April 3rd, 2012 | 202 Entries

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202 Entries for “flip”

  1. trampoline
    diving board
    back flip
    broken neck


    By room23 URL on 04.03.2012

  2. I flipped out. I couldn’t help. I was so tired of seeing his face, always saddened by my actions. I wanted him to see that this isn’t what I wanted either. Why couldn’t anyone see that? All I want is to be happy and I’m just stuck in a muddle of confusing thoughts. I starting yelling and crying because this was why I no longer had hope.

    By Jolie on 04.03.2012

  3. Voltea cuando el frente se ponga difuso, y hazlo con tal fuerza que tengas que mirar de nuevo hacia adelante.

    By raul URL on 04.03.2012

  4. When I see the word flip, I think of houses. Like, a house flip. You know those tv shows where they buy a house for cheap and hope to be able to get money out of it by the time they fix it up? That’s what I think of. And it makes me realize how badly I want to do that some day. Fixing up a house would be great! It would be a lot of hard work, but think of the accomplishment when you are done. And you would be able to have such a story to go along with your house!

    By Angie on 04.03.2012

  5. On the day her parents were murdered, Jenna’s world did a dramatic flip and left her shaken and hanging upside down by her ankles. After a time, the blood got to Jenna’s head and her formerly compassionate self was gone, leaving in it’s place a hot headed, rebellious, hate filled creature. She was both feared and fearful. The haunted look in her eyes drove most everyone away. No one wanted to hold her hand and tell her everything would be fine, the pain would fade. She became the villain. The bad kid. But on the inside she was just a little girl, lost and crying in a corner, hoping someone would pick her up and take her home.

    By Melanie on 04.03.2012

  6. She jumped up higher and higher on the trampoline, building up enough height until….
    A backflip.
    But still a bit too low…
    …She landed down on her head, her body flopping down into a contorted mess on the stretchy fabric, sagging beneath her unconscious weight.
    Feet away from the toy, her mother stood and ran over, screaming “Are you okay!? Are you okay?!?” even though it was quite obvious that her daughter was not, in fact, okay.

    By annie URL on 04.03.2012

  7. That’s when it happened. I saw it coming from a mile away, and when it happened, I cowered into my couch.

    He flipped.

    And not yelling, I mean full on, flipped – screaming, yelling, crying, stomping, punching, tearing at hair – that kind of flip.

    I guess mental breakdowns are necessary from time to time… but did I always have to be in the middle of them?

    By elinmacrae on 04.03.2012

  8. flippantly, I asked for his number though no no I didn’t ask I wanted to ask I almost asked I did not have the courage to ask. awards spilled on snowy sidewalks and friendly hands assisting with the retrieval, and still me saying “no, no, thank you no” and in my head thinking “I want you, I want you, dear stranger, I want you”

    By L.V.Newc URL on 04.03.2012

  9. “My name’s Flip” My new camp director held out a knobby, greasy hand. I took it, shaking tentatively, and used this moment to size him up. It was obviously why he was called Flip, as what was left of his thin, long hair was in a hasty come over. He wore a faded polo, kaki shorts, and sandals with tall white socks. He was looking at me as I was a piece of meat. Well, this was going to be an interesting job.

    By Quotes? Yes. URL on 04.03.2012

  10. What if the roles were reversed? When I wasn’t sheltered and tethered by pain all the time and you were? When I wasn’t treated like a child and I could say “too bad” like a pompous wall of emotionlessness and you could do nothing about it?

    By Sam URL on 04.03.2012

  11. I flip through the air, letting my thoughts leave me, letting my worries disappear. This is the one time nothing bothers me, when no one can catch me. Flipping, flipping, flipping.

    By kc URL on 04.03.2012

  12. My heart flips when you text me, when I see you; when I’m around you. It kills me to know that you don’t feel the same way. I wish you did, and part of me wants to wait for you, but I know I can’t. I flip when you kiss me.

    By Kerry URL on 04.03.2012

  13. Flip:
    So sharp, so sudden,Waiting to see the creatures
    That comes out to surprise you.
    So blue, so graceful
    Waiting to feel the welcoming breeze, Sand between your toes,
    The sun glistening down on you body,And the breeze through your hair.
    Ocean yes it is.

