February 13th, 2013 | 212 Entries

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212 Entries for “flat”

  1. The land was gaping, like a mouth that had opened so wide it ceased to be a mouth. Instead it was a flatland, surrounded by a rim of mountains. Only rocks streamed down from the harsh mountains, for water had scorned the valley when it opened up ages before.

    By Noah on 02.13.2013

  2. flat plain
    but not really
    it holds promise
    the butt of jokes by everyone else at school
    she doesn’t mind
    mom always said
    late bloomers are better

    By Mani on 02.13.2013

  3. “Flat” Alexandra thought looking down at her chest in disgust. “Completely, totally, 100%, flat. I don’t even have pecs.”

    “Oh well,” pulling on a shirt, “They’re just bags of fat anyway.”

    By Zac Katz-Stein URL on 02.13.2013

  4. My emotions of the moment. I feel desperately, dirtily flat and simultaneously hugely envious of those around me who feel. I have everything going for me yet the greyness destroys this. Flat. Flat. Flat.

    By s j on 02.13.2013

  5. The road was flat, a flat slab of never ending, unyielding rock, touching the horizon in all directions, stinging they eyes in the early summer sunlight.

    By Genie on 02.13.2013

  6. Flat is not a word with a story. It is the starting box of a board game.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.13.2013

  7. His flat was carefully furnished. He thought about every single piece of furniture and it’s place. He believed in this Feng Shui bullshit which his girlfriend considered to be ‘Asian jibber-jabber’ but yet his belief in it was so strong that he managed to convince her that they DO need this kind of planning. I guess you could say it was his small personal win.

    By Omnix URL on 02.13.2013

  8. His kiss tasted bitter, airless and flat on my lips
    We made promises to each other like we were reading off scripts.
    Love became a habit, less an emotion than a chore
    Thirsting for a hint of what we used to feel before.

    By Carly URL on 02.13.2013

  9. today was the dream coming true
    the flat desert endless until i returned
    this land of hell that bore me into it
    what hell will you render me into

    step after step, day after day of nothing
    where are you? why now? me?
    there it is, home, nothing is here now
    i am just a grey bear of what I was

    the hollow sounds echo against my heart
    his voice is full in my deaf ears
    screaming at my stupidity
    leaving him behind

    I cannot think anymore
    the love behind a door
    one the world did abhor
    i am lost as i have lost
    all of them now
    except one

    Help me see more
    give me your hand
    i cannot walk
    the pain
    too much

    they will not find me
    across the sea
    son go now
    they are

    blackness comes now
    have I done enough
    for one life
    I must

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 02.13.2013

  10. The world was once thought to be flat. Then we realized that it is round. But now the world is flat again, not in the way that skyscrapers soar, or economies boom and bust. But in affect, the people of this world have become flattened.

    By hope ansanelli on 02.13.2013

  11. The surface was flat. White, smooth, and flat. Beautiful. The flat marble was beautiful. Just simply beautiful. Those were the thoughts going through Roxas’s mind when he slowly awoke from being knocked out in Castle Oblivion and ran his hand up the wall of the building. Wow, he must have hit his head hard.

    By Lauren on 02.13.2013

  12. dzfjdkls;jfdksla;fjkdlsa;jfksadlf;dksa

    By Julie URL on 02.13.2013

  13. the stares that care in side of your eyes
    no depth to hide how you try sigh
    let the phenom come
    lay you down that’s flat on your back
    the tracks in your arms do no harm charms
    let the phenom come
    awaken smoked and choking on jokes
    left alone you’d be floating on moans.
    let the phenom come.

    By Matty M. on 02.13.2013

  14. Flat as my chest at the age of 13
    Flat-lined, empty, incessant

    By Sara on 02.13.2013

  15. The surface for nothing, yet everything. No beginning, no end. It has no ridges or imperfections.

    By Kylie on 02.13.2013

  16. Flat as a slice of paper, curved up on the sidewalk. Nonsense. Pigs flying though the sky? Pretty ladies on the beach? Squirrels, jumping out of trashcans. This world is flat and full of rounded ideas. Maybe we should think more.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 02.13.2013

  17. Okay… I know that one wasn’t good. But I’ll do better next time, I promise! There are just days where my thoughts don’t line up and my actions aren’t connected with my brain’s orders and everything just flat-lines. Just there, dead as a doornail.

    But then again…

    Was a doornail ever alive?

    By Stephanie Force URL on 02.13.2013

  18. My existence is flat.
    I continue on, at an unhurried pace, down this flat path as I await something.
    I don’t know what that something is, but I don’t care.
    I know something will happen, it has too.
    Otherwise why would I be here?
    Why would anyone be here?

    By Kelsy F. URL on 02.13.2013

  19. flat earth, flat beauty. There is no beauty in being flat, seeing flat, living flat. Joy comes in the places between the mountains, but only because the mountains are there. Without mountains, there is no beauty in flatness. But without the flatness, the mountains lose their beauty.

    By CM on 02.13.2013

  20. There’s no more dimension in my life. It’s the same old crap different day. Wake up, eat a granola bar, go to class, come home, babysit, do homework, eat dinner, go to bed. The end. My life is less than flat. I can’t even find a way to make myself happy anymore.

    By Megan URL on 02.13.2013

  21. She was flat. That was really the only way to put it. I mean, I guess I could’ve been a bit kinder about it, said that she was “boobily challenged” or “hadn’t blossomed yet” but let’s be honest: kind isn’t really my style, and she had less chest than I did. And I’m a dude.

