

  35. She’s going to flip. It’s going to be the most horrible experience of my young life to have to tell Marianna that Turk lost her favorite golden shoes. He’s too much of a weenie to tell her himself and she can’t go around NOT knowing. So it falls to me to tell her, because to know but not tell feels like a lie.

    By Jessica on 04.03.2012

  36. Flop.

    It turned in and out of my hands. Grasping at the edges of stability yet uncomfortable in settling for anything less than chaos.
    That’s how it always goes.

    Not enough flip, too much flop. And they accuse me of indecision…if only it were that simple.

    By Devin URL on 04.03.2012

  37. flip this way, go and flip again. I don’t care which way you flip as long as it’s not to them. I’ll flip you over and pour you out. Like my favorite drink but with a little less doubt.

    By DJ on 04.03.2012

  38. heart beats faster… should he do it?… here she comes… he does a back flip and gets down on his knees with red roses and a diamond ring…baby i promise i’ll take care of you forever… will you marry me?

    By Roooonnniie URL on 04.03.2012

  39. summersaults, pancakes, flipping mad, flip flop on the couch, flip forwards and backwards,

    By Anita on 04.03.2012

  40. I can’t do any kick flips or anything notable on the skateboard really. Specially not in these stupid espadrilles. Who the fuck invented them? Sure they look fashionable and cute as fuck, but after an hour on them your feet are sure to have bruises for days.

    By Ruben URL on 04.03.2012