    By emily URL on 04.03.2012

  14. Once upon a dream, a midnight star fell across the sky, only to land upon a grassy hill of pine and oak and birch and ferns – all things that cannot live with each other, yet in that place they somehow do.

    Nowhere is there another sound.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.03.2012

  15. All the flips and tricks scared the hell out of me. My heart was racing as I feared for the life’s of the performers I didn’t even know. I swear, the circus was the best, I wish I could do what these odd men and women could, but of course, it was merely a wish.

    By Amanda URL on 04.03.2012

  16. Sometimes, I get so angry, I can do nothing but turn on the TV and flip through channels. It’s not because I enjoy television; I hate it, in fact. I simply do not trust myself to speak at those moments.

    By Caddie URL on 04.03.2012

  17. flip flip flip a coin
    flip flip flip a shoe
    flip flip flip an ice cream
    flip flip flop
    flop pop

    By avrelia on 04.03.2012

  18. Welcome to the flip side. There’s nothing here to lose, just remember your manner and hold on to your shoes. Nothing’s wrong in the flip-side, then again nothing is right. Maybe you wouldn’t be in the flip side if you’d only stood to fight.

    By Faith URL on 04.03.2012

  19. I did a flip in the air as I fell. Normally, that would be cool, but not right now. Now I was to busy falling to my death to appreciate the awesomeness of the flip…

    By Iam Me URL on 04.03.2012

  20. I like to flip pancakes in the morning. They flip and slip. When I flip the cakes, they soar into the air and I hold my breath, and for one moment I don’t know what results time will hold.

    By Shawn Davis on 04.03.2012

  21. It only took one inhalation of my lungs to feel the effects of spring. It wasn’t a pure raging happiness. I felt the nostalgia of relationships gone wrong during the inviting and new months. And I remembered how my world flipped upside down and shook out my innocence. I’ll never forget that; the green grass and lovely night sky will never be enough to cover my memory.

    By Marissa URL on 04.03.2012

  22. Lestrade put down the phone with a tight expression. He rose from his desk with a bit of a sigh and headed into the main office space. Two officers were there on duty, the rest already deployed elsewhere. Anderson and Donovan looked up at him with expectant glances. “Yeah,” he said, “I just got off the phone with Sherlock, he says he’ll do it. I’ll need one of you to come along and assist.”

    The two exchanged looks, and both denied the opportunity at once.

    “You go,” Donovan shot at Anderson from across her desk, “You can handle the freak, stand up to him.”

    “YOU go,” Anderson sneered, “He doesn’t wish your head would spontaneously combust.”

    “Look, it doesn’t MATTER which of you goes,” Lestrade waved them down before they got any louder, “I just need someone to keep track of details and things Sherlock tells us to look for. I’ll take care of… handling him.”

    Still neither of Lestrade’s officers jumped to volunteer, so he reached into his trousers and found a loose quid. “Here, we’ll flip a coin for it. Heads, I take Donovan, tails, I take Anderson. Yeah?” With a curt nod, the two grumps reluctantly agreed.The silver piece glinted in the light, matching yet another hair of the Detective Inspector’s which had recently joined the progressive movement against holding its color. He let the coin fall on the central table, where it rolled off a couple manilla envelopes before coming to rest. The three of them peered at it curiously before Lestrade snatched it back up.

    Sally sighed and steeled herself for the berating that was sure to come from the consulting arsehole.

    By floppybelly URL on 04.03.2012

  23. The coin flipped over and over above our heads. Our eyes watched it descend in slow motion until it landed with a clank on the floor. We held our breath, eyes turned down now. I squinted, afraid of the answer. My brother called it: “Heads!”

    By Amanda URL on 04.03.2012

  24. A bend, a bow, a stationary spring, bound and balled up, believing that a day will be held that the bendy spring will boisterously bound forth, and make a small boy happy.

    By Kevin Lundy on 04.03.2012

  25. You walked into the room and did what every other girl would do. You flipped your hair. But not just any ordinary flip. You made eye contact with me the whole flip through. Of course, how could I not give you the reaction you wanted? I smiled a mile or two.