    By Mae URL on 02.13.2013

  22. I hate it when my hair comes out flat.
    I like it to have some height and bounce.
    When I was a teen, we ironed our hair to make it flat
    but no more. We want oomph in our hair.

    By Robin on 02.13.2013

  23. There is a rock on the ground. Pick it up. Hold it in your hand. What do you see? Can you feel it? Do you understand it? Life. This rock represents life and the absence of it. It is flat. It is a rock.

    By Emily Schuster on 02.13.2013

  24. I flatten my self against the wall, hiding from the people called the Nazis. They want me, and I know it. I clutch my sleeping child to my breast and hold my own breath. They shine flashlights into the alley, only just missing my own shadow. If my baby decides now to wake up and cry, it is all over. And then she does.

    By Outsider URL on 02.13.2013

  25. Flat tires flat pancakes flat people after they jump off a building… I don’t think there’s many good ways to use the term flat. Except for maybe having a flat tummy… I’d like a flat tut for sure! Or when people are flat out hilarious- that’s always good. Flat… Hmmm. Makes me think of pancakes (like I said) and maybe a flat landscape. Flat… Made me think of fat at first even though it’s kinda the exact opposite. I know there’s some type of money term with the word flat.. Like flat rate or something boring. Geez how long was this thing supposed to go on for… Maybe I’m suppose to stop manually. I like dubstep. Add. Flat. I don’t know! Like something landing flat on a little girls head. Or … Wow I never use that word do I? I’m gonna stop now and figure out the point of this weirdness?

    By Jesi on 02.13.2013

  26. You can have a flat tire or a flat pancake or you can land flat on you back when you fall of a tree or you can get squished flat when jumping off a building. Not a lot of positive ways to use the word flat… Unless of course you say something like- I have a flat tummy! That’s positive and id love to have a flat tummy… Just not flat hair(which I do). I don’t know… I believe there’s some boring money term concerning the word flat… Like flat rate or something. Anyways… Hmm. You can flatten out your hair to make it appear better. Yaaa I think my minutes up, can’t tell so ima stop but I don’t use the word flat very often I just realized. Cool. Oh and I already submitted as “jesi” but okay.

    By Jmaewhite URL on 02.13.2013

  27. flat on the ground, flat on your face, flat is the thing you can never achieve, yet want to strive against. It depends on how you look at it. You see, many people would love to be your size, and you would love to be another persons size, and so on and so on goes the vicious cycle of jealousy and envy all stemming from that one four letter word.

    By Lexi on 02.13.2013

  28. I was eternally jealous of Flat Stanley as a kid. It just wasn’t fair. This two-dimensional, fictional punk got to travel around the world, while I was stuck here, in this sad excuse for a town. I wish I was flat, then maybe, maybe I could leave, but for now, I guess I’ll just be three dimensional and bored.

    By Abbie URL on 02.13.2013

  29. Sad and thoughtless…less full of thoughts that I ever have been. Trying to urge something up, make something seem interesting and just can’t.

    By pmyers URL on 02.13.2013

  30. The big burly giant fell off the beanstalk. Down down down getting closer to the ground. A young man happened to be looking at the sky and saw the giant. Down down down it fell. Then it landed on that young man and squashed him FLAT. :)

    By Frodo URL on 02.13.2013

  31. Get me out of this flat wasteland. I can’t stand seeing the same thing for hours on end. Drive me to the city, or the mountains, or the ocean. Anything other that this drab, endless place.

    By Carter URL on 02.13.2013

  32. flat, like the world
    isn’t it though?
    tweeting to South Africa
    skyping to Russia
    multi-dimensional on the screen
    reduced to a pixeled blanket
    so close you can touch it
    flat, lacking substance

    By Rebecca Felt on 02.13.2013

  33. It’s what I had known for a long time before I could become anything else. It was an entire existence, and almost instantaneously it changed and entered a world I didn’t realize would carry so much perversion. A three-dimensional person, multi-faceted, to those I most wanted to be away from. I didn’t choose that.

    By Tina Stergenhoff URL on 02.13.2013

  34. This heat is killing me, and I’m not even a flat-tongued harpy. Blasted sun. If I had a feather and a pan, I would walk downtown to the clock and teach the sunrise a thing or two. Maybe let him know just what I surmise. Yeah! That oughta be it.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 02.13.2013

  35. My chest i flat. Some people put ace bandage on their chests. Plastic surgery. Kim Kardashian is with Kanye in Brazil. will Smith was there. Ilove fresh prince of bel air, Erin does too. Shes kind moody lately. Hopefully it will get better. So is caitlin. Karyn with sonny? Hopi might live ear me!.

    By gee on 02.13.2013

  36. ‘There’s a humility in this reclined pose’ my mother said, the man making neither greeting or grimace at my entry. ‘You’ll learn the value of a good humbling when you’re older.’

    I lay back lightly smiling.

    By deviousway URL on 02.13.2013

  37. woke up this morning feeling very sluggish, not much going in or coming out
    slightly ruined from yesterday
    not quite here today
    feeling pretty flat

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 02.13.2013

  38. All the air had gone out of the tire. I had just been able to swerve to the side of the road to avoid the oncoming traffic, but now I was stuck here on the freeway. I had a spare tire in the trunk, but I had no idea what to do with it.

    By Iam Me URL on 02.13.2013

  39. Flat hair is not good. I hate to have a flat tire. The world is not flat it is round. I hate a flat sense of humor.

    By carol on 02.13.2013

  40. is a place to stay. small, messy, and flat. maybe a loft and cheap. Can be the opposite.

    By Renata on 02.13.2013