February 13th, 2013 | 212 Entries

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212 Entries for “flat”

  1. “You should move there. It’s closer to the river, the flat he told about.”
    “The river?”
    “Yes, you could look out the window when you’re writing and see the river!”
    “How ignorant of you.”

    By kirish URL on 02.13.2013

  2. I’ve got a flat tire. On top of that it just started to snow and the wind was blowing way too hard. I needed to go to school on time and all of this made me be late.. I think I’ll kill myself right now.

    By Rianne URL on 02.13.2013

  3. really long surface, flat chested girls rock they honestly do.. the world was never flat. I live in a flat with my mates,

    By Ally Gilmour on 02.13.2013

  4. It was a flat scenario all round, about a couple living near the Bonneville salt flats. He’s got a wife beater shirt on, hasn’t washed in days, stinks to high heaven. She’s pretending to be someone she’s not, has on a chic skirt with fine flat seams that she ordered over the phone from Macy’s. Now they’re flat broke. He’s had a few too many flat beers, wants sex. She gives him a flat refusal in a flat, nasal voice. He went flat against his promise that he wouldn’t do it again. At least it was over in 9.89 seconds flat.

    By Miss Alister URL on 02.13.2013

  5. “flat, my hair is flat for picture day. i spent two hours working and teasing my hair and its flat!” Emily said while looking in my rearview mirror. Emily was always conserned about her looks, she spent more time applying her lipgloss than i did picking out my clothes for the day. i love her though like crazy, shes one of my bestfriend’s. i have three bestfriend’s, there’s Emily, Stella, Jaydon. Ive been friends with emily the longest, we met in third grade and have been friends ever since. then Stella come along when i was taking dance classes, she and i where probley the best in the class, so we stuck together. then Jaydon and Jeremy came into the picture this year they are brother and sister,Jeremy’s older then Jaydon. hes not around alot but he comes with us to the movies sometimes.

    By tigerlily on 02.13.2013

  6. flat line,flat voice,flat thinking,flat hair,flat world view,flat ,lying flat grounded in knowing
    yet devoid of rising above

    By skylarkin URL on 02.13.2013

  7. Flat describes a lack of dimension, a lack of tangibility. It is a negative term that symbolizes a need to rise up.

    By Parker Williams on 02.13.2013

  8. I don’t want to write about flat things. I want to write about love. I don’t want to write about something I understand, or something I see. I don’t want it bland, colorless, flat. I want it consuming, intoxicating, love.

    By Dee URL on 02.13.2013

  9. The world is flat,
    Years ago that was “truth”,
    My heart is at flatline,
    Will time fix that wrong too?

    By Kathryn URL on 02.13.2013

  10. People may think I have a flat personality. I may seem boring, uninterested, and just downright shy. But that’s not really me. I have substance. I have feelings. I have things to say. Maybe you just don’t mean enough to me to hear it or see it.

    By Chris on 02.13.2013

  11. Some people may say I have a flat personality. I can tell you that they are wrong. I may seem uninterested, quiet, and downright shy. But I have feelings. I have things to say. I have a love that few others understand. And that’s all that matters to me. What other people see don’t matter to me. Maybe they don’t mean enough to me to see it or hear it.

    By Chris URL on 02.13.2013

  12. My flat is great. I like living good because good living makes a difference.

    By ana on 02.13.2013

  13. The upstairs flat was not much to write home about. And it certainly was nothing near feeling like home. The dingy windows, moldy grout and tattered carpet conspired to make sure that I would never feel at home in this place.

    By nedra URL on 02.13.2013

  14. I never wanted to be flat and I always remember Kelsey complaining. It’s not even like she was ugly or fat, she was just flat. Basically flat as a board. You always hear girls complain about being flat and it makes me happy for being a D cup. Does that make me selfish?

    By shannon URL on 02.13.2013

  15. Just yesterday the children I teach asked why the world looked flat, although it was round. The focus that was shown through there eyes was amazing. The comprehension that was minimal.

    By Elliott URL on 02.13.2013

  16. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions is an 1884 satirical novella by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Abbott. Writing pseudonymously as “a Square”, Abbott used the fictional two-dimensional world of Flatland to offer pointed observations on the social hierarchy of Victorian culture. However, the novella’s more enduring contribution is its examination of dimensions.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 02.13.2013

  17. Out. of. luck.
    Into wading water-
    logged senses
    Pencil shaved boards, lead
    ing us out to discomfiting sea
    we’ll run our heads into sand bars
    and end up hammerhead sharks,
    on the floorboards of mutiny

    Measured bars, sharps and-
    flats, counting the days
    counting our bles-
    sings, battered thuds of slow
    alive, slow dead machines

    Rushing through to sadness
    Dropping ice in golf ball holes
    forgetting you

    What have I started?

    [have I ended you.

    and. me.]

    By Saudade URL on 02.13.2013

  18. I fell flat on my face. I knew this was going to happen. People are always telling me to slow down, but I just can’t seem to remember that advice at the right time. At any rate, the cake made it. Now for the knife in my side! How the hell am I supposed to remove it without taking an organ with it? Sheesh.