    By Dierdre Madrid URL on 04.03.2012

  26. The Doctor flipped through the pages of the manual for the TARDIS.

    “This is rubbish!”

    He opened the door of the TARDIS and tossed the manual into a supernova.


    “Shall I run and get the manual?” Amy asked.

    “No, I threw it in a supernova,” the Doctor replied.

    “You threw it in a supernova. Why?”

    “I disagreed with it!”

    By Damaris URL on 04.03.2012

  27. Flip the script, now I’ve turned my back on you just as you’ve done me. I don’t expect you to try to communicate but I do expect you to feel just how miserable I was when you left without notice.

    By Desiree J URL on 04.03.2012

  28. He leaps over her. She’s bent over, on her hands and knees, bracing herself, waiting to hear his feel land on the pavement ahead of her. He jumps and she can feel the rush of the air.
    He flips, and she tenses, hoping he won’t fall and land on her.
    He spins in the air, gracefully, and his feet touch the ground.

    By Kaylee Oh on 04.03.2012

  29. the flip. spent summer after summer attempting to master it. Why couldn’t I? all you had to do was jump off the diving board and flip in the air. easy enough right? not quite, scary as it was, I still couldn’t do it. So I stand shivering on the edge of the board.

    By Ren on 04.03.2012

  30. Flip-flop, back and forth, just like you do. You sit there, wearing a smile on your face. Paint yourself as the innocent one.

    We see who you are. You’re a scumbag. A dirty little fuck who thrives on the pain of others.

    You fucking suck.

    By china URL on 04.03.2012

  31. Flip Flip…Flip Flip *hug* why are you going, Why you want to leave me?

    By ForgiveMe URL on 04.03.2012

  32. Even though I just wrote about you, I still want you to know that you’re important.
    Everyone is important and I wish that more of us would realize that…
    People constantly let themselves down because they are afraid of rejection.
    Don’t be afraid please.. Just be you. It’s as simple as that..
    Everyone is beautiful, and as soon as you realize that, the happier you will be.
    I promise.

    By Kara URL on 04.03.2012

  33. You piss me the flip off, you say.
    Are you serious?
    We’re having this huge fight and you can’t even cuss at me?
    I don’t want to cuss at you.
    Why not?
    Because you don’t deserve it.
    But I deserve this? You’re a hypocrite.
    You started it.
    You did!
    No I didn’t.
    Hey, do not kiss me right now.

    By Natasha URL on 04.03.2012

  34. Flip.Flip. Flip. The coin tumbles down towards the table life seems to hang in the balance. everyone watches in anticipation.

    By alora on 04.03.2012

  35. I kept flipping back and forth between choices. Should I apply or not? Will it be worth it? What if I get hurt, or killed? More importantly, what if I don’t, and I live to regret it for the rest of my life? Should I join the navy or not?

    By Jessica on 04.03.2012

  36. She taught me to treat each book carefully, because everything around me, apparently, was a work of art. I held her novel carefully and browsed over its content. I accidentally tore a page from all the excitement as her words came to life.

    By Alexis Lim URL on 04.03.2012

  37. i once read a book called flipped. it was about a seemingly weird girl and an average boy who flip their emotions or eachother. then i saw the movie and i loved it even more. thats where i first heard the saying, “Everything is only worth the sum of its parts. “

    By Annie URL on 04.03.2012

  38. So I turned and flipped the bastard the bird. Fucking hypocrite. Never said a true word in his life, never felt a true emotion, never thought a true thought. The only time you could get a genuine emotion out of the guy was if you could get him to flip out on you, not so difficult all things considered.

    By AV on 04.03.2012

  39. Flip, and there I go again. Frustrated, too confused to do anything. I’m tired, and burnt out, writing-wise, i can’t process anything anymore, I’m like a broken copy machine, copying everything and malfunctioning along the way.

    By Isabel T. Crane URL on 04.03.2012

  40. Flip. A movie i once saw. Baby chickens. Much easier on a trampoline. Breakdancing. Moving like nobody is watching. Dont hurt yourself. Coins. Good luck. Head or tails. Bad luck. Depends.

    By Amanda URL on 04.03.2012