    By Fender2010 URL on 02.13.2013

  19. the paper was flat and cold. it was blank but all i could think about were my memories and what the peice of paper meant to me and ryan. could he be the one?

    By Cami Shoe on 02.13.2013

  20. He just laid there, flat on his back, where his best friend’s punch had sent him. When, and why, had things gone so wrong between them? How could he fix this? He stared at the silent, unrelenting, unforgiving, dark blue sky, hoping for some answers that never came

    By Monica URL on 02.13.2013

  21. Boring.

    Grey, ruddy, gross. Boring. This was the worst moment I had ever experienced in my entire, brief existence. I had expected fireworks; a show perhaps. I had received nothing, not a whiff of even the slightest excitement.

    By KT URL on 02.13.2013

  22. I share my flat with a good friend, and I have found that the key to good and stress-free flat-sharing is being accepting of each others flaws. There are many things that annoy me about living with my friends, but they are in the end so small and inconsequential that I’d rather not mention them in fear of provoking a bigger argument. Unless she starts doing something truly horrible, I can deal with her blocking the bathroom and using up most of the freezer space.

    By Weltenschummler URL on 02.13.2013

  23. The plateau between her hips, like a blank slate, like the white of an eye. It stared balefully at me, not curved, not reflective. The slender tusks of rib were the only change in the landscape. A bowl of milk. Lying flat and soured.

    By F on 02.13.2013

  24. Life is not flat…it has endless dimensions. Up, down, sideways, reverse, forward, etc…
    And should we wish it to be any other way? No, no we should not, because life is only interesting because it’s endless facets never cease to amaze.

    By Kerry URL on 02.13.2013

  25. The ground goes on flat for miles. You could see anything that was on the horizon… if there ever was anything, which there never is. This is what a desert with no wind is like… flat, hot, endless. Endless. the whole world, we sometimes think, must be this windless desert. BUt where would the water in the ground come from then? It never rains… we walk on.

    By Catori URL on 02.13.2013

  26. she played the notes perfectly,
    naturals, sharps, and flats together
    to produce a haunting melody
    that flowed through the halls,
    moving some to tears,
    but leaving before she could be found…

    By all4imagination URL on 02.13.2013

  27. Flat. The first thing which comes to mind is what we despretly wanted of the water so we could go biscuiting and wakeboarding.

    By Ethan on 02.13.2013

  28. smooth surface

    By jamie on 02.13.2013

  29. The world was discovered to not be flat by the ancient Egyptians or possibly the ancient Greeks. the people in the middle ages did not believe it was flat – contrary to popular belief!

    By Chester Jerrat on 02.13.2013

  30. Many years ago, people believed/”knew” the world to be flat. Now, people “know” the world is round. Wonder what new scientific analysis they’ll come up with in the next few thousand years- is the universe square?

    By Julie URL on 02.13.2013

  31. Many years ago, people ‘knew’ that the world was flat (even though there’s, you know, this big spherical dome up above your heads”. Nowadays, people “know” that the world is round. Wonder what knowledge the next thousand years will bring- is the universe square?

    By Julie URL on 02.13.2013

  32. The flat rock felt smooth in his hand. He couldn’t believe how at peace he felt. His whole world had crumbled apart, but yet he was not crumbled. He was whole. He was ok. He could carry on.

    By Skye on 02.13.2013

  33. The wold ran away from me. I couldn’t see the end, so i ran….I ran and ran because I could. I wanted to see the edge. I knew it was there. I’ve heard all the rumors. I was getting close. I knew it.

    By Carmen on 02.13.2013

  34. the road was flat and wet. there was a flatness to the sky, by and bye. My heart falls flat in the presence my mind.

    By heather on 02.13.2013

  35. They resided in a bachelor in a flat in North Newhampshire. He was a strange class of man, a life-long student taking one class and his other, a slightly disturbed and shy friend spent countless nights thinking over every aspect of life. Natural philosophy was bred between the two and their revelations would never be known to the world at large.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 02.13.2013

  36. Dull and unwashed
    Grungy and oily, like the slick floor of a sewer
    And familiar
    A feeling of slight discomfort you resign yourself to
    Because there is nothing you can do about it

    By Poppy URL on 02.13.2013

  37. The elephant lifted its foot. Flat. The watermelon was flat. It terrified me to think of what was coming. The clown, shamefully underdressed without the orange wig or makeup, placed his head beneath the massive animals foot. I gripped the armrests, afraid for him. With a simple word the elephants foot came down and back up. The clown stopped moving. Flat.

    By Anonymous on 02.13.2013

  38. “Damn,” Ross said. “Your chest is really flat.”
    The girl looked down and sighed. “Yeah, I really need new stuff for it.”
    The empty, flat treasure chest lay at their feet.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 02.13.2013

  39. Hey guise guess what paper is flat
    and i like flat paper
    because otherwise it would be hard to write on
    like a bau5
    woah there stop the traffic
    are like plains
    but i guess they’re flatter.
    and flat stuff is good
    unless your chest is flat

    By hola on 02.13.2013

  40. Wouldn’t it be so boring if hills were flat?

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 02.13.